83rd Academy Awards Winners List & Recap

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83rd Academy Awards Oscar Winners 83rd Academy Awards Winners List & Recap

If you missed our live-chat for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this evening, don’t fret, we have the winners and a brief recap of the ceremony for you. In short, Inception took home the technical categories, The Social Network took a few, notably for its score and The King’s Speech was the big winner, coming in with 12 nominations and walking out with four big wins, including best picture.

Check out the official list of 2011 Oscars Winners and our recap of the main event!

From Melissa Leo’s F-bomb, Kirk Douglas’ never-ending jokes and womanizing to Hathaway’s fun anti-Wolverine solo and Christian Bale actually shedding a tear, it was another long night at the Oscars defined by its little moments scattered throughout.

Jakes Gyllenhaal said it best this evening, pointing out that it would be the shorts that make or break our Oscar Pools. I am usually able to get half of them right by watching them and picking favorites but this year I got them all wrong. Amongst the big categories there were few surprises though, outside of Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) beating out David Fincher (The Social Network) for achievement in directing. But hey, Chris Nolan wasn’t even nominated for Inception so without further ado:

The 83rd Academy Awards Winners

The Kings Speech Oscar Best Picture Poster 280x414 83rd Academy Awards Winners List & Recap

Best Picture – “The King’s Speech” Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers

Actor in a Leading Role – Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”

Actor in a Supporting Role – Christian Bale in “The Fighter”

Actress in a Leading Role – Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”

Actress in a Supporting Role – Melissa Leo in “The Fighter”

Animated Feature Film – “Toy Story 3” Lee Unkrich

Art Direction – “Alice in Wonderland” Production Design: Robert Stromberg; Set Decoration: Karen O’Hara

Cinematography – “Inception” Wally Pfister

Costume Design – “Alice in Wonderland” Colleen Atwood

Director – “The King’s Speech” Tom Hooper

Documentary (Feature) – “Inside Job” Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs

Documentary (Short Subject) – “Strangers No More” Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon

Film Editing – “The Social Network” Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter

Foreign Language Film – “In a Better World” Denmark

Makeup – “The Wolfman” Rick Baker and Dave Elsey

Music (Original Score) – “The Social Network” Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Music (Original Song) – “We Belong Together” from “Toy Story 3″ Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

Short Film (Animated) – “The Lost Thing” Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann

Short Film (Live Action) – “God of Love” Luke Matheny

Sound Editing – “Inception” Richard King

Sound Mixing – “Inception” Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick

Visual Effects – “Inception” Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb

Adapted Screenplay – “The Social Network” Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin

Original Screenplay – “The King’s Speech” Screenplay by David Seidler

Some interesting notes: True Grit didn’t get a single award despite ten (10!) nominations; Christopher Nolan didn’t receive any awards despite Inception being entirely original and praised for its design, winning 4 other awards no less; Anne Hathaway, poking fun at the Academy’s attempt at appealing to a younger demographic is the presentation’s youngest host ever at 28 and last but not least, 8-time Oscars host Billy Crystal made a friendly and fun appearance making some wish he was back to host again.

To see who the winners beat out, check out the the full list of Oscar nominees and more importantly, our predictions to see how we did.

Which winners were hits or misses for you?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

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  1. Great I guess

  2. The academy awards are (mostly) for people to brag when their favorite movie wins.

    i enjoy it for the film humor, editing montages, and all around movie talk. But even that kinda lacked this year.

    any way, congrats to the winners, i may not agree with some but i respect them all and say “Bravo”

    • I agree with you. Very well said.

  3. I’m not an awards show kinda guy, but it was a decent show, at least the first twenty minutes or so that I watched. Kudos to Bale for his win, and I really liked The King’s Speech, so that’s good, but I’ll take How To Train Your Dragon over the overly hyped Toy Story 3 any day.

    • I loved How to Train Your Dragon. I think it was loads better than Toy Story 3.

    • I agree with Toy Story 3 being overly hyped, and How To Train Your Dragon was much better….it actually annoys me every time I hear Toy Story 3 win against it.

      • guys ive seen HTTYD and it was not even close to Toy Story 3,no offense lol

  4. Happy for Wally Pfister, Natalie Portman & Aaron Sorkin.. Kudos to all who won the Oscars..

  5. No real suprises, but you guys should have joined us for our live chat, it was a lot of fun. :)


    • I got here right at the end or I wouldve joined for sure :(

    • There was one real surprise, David Fincher should have won for best director, Tom Hooper was not deserving, despite the popularity of the movie. David Fincher turned a boring topic into an intense situation of a movie.

