5 Reasons Why I’m Excited For ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

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amazing spider man movie discussionBetween The Avengers proving to be the crown jewel in Marvel's movie crown - and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises selling out opening weekend screenings like there's no tomorrow, one has to wonder: can The Amazing Spider-Man possibly stand tall alongside its superhero movie brethren?Sony's reboot of the Spider-Man franchise has irked many a person since its inception. Personally, I've been interested in a Spider-Man movie reboot from the very beginning. Just about everything I've read and seen from the film since then has left me eagerly-anticipating The Amazing Spider-Man (the same goes for a good chunk of the Screen Rant team).And so it is that, today, I'd like to share 5 reasons why I'm quite psyched to see The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Story

amazing spider man movie andrew garfield discussionNo matter what new material Amazing Spider-Man brings to the table, there are certain elements from director Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie (Peter Parker getting bitten, Uncle Ben's demise, etc.) that have to be recycled here - unless Sony really wants to divide the fanbase, more than TASM's rumored altered origin storyline already has.TASM incorporates plot elements from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic book continuity - including, the backstory about Pete's biological parents - and constricts the timeline to Spidey's high school years, rather than cover his high school experience and starting out in the real world (a la Raimi's film).The final result looks to be a Spider-Man flick that deeply explores how a teen - already wrought with identity issues and the ordinary pangs of adolescence, would really handle the responsibility of being a superhero (something I feel we have not seen before).

The Villain

amazing spider man movie lizard curt connors rhys ifansRaimi's Spider-Man and TASM feature the same villain archetype: a scientist whose obsession - controlling his company for Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) in Spider-Man, regrowing his arm for Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) in TASM - inspires him to (impulsively) serve as a human petri dish, giving rise to a dangerous Jekyll/Hyde monster.Ifans as Dr. Connors also serves as a link for Pete to his past - and, becomes a mentor/friend to our young hero. Dafoe as Osborn did not have such a genuine bond with Pete in Spider-Man (his claims to the contrary) - and thus, his eventual death just packed less of an emotional punch (for me, anyway).Moreover, Ifans' performance in TASM appears to fall less on the cartoony side - and more truly threatening - and easier to identify with (in opposition to Dafoe's enjoyable, but very over-the-top performance). As for the villain's mutated appearance: personally, I dig the full-blown Lizard's look.

The 3D Effects

amazing spider man 3d trailerAmazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb attested during the film's 3D preview screening that shooting with notoriously bulky 3D cameras was no picnic. However, the ends more than justify the means, judging by the (basically) universal praise the 3D set pieces and action scenes in TASM have earned, to date.Webb and his Oscar-nominated director of photography John Schwartzman (The Rock, Seabiscuit) were smart to take a "you are there" approach to filming the action in TASM. The results look great, varying from immersive "Spidey-vision" sequences to the tracking shots of Spidey web-slinging (like a virtual roller coaster ride) - and that trailer "money shot" from Spidey's climactic tower-top battle with The Lizard.Lastly, as someone who has seen TASM footage in the 3D IMAX format, I feel it's safe to say: this is one movie that demands to be seen on the largest screen available.

The Casting

amazing spider man movie castWhen Andrew Garfield won the part of Peter Parker in TASM, it was immediately apparent that his taller, lankier build makes him a better physical fit for the character than his predecessor, Tobey Maguire. As his turns in films like Boy A, Never Let Me Go - and especially The Social Network have demonstrated: Garfield possesses serious acting chops too.Early TASM footage suggests Garfield will make Peter Parker feel like a real person, living in modern times. The same can be said for fellow rising star Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy - along with the rest of the cast, including decorated character actors Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary.Raimi's Spider-Man boasts great acting talent (Willem Dafoe, Cliff Robertson, J.K. Simmons), but the film's characters come off more as memorable, but romanticized, stereotypes - especially, Kirsten Dunst stuck playing a Mary Jane Watson who's as generic a damsel-in-distress as they come (in my opinion, of course).

The Tone

amazing spider man movie discussion toneEarly marketing for TASM left several people with the (mistaken) impression that the film will be a somber and gloomy superhero title, on par with The Dark Knight. While TASM certainly offers a grittier take on Spidey than previous movies, it also stands apart from Nolan's Batman trilogy.As evidenced by pre-release clips, such as Peter's encounter with a stern doorman - and Spidey cracking goofy one-liners while evading the police - there's a healthy amount of everyday humor in the Spider-Man reboot. However, the comedy in TASM arises naturally, without feeling too forced (or offering a jarring contrast to the drama).That's all to say: as someone who felt the previous Spider-Man movies were tonally equivalent to live-action Saturday morning cartoons from the early 1990s (not always, per se, a bad thing), I'm enticed by the prospect that TASM will examine a superhero's life, in a setting updated for the 21st century.

