Okay, so I know that there is a certain contingent of our readership out there who are going to be miffed that Lost didn’t get more wins (or noms, for that matter). I also know that I’m going to rile up said contingent when I say that – in my humble opinion – Lost didn’t deserve to win. Not for Dramatic Series, Dramatic Actor, and certainly not for dramatic Actress or Writing In A Drama.

Now, before you pile on: I have been a Lost follower since the pilot episode first aired (longer than a lot of so-called Lost fanatics) and maybe it’s because I have been watching for so long that I can admit to myself that the show lost a fraction of its magic somewhere in the muddled mess of season 3. The excitement we all felt during this final season of Lost was mostly due to a looming sense of intrigue – but as we all now know, the actual endgame for Lost left a considerable number of fans very upset – our own Lost Ending Explanation post is proof of that fact. A beloved show that cannot even muster more acclaim than disappointment in its final bow isn’t exactly worthy of a golden statue, if you get where I’m coming from.

As for those who DID win: I was a believer in Glee very early on  – as far back as when Fox aired the pilot at the end of the 2009 spring season. I was still something of a fan of the show all throughout its fall season arch – but when it returned this spring I found myself less and less impressed with it, and especially with its young leads. The characters and the actors portraying the Glee club misfits were refreshingly charming early on, but ultimately ended up being two-dimensional cutouts of modern, liberal-slanted stereotypes. The same could be said for creator Ryan Murphy’s storylines for Glee, which had me rolling my eyes  more and more often as the season came to a close. I fear that Glee‘s fire may not burn bright enough to last another season, but we’ll see.

I was very happy to see Modern Family get such big recognition at the Emmys this year; I haven’t seen too much of the show yet, but what I have seen has certainly impressed me and made me laugh. To me, Modern Family is the first show to really nail the topic of how weird, complicated, awkward and yet amazing the modern American social landscape has become, and it tackles the issue of how we navigate that brave new world while managing not to be too offensive, preachy or heavy-handed. Did I mention the cast is amazing and totally responsible for carrying off what could’ve been a disaster of a show? Definitely a deserving winner.

Seeing Mad Men win Best Drama (again) doesn’t really surprise me – I thought that the previous season of the show was truly great, and there was definitely LOADS of drama worth rewarding. That lawn mower episode alone deserved an award (Mad Men fans will surely get that reference ;-)). Seeing Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston win for their work on Breaking Bad was also something of a no-brainer, although this was Paul’s first win after several nominations and he definitely deserved it. Like Mad Men, I do feel that Paul’s win for his impressive work last season was timely instead of overdue. John Lithgow’s win for playing The Trinity Killer on Dexter was that one award everybody was ready to riot over if it went to someone else. Thankfully Lithgow got it.

Finally, I was totally psyched to see The Pacific win. I didn’t hear all THAT much talk about the miniseries when it aired on HBO earlier this year, but for me, The Pacific was the best bit of television I saw in 2009, and is probably the best WWII series I’ve ever seen on either the big or small screen. Never before have I been so excited, moved, heartbroken or terrified by a war story. It’s only after The Pacific that I truly feel like I have even the most basic understanding of what it was like for so many young men to go off and fight and die to prevent some very evil things from happening in the world.

I also thought the cast was excellent – especially Joseph Mazzello (a.k.a. little Timmy from Jurassic Park) who portrayed the transformation of Eugene Sledge from frail boy into hardened vet so vividly that I’m sure the now-deceased man the character was based on would be proud. If you haven’t seen The Pacific, rent it as soon as possible – and I don’t care how tough you think you are, you better bring a box of tissues along.

That’s our recap of the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. Did you watch the show? What did you think of the host and/or the winners? Did you feel there was any show/actor that got cheated? Sound off in the comments below.

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