    • i didn’t know there was a chat going on .. :p

    • I missed the chat as well. Maybe this should be a monthly thing…

  6. I think the average age of the people voting for these awards are very high, and that might explain some things…

    I often disagree with these awards, but that’s what the Oscars have been. They go for the safe choice, like King’s Speech.
    The King’s Speech is a historic costume-drama about a troubled man with a handicap fighting his own troubles and all that. How could it not win? The Academy loves that sort of stuff. The Social Network or Inception deserve it more, they’re modern and something different.

    David Fincher was robbed for his award, and so was Nolan. Inception took 4 awards, and none was given to Nolan who was the driving force behind this movie. It’s easily one of the most creative and unique movies coming from Hollywood these past years, yet he wasn’t rewarded anything.

    The lack of TRON:legacy in Best Soundtrack was also disappointing, it deserves a nomination. Scott Pilgrim deserves a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay too.

    All in all, these awards were the safe choices, decided by old men who wont look twice at a movie keeping up with the modern direction the industry is heading. Very disappointed with this night’s awards.

    • well said bro.. David Ficher should’ve won the best director oscar..

    • Hey Strandli I completely agree with you! All safe choices made by old people :D

      I have to say it makes absolutely no sense that Tron Soundtrack was overlooked! Does anybody know if it was by any chance not eligible for this year or something???

    • You should run the academy awards, your not corrupt like they are, your intelligent, and the oscars always picks the period piece politician subjects for their winner. Thats what the Oscars love, politics, not greatly filmed movies like Social Network, which should’ve f****** won.

    • Members of The Academy of Motion Pictures (those who decide the Oscar-winners) have an average age of 57…
      Yes, those are the people who decide which are “the best” movies in 2010. Who do you think got the best chance, no matter the quality of the nominees:
      A historical drama about a stuttering man (King’s Speech) vs A modern heist movie taking place inside a dream, inside another dream. (Inception). No matter which is the best movie, one has an advantage considering who is voting.

      So that’s probably why we don’t see Tron being nominated for best Soundtrack, it’s made by Daft Punk and is heavily influenced by modern electronic music, something like that wont sway the old people.
      The same reason goes for the lack of Scott Pilgrim nominations.
      The only thing that can make the voters look past their own preferences, it’s sales and popularity. I bet that if Inception hadn’t been the huge hit it was, it wouldn’t even be nominated.

      When the shots are called by a group of old men with deep pockets, the Oscars lose their value.

      • Damn that sucks,we need young people voting as well!!

        • As long it´s not you…

          This is Rickys list of winners (if he were in the jury):

          Best Picture – “The King’s Speech” Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers

          Actor in a Leading Role – Emma Watson in “Hairy Potter”

          Actor in a Supporting Role – Emma Watson in “Hairy Potter”

          Actress in a Leading Role – Daniel Whateverhislastnameis in “Hairy Potter”

          Actress in a Supporting Role – The girl who played Ron in “Hairy Potter”

          Animated Feature Film – the intro of a “Hairy Potter” movie

          Makeup – the guy/or woman who made Emma Watson look like an actual girl


          Just kidding.

          • Huh? How did The King´s Speech get into this?!

            • It makes sense that The King’s Speech is there though, a lot of the adult actors from the Harry Potter series were in the movie.

              • I haven´t seen it yet. It opens this week in Germany.

    • Well this Old Man wouldn’t have made the choices based on the genre of the material. A drama might be serious and even good entertainment but if you look at the actors and actresses that won they played in unpopular genres (when speaking in terms of the Academy Awards) in years past. That right there tells you something about certain movie materials. Check Feynman’s Eval. of the whole “honers” process…

  7. Yes,the Tron OST deserved a nomination. It actually deserved to win. I mean Daft Punk is beyond awesome. you can practically enjoy the whole movie with your eyes closed because of their music. Derezzed is a fantastic track. The Oscars officially suck for doing this injustice to Tron and daft Punk.

    And best director should have gone to David Fincher. I mean times are changing, new age cinema should be promoted. We are supposed to award movies like Tron and the Social Network. They both are so different yet both are achievements in film making. Not to forget Inception. The King’s speech was like a a tailor made Oscar movie. Not fair.