A Worthy Comic Book Movie Reboot

amazing spider man movie discussion andrew garfieldTo clarify: while I've made a few critical references to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man throughout this article, by no means do I hate that film. It has its fair share of engaging dramatic moments, good characters and enjoyable action. Overall, I think of it as a fun blockbuster, full of (enjoyably) cheesy superhero movie melodrama and action.Amazing Spider-Man, by comparison, just has a lot of what I look for in my superhero movies nowadays: more realism, in terms of how the story unfolds and the various characters' motivation, coupled with slick action scenes that don't excessively rely on CGI. Combine that with little touches (like the artificial web-shooters) that comic book fans can appreciate, and I'm left genuinely enthused to see this film when it hits U.S. theaters on July 3rd.So, how about it: are you ready to join me (or already are) aboard the Amazing Spider-Man bandwagon? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section.
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  1. Absolutely! In some ways I’m more excited for The Amazing Spider Man than The Dark Knight Rises.

    • Are you on crack? I want this to fail. SO that Marvel can have the rights back. I also do not want Sony to succeed. Remember, they are the company that destroyed the transformers, made battleship, made spiderman 3, were planning to destroy TMNT and they are going to make a Tonka Truck movie. It’s time for Sony to give up the rights and stop paying companies to say that their new Spiderman movie is great. It’s not.

      • Though it would be nice to see Spidey in the Avengers, I honestly don’t care if Marvel gets the rights back. If Sony can deliver “amazing” spider-man movies, then they can keep the rights for now.

      • i’m guessing that given the current value attached to comic properties, if the film doesn’t make mega bucks, or fails critically, they will still crank another out in time to retain the rights. they’d only give it up if comics really lose their cache, i.e. market saturation burnout, in which case no one else is liable to be eager to make a big expensive comic book movie.

  2. I completely agree. Just saw the new trailer released today for TDKR and it has such a blah feeling for me. This on the other hand, I can’t wait for! Also excited to see the after credits scene.

    • Yes! Exactly! The new TDKR trailer us still goodish but it all feels very bleh. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s bleh lol. ASM was my most anticipated summer film behind Prometheus

      • It’s because they are holding back. As opposed to Spiderman, they are treating the franchise like an ATM. It’s time to stop exploiting the franchise and give it back to Marvel. Avengers 2 with Spiderman!

        • Agree. Agree. Agree.!

  3. agree with all but the 3D.

    • Ditto. I’m still waiting for 3-D to die an overdue death. I bet ASM would be epic in IMAX tho!

    • I think the thing that will make ASM awesome is that it was actually shot in 3-D. All I’ve seen is the trailer in 3-D but the Spidey Vision shots are just plain awesome in 3-D. I think it will work well for this particular movie.

  4. I’m excited, because if it doesn’t do well, or if it does well and the actors want more money for the sequel, they’ll just reboot it again!

    • One can hope it bombs and marvel buys the rights back. :)

      • Yes.

      • Spidey in Avengers 2 would make me so happy, but alas this looks too good for it to fail. Maybe if they do another one and have Andrew Garfield do a Saturday Night Fever strut too then it will fall apart!

        • I read last week that Marvel tried to get the Oscorp building in the NY skyline during the Avengers but the timing didn’t work out. Promising news! :)

      • @ kyle

        Agreed, X-Men franchise would be nice aswell.

        • I’d love that, but it’s Fox. They’ve screwed it up so well that Marvel would have to wait 10 years before reintroducing it anyway.

  5. Im def lookn forward to it. Prob on a equal level as dark knight rises. Garfield looks perfect for the role, and i love the updated suit. Just look like it can take a hammering, as opposed to raimis version. Just hope lizard looks semi decent. Thats a make or break for me.

    • Lizard looks terrible. He looks like a goomba from the super mario bros. movie.

  6. I respectfully disagree. Now more than ever I am in the “this-movie-should-never-have-been-made” camp. In every way this looks campy and like a huge waste of time. The whole adolescent high school drama scene screams bad ABC tv drama to me. Then again I’m one of the very few (apparently) who also despised The Avengers. To each his own I guess.

    • I though the original Raimi trilogy was overly campy. I look forward to seeing a more realism take. Also this is the second movie for Marc Webb, after “(500) Days of Summer”. A fantastic rom-com but completely different from a comic book action movie, so I’m also curious on how he does.

      • i keep blocking out that it’s by the guy who made 500 Days, and people keep reminding me

    • Taylor: It doesnt look nearly as campys as The Avengers was IMO. This movie looks to be a serious take on the Spiderman mythos but also balances the humor, which is important to Spidey. The humor is not because he thinks its a game but actually a copping mechanism he uses for the dangers and personal problems he faces.The tone feels very Batman Begins.

      PS have you watch the four min preview? Nothing huge spoiler wise in it but it did have a great scene, that gives me a lot of confidence in this movie.

