62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Recap & Winners

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Emmy 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Recap & Winners

The 62nd Primetime Emmys have come and gone, and once again the show offered laughs, star power and the occasional stretches of boredom.

In this post-Emmys post, we’ll take a look back at the celebration of TV’s most beloved shows, miniseries and specials, with a specific focus on who won, what the ratings were, and how the show went in general. Consider this your one-stop haven for any and all things that have to do with the 2010 Emmys.

First, lets talk about how the show went. When discussing the high and low points of any awards show, the first thing that people usually zero in on is the host. The 2009 Emmys were famously hosted by the witty and dapper  Neil Patrick Harris, who actually managed to elevate the proceedings and return the Emmys to glory.

This year brought us Late Night host Jimmy Fallon as our MC, and anyone who has been following Fallon since his SNL days knows that the comedian is practically notorious for his hit or miss hijinks. Well, according to the general consensus, Fallon was more hit than miss during his tenure as Emmys host, and his opening number – a glee club rendition of “Born To Run” with some humorous celebrity cameos – was certainly an impressive way to kick off the proceedings.

The mock musical – featuring cast members from Glee, Jon Hamm from Mad Men, Jorge Garcia from Lost, Tina Fey, Betty White and others  -  set the kind of light and spectacular tone you hope for in an awards show, and proved there are still ways to present comedy that is both non-controversial and  actually appealing to a mass audience. Fallon’s opening monologue (especially his first joke, a jab at the whole Conan/Leno fallout) further exhibited that the demands of hosting Late Night have polished Fallon into a much better performer than he once was.

Though Fallon did an admirable job, some pacing issues with the show have been noted by many who watched. Award shows still haven’t improved on their current format, it seems: exciting second-tier awards upfront, boring stuff filling the middle, big guns at the end. I’d like to think there’s a better way to do it, but maybe we’ll save that discussion for the comments section.

As for ratings: the 62nd Primetime Emmys posted ratings that basically equaled last year’s numbers, 13.5 million viewers as opposed to last year’s score of 13.47. Though the ratings were about equal, the 62nd Emmys does deserve a little bit more distinction, in my opinion, since the broadcast hopped from CBS to NBC this year.

Though some may argue that people look for the Emmys every year and will watch them no matter which network broadcasts the show, I still think it’s impressive that a network switch didn’t cost the 62nd Primetime Emmys viewers (and I’m sure NBC was happy to get 13.5 million people watching anything on their network :-P).

Without Further ado we’ll get to the 62nd Primetime Emmy Award Winners list. After the list we’ll discuss the how we feel about who won (and who didn’t)

emmy awards 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Recap & Winners

62nd Primetime Emmy Award Winners


Modern Family

Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie)

Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)

Jane Lynch (Glee)

Betty White (SNL)

Neil Patrick Harris (Glee)

Ryan Murphy (Glee)

Christopher Lloyd and Stephen Levitan (Modern Family)


Mad Men

Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)

Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife)

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

Erin Levy and Matthew Weiner (Mad Men)

John Lithgow (Dexter)

Ann Margaret (Law & Order: SVU)

Steve Shill (Dexter)


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Bucky Gunts (The Winter Olympics)

Dave Boone and Paul Greenberg (The 2010 Tony Awards)


Temple Grandin (HBO)

The Pacific (HBO)

Al Pacino (You Don’t Know Jack)

Claire Danes (Temple Gradin)

Mick Jackson (Temple Grandin)

David Strathairn (Temple Grandin)

Julia Ormand (Temple Grandin)

Adam Mazer (You Don’t know Jack)

Top Chef


Continue to our analysis of the Emmy Winners (and Losers)


emmy fallon 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Recap & Winners

Okay, so I know that there is a certain contingent of our readership out there who are going to be miffed that Lost didn’t get more wins (or noms, for that matter). I also know that I’m going to rile up said contingent when I say that – in my humble opinion – Lost didn’t deserve to win. Not for Dramatic Series, Dramatic Actor, and certainly not for dramatic Actress or Writing In A Drama.

