’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie to Be Produced by ‘Social Network’ Duo

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 13th, 2013 at 1:41 pm,

50 shades grey movie 50 Shades of Grey Movie to Be Produced by Social Network Duo

50 Shades of Grey originated as an erotic Twilight fan-fiction series titled “Master of the Universe” (not kidding). E.L. James published her work online for a period of time, but eventually decided to rework her kinky Bella/Edward stories into an original piece – about the very adult relationship between college student Anastasia Steele and 27-year-old billionaire, Christian Grey.

The rest, as they say, is history. 50 Shades of Grey is a best-selling monster, and has spawned two sequels (“50 Shades Darker” and “50 Shades Freed”). James’ three books have sold some 31 million copies in e-book and print form worldwide, breaking the Harry Potter series’ record for fasted-selling paperbacks of all time (again, not kidding).

Universal Pictures and Focus Features secured the film rights to 50 Shades of Grey earlier this year, and now Oscar-nominated producers Dana Brunetti and Mike De Luca (The Social Network) have put in a bid to back the project. Here are the official statements from studio heads, professing confidence in the duo’s ability to adapt James’ novel (which is full of explicit sex scenes involving bondage, sadism, and masochism, among other things):

“At its core, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a complex love story, requiring a delicate and sophisticated hand to bring it to the big screen,” said Universal Pictures Co-Chairman Donna Langley. “Mike and Dana’s credits more than exemplify what we need in creative partners and we’re glad to have them as part of our team.”

“Michael De Luca is a dream producer, whose combination of vision, taste and fearlessness is the perfect match for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’,” said Focus Features’ Chief Executive Officer James Schamus.

Early rumors about the potential writers and directors for the 50 Shades of Grey movie are (in many ways) as mind-boggling as the origins of James’ original work. American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has lobbied for the opportunity to pen the screenplay, while Angelina Jolie’s been reported as a potential contender to sit in the director’s chair (take all that with a grain of salt, of course).

Brunetti and De Luca are going to have their hands full, convincing the masses that 50 Shades of Grey can turn out as anything but a glorified treatment of late-night adult entertainment you might find on Cinemax (ie. a “Skinemax” TV movie). The project is starting to move ahead full-steam now, and it will be… well, interesting to see how moviegoers respond – especially as more and more people learn about the history of the property (and its connection to the love-it-or-hate-it Twilight franchise).

Expect to hear more about 50 Shades of Grey in the future (whether you like it or not).

Source: Universal

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  1. I CANNOT wait for this to be put into a movie, i fell in love with the trilogy and was dissappointed when it was done and felt lost wanting to read more.

  2. So glad the book is being made into a movie I can’t put the book down its so gripping hope the film is just as good

  3. So glad the book is being made into a movie I can’t put the book down its so gripping hope the film is just as good:-) .

  4. Barf barf barf. Horrible writing. Terrible premise. Unoriginal characters.



  5. Annnnd we care why?

  6. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That’s all I got to say about that.

  7. “The Fifty Shades trilogy was developed from a Twilight fan fiction originally titled Master of the Universe and published episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name “Snowqueens Icedragon”.

    yeah….that pretty much sums it up for me.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth there

      • What women may be missing is real men. The majority of men are looking for women to take care of them. These books give us what a lot of us lack in a relationship, romance (kinky tho it is) a champion, someone who wants to protect you (even if it stems from them not being able to protect their mother) give you the world, take care of you. Old world, old fashioned. Yes it has its childish moments but it gives us the get away we need. I love the books. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are the only ones to play the parts, anyone else will be a big mistake.

        • kristen stewart?? boo. she only has one expression. and the constant heavy-breathing while acting. ppfffttt it’s getting old.
          robert pattinson is too ugly to play christian grey. puhleezz. he looks like garbage.
          i love the twilight saga but the cast are rubbish.

  8. The fact that this has become such a phenomenon shows what the women of the world are lacking; imagination ad the ability to understand what makes a good book.

    Not only are these painfully dull, but they are horribly written, as if by a teenager for a creative writing assignment. These are the very worst, and it’s not just subjective, no one can claim they are well written. That’s like saying the sun isn’t hot. It’s an egregious lie.

    • Wow, that’s a little extreme don’t you think?

    • Yikes Dr . . .
      Count yourself lucky thay you get to say something like that without standing in front of one of these “unimaginative women” of the world (because you would be getting an “unimaginative kick” to the groin).

      To be fair though, a good read doesn’t have to be well written to spark the imagination.

      • But it’s not even imaginative, it’s poorly written. In every way. Cliched beyond belief.

        And I’ve taken plenty of slaps to the face and kicks to the groin, I’m almost immune.

    • How right you are, DrSamBeckett. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to come across fanfiction sites knows well that there is nothing original or well-written in Fifty Shades.