      • I am just not too excited about this movie. Yes it might be a better version but I mean why not just create a new storyline. It feels like same story, different bad guy. The visuals looks amazing but is it enough for me to dish out IMAX movie price? For me, no. I’d rather spend it on TDKR. It’s a continuing storyline and I trust Nolan to give another epic movie. Marc Webb is a great director but I am skeptical on his transition to the comic movie world. We will see though

        • I understand your Issues completely man. Lets see what july 3rd brings.

    • I agree with you minus the Avengers.

  7. The Dark Knight Rises will blow Spidey away at the box-office. I’m still looking forward to this one though

    • That is pretty much a given man. No one is doubting that. lol

      But I am (and always have been) a bigger fan of the Spider than the Bat, so I am pumped. I already bought my 3-d tickets for opening night. 8)

      • Agreed. We all know The Bat will make huge bang at the Box Office.

    • Oh yeah no question. ASM has two weeks on top to look forward to though

      • ASM should have been released in June

  8. I don’t see why everyone wants a more “realistic” take, the guy got powers from a radioactive spider and now he’s fighting a mutated lizard man, I mean that happens everyday in the “real” world right? I can see that take on batman because he really is just a guy with near limitless amounts of money. Not too horribly excited about this one, I just wish these comic movies would follow more of the comic book format, even with different writers and artists it’s still the same continuity. I’m tired of them havin to reboot every 5 years and retell the origins AGAIN, but with a new twist.

    • well with more realism there it is more relateable, of course there are other factors like acting talent, but it’s hard to identify with characters that have the depth of a saturday morning cartoon, this is a crit of really all super hero movies lately with the exception of TDK

      • Well with realism you bring a sense of gravity — That things matter and people can die. The Avengers left realism at the front door and went with a lighthearted, action comedy vibe. BB/TDK went right on the side of practicality and a “it could happen” vibe. ASM looks to be the balance of the two and IMO the future template comicbook movies should try to emmulate.

        • its sort of easier to go with “it could happen” when your hero’s super power is that he puts on a rubber mask and wears a cape. with radioactive spiders, or gods from asgard, or radiation that makes you a virtual immortal powerhouse rather than simply giving you cancer, you are going to leave some stuff at the door.

          does that mean that these marvel movies haven’t constructed characters with lives, personalities, vulnerabilities and feelings? i don’t think so. these movies don’t make hundreds of millions of dollars on the backs of the last remaining readers of comics–an insignificant percentage of ticket sales. the characters, their challenges and conflicts resonate with people, just like any other “real” movie and that keeps the people coming as much as any spectacle in the films.

          it’s reductive and meaninglessly simple to suggest that because of the tone and mood Nolan went for his movies somehow bring a realism lacking in other contemporary superhero films(and i won’t call it realistic–a real billionaire could find a better way to fight crime than running around in the night looking for it, and clownfaced nutbars don’t just swoop in and take over organized crime all by themselves).

          some are lighter some are darker, some take fantasy to greater heights than others. they all have to tell a tale that can draw the audience in and make them care about the characters. I find the dichotomy some people make of Batman and then everything else peculiar and unsubstantiated.

          and really, from my perspective, when you get right down to it, Nolan’s Batman strikes me as cartoony, because he is really one dimensional. he’s the same note struck over and over. he’s simply grim and sullen. he has no life or personality, just a frozen un-elaborated PTSD from his childhood and his obsessive vigilantism.

          Nolan writes batman like the Punisher, a relentlessly dreary and repetitive character. the punisher and this batman offer the most distilled bullied geek fantasy of revenge. its not particularly “adult” or mature, it’s not gritty in the sense of a dark nuanced texture. It doesn’t seem particularly realistic and it is tiring and forgettable.

          Nolan is one of my favorite directors. Memento, Following, The Prestige, Insomnia are all great films with incredible layers of subtlety. Inception less so; its like a high production episode of the outer limits. and while the batman films are put together well and can be entertaining I just feel really tired of them. they dont exude energy or passion or excitement for me like some of these other franchises do.

          • idleprimate

            before we start, The Punisher was based off The Batman. Lol. They both cant let go of their pain and it has consumed their lives. But your complaints sound like you dont like Batman, which is fine.

            It doesnt matter how outlandish a character is you can still bring a sense of realism through emmotions and the story. LotR, Harry Potter and Rami’s Spiderman (albeit a little too emotional lol) all great xamples.

            Marvels Studios however have not only decided to make their movies more outlandish but also in the styles of an action comedy. People are not resonating with Marvel Studio characters, they are laughing at/with them. They are not talking about the struggles of the characters when the movies are done, they talk about the LOL moments and big explosions.