    And what the hell happened to shutter Island? No awards? No nominations? Leo did better work in Shutter island when compared to Inception.

    And also what about Tron in the visual effects department? Hereafter was nominated in that category. And the only visual effect I remember from Hereafter is that stupid tidal wave. Tron should have been nominate din this category. Sheer injustice.

    Why the hell can’t they ever get A R Rahman’s name right at the Oscars? It’s pronounced Reh-maan for god’s sake.

    I saw the Independent Spirit Awards couple of days back and they were so much better than the Oscars.

    • Tron’s OST is nowhere near compared to this year’s nominees. Because you loved it doesn’t mean that it was better for people with an actual taste for music.

      Yes, Best Director was supposed to go to Fincher, but then you said that Tron should have been rewarded. Whoa, did you see the same movie I did? Quality in films is crap nowadays, including souless Tron. No recognition for Tron was fair.

      Flashy effects doesn’t mean a nomination. The Academy rewards visual effects that are in balance with the movie, that they aren’t too overused. The films nominated used it as if it were normal, unlike Tron. Maybe a nomination was worthed it, but meh.

      Nobody cares if his indian last name is Raharamanan, Reheranamanayulinam or “Reh-man”.

      This is my opinion, though.

      • Woah, “better for people with an actual taste for music.”… Now wtf do you mean by that? Are you in remotely saying that the Tron:Legacy soundtrack isn’t music? It was a fantastic and unique score which fitted the movie and universe. It’s ok you didn’t like it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great score.

        And even if a movie is crap, it should still be rewarded if it shows excellency in any field. Wolfman was utter crap, but it got rewarded for the make-up. Just because the story is bad, doesn’t mean the score of visual effects was too.
        So even if Tron had a bad story and acting, if the visual effects and soundtrack was great, it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

        Maybe it’s just me, but when you open your argument by saying those who love the Tron soundtrack doesn’t have any taste in music, the rest of your argument becomes invalid. It only shows ignorance.

        • I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me, but Tron’s OST feel short compared to the rest of the nominees. Yes, of course, if the field is good even if the movie is bad it should be nominated. It happened to Alice in Wonderland, it won 2 Oscars. But no, Tron’s score was, in MY opinion, souless. Electronic upbeats and uptempos doesn’t mean a score is good, even when they don’t know how to use it. A perfect example of someone using great sound and uptempo is Inception’s score. Great, great score.

          Maybe Tron’s visual effects should have deserved a nomination, but it didn’t for a reason. Some people think that the visual effects and score were good, but most of people don’t. That was reflected in MOST of the awards shows of this year, correct me if I am wrong. I have a base for my argument, just saying.

          • fell instead of feel* whoops

          • “Some people think that the visual effects and score were good, but most of people don’t”

            So are you speaking for ‘most people’ then?

            In the majority of reviews that I’ve read, they note that whether the film was great or not, doesn’t negate the fact that the visuals were incredible, and the soundtrack is great. And that’s because the visuals ARE incredible, they just simply are, the use of 3d in the film is fantastic, and it just looks incredible.

            As far as the soundtrack goes, that is great as well, it keeps the movie more upbeat and exciting, and it’s even exciting to listen too outside of the film.

            What are you comparing it too though? Aside from the Social Network’s score (which is better, and does deserve the award)….

      • “Nobody cares if his indian last name is Raharamanan, Reheranamanayulinam or “Reh-man”.”


        • It was a joke. *rolls eyes*

          • I would abuse you my heart out if I did not have respect for Screenrant. Seriously. Get a life. Rahman is one of the musical greats of our generation. Does Mozart of Chennai bring any bells to you? Step out of your delusional Inception inspired world and see the world as it is. I can live with you disagreeing on Tron’s OST but saying that no one cares how Rahman is pronounced is sheer ignorance and no respect for a musical great. You disgust me.

            And the other nominees had a better OST than Tron’s? Give me 5 songs from those soundtrack’s that are on your playlist right now. Just 5. Tron is on people’s playlist. The music that came out of the Tron OST is gonna stay with people and not just in their head for a couple of days like say after watching Inception.