Now, before you pile on: I have been a Lost follower since the pilot episode first aired (longer than a lot of so-called Lost fanatics) and maybe it’s because I have been watching for so long that I can admit to myself that the show lost a fraction of its magic somewhere in the muddled mess of season 3. The excitement we all felt during this final season of Lost was mostly due to a looming sense of intrigue – but as we all now know, the actual endgame for Lost left a considerable number of fans very upset – our own Lost Ending Explanation post is proof of that fact. A beloved show that cannot even muster more acclaim than disappointment in its final bow isn’t exactly worthy of a golden statue, if you get where I’m coming from.

As for those who DID win: I was a believer in Glee very early on  – as far back as when Fox aired the pilot at the end of the 2009 spring season. I was still something of a fan of the show all throughout its fall season arch – but when it returned this spring I found myself less and less impressed with it, and especially with its young leads. The characters and the actors portraying the Glee club misfits were refreshingly charming early on, but ultimately ended up being two-dimensional cutouts of modern, liberal-slanted stereotypes. The same could be said for creator Ryan Murphy’s storylines for Glee, which had me rolling my eyes  more and more often as the season came to a close. I fear that Glee‘s fire may not burn bright enough to last another season, but we’ll see.

I was very happy to see Modern Family get such big recognition at the Emmys this year; I haven’t seen too much of the show yet, but what I have seen has certainly impressed me and made me laugh. To me, Modern Family is the first show to really nail the topic of how weird, complicated, awkward and yet amazing the modern American social landscape has become, and it tackles the issue of how we navigate that brave new world while managing not to be too offensive, preachy or heavy-handed. Did I mention the cast is amazing and totally responsible for carrying off what could’ve been a disaster of a show? Definitely a deserving winner.

Seeing Mad Men win Best Drama (again) doesn’t really surprise me – I thought that the previous season of the show was truly great, and there was definitely LOADS of drama worth rewarding. That lawn mower episode alone deserved an award (Mad Men fans will surely get that reference ;-)). Seeing Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston win for their work on Breaking Bad was also something of a no-brainer, although this was Paul’s first win after several nominations and he definitely deserved it. Like Mad Men, I do feel that Paul’s win for his impressive work last season was timely instead of overdue. John Lithgow’s win for playing The Trinity Killer on Dexter was that one award everybody was ready to riot over if it went to someone else. Thankfully Lithgow got it.

hbo the pacific 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Recap & Winners

Finally, I was totally psyched to see The Pacific win. I didn’t hear all THAT much talk about the miniseries when it aired on HBO earlier this year, but for me, The Pacific was the best bit of television I saw in 2009, and is probably the best WWII series I’ve ever seen on either the big or small screen. Never before have I been so excited, moved, heartbroken or terrified by a war story. It’s only after The Pacific that I truly feel like I have even the most basic understanding of what it was like for so many young men to go off and fight and die to prevent some very evil things from happening in the world.

the pacific emmys mazzello 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Recap & Winners

I also thought the cast was excellent – especially Joseph Mazzello (a.k.a. little Timmy from Jurassic Park) who portrayed the transformation of Eugene Sledge from frail boy into hardened vet so vividly that I’m sure the now-deceased man the character was based on would be proud. If you haven’t seen The Pacific, rent it as soon as possible – and I don’t care how tough you think you are, you better bring a box of tissues along.

That’s our recap of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. Did you watch the show? What did you think of the host and/or the winners? Did you feel there was any show/actor that got cheated? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I agree with what you said about Glee and Lost, but its pretty unfair how Lost went home empy handed. If anything it deserved the emmy for best original music and it didn’t even win that! Modern Family was so deserving but I still feel that Breaking Bad should have won Best Drama.

    As for the Emmys themselves, I was actually surprised that they ended on time.