            But as I said , Amazing Spiderman looks to be (and should be) the template for a new era of comicbooks that strikes the balance between the colorfulness of Marvel Studios and the story that Nolan brings.

            • while batman is not a favorite, i have enjoyed him in the comics.

              The punisher is a cheap dull one note copy of batman–as you say; call him batman with nothing interesting going on. My feeling is that Nolan’s batman is more reminiscent of the punisher, than an interesting batman like we have seen in the comics.

              marvel likes their films to be fun and marvel characters are built that way–pathos and fun. i like that. they also understand how humour can disarm an audience, making them more open to and vulnerable to poignant moments or crisis(one sees this in the stark differences between american comedy and british dramedy). Tony Stark’s unfulfilled love with Pepper Potts feels like it has more substance and is more endearing than Bruce Wayne having a fiancée was. there’s just more going on within and between characters.

              i don’t know why you don’t see marvel’s character struggles.

              we see a very lonely bruce banner who misses his previous life, feels guilty for what his monster does, and candidly talks about having tried to commit suicide. we also see his inner strength when he can be wry about his problems. we see his tenderness and empathy for other vulnerable people; we see him try and reach out. we even see a soft side of his monster.

              We see Tony Stark constantly confronted by his mortality, that his life depends on a piece of technology. we see him unable to share this burden with anyone. we see him in an existential struggle over his life’s work and his changing understanding of weapons, war, etc. and yet we still also see this vibrant life affirming other side of himself, who can laugh at adversity.

              Thor struggles to mature and shed some of his arrogance, learn some humility, learn about consequences and accountability. he discovers human love. he feels the shame of failing his father. we see his good natured self enjoying learning about earth. we see his anguish at being exiled first from Asgard, and then from earth and the woman he has grown to love.

              We see Steve Rogers, proud and determined, full of an appealing moxie. we see leadership, camaraderie, bravery self-sacrifice, and a plausible amourous side. we later see his his pain and alienation at losing his entire world when he awakes in the present. his frustration at having no place. the joy of once again having a team and purpose.

              in the spider man movies(from sony, but featuring good elements from marvel’s character), we see all the elements of the comics that made him such an endearing character. Peter Parker’s spunk and creativity, his humbleness, the sins and consequence of avarice and pride. his grief. his constant struggle with balancing his civilian life with his hero life. we watch him sacrifice things we all want for the sake of his responsibilities. we see his friendships and loves.

              i think batman fans are usually in agreement that the first couple x-men movies, and first class were good, rich films, not cartoony characters or just action.

              these are some examples of things i like about how marvel films are executed, and part of why i think audiences really enjoy them for more than simply an action spectacle such as a transformers movie.

              I feel batman can be a rich character but Nolan robbed him of that. his batman has no civilian life–everything he does out of the cowl is simply a cover; it’s all make believe. he has no friends, instead he has two caretakers–his weapons maker and his butler/medic. he doesn’t seem to go through a range of feelings and experiences but just broods and stares into the night. we all have those moods, but a character loses any real tangible relate-able sense to me when that is all there is year in and year out. he doesn’t even take any pleasure out of fighting crime. he’s just not very likeable. written that way, like the very thin punisher character, if you try to flesh that out, you get a character that would implode or break down. its not an ongoing character in any sense of a three dimensional character who “could happen”

              I get that the Nolan movies are dear to you, and there is a lot to be said for them. and they certainly sat up and said “don’t brush me off as children’s fluff or throwaway entertainment. they also pushed the boundaries of violence with consequence (as opposed to “sci-fi violence”, which is code for cartoony and not scary). they are filled with brilliant performances. they are beautifully blocked and shot. damn well produced films. FOR ME, in the end they just don’t feel like they have much soul, nothing that makes me feel, or makes me invested in what is happening. It might sound weird, but in talking about them, there seems to be little reason to refer to a Bruce Wayne. he’s a cypher. I watch them, i don’t crave to watch them again, and i don’t get excited to see them. i’m definitely more excited about a spiderman movie that i fear may be bad, than a batman movie that will likely be well executed.

              maybe your friends only talk about lol moments and explosions, but many people and the critics and bloggers who discuss these movies really like the blend of joy, humour, drama, poignancy and sentimentality, the quiet character moments, the character arcs (has film batman has any arc or is he a static grim vigilante?), the dynamics between fully realized characters who interact with the protagonists.

              as much as i have been talking about my sense of things, you may note that out of two financially successful styles–Nolan, and Marvel, DC is looking to Marvel for a model to emulate. I think they sense it has more legs, more possibilities.

              • That was a well spoken, eloquent reply. I agree with many of your points, but I think the Punisher, as a one note character,works. There is no character growth because he has died inside. He’s not looking to overcome, he’s not out for redemption, even revenge is a secondary consideration. Punisher wants to die. His goal is to be killed so he can end, what he feels, a miserable lonely existence. I think Thomas Jane actually did a really good job of showing that hopelessness, desperation mixed with barely contained rage at his loss. I feel it makes him a more tragic character that,in the end, he really doesn’t care if he lives through his war or not. If he lives, one more punk off the streets. If he dies, he finaly finds peace.