    • Totally agree Dr.Sam. I’d go further and say that this poorly written guff reinforces the immature dreamings of unimaginative, anti-intellectual women everywhere. It just feeds off an adolescent need to be dominated and ‘looked after’ by a Prince Charming with very deep pockets.
      Feminists everywhere must be delighted by this regressive tome.
      Fortunately my girl is sufficiently self-possessed to give this a wide berth rather than joining in to see what the non-fuss is about.
      Anais Nin did this a lot better and smarter.

      • “Feminists everywhere must be delighted by this regressive tome”

        very good point.

    • Sooooo agree, I’ve read plenty of good books recently that should be given the Hollywood treatment, but as a woman who has a healthy relationship with her husband, I wouldn’t be see dead with a copy of this drivel.

      All you get is people justifying it with “well if it gets people reading, then it has to be a good thing?” – answer = well not really, as these people then think that nothing is better than this.

      Over-hyped with bad grammar, unrealistic characters and (from what I head) repetitive writing (63 instances of “inner goddess” is one of these). If a movie of this does come to pass, then it will be a very diluted version of the book. Take out the sex scenes and you have nothing but a boring Mills and Boon type book.

      I don’t resent anyone making money, JK Rowling deserves every single penny she has earnt, what I do resent is someone making a fortune out of utter rubbish, it basically means that people will start to believe that you don’t have to be a good writer to make a lot of money, and we now wait for the deluge of 50 shades of grey copycat books.

      If you want to put something to film and to all the people who want to read something good, then The Daughters of Eve trilogy would knock your socks off (Available on Kindle only). http://amzn.to/Nx1fTz

    • It’s not about the way it’s written, it’s about the STORY. This plot has been overused many times but so has every other plot possible! People are still going to read about them or watch them on TV or at the movies. “oh yes, I’m going to read this particular book because I heard the author’s use of grammar is just stellar!” said no one ever. I’m sure all these women have read OTHER books too you know! What if many of these women have read all the classics and just wanted something different? So what if it’s poorly written. That has nothing to do with a woman’s intelligence if she decides to read it or not. I have a great imagination. I have a wonderful and satisfying relationship. In fact, I have the BRAINS to just replace the awkward words, phrases, or whatever with something more appealing and understandable. It’s not that hard. How dare you assume those things of women who have read it.

  9. I will be buying my ticket! My inner goddess has to see it on the Big Screen! LOL <3

  10. Church goers are going to go nuts over this, haha.

    • Or atheists with a sense of basic dignity.

  11. Does the billionaire dude is a vampire, werewolf or zombie this time ?

  12. Just be sure the lead actress is hot.

    • I’ll sit through this drivel for Emma Watson or Gemma Arterton.

      • Oooooo. That’s interesting!

        • Emma Watson? Yes please

  13. Only read the first book, but it was pretty good. This has some serious potential to be a twisted, interesting movie.

  14. I haven’t read the book so I dunno if this’ll be a good story or not. Although Twilight Fan fiction isn’t the most promising beginning –and before Twilight came out, Twilight fans were the same with the whole ‘good book’, ‘nice twisted story’ thing.

    But with the content that’s mentioned, if they’re looking for the next Harry Potter or even Twilight, they’ll be disappointed. Both those books had the teen appeal and the PG things going for them, and Harry Potter was even bigger because it demanded a wider audience with no gender bias. This has none of those. This is basically porn for 40+ year old ladies, who I’m not sure will be happily dragging their families to go see on the big screen with them.

  15. ^^^^
    I’ve been wondering about that; how well it’ll convert to big screen. I feel like there’s really no predicting it.

    I’m pretty sure The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo movie didn’t do so great. It was a good movie IMO, but it kind of flopped. And that was an R-rated film based off a hit book. So these properties are similar in that sense.

    It just makes me leery of the 50 Shades big screen success.

  16. This is so funny, mostly because it originated from the Twilight series. This s*** cracks me up. I actually saw the Josh Horowitz interview ironicly called Erotcia in which he let Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart and Sam Claflin of Snow White And The Huntsman read a couple of pages of this book out loud.


  17. Ryan Gosling’s name keeps popping up with this book for the lead role.

  18. Fassbender!!! Fassbender!!!

    • The Bender already has ‘Shame’. Gosling has more swag for this role tbh

      • I agree. I think Gosling has that “look” that women appeal to. I think this could either further his career or cause it to go flop. I think it’s a big gamble. I see it as a lose/lose situation. If they tone it down for the movie the fans of the book will be disappointed. If they keep it true to the book they will only have a limited amount of movie crowds that will see this(as this won’t be a family movie night).

  19. Wasnt this already done with secretary, ya know just sayin :P

  20. The success of this book represents a new triumph for the herd-following iPad/Kindle generation, given instant access to a vast library containing the sum total of human history, and preferring instead to sit outside on the steps texting itself. 50 Shades Of Grey is truly, teeth-grindingly astonishing in its ineptitude; as erotic as Benny Hill in a gimp mask, and just as ground-breaking. It’s a dead-eyed, soulless, low-rent, Barbie-and-Ken, sanitised Mills & Boon retelling of Anne Desclos’s The Story Of O (written nearly SIXTY years ago). Nothing more, nothing less.