            And yes maybe you did some other movie. Tron’s visual effects were excellent and they were completely in balance with the movie. that is if you understand the movie and know the concept. It was a sci-fi movie for God’s sake in a digital world. seriously get your facts right. I doubt you even saw Tron and just made assumptions from trailers or something.

            • Wow, I was joking about Rahman, take it easy, I already said that above. I respect Rahman, especially for his work on Slumdog Millionaire, as 127 Hours wasn’t his best work to date. I don’t live in a desilusional Inception inspired world, but it seems that it won special effects instead of Tron, so…

              Again, Tron’s score was not snubbed! All of the nominees deserved to be there, and there are some REAL scores that were actually snubbed. Toy Story 3′s score won the Grammy for best OST. Snubbed. Alice in Wonderland’s score was nominated for an amazing number of awards includng the Grammys and Golden Globes. Snubbed. Tron’s score is mostly listened by Tron fans and other Daft Punk people, and has no awards or nominations at all as far as I am aware.

              I didn’t like the score, the notes were all over the place. Some tracks were actually good, really. But some is NOT enough for an Oscar, people. I can tell you 5 songs from ANY of those scores, just listen to them.

              Yes, I have seen Tron, and it had impressive special effects. I don’t know why it wasn’t nominated, but I do know it didn’t deserve to win. And people with years of experience back up what I’m saying, not everyone can vote in that category. Only the people that work ONLY in that field vote for them. And it didn’t because they think it wasn’t good enough. The studios present a video of how the FX were made, and the voters weren’t impressed.

              I’m sorry you think Tron is that good and that you disagree with me. It is my opinion, and I think we should leave it where it is.

              • TSN rightfully deserved it out of the ones nominated although TKS score was also amazing.

                • You’re just saying that because the TKS composer is the same one for Deathly Hallows Part 1, lol.

  8. any predictions for next year.

    I think “Super 8″ and “Tree of Life” are shoe-ins already, (i’m judging by trailer and hype so far, never a good idea but whatever)

    also “War Horse”, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, and “Hugo Caberet” sound promising. Chloe Moretz getting a nom?

    could you imagine Scorsese, Speilberg, and Fincher all up against each other or best director?

    • Super 8 looks great already. J.J. Abrams is a genius. Chloe Moretz was amazing in Kick-Ass and Let Me In and I would have liked to see her get a nomination for one of those. I’m sure she will be fantastic in Hugo Caberet. I think it would be cool if Deathly Hallows Part 2 could get a Best Picture nomination, if it’s a good movie that is. After 8 movies of Harry Potter the epic finale to the series deserves it, just like Return of the King.

    • Which animated film will take the slot for best picture? I doubt it will be Cars 2 so I think next year we could see Kung Fu Panda 2 and Winnie the Pooh try to get that best picture spot that’s usually reserved for Pixar.

      Agree on Super 8, Tree of Life, and Hugo Caberet. And Deathly Hallows 2 getting a best picture nomination would be awesome.

      • kunfu panda hopefully I dont like cars…

        oh and DH2 must win atleast one oscar or I will never see the oscars again.

      • if an animated film does get nominated, i think it’ll go to “Tintin”

        Speilberg has 2 movie he’s directing released a week apart from each other. He may be nominated 3 times in the best picture category. (War Horse, Super 8, and Tintin)

  9. Wait, Inception was the big winner of the night, along with The King’s Speech, four wins each? Inception? Cinematography for Pfister? Am I reading this correctly? Wow, wow, wow. Thank you, Academy. No David Fincher for Best Director? Well, not everything is perfect ;) Congrats to The King’s Speech Best Picture win, though, truly deserved.

  10. Well I think The Social Network still should have won Best Picture. Either that or 127 Hours. Best Director should have went to David Fincher too. Overall I’m not into award shows much. Kick-Ass and Let Me In were my favorite movies of the year. Let Me In was one of the best reviewed movies of the year and it gets nothing.

    • A lot of the stuff I loved never really gets recognition in these awards. I also absolutely LOVE the score for Kick-Ass. I honestly listen to it every day. I think it has the best music in a movie ever. This is the first time where I have obsessed over the score for a film.

      • Agreed, the OST for Kick-Ass is in my playlist as well. So is the TRON OST–I just recently bought the Social Network sound track cause Trent REznor piques my curiosity: I think my fave from that OST is Hall of the Mountain King remix, from the Rowing Race scene.

