Saw VI Update: Can You Handle 9 Saws?

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saw 06 Saw VI Update: Can You Handle 9 Saws?

If you’re a sick kind of demented – meaning, you like the Saw franchise – then there is some medicine on the horizon for you, if fates will have it.

Tobin Bell, the man behind the silky-smooth voice of calculated doom known as Jigsaw, was recently chatting with Bloody-Disgusting writer Jeff Otto. Bell said that if Saw VI (which opens on Oct. 23) does well enough, we’ll be seeing a 7th chapter of the bloody-good franchise as well. In fact, as long as the franchise continues to turn a profit, it might go as far as a 9th movie!

Bell said that there are other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we haven’t seen yet, and from what I can tell, the Saw filmmakers would love to let us in on them. Dudes (and dudettes), would that not make an awesome, head-chomping gift set for Valentines day?  A boxed set of 9 Saw movies and a dozen roses.  Nice!

saw movies Saw VI Update: Can You Handle 9 Saws?

When Saw first broke on the scene in 2004, I thought it was the sickest movie I had ever seen.  Insidious writing leading to insidious situations forcing people to make insidious choices.  True character merit tests.  And a surprising cast that met with my own approval because I liked Cary Elwes and Danny Glover.  Oh, so sweet!

What wonderfully twisted minds these writers had and the story lines did not require a large cast as they used tightened plot focuses to develop our sense of impending doom.

Saw was directed by James Wan.  Wan was also a co-writer with Leigh Whannell.  Did you know that Leigh played the part of Adam in the first Saw?

Saw II hit theaters in 2005 with Darren Lynn Bousman directing and co-writing with Whannell.

2006 let Saw III out of the bag with Bousman directing again.  Saw III also saw the return of James Wan co-writing with Whannell.

2007, Saw IV had a change up in writers.  Bousman brought his Saw expertise to the director’s table while a couple of new writers, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, came on board and created the screenplay.

saw 05 Saw VI Update: Can You Handle 9 Saws?
I am so going to kill my agent…  if I get out of this thing.

This writing duo of Melton and Dunstan continued on the track of destroying emotional sanity with Saw V and the upcoming Saw VI, though the two those films have different directors.  Saw V had David Hackl helming, and for the upcoming Saw VI, Kevin Greutert will direct.

Greutert comes from mainly an editorial background that has a few known titles under that part of his resume.  Donnie Darko, Armageddon and Titanic are a few of his note worthy credits.

Since Hollywood is all about remakes and such, maybe when they’re done Sawing, they can make an origin film and call it “Hammer?”

How do you feel, hearing that there are plans for even more Saw than what we’ve seen already (a lot more than I thought they had fuel for, that’s for sure)? Do you think they have drawn this franchise on too long?

Is anyone looking forward to being totally disgusted when Saw VI hits theaters on October 23, 2009?

Source:  Bloody Disgusting, IMDB

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  1. Seriously, the franchise should have ended at 3.

  2. I lost all interest after 2. The first one was really tight, but the second one was just awful.

  3. I thought this Jigsaw guy died? Is he some type of Jason or something? I think I’ll have to pass on this, and subsequent, ones.

  4. I saw the first 3 in theater. I might have watched the 4th (can’t remember because they are blending together now), but this should have stopped at 3 when he died. The twists and turns were great, but I am sick of hollywood continuing to put crap out as long as it makes a buck.

  5. Could be interesting. While the first one is my favorite, the others are seviceable. What is cool about this series is there seems to be an overall plan. Yes, Jigsaw died, but there is more to the story than we’ve seen as his influence has spread like a shadow across the city.

  6. i think they are the best horror movies i’ve ever seen. they all tie together and the plots are amazing. the ending of the first and second movies were crazy and i didn’t see them coming at all. so far i’ve enjoyed them and i’d love to see more, as long as they keep the story good and continue with the surprise endings

  7. When the main bad guy died, I got confused too…

    and it’s interesting that some of you lost interest after the 3rd, because that’s when the writing / writers changed.

  8. the 4th one had alot of issues with timeline continuity, as if they assumed no one would remember and compare the first 3 with the 4th… but I had pretty good memory on the things that happened in the first 3 (watched them again to compare notes) and got quite annoyed by the fact that everything felt so disjointed (no pun intended) in 4. Haven’t seen 5 yet and not sure if I have enough in me to pick up a 5th one… 6? Definitely the fastest milking of a franchise I’ve ever seen, what with a new one coming out every halloween since the first one.