                Batman really has more in common with Spider-man than Punisher anyway. Peter’s driving motivation is guilt over the death of Uncle Ben. Same with Bruce Wayne, he feels guilt for his parents’ death, they were there because of him. So his stagnation as a character is worse than Punisher, because unlike Frank, he is looking to redeem himself. Despite constant support from characters like Alfred, 2 out of 3 Robins, Barbara Gordan and even the likes of Superman and other Justice Leaguers, he never finds vindication. He never learns to forgive himself, he just stays, willing, in his revenge mindset.

                • i can see the punisher, as you describe, being enticing more for a film–a finite story, than for an ongoing comic. I guess it’s just that it didn’t work for me as a comic. he was a relatively popular second string character when i was deep into comics. for me, he worked when he would guest in some other hero’s story, but not to hold a story by himself.

                  in film, he is nothing new at all–the revenge thriller is a guilty pleasure that most people have at least one favorite, whether it is charles Bronson or Jodie Foster in The Brave One. There have been a great many movies that follow the formula of someone devastated by tragedy driven obsessively to revenge, sometimes nihilistically, and sometimes with some redemption. the premise obviously strikes a chord with people. we hate that bad things happened to the protagonist, and we get a succulent pleasure when the bad guys get it. because bad guys often don’t, whether it is a bully, a corporation or a politician, or an abusive cop. and your average person puts up with small injustices over and over in life for one reason or another.

                  I only vaguely remember the thomas jane punisher, but what you say rings true. the more recent ‘Pullo kills all the things’ version had some fun moments, and Ray Stevenson does seem to me, the punisher come to life, the same way Simmons was a perfect Jameson, or Patrick Stewart as Xavier.

                  The punisher films, whether done well or badly do seem forgettable to me. then again, so does deathwish, and that one with kevin bacon

                  I think there is only a surface comparison between spiderman and batman, that a tragic loss steered them to be heroes. Peter Parker, has his moments of guilt, or occasionally his moments of decisions between what he wants and what he feels he should do, and he tends to remember Ben. but really, narratively it was the spark that ignites spiderman. spiderman does have a lot of melodrama, but as i said above, his stories include him having a rich and full life. he has a career at the paper, he’s a university science student. he has girlfriends, friendships, a family relationship with his aunt. he’s kind of goofy and a trickster(mythological) type character in the way he taunts and cracks wise with his foes. and he is poor. a big part of any spiderman story is he is one of us, struggling to get by, he is constantly beset by money woes, and mundane issues like not having time to launder his costume. we can really identify with him.

                  Batman, is generally very serious, a loner, has intense issues with connecting with anyone(taken to extremes in the nolan movies). he’s far more self-important than Peter. he is very definitely driven every minute of every day by a near psychotic obsession with the loss of his parents. he is frozen in time, in a sense. He lives a life of such opulent wealth with servants and a mighty corporation that he is far removed from anything we can relate to. another difference is he is very angry. generally spiderman is not angry, and when a story has him freak out, its really something emotionally. Batman also has this other dimension(that is more prominent sometimes than others) in that he is smart a la sherlock holmes. he is the “worlds greatest detective” and with those wits he solves issues that his god-like buddies in the justice league can’t. this is a great aspect of the character.

                  i don’t want to bash batman. for one, i am far less familiar with his history than spiderman’s. he was created and defined in a very different culture and time than spiderman as well. the golden age gave birth to iconic and symbolic heroes, mostly from what would become DC. The silver age gave birth to vulnerable, flawed heroes all from Marvel; Marvel created the soap opera with continuity, more nuanced melodrama and relationships between characters. It needs to be said here that well into the seventies, this was marvel’s thing while DC comics were stuck in a kind of static randomness universe, with no continuity, little need for character and a very light tone to their heroes. it worked earlier, but audience’s tastes changed. as the years have gone by, both companies have borrowed ideas from each other on anything that worked, as frequently as writers and artists have gone back and forth–and i have no idea what either house looked like in the 90′s and on.

                  i guess i am saying, it may not be fair to compare batman and spiderman. they represent different ideas, times, themes, goals and narratives.

                  i maintain that for all the quality of the Nolan films, he paradoxically made batman less dimensional of a character than he has been in the comics, in a bid for “realism”. This was a disservice. there is a reason batman is far more popular than punisher’ Nolan gave us the punisher with a cape.

  9. I’m far from convinced a reboot was needed at this time, but I will say that if there is a fight scene in this that matches the train sequence between Spidey and The Doc from Raimi’s second, then I’ll give it my due attention.