        I’ve never really given much stock to ANY of the awards from these awards shows. The winners are often determined by timing of release and advert campaigns… but thats the trade-off in today’s era where films and filmmakers are more numerous than ever. Some times you have to dig to find the good ones, but just because it doesnt win any awards doesn’t make it any less enjoyable as a film. That said, I sometimes like to watch the awards shows, especially if they get a host like Ricky Gervais.

  11. It was a fun ceremony, Kirk Douglass was the highlight I thought.
    As for the winners, not who I’d pick, but I’ll survive.

  12. Best part of the oscars:

    • Was removed by user. What was it? Kirk Douglas?

  13. I learned all I need to know aboutt Hollywood when one of the greatest documentaries I’ve ever seen “waiting for Superman” wasn’t even nominated. And it’s because of it’s politics, and what it exposes. You guys should see it, even if docs aren’t your thing it’s very good.

    • That one’s on my ‘to watch’ list. Have you seen “This Film Has Not Yet Been R-ated”? You could have guaranteed the year it came out (no matter how good) THAT documentary wouldn’t make it anywhere near the Oscars… for obvious reasons. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

      By the way… this was the first time in ages I had no interest in watching the Oscars… and glad I didn’t. The Globes I YouTubed the next day… but only to watch Gervais.

  14. The fact that Daft Punks Tron Legacy soundtrack didn’t even get nominated shows how ridiculous these awards are.
    I find Christian Bale’s accent amusing.

    • i agree 1.0 also loved bales beard as a guy with dark hair and a ginger beard i made me feel cool lol

    • @ DrSamBeckett: I always manage to forget that Bale is British. I don’t know if that’s a compliment to his acting in the limited movies I do see him in, but I always give a little jump when he speaks out-of-character.

  15. I was happy that.. atleast few of them who deserved the Oscars really won.. Like Natalie Portman (halfway into ‘Black Swan’.. you knew she would get it’), Christian Bale ( he should have got it for the mechanic.. but hey what the hell), Wally Pfister (about f-in time) andd.. colin firth (he did good.. i mean REALLLY!!)..

    But i was realllyyy really disappointed to see Nolan not even in the list, come on we all know.. INCEPTION was a brilliant masterful piece of a movie… it combined everything.. art, technicality, thrill, character driven, mind bending.. (i could go on allday).. IT had everything required to make every generation of movie go-ers to sit on the edge of their seat wondering.. What the crap is going on!!.. not to mention the synched roar of “WTF’s”, “HOLY S—” in the theatre at the end of the movie
    So Oscar as they say is a honour to show that a great movie could do that… but wow.. i can say its biased towards Docu-Drama.. rather than technically brilliant film making…

    and one last thing.. NO DAFT PUNK!!!.. are u frakin kidding me ? :-| ..

    am pissed.. but i am okay.. atleast a few of them MADE sense !! *sigh* .. until next year..

    • I meant “The Machinist” ..

      does anybody know if i can rent “The Illusionist” ?.. that looked Amazing.. and its not 3D.. so i would like to give it a shot

      • I knew you meant “Machinist” and to answer your question, yes you can.

      • The illusionist is still in theaters, try to find it if you can.

        As for renting it, I think it’ll be available sometime in the Summer.

  16. And I forgot to say anything about Christian Bale. The most deserved winner. What a performance. Sheer talent.

  17. I dont care what any awards say, Inception was one of the best damn movies Ive ever seen, It should have its own award show. The Chris Nolan film achievement award,………thats what should happen

  18. Roger Deakins got screwed (and so did Pawel Edelman not even being nominated for The Ghost Writer).

    The Coens always get screwed. No one will remember The Kings Speech in a year and it will get about as much box office bump as The Hurt Locker.

    • Yeah I dont think they made The Kings Speech for the sake of making money. As for no one remembering it in a year, I think they will, remember they do make films for adults sometimes.

      • Here, Here. (Or is it ‘hear, hear’?)

        In a CBC interview with the writer of The King’s Speech I thought it very interesting that a) he was a stutterer himself and b) the Queen Mum asked him to wait until she was dead before making the movie.

        The guy waited 25 years to honour a request. Very cool.

        • I didnt think it was the greatest film I have ever seen, but Firth’s performance was excellent and he deserves his Oscar. It made a nice change to see something like that.