  21. “The success of this book represents a new triumph for the herd-following iPad/Kindle generation, given instant access to a vast library containing the sum total of human history, and preferring instead to sit outside on the steps texting itself.”

    Ha! That’s the funniest and most true thing I’ve read all year. (^-^)

    I started to read the first one to see what all the fuss is about and it truly is awful.

    I wonder what attracted her to the billionaire, helicopter pilot with the body of Michaelangelo’s “David”? She wasn’t even put off by the sadism! What hope do normal guys really have?

    • “I wonder what attracted her to the billionaire, helicopter pilot with the body of Michaelangelo’s “David”? She wasn’t even put off by the sadism!”

      You forgot brilliant pianist, philanthropic humanitarian and sex-god.

  22. Appalling writing, but great story. Tom Hiddleston for Christian Grey?

  23. I am excited for this a well, but choosing the people to play these characters will be extremely hard, especially when everyone in their audience has they’re own Christian Grey. I like to look at previous performances, sex apeal and that over all bad boy-ness. My personal opinion, Christian Bale.

    • I must admit when i first read it I wasnt impressed either with the writing etc I d didnt get the hype and the fact it was the same kinda story as The Secretary, but perservered and i tell you what i ended up loving it i dont know why as it is not my typical choice of book but its fantasy it is just a grown up version of any disney book cinderella, sleeping beauty etc but is not that what a book is supposed to do take you somewhere NOT REAL?? i thik it will be a great film as you dont need eally to put all the sex scenes in really as its about the relationship and we have to say i think we all will have seen a lot lot worse than this, look at dirty dancing wasnt the best film in the world yet ALL women love it!! and completely agree Glenzeil Christian Bale will make it the best movie ever wtih his great acting i think he would get his teeth into and really make it a much bigger better part instead of just putting someone really good looking but crap at acting

      • Jo, that is a good assessment.

    • Totally agree, Christian Bale is the man for this. Phew, can’t wait!

    • I totally agree. If you look back on videos of Christian Bale’s performances in past movies, he oozes the sex appeal that this role requires. He has the intensity to move the audience and certainly a great body too! I hope he has put his name forward!!

  24. Ive read all three books it’s not only about raunchy and graphic sex it actually has a decent story line, cant wait for the film to come out should be Jensen Ackles and kristen stewart to play christian and ana.

  25. Ive read all three books it’s not only about raunchy and graphic experiences it actually has a decent story line, cant wait for the film to come out should be Jensen Ackles and kristen stewart to play christian and ana.

  26. definitly an amazing trilogy read it in 5 day’s i was hooked, i am 100% positive it will do well on the big screen Matt bomer and alexis bledel would be the dream duo for this production

  27. Well, have just finished the second book, consider myself to be an intelligent, well-read woman and have thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy thus far.

    With a hectic lifestyle – full time work, mother of three, and a second job as a writer, I find that these books allow me to just let go and enjoy where my imagination takes me. Isn’t that what books are for? To inspire your imagination and to buy into the characters and sympathise/emphathise with them?

    Why do all books have to be literary masterpieces? What’s wrong with a bit of erotic Mills & Boon type reading material? Nothing whatsoever. It’s about time everyone get off their high horse and enjoy the books for what they are – entertainment!!!

    As for the films, I will be queuing up with everyone else to see it and yes I am 40+ and you know what? I will be taking my daughters with me as they love the books, too.

    Who would I choose to play the parts? No one listed so far… We need a girl who hasn’t yet had a role like this one – Jennifer Lawrence (aka Katniss Everdeen) would be perfect IMHO. As for Christian? For me, it has to be Pete Facinelli (aka Carlisle in Twilight). Check out his IMDB photo – OMG!!

    In closing, for those who don’t like the books, don’t read them. For those who do, enjoy them and if it sparks up your life a little, even better…

  28. I just want to say that the choice of Anastasia and Christian will be the key for me watching the movie. I think that Derek Theler and Saoirse Ronan would be the perfect couple. They are young and beautiful.

    Derek is fit and burly enough to be Christian. Saoirse has the girl next girl awkward quality, but can be so beautiful. She also has that white skin that Christian in the book loves so much.

    The people playing these parts need to be relatively new. I really want the producers to know of my choices because I think these two are perfect!!!

  29. please cast Matt Bomer as Mr grey and have snow patrol’s lighting strikes on the sound track
    i get chills hearing the song and seeing Matt Bomer, i am a massive massive fan have read the three books twice and think E L James is a brilliant writer capturing all of the ladies all around the worlds hearts….and well quite frankly taking their sex lives and completely revitalizing them….
    I cannot get enough of 50 shades and when the film comes out i will be one of the first to see i will pay what ever and fight who ever i have to to ensure this lol
    great books <3 xxxxxxxxx