    The Raimi movies felt like a comic book. This is following the Dark Knight template. I guess the question is, can anyone but Nolan do superhero dark?

    • I dont think this is as dark as people think. I do believe it will paint a good (and realistic) picture of a kid who lost his parents snd is haunted by that. Same way Nolan createdthis zbruce who cant let go of the pain of his parents death.

      I think any kid who loses parents (especially kind, good ones) is gonna carry that all their life. I didnt lose a parent but someone close at a young age, and i carry that everyday.

  10. Its a really great film saw it yesterday when it was the London premier. Its one of Marvels best origin stories and its a dark and gritty take but is is also really funny Stan Lee gets one of his best cameos. Andrew Garfield is an amazing actor and he steals the show here an inspiring different twilight Peter Parker. All the actors fit nicely into there roles and the scene after the credits should if you can make him out show the villain for the sequel. A great film i loved every minuet. I could also watch it again i might do when it comes out officially .

  11. Been looking forward to this more than anything this year. And yes today’s new TDKR looks pretty good, and The Avengers was just brilliant, it is Spider-Man that I want to see the most.

    And the reviews have all been incredibly positive, I saw one 3/5 and about a dozen that were 4/5.

  12. The only thing im against is the costume. It has slowly grown on me b/c of over exposure but thetraditional is perfect. The comics have tried to upgrade several times over the years and the best the ever did was the black symbiot suit. He shld of IMO added the “webs” underneath if he really felt the need to distinguish himself. He cld even say they are there to help spidey glide or break while swinging.

  13. Too bad there’s no way JK Simmons could have reprised his role as Jameson. He was my favorite in the Raimi films. Just such a character, and Simmons nailed it.

    • I agree 100%. Out of all the characters in the original Sam Raimi flicks, he was by far my favorite character. The originals felt like a soap opera to me. This is my number one anticipated movie of the summer! So pumped! … Followed by TDKR, just cause Spidey is a bada$$.

  14. What about the reasons why not to be exited ? :)

    No Sam Raimi,
    No Bruce Campell,
    No Toby…and so on :)

    Not sure if 5 reasons are enough to convince some people !

    • No Sam Raimi… Fantastic news. He does horror, his Spider-Man films were awful.

      No Tobey… Best thing ever. All he did was whine and cry throughout three movies. A dreadful choice for Spider-Man

      No Bruce Campbell… I’ll give you that one.

      • The writing for Tobey (and Dunst) was pretty awful though I didn’t mind them as actors.

        @ios: Don’t really care if Bruce isn’t in it or not lol.

      • DSB, I couldn’t agree more.
        Good riddance to McGuire the Crier and Raimi the… um, okay I can’t think of a clever name for him but you get the point ;)

        • I think Raimi is excellent when it comes to TV, not big production movies. His work alongside with DeKnight on Spartacus has been excellent. I think the guy should just stick to TV

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        I rather thought Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films were great. But Sony got in the way of the 3rd film of being as such. Best villains Raimi gave was Doc Ock & Sandman. I didn’t mind how Green Goblin looked as much after seeing what they had for the original mask as a rubber mask which imo looked worse. Costume needed work i agree, but it would looked worse if they added purple color to it though. I blame Sony partly for Spidey 3 as i do Raimi. I’ll miss J.K Simmons as J.Jonah Jameson as he was fantastic in that role.

      • “No Tobey… Best thing ever. All he did was whine and cry throughout three movies. A dreadful choice for Spider-Man” …ABSOLUTELY! his crying made me want to leave the theater was so pathetic and dreadful

    • I’g going to see this movie but….. the director hasn’t done anything good. Only one of the screenwriters has a credit on a decent movie ( not a fan of Harry Potter so Steve Kloves doesn’t get me excited for it). And to be honest, I think the cast is weak, very weak. Put that all together and I think we might have one bad movie.

  15. I only wish this was being made by Marvel/Disney studios, then there would be MAJOR excitement… Oh well :/

  16. Originally i wasn’t happy to hear about a reboot, but I felt that Tobey never was a good choice for Spiderman, so if for that reason alone I will give it a shot.
    Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero, so I’m hoping this movie will help me fall in love with this character again.
    I did enjoy Spiderman 1 and 2, but 3 sucked horribly. I try to pretend that one doesn’t exist. I’m hoping this one is as good as it looks and sounds.
    Dang, no Bruce Campbell or JK Simmons. That’s too bad.