    • “it will get about as much box office bump as The Hurt Locker.”

      What do you mean? Have you not seen how much money that film has already made? As for box office bump, of course it will get one since its still in theaters (and it will be released in a new PG-13 version) whereas by the time The Hurt Locker won all those awards it was availavle on DVD for nearly 2 months or something.

  19. Am I out of the loop at 30yrs old ? Daft Punk ? I’ve heard of them, but other than Tron, i am not familiar with their work (might have to do with the fact that their genre isn’t my type).Were they so deserving of a nod ?

    • hell yes they were its one of only a few soundtracks ive heard that i can relive the movie just listening to it their other stuff is great to imo

    • The Tron Legacy soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks of the past 10 years, its absolute genius. The fact that it was overlooked is criminal, as was Tron not recieving a special effects, I think creating a photo realistic CGI actor is one of the most impressive effects that I have ever seen.

  20. I think the fact Nolan was snubbed is a tragedy and Inception was the movie I will remember from this year more than any other. But then the Oscars are about the politics. So really I don’t give it much thought when I watch a movie.

  21. I think the Oscars got it mostly right last night. First no love for Nolan in oringal screenplay is crazy, and Alice in Wonderland two awards and True Grit nothing WOW!!! I’m Sorry but Art Direction Inception and Customes The Kings Speech, I mean most of Alice was CGI please!!
    And yes I agree with everyone on the Fact that Fincher should have won. Best Pic yes The Kings Speech and the supporting Actress although close should have been Hailee i’m sorry but far better than any of them this year.

  22. I was really hoping that Christopher Nolan would have won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and that Hans Zimmer would have won the Original Score for Inception. But hey you can’t win them all, congrats to all the other winners, there movies were also great to. And hey Inception still manged to get four awards which goes to show that they did a awesome job in every department.

  23. Alright. The Oscars. I have so many disagreements and agreements. As for my disagreements (everything else I’ll agree with). Okay we’ll start with ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY. Now, I haven’t seen The King’s Speech, nor do I have any plans to. Contrary to what the movie thinks will happen to it after the Oscars, I will not watch it because it won. Lol just like Slumdog Millionaire. Not to mention, I never had any intention on seeing a movie about some guys speech impediment. Anyway, Original Screenplay. Inception should have won out of those (if not The Fighter). Both movies were brilliant and brilliantly written. At least The Social Network got Adapted Screenplay. Aaron Sorkin deserved that. ANIMATED SHORTFILM, I haven’t seen all of them but, I loved Day and Night. I didn’t really go into the Oscars thinking about the best Animated Shortfilm though.

    Alright. ACTOR, ACHIEVEMENT IN DIRECTING and BEST PICTURE. I’ll put these two together because they same damn movie won both of them. The King’s Speech (impediment). Okay, Colin Firth is a good actor. A great actor. BUT, what Jesse Eisenberg did with The Social Network was remarkable. I can tell you one thing, in 5.. 10 years, I won’t be sitting down thinking about The King’s Speech (impediment). No, I’ll be thinking about Jesse Eisenberg’s fast talking, witty portrayal of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Hell, I’ll probably even think about Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter before it! Alright, on to DIRECTING. Out of great movies like, The Social Network, The Fighter and Black Swan (never saw True Grit – another movie I don’t care much for – not a fan of Westerns) – The King’s Speech wins.. This Tom Hooper guy beat out greats like David Fincher and Darren Aronofvsky. Either of those two should have won the Directors award (of course I’m on the side of The Social Network).

    BEST PICTURE. Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Social Network, 127 Hours, Toy Story 3 (god, if it were me The Town would even be in there). All of these movies were in there and The King’s Speech (impediment) won. The King’s Speech (impediment) should not have won. Once again, I am on The Social Network bandwagon. I don’t even know what to say here.

    So, The Social Network, a movie about today’s generation. About Facebook. Lossed out to a movie about some other generation decades ago and about a guy (king) who stutters. I swear sometimes I feel like The Academy picks the worst possible movie to win. First, that Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood movie – now this.

    That’s my rant.

    • Why won’t you watch The Kings Speech?

      • I don’t really know. It may be because I’m stubborn and felt it didn’t deserve the Oscars over The Social Network. It may be because I really never had any interest in it. Also not to mention I never even heard of it until the Oscar nominations came out.