  2. We’ve been a little spoiled with Lost. It’s been around forever and we got used to it. Doesnt change the fact that it’s one of the best TV series EVER.

    I’ve had to curb my TV show watching mainly because of the reality shows and sugar coated/cheesy comedies and dramas that are a dime a dozen. There are AMAZING shows on TV that never get the recognition they deserve and get canceled (Black Donnleys, Arrested D, Party Down, etc).

    Thankfully, there are networks like AMC, FX, HBO and Showtime that still demand quality instead of ratings.

  3. What do you want to bet that NBC did all they could to make sure that Conan didnt win? Also, no noms for community. I hate NBC.

  4. Or maybe everyone realized that the final season of LOST was a letdown… Although it would have been nice to see Terry win I can see why LOST possibley did get anything in its last season.

  5. I completely disagree that fan reaction to the finale means Lost didn’t deserve any awards. The fact is, people had tons of expectations for the finale. When you go into something with that many expectations, you are almost always going to be disappointed, regardless of the quality of the final product. As for what it deserved, I’ve never seen Breaking Bad, so I can’t comment on those performances, but I thought Matthew Fox was absolutely deserving for his acting during the final season. Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn were also equally deserving. Now, I’m not saying they absolutely should have won over the other nominees, but I think it’s wrong to discredit their work just because people reacted negatively to the end of the series. While I personally loved the finale, thought it wrapped up the series beautifully, and would have loved to see it earn some awards, I’m fine with the way things went. I just don’t like the way you phrased things in the article.

    As for Glee, I can see where you’re coming from in reference to the second half of the season, I have to disagree on a few points. While some of the characters were underdeveloped and two-dimensional, others became much stronger – Quinn is the first example that springs to mind. As for the storylines, yes they’re ridiculous, but that’s part of the charm. And I thought things were much more ridiculous and eye-roll inducing in the first half of the season (particularly with the fake pregnancy storyline) but that’s just my opinion. I also thought the second half of the season had the single best episode of the show. Dream On was, in my opinion, a masterpiece.

    • And I will try not to speak at this in the wrong way with my issues with LOST in general..

      However they (voters) may have felt certain parts brought down other parts and or made them question the other catagories more so.

      I guess something along the lines of “One bad apple ruins then all” type thing.

    • Mathew Fox’s Jack character is one of the best (complex, layered) protagonists in TV show history. I completely agree that he should’ve at least been nominated

    • I agree with you on the finale, I wonder why it didn’t win though.

  6. I still can’t believe Modern Family won for best comedy. There is NOTHING funny about that show, which is sad considering Ed O’Neil is on the show. I tried several times to watch that show because it was supposed to be “sooooo goood”, but it was so damn dull I couldn’t even watch a whole episode. How the heck that won best comedy over shows like “2 1/2 Men”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Middle” is beyond me.

    As for Glee. That is a truly awful show. The fact that shows like this and American Idol do well in the ratings proves, IMO, that the dumbing down of America is continuing.

    • I couldn’t agree more Andy S. Modern Family and Glee are just awful shows. Still as bad as they are nothing compares to the awfulness that is Nurse Jackie. The funny thing is Nurse Jakie is more of a Drama than a comedy and yet it gets a comedy award. I heard alot of Radio and TV people commenting on how little sense that made.

      • You can’t say that there’s nothing funny about Modern Family. You can say you don’t like it because it’s preposterous that you can say it’s not funny. Never seen Glee, and I really don’t want to, but after seeing the entire season of MF I’m very glad that there’s finally something refreshingly funny and not overly offensive or incredibly repetitive like so many shows are now. The writing is also fantastic.
        Daniel, what show do you think is funny?

    • You have understand that it’s all opinions.

      For example, the fact that you think that 2 1/2 men is a better comedy than modern family is baffling to me. But that’s my opinion.

      I think all the shows you listed except for Modern Family are beyond bad but the general public likes it. Of course this reinforces my hate of the general public and its taste in movies/tv shows , but that’s a whole different issue.