  17. Great to see someone speak about the movie who sounds like they are also a fan of the character.

  18. I wish they could release a new Spidey movie every year. Or any superhero for that matter.
    Peter Parker deserves his due diligence, and he’s finally getting it. The realistic high school portrayal, coupled with the missing Parker’s backstory, sets this up for a legendary taking on the young man that is Peter Parker. I’ve been a Spidey and Batman fan since birth, and I’ve never been quite as excited for a movie season as I have been this year.
    Cap, Hulk, Spidey, Bats. Greatest summer ever, period.
    Originally I was most anticipating Rises, just for the sheer magnitude of Nolan’s latest. Overall it’s going to be a great dramatic piece of Oscar worth artwork. IMO. Yet, when it comes to basic charecterization and the hero himself (basically which gives me that feeling I’ve had watching both charecters for so long)
    And I think Amazing might take the cake.
    I mean if it’s Nolan v. Webb, it’s a no brainier. But if it’s, ‘the spirit of Bats’ v. ‘the spirit of Spidey’…..
    The Amazing Spiderman is more SPIDERMAN than The Dark Knight Rises is BATMAN

    • I definitely agree with that. That’s been my biggest complaint of Nolan’s batman movies. He does a great job catching the right atmosphere for Gotham and the right tone for the villains but has left me feeling like There not Batman films. And I feel the same way about riami’s spiderman movies.

      • @ Law

        I feel the same way about Nolan’s Batman films as im sure they’re intended that way. That they don’t really have any comic book feel to them at all. Marvel Studios/Disney’s films have that realistic/comic book feel though which i enjoy greatly & i wish WB/DC would follow by example.

        • WallyWest: They have thefeel from the comicbooks and graphic novels that inspired them. Not all comicbooks and Batman’s (even in continuity) are alike.

          • @ BigBen

            Nolan’s films have little of that feel in them but not much. That was what made his films different from pretty much every other CBM is that his trilogy is pretty much the most realistically based approach. Marvel Studios/Disney have a nice blend of reality/ comic book feel from the comics that would inspire their films.

            • WallyWest….

              Actually they do. Year One is the biggest influence on the TDK Trilogy, not to mention all the other comicbooks/graphic novels that inspired each of his movies. I can clearly see the No Man’s Land and TDKReturns “feel” from the trailers.

              And again, it isnt really realism but practicality. Everything in the movies could happen with the technology and a stretch of yhe imagination. Flower that induces fear? Micro-Wave Emitter? The ztumbler? Talking half faced man? Sonar Radar? These are comic book movies

              • @ Ignur Rant

                Sure but if i were say Burton’s Batman films had comic book feel to them aswell, you’d say his films were just campy right? TDK trilogy? is that what Nolan’s Batman trilogy is called now? Burton’s first Batman film was inspired by two graphic novels & the film was faithful to some of Batman mythos as Nolan’s was but BOTH director’s films were completely all that faithful to the character/characters in the comics,etc. Nobody’s perfect right? You clearly don’t understand where i was getting at what i mean by a film like The Avengers had more a comic book feel blended with with some reality in it. Nolan’s Batman films are more grounded from most CBM as thats what Nolan himself intended to do.

                Everything in the movies could happen with the technolgy and a strectch of the imagination. Sounds like you’re trying to compare Nolan’s Batman films to Marvel Studios/Disney’s films there.

                • WallyWest

                  Burton’s films were somewhat campy but the overall tone was gothic (as is most Burton material). It worked well for Burton’s vision.

                  You seem to think all comicbooks are te same. they are not. The comicbooks Nolan used as inspiration Are “grittier” comic books. V for Vendetta, Walking Dead and Road to Perdition all look like they came right off te conic book pages.

                  • @ BigBen

                    Yeah, Campy knowing how the films are years old now lookin back & new audiences have Nolan’s films to watch. Mostly Burton’s films were dark mostly than gothic. His film had reviews about being too dark when it was released, Batman Returns was said to be even more darker. Why do you think WB wanted to take the franchise into the more (family friendly)direction?

                    I never said anything about all comic books are the same. I mentioned both Burton/Nolan’s Batman films been faithful to the comics in their own ways & they kinda haven’t. If you watched all the films closely, you’d know what i mean. All Nolan based his films off are graphic Novels of Batman. Burton had inspiration from both Graphic novels & comic books of Batman.

                    • WallyWest:

                      Batman Returns didnt do well at the box office and wasnt really a good movie. Thats why they went in a new direction. Had the Gothic Burton tone done well then we would of had sequels — which were already planned.

                      You said The Avengers had the “feel” of the comicbook. Well so does Nolan’s. It just so happens the books that inspired Nolan, are grittier and more realistic. Yes some liberties were taken (as in any adaptation) but Wheadon took just as many in The Avengers.

                      FYI Nolan used both graphic novels and comicbooks for his Batman.

                    • @ BigBen

                      Actually Batman Returns was a financial & critical success. Only thing about it was it caused controversy as being darker than the first film. Not only that but the film had complaints from parents who walked their children out of movie due to the sexual appeal of Catwoman & how scary lookin Penguin was. Then there was McDonalds happy meal tie-in with the film, among other things. Thats why of-course WB decided to go the (family friendly) route.