        It’s pretty much the same reason I won’t ever watch Slumdog Millionaire. That movie beat out The Dark Knight and this movie beat out The Social Network. And I feel neither Slumdog or King really deserved it compared to the other movies.

        That’s just my opinion.

        • Well, I thought Slumdog was awful so you haven’t missed anything there. However, I has heard of The Kings Speech long before the Oscar noms were released, maybe that’s because I live in the uk, so I would implore you to give it a try as the acting is truly superb.

          • Yeah. I wish I lived in the UK. Lol

            But anyway. I may try to watch it eventually. If I get bored enough lol.

            It’s just not my type of movie. I like dramas and all. Just, this movie did not interest me one bit.

            • Did the trailers annoy you? I’m a fan of dramas but when I first heard of the film the first thing I thought wsas “LAME” and was attempting to ignore it until I see the trailer a few months later, which changed my mind about the movie. Although I must admit I founf the film underwhelming.

    • While I can respect your opinion, I think you lose virtually all of your credibility because you haven’t even seen the movie you’re supposedly making comparisons about.

      Your claims that The King’s Speech shouldn’t have won have no validity since you have no basis to make the comparison, having not seen it. Honestly it’s kind of ignorant to say the Academy picks the worst movies to win (The King’s Speech or Slumdog Millionaire) when you have no idea about either of those.

      Anyway, I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I just find it hard to take someone seriously that voices such strong opinions but obviously has no knowledge about the items involved.

      Personally I think Fincher should have won for directing, and I would have liked Nolan to have won more, but I don’t know if that’s really objective considering the competition. I liked The Social Network better than The King’s Speech but I guess I’m fine with it winning out in the end.

      • I had a feeling someone would say something about that. Lol.

        The King’s Speech just did not seem interesting to me. That’s my only issue with why I didn’t see it. No one can argue that The Social Network wasn’t interesting. Even the trailers were interesting.

        I just believe (as Mark Zuckerberg/Jesse Eisenberg would say) The Social Network deserved more recognition from the Academy. Haha

        • It’s fine if you didn’t think the movie looked interesting, it’s just hard to compare it to the other movies, or say that it’s not good if you haven’t seen it.

          But I do agree The Social Network was amazing.

          • Haha yeah. I probably should have worded it differently. It just sucks though because Jesse Eisenberg did such an amazing job, as did every single other actor in The Social Network. And David Fincher did a brilliant job.

            At least it won Adapted Screenplay!

    • If you haven’t seen The King’s Speech then your entire comment is without a fundament.

      • Also, it’s kinda rude to say that you won’t watch the movie because Colin Firth’s masterful performance was about a guy with an impediment. Just rude. It’s a movie about outdoing yourself, and getting over your problems, in this case speech impediment.

        • It’s not rude. It’s a joke. And as I said in the above statement. I didn’t think The King’s Speech was interesting, therefore I did not see it.

    • To be honest, I didn’t think it was the best of 2010 but Colin Firth deserved a nod just for the final speech before the war. That culmination of the friendship was truly amazing. I actually enjoyed The Social Network more but knowing what type of movies the Academy normally chooses, it wasn’t a shock when King’s Speech won.

    • i saw the social network and came away disappointed. i should of waited for it to come out on demand. it wasnt that great. but nice screen name “sin” sounds like a final fantasy character lol

    • quote-> I can tell you one thing, in 5.. 10 years, I won’t be sitting down thinking about The King’s Speech (impediment). No, I’ll be thinking about Jesse Eisenberg’s fast talking, witty portrayal of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Hell, I’ll probably even think about Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter before it!

      i really think you should watch his acting first before making such comment

  24. I am very happy with the Oscars this year although the Oscar for most original screenplay. Trust me I h happy with it but I believe that Inception should hav original idea and pushed it to the Max in my opinio world.

  25. Does anyone think Chris Nolan cares that Inception didnt get best picture or that he didnt get best director? His film made a fortune and was critically aclaimed, and loved by millions. I think that is probably enough for him. He doesnt seem the type to be biting his fingernails at the thought of not being patted on the back by a bunch a sychophantic suck ups.
    We all know Inception was great. And I imagine, so does Chris Nolan.