  9. should have stopped at 3

  10. The only good one was the first IMO, the two three after that were alright, but Saw V was horrible.

  11. You should see how many copies of Saw films are inhabit the 99cent bin at my local used cd/dvd store.

    When does terror become terrorism, when were talking about Saw 9 that’s when.
    There must be a scandal to overlook hey its time for another Tobinladin tape to surface,,,

    I’m so sick of torture porn. Those ads are vile.

  12. Man, this is the perfect example of **unneccesary** sequels out of a movie. The worst thing is that they rushed them so as to get one released every year. Although that’s impressive, I wonder if they’ll be crazy enough to make two per year in the future. Prepare for 2015, when Saw 20 gets released!!!

  13. I like them all personally. The fact they do come out with one every year is my favorite part. It’s now become tradition to check out the new Saw and watch all the others in a row Halloween night. Would that make me somewhat sick?? Probably so!

  14. I like the first two. I’ve seen 3 and 4, I have no interest in seeing any more. I’ll stick to reading the wikipedia entries until something interesting happens.

  15. torture porn? have you seen the movies? there’s boobs for like 2 seconds in the 3rd one

  16. the traps are genius and beautiful in a sick, twisted way. it takes a certain type of genius to come up with new ways to tear people apart. (not a genius i’d like to meet but still)

  17. I personally like the series except for the first film,but in a strange way,the other four films actually make it better to me.

    I find it funny that people keep complaining about these movies.This is probably the only horror franchise that every single film directly ties into the other ones in some sort of way.

    I’m not looking for some sort of social commentary when I watch these movies,so the gross out factor and the traps are pretty much what I expect to see,and they have more than delivered.If you can sit and watch the guy in “the wrack” from the 3rd movie and not cringe when you see it,then I just don’t think you’re human.

    I’m always entertained by these movies,and that’s about all I really care about when I go to see them,or any other movie for that matter.

  18. @Foopher, (imo) torture porn refers to the desire to see people tortured in cinematical films, Hostel, Saw, etc.
    (Last time I checked) it doesn’t refer really to nudity.
    And yeah I’ve seen the first 4 films.
    I thought the first film was a pretty good horror film but the subsequent films seemed to dwell more on gore and torture. Especally the 3rd film. The 4th film kept jumping between time lines so much that I couldn’t tell what was going on, and didn’t really care anyway. :-(

  19. Welllllll! How is this guy still killing people if he’s dead?

  20. Kahless, the Saw saga is a mess of flash backs and assistants that do Jigsaw’s work for him… :-)

    Its pretty far fetched.

  21. I honestly love the Saw movies and can’t wait for the 6th installment to the series.

    I am wondering what Hoffman will no next.

  22. *do

  23. Hoffman would of wanted to bring Dr. Gordon back

  24. Okay I love SAW I look forward to them and they are up in my favs in the horror catagory…however 9 SAW movies may be a little much. I seriously pray they end it with this 6th installment and conclude it well…I don’t wanna be left hanging this time =p I want for everything to come full circle and leave us SAW fans happy with the outcome. There is something called too much of a good thing ya know ;p

  25. As long as the plots stay as amazing as they have been for the past 5 movies, they can make 22 movies for all i care

  26. Its annoying to see all these people complain about sequels today- as if everybody has no endurance in seeing a story play out in its entirety. People nowadays are especially dumb and mentally lazy. Wheres all the complaing about the Halloween, Jason and Freddy remakes? Let alone their sequels from the 80s and 90s and re-emergence the past decade? This series is special in that its part of the horror genre and actually has a message and a storyline of some sustenance, but in reality its really not horror or gore in nature (Law abiding Citizen is the exact same movie but its not labeled horror) its actually crime and drama with some elements of action/violence. And as far as the sequeal being put out to just make money- well, scenes throughout the Saw movies used were somtimes shot between one and three movies earlier, so there’s little inspiration for pure money making as the others that keep coming out, and all these others stupid remakes or comic book turned theater that just focus on effects and little script (Avatar is another).