      • i competely agree with you on this.

  7. All in all a pretty 50/50 night.

    Thank god Lost didn’t win anything. I never understood the love for that show it’s among the worst shows i’ve ever seen to make it beyond 5 seasons.

    Glee is just awful. That show should just cast Jack Black and Will Ferrel and complete the stupid comedy circle that it has started. Glee wouldn’t know smart humor or witt if it bit them in the behind.

    Modern Family was not only funny, but I found it to be way to preachy and I really can’t stand what it stands for being crammed down my throat. I hate activists they are annoying and this is essentially an activists show.

    However, Dexter and Breaking bad were deserving of every award they got. Both actors on Breaking bad are top notch and deserve all the respect in the world. I also loved Brian Cranstons speech it was very humble and respectful.

    Been wanting to see Mad Men, but still have not got the chance to. It looks like a good show, but I’ve got so many other shows to catch up on it’s difficult.

    • i might have to give Mad Men a shot now. didnt realized Cristina Hendricks was in it

  8. I cheered for Lost but got the feeling Mad Men would win best drama (I started watching it recently, so forgive me if I’m wrong) because it has more of an “American” feel to it than Lost, which is a show that I think, like it or not, will leave a big mark in TV history.

  9. Alex oddly enough I can and did say it’s not funny. You may not like that I said it but I certainly can say it.

    What shows do I find funny? Well honestly the funniest shows on TV are technically classified as Dramas shows like Californication, Hung and Rescue me. If your looking for comedys I’ll go with Seasons 1-5 of scrubs, Its Always Sunny , Flight Of the Conchords and Penn & Tellers Bull Sh*t.

  10. not being from the US there are a few things i haven’t been able to see although i understand shows like mad men and breaking bad are super popular right now and i expect they deserved the noms and wins they recieved.
    i’m pretty pleased with the wins i can appreciate though, the only thing that sticks out for me is that Tina Fey or Amy Poehler should have gotten Edie Falco’s award ‘parks & rec’ AND ’30 rock’ had me crying with laughter when i watched them, i gave nurse jackie a go but couldn’t get past the first episode (but perhaps it deserves another look after i finish watching ‘true blood’ and ‘united states of tara’
    also does anyone know why ‘Community’ didn’t get any recognition? (to my knowlege) i felt for sure that’d be the show to sweep the comedy circles

    • Maybe because Community is even worse than Modern Family?? Another show that I tried to watch a couple of times but never found the humor funny. Then again, I don’t think The Office is funny, either.

      Now Family Guy, THAT’S funny!!!

      • I might have thought your humbled opinion was the base of not liking one show, but thinking that those 3 shows aren’t funny at all makes me think your sense of humor isn’t developed at all. Family Guy is terrible and has been terrible since it came back from being cancelled. It’s repetitive, so offensive that it just isn’t funny, and seems to be written by big-headed Simpsons burnouts. I just hope you didn’t include the British Office with that comment.

        • Well said Alex

          Community and Modern Family are great shows. Not sure how you can say they’re not funny AT ALL.

          Family guy is very hit and miss and has been miss lately.

    • yeah…why no love for community. funniest show out of all the new comedys out there.

  11. I still take Community over Modern Family, but at least it beat out Glee. That show can go right to hell.

    The outstanding variety series award was a bit of an upset IMO. I love The Daily Show, but I really thought the award should have gone to Colbert or Conan. Colbert went to Iraq and covered the Olympics for cryin’ out loud, and while giving it to Conan probably would have come off more as a pitty party, I still think he displayed a true sense of class and showmanship in the lead-up and aftermath of the whole NBC debacle.

  12. I gotta disagree there Andy community and The Office are both hilarious. Fam Guy was funny before it was cancelled but it hasn’t been the same since it came back it’s lost what made it great and it’s becoming more and more like the simpsons these days. Futurama on the other hand is just as great as ever.

  13. Scream Awards are comming up folks and I guarantee you the cast of Glee won’t be there!!!


    See you there!!!