    • Well said :)

  26. Those lamenting Daft Punks absence from nomination should hear Chemical Bros upcoming soundtrack. Forget the name of film, but it has a lot of what Tron was missing: nuanced building of tension, accenting and in sync with very minor moments on screen- as did Trent Reznors score for Social Network. I think Daft Punk shouldve been at given a nomination nod for originality, but looking back it was like they just took scenes and said, “down tempo”, “up tempo”. Really I guess it shows how much editors can do to make what’s shown on screen as interesting as the music chosen- I’m looking at Slumdog Millionaire for an example of that. But yeah- much as I wanted to enjoy it, I found Tron did not achieve what it set out to do- and I did not walk out compelled or riveted. I instead walked out slightly disappointed. Congrats to the winners. Reznors score definitely played a part in Social Network blowing my mind. Bale finally has my respect again. Fighter was best film I saw all year, hands down. Low tech, old fashioned story telling drama w/ odd mix of physical comedy. Was a good year, in my book.

    • I enjoyed The Social Network a lot, but for me the score was underwhelming and barely noticable, I am a huge fan of soundtracks, I own 100s but was it an Oscar winning score? Hardly.
      The score for Tron Legacy was involving and dramatic, it’s rousing, powerful stuff.

      • Trent Reznor’s soundtrack for The Social Network was brilliant. The man is a genius when it comes to music.

      • Good to know someone understands the beauty of the Tron OST.

    • When did Christian Bale ever lose his respect to anyone?

      • During the Terminator incident.

        • it grinds my gears when people say they lost respect for someone because they lost their temper and shouted at someone they worked with it happens all the time in my trade and noone loses respect because of it, so he went a lil nuts for a min GET OVER IT ffs its not like any of us was on the recieving end of it or he hit the guy why should it blight a great actors career

      • @ Akshay Ralhi: “Newsies.”

      • There were also those rumors that he supposedly hit his sister and/or mom. No idea if it was true though, I think it happened during Terminator Salvation but I didn’t follow that much.

  27. I was talking to some co-workers about the Oscars and said that the British dominated, thinking that Natalie Portman was British (V for Vendetta must have influenced that). I looked her up on IMDB and it turns out she was actually born in Israel but moved to the US at an early age. The lady is a genius! She went to Harvard and speaks fluent English and Hebrew but can also speak a multitude of languages. Here is one of her quotes, “[on Scarlett Johansson] Seriously, I would really want to grab Scarlett’s breasts. She’s got beautiful ones”. The word DUH came to mind when I read that. :-)

    • Yes Portman is simply an amazing woman! Beautiful in every way!

      I didn’t hated the oscars this year just because she got her award! She deserved it completely :)

  28. I thought The Town at the very least deserved a Best Picture nomination. That was definitely one of the best films of the year.

    I was a bit cynical in thinking that Social Network would get the award in an attempt by the Academy to appear relevant to the times and fit in with today’s generation of moviegoers, but I was wrong.

    I never thought Inception had a chance of winning, despite the universal praise from both the public and critics, the box office haul was too big which is almost now a pre-requisite for a film not to win as Avatar found out last year.

    I haven’t seen The King’s Speech – it didn’t really appeal to me, but one question we have to ask is would it have still won had it been released in the summer? Probably not I’d say.

    I see Nicholas Cage crashed and burned one again with Drive Angry 3D. He definitely needs a new agent and reflection on the 90s when he was still making good films.

    Portman vs Johannson?? a close call, if were talking overall then probably Portman but Johannson edged it in 2010 after looking extremely hot in Iron Man 2.

    • Agree about The Town. Deserved Best Picture and Best Director nods.

    • King’s Speech still would’ve won if it was released in the Summer. Harvey Weisntein is a master in Oscar campaigns and would’ve somehow used that date to his advantage.

    • Another thing about the lovely Portman; she looks soo much like Keira Knightly that Knightly was her decoy in SW1 and when both wore the queen makeup, even the production team couldn’t tell them apart.

  29. I think that it would be very cool if next year’s awards season were to be reflected on this site by having its own awards type of thread (Perhaps the Ranties?).Catagories could include “Best written article”, “Best Rant in response”, “Most controversial Post”, “Most hilarious reply”,ans such. I really enjoy checking in at ScreenRant just about every day and the number of regulars and quality and diversity of the threads are too much fun and in many cases, thought provoking not to spotlight.
    Just a thought, Vic…ball’s in your court. What do you think?
    Could be a blast! :)