                      Nolan’s Batman films don’t have that much of the comic book feel like Avengers or other CBM thats been out. Because his films are that grounded into reality unlike others. Nolan bases his films on comic novels/comics but still grounds them in reality as best he can.

                      FYI aswell, Burton used inspiration from comics/graphic novels for Batman(89) aswell.

                    • @WallyWest

                      You are saying Nolan’s Batman doesnt have a comicbook feel. Well, [adjust imaginary glasses] have you read the specific graphic novels and comics Nolan used as inspiration? Because the movies carry the same feeling from those sources. And in that way Nolan’s films have a comicbook feel to them.

                      Lawyered. lol.

  19. I want to say “EXCELSIOR” but I’ll wait until I see it….Oh wait I just did say “EXCELSIOR!”

  20. Cool list Sandy!
    I agree for the most part (and TASM is my second most anticipated movie left this summer), but I’m not so sure about the casting… Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans are all great casting choices, but all the other actors seem really out of place to me.

    Still, I’m intrigued by the story (hoping it won’t deviate from the source material too much though), I’m ecstatic about the villain choice (granted, I was skeptical at the start), the 3D is going to be spectacular, like I said, mixed feelings about the casting and as for the tone: I think it’s going to be spot on and accurate to the Spider-Man I grew up reading and watching.

  21. Dunst as MJ.. worst casting ever! MJ will and shall always be on the Megan Fox/Gisele Bundchen hotty level.

    Gonna throw my 2 cents into the hat and agree that this flick strikes my fancy more than the next bats does. They’ve all bored me on a certain level. The trailers have failed to woo me or elicit any sense that somone is really going to get their A.. whooped!

    This new Spidey flick looks to have a few “Oh sh..!” moments. The 3D looks niiice!
    I’m so glad Sony didn’t bugger this one up continuity wise like Fox did with XMFC or I’d be protesting this as well and calling for the rights to go back to Marvel (which I still want).

  22. i was shocked to hear they actually shot this in 3D, cause based on the trailer it looked like dizzy nauseating, post converted crap. when it played before prometheus (on imax) it was so bad that i was worried if i should have went to the 2D prometheus, but thankfully ridley scott knows how to use 3D, even better than james cameron. don’t know if I’m down for this spiderman though. spidey was always my fav comic, and especially after the avengers film was so close to the comics and was successful, i don’t get why they made this movie look and feel so different. even the costume looks bad, at least raimi got the costume right. lizard looks bad. the tone and peter himself are nothing like the comics (even in the ultimate universe). the first reviews are calling it the “twilight” spiderman, and “the first superhero movie directed towards women”. greaaaaat…

  23. I agree with everything you said, Sandy. I was very excited when I first heard this movie was going to be rebooted especially with web shooters and more spidey humor

  24. I’m looking forward to the new film as well but please don’t compare Spidey to The dark Knight,both are opposite and in different universes.I’d love to see Marvel be able to buy back the rights to all of their super heroes and create a “shared” universe with the characters.If they can do that, then they can make a film truly related to the Marvel universe we are all familiar with.

  25. I’d love to hear some of your opinons about who the next villain should be for the sequel. I know it’s a little too early to say, but I would love to see Venom or Carnage. Thoughts????

    • Apparently the after credits scene sets it up. Since they are planning a Venom spin off, that is who I think it will be.

      Carnage would be cool but everyone says that it has to be rated r in order to get Carnage done correctly.

  26. I agree with all points, except with Garfield as Peter Parker. Casting a pretty boy to play a nerd is in my opinion a bad move. Spider-man to me was always the hero who started as a nerd with very little going for him, xcept his aunt and uncle. Now it’s become where every superhero is being played by some good looking guy

    • I get the feeling that you know very little of Hollywood ;)

  27. It took me a little while to warm up to this, but I am looking forward to it a lot for several of the reasons listed in the article. I think they got a collection of talented actors and I’m interested to see how Garfield plays Peter. Spidey is one of my favorite heroes, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed when this comes out!

  28. I just wonder if the 90′s Spider-Man animated series will be released on DVD volume sets at all. I figured they would when Raimi’s films were made but only 4 or 5 episodes vhs & dvds came out featuring villains from the films.

  29. someone said that the lizard looks terrible. well to me if he doesn`t look like an actual lizard with a microscope`s size transformation than the title “lizard” is named wrong. also in the comics if they made the lizard anything other than with the powers of a lizard in real life except that it`s bigger and stronger than that will suck to see in the movie. in a film, changing a permanent law or truth of science or mother nature is not something they should do to make it interesting,they should leave them both as what they are. otherwise, i wouldn`t have ever found any point in making such a thing called a “movie.”

    • Uuuuuummm what?

      • LOL seconded