Jamie Dornan Cast as Christian Grey in ’50 Shades of Grey’

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Jamie Dorner Cast as Chritian in Fifty Shades of Grey Jamie Dornan Cast as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey

It seems like only last month that Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam was cast as Edward Cullen analog, Christian Grey, in the film adaptation of the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Oh, wait, that was last month. Then, almost as quickly as he had been cast, he dropped out of the project because of scheduling conflicts with Sons of Anarchy (though rumors are it had more to do with the lackluster content of the script).

A few days after Hunnam’s departure, a shortlist of potential replacements popped up online featuring Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Jamie Dornan, Theo James (Divergent), and Christian Cooke (Romeo & Juliet). Now, it’s official – Dornan will portray the tall, dark, and enigmatic Christian Grey to Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele.

According to Variety, upon Hunnam’s exit from the film, Fifty Shades producers chose to go with a relatively unknown actor as opposed to a relatively known actor. Screen tests with both Dornan and Johnson last Friday clinched the deal.

Jamie Dornan is perhaps best known to Americans for his role as The Huntsman/Sheriff on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. More recently, he played the serial killer/antagonist in the BBC crime series The Fall opposite Gillian Anderson (X-Files), which was critically-acclaimed and extremely popular. (You can watch the first full season on Netflix streaming; season 2 goes into production January 2014.)

Jamie Dorner in Once Upon a Time Jamie Dornan Cast as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan in ‘Once Upon a Time’

As far as whether or not he fits the part, he certainly looks it quite a bit more than Hunnam, which was a major source of contention for some fans of the book series. Plus, anybody who’s seen The Fall knows that this guy can pull off equal parts dark (creepy?) and charming with incredible ease. That said, it’s unclear how good his American accent is – even in the American series Once Upon a Time, he sported an Irish accent. Perhaps Christian Grey will now be Chrstian OGrey?

Of course, I’m not this movie’s target demographic, so it doesn’t particularly matter how I feel about the guy. What say you, Screen Rant readers (who like these books)? Do you think Jamie Dornan looks the part of Christian Grey? Have you seen his turns in Once Upon a Time and The Fall and do you think he’ll be a good addition to the Fifty Shades cast? Drop us a line in the comments.


Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters August 1st, 2014 (that is, if actors don’t keep dropping out).

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Source: Variety

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  1. I guess if he can’t pull off the accent, it’ll just add to the cheese factor that’s already abundant in this book series.

    Could be as bad as Helen McRory in Peaky Blinders. She was supposed to play a character from Birmingham but ended up sounded sometimes Irish, sometimes like she was from Liverpool. Cillian Murphy’s wasn’t much better either but more consistent than hers. Really took me out of the scene whenever she spoke because her accent went all over the country and totally distracted me.

  2. Good, an actor I’m not a fan of!

  3. I’ve seen him in Once Upon A Time. Yes he can act, he’s actually much better than that Hunnan guy he replaced. This could be a blessing in disguise for the movie’s producers.

    • Your kidding yourself, he’s tanking his career. You’re completely deluded.

  4. If I had a dime for the sh*ts I don’t give.

  5. This movie is such a sad ploy for money it’s disgusting. They might as well pass the project on to some two-bit porn director and let them do it.

    • Not to disagree but aren’t all movies a sad ploy for money? That’s kind of the point isn’t it?

      Step one: Joe public shows an interest in… something
      Step two: Hollywood makes an entertainment based on the something they showed interest in.
      Step three: hopefully people go to see the entertainment based on the something they were interested in.

      Sad cash grab completed.

      I have no interest. Personally I believe it’s far from a lock that this movie will do well. R Rated movies just don’t get the turnover in theatres they are likely looking for. Sounds like a huge blu-ray/VOD success.

      All I knows is, I’d def write a sexy times novel if I had to patience and talent to describe smut properly. There’s gold in them thar hills!

      • I was tempted to do it myself 5 years ago and it’s funny that when 50 Shades came out, a few people who had one of my smutty short stories contacted me to say I wrote better than EL James.

        I wish I was joking.

        • But you didn’t, did you? Shoulda, woulda, coulda’s….

  6. It’s official, only turned on moms will see this movie.

  7. From what I’ve been reading in various comments so far, fans (who ironically infamously opposed the first casting) actually preferred Charlie Hunnam compared to Jamie. But I guess it’s too late for them to make another petition, with all the dateline for shooting approaching. I guess in the end it’s either accept this one or leave it… (so much for them repetitiosly wanting Matt Bomer and others then ;_;)

    • Oh and I guess, the fate of Jamie’s showbiz future will in a way depend on this as well. If he nails it, his name will go popular *coughTwilight* but if it doesn’t appeal… then down the road he goes.

      • Like Robert Pattinson then?

        He did Harry Potter, made his name in Twilight and has been in poorly received movies since and not really talked about any more.

  8. The other guy looked like Dakota Johnson’s twin brother.

  9. Too bad they went with the short, scrawny model. He is too little for the character. CG is supposed to be large, a force of nature ;) This runt is not a force of anything, except proving once again that they went cheap. Too bad they could not have at least found an actor. This model’s acting is very very poor. I did not like Charlie at all, but at least he looked like a man, not a petulant boy. The are going to have to put the girl into a hole to make him look taller ;) The film had a chance with a good casting of Grey, but beings they only tested two, there went the last chance.

    • I totally agree!!! If anything I thought even Christian Cooke would have been a better choice!

  10. Love it. he is absolut handsome….
    but dakota and him does not make a good couple… :(

  11. I don’t know what the producers are thinking. They needed to recast ana, not Christian. Now both characters are bad. This guy is too skinny and small. He would have to beef up. Ana looks too old and not hot. I’ve been wrong before though.

  12. Mark your hilarious honestly! Taylor and d absolutely have to agree,they could rather cast Alexander Skarsgard, his got the build and height.SIGH

    • @sigh, is that the dude from true blood? My wife would’ve gone crazy if he was cast. She LOVES him… And that guy who’s a werewolf who was in magic mike. I can’t spell his name. Either way, this is a world I don’t think I’m meant to understand… I’ll leave 50 shades to the ladies methinks.

  13. Hehehe…Channing Tatum! well your wife and I clearly have the same taste in men! I LOVE Alexander from True Blood his dreamy!lol…and Channing well that’s a story on its own.lol

    • He’s talking about Alcide, Joe Manganiello! Hot! Hot!

  14. Jamie Dornan will make a great Christian Grey

    not all of it is porn, its drama and romance. i’ve read the books stop.

  15. I liked gunnar alot better than Dornan for the role just for the simple fact that he looked alot manlier. I feel like Christian grey was a fired to reckon with not a scrawny little guy but that’s just my opinion.

    • I agree – was looking forward to the movie, but will pass now. DO not like either person cast for Christian nor ana roles. I did enjoy the books!…..wish I written them

  16. i literally loved him!he looks great! lovely couple they looked!ana and christian!jamie way to gooo !hot man! and dakota looks so pretty specially her eyes!complete justified characters according to the book!LOVE IT