  14. thanks dude for being selfless enough to give me a decent answer without adding to the opinionated animosity all up in the hizz-ouse atm.

    unfortunately i can’t do the same because i want to ask the people who don’t like modern family and community if they’d at least agree that they’re both pretty fresh in terms of setting (ok the dysfunctional family angle has been done to death) but it’s still pretty polished wouldn’t you say?

  15. Caz I actually love Community and find it to be very fresh it was robbed this year to not be nominated Joel Mchale is hilarious.

    Modern Fam though I wouldn’t call fresh and I find it so very unfunny. It’s more of a jam a message down your throat show than a comedy. I actually have seen 3 episodes and laughed one time out of all three episodes and it wasn’t a big laugh just a small chuckle. I only find one of the actor on the show to be worth watching though his character in this is meh. I find all of the characters piss me off more than they make me smile and the show seems to of been crested more to push an agenda than to make some one laugh. All that said not surprised it won an award if we have learned anything from the oscars it’s that agendas always win big of good writing.

    I think the best comedys on TV are Flight of the Cohncords (though it got cancelled :( . ) , The Office, Futurama, Always Sunny, Penn & Teller, and Community.

    If it counts Tosh.o is hilarious.

  16. How is Modern Family different than Arrested Development?? Dysfunctional familes? Check. Good actors in unfunny roles. Check. Undeserved Emmy awards. Check. Both god-awful shows to watch. Check.

    Alex, I’m more a Looney Tunes over Disney kinda guy. Sorry that my sense of humor isn’t as sophisticated or developed as yours is there big guy. These so-called comedies are anything but. These shows, if released 10-15 years ago, would have been cancelled in their first season with shows like Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier and Home Improvement on the air. (Yes, I loved all those shows.) Like I said before, I love “2 1/2 Men” and I think “The Big Bang Theory” is a very funny, witty show. However, most of my TV watching the past year or so has been on SyFy, Discovery, The History Channel, TLC, Nat Geo or Yankees baseball. Throw in Smallville, Chuck and Craig Ferguson and there you have my tv habits. Very little network TV for me.

    • Andy S

      I see where you’re coming from now.

      I really want to scream at you for saying Arrested D is a awful show and 2 1/2 men is funny but that’s where opinion/taste comes in.

      I guess my point is that we have to see these things as opinion of other people (complete strangers) and they should be nothing more than a footnote in our viewing habits.

      • Yup, everyone has different tastes and enjoys different things. I can’t understand the love for Arrested Development and Modern Family, but to each their own! Give me “2 1/2 Men” with scantily clad hotties walking around Charlie’s house and I’m happy! :D

  17. Congrats to Betty White. She really was awesome on SNL. That was by far one of the best episodes of SNL I have seen in years.
    Congrats to John Lithgow. His performance on Dexter last season was phenomenal.
    Everybody else, I don’t really care too much. I would like to check out Modern Family though. I wanted to DVR it but one of my wifes stupid reality shows is on at the same time. So instead of Ed O’Neil, I get the Dumb Ho’s Club. Lucky me.

  18. Thank the small screen Gods “The Office” did not win anything, ( still the most over-rated program ever, watch the BBC version for a true laugh)I agree with the author in regard to his comments on “The Pacific”. It was the best thing on TV, nothing else comes close. Jim Parsons for “Big Bang” deserved his award. “Temple Grandin” was brilliant as well as Claire’s peformance. alas, maybe next year for “Fringe.”

  19. I was happy to see that Claire Danes and Modern Family made out well and won several awards. I was laughing out loud when Jimmy Fallon performed the mock musical with Tina Fey and some of the cast of Glee. Leave it to Fallon to ham up any song. This award show gave me and my DISH coworkers plenty to talk about. Luckily my Hopper recorded it automatically with the Prime Time Anytime feature. I love that I didn’t have to set up any timers for this show because all prime time shows on major networks were recorded!