Bane Locke

Lost/The Dark Knight Rises Mashup.

The Sound Of The Dark Knight Rises

Hans Zimmer, the Dark Knight series’ composer, and Richard King, the supervising sound editor and designer across Nolan’s Batman films talk about the sound effects and music featured in The Dark Knight Rises. The video covers a wide range of topics from the sounds of The Bat, the Deshi Basara chant, and what went into creating Bane’s voice.

Awesome Bat-man

This about sums it up.

Bane Emotions


Bane Kit Kat

How thoughtful of you Bane.

Bane Gives You Permission

This is how I felt during The Dark Knight Rises.

Sesame Street Batman

Awesome Sesame Street / Batman mashup by Matthew Benkner Illustration! Can you name all the characters?

DIY Batgirl Shoes

Geeky stilettos FTW.

DC Comics Caped Shot Glasses

ThinkGeek has these heroic shot glasses for $7.99.

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