5 Reasons Why I’m Excited For ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

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amazing spider man movie discussionBetween The Avengers proving to be the crown jewel in Marvel's movie crown - and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises selling out opening weekend screenings like there's no tomorrow, one has to wonder: can The Amazing Spider-Man possibly stand tall alongside its superhero movie brethren?Sony's reboot of the Spider-Man franchise has irked many a person since its inception. Personally, I've been interested in a Spider-Man movie reboot from the very beginning. Just about everything I've read and seen from the film since then has left me eagerly-anticipating The Amazing Spider-Man (the same goes for a good chunk of the Screen Rant team).And so it is that, today, I'd like to share 5 reasons why I'm quite psyched to see The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Story

amazing spider man movie andrew garfield discussionNo matter what new material Amazing Spider-Man brings to the table, there are certain elements from director Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie (Peter Parker getting bitten, Uncle Ben's demise, etc.) that have to be recycled here - unless Sony really wants to divide the fanbase, more than TASM's rumored altered origin storyline already has.TASM incorporates plot elements from the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic book continuity - including, the backstory about Pete's biological parents - and constricts the timeline to Spidey's high school years, rather than cover his high school experience and starting out in the real world (a la Raimi's film).The final result looks to be a Spider-Man flick that deeply explores how a teen - already wrought with identity issues and the ordinary pangs of adolescence, would really handle the responsibility of being a superhero (something I feel we have not seen before).

The Villain

amazing spider man movie lizard curt connors rhys ifansRaimi's Spider-Man and TASM feature the same villain archetype: a scientist whose obsession - controlling his company for Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) in Spider-Man, regrowing his arm for Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) in TASM - inspires him to (impulsively) serve as a human petri dish, giving rise to a dangerous Jekyll/Hyde monster.Ifans as Dr. Connors also serves as a link for Pete to his past - and, becomes a mentor/friend to our young hero. Dafoe as Osborn did not have such a genuine bond with Pete in Spider-Man (his claims to the contrary) - and thus, his eventual death just packed less of an emotional punch (for me, anyway).Moreover, Ifans' performance in TASM appears to fall less on the cartoony side - and more truly threatening - and easier to identify with (in opposition to Dafoe's enjoyable, but very over-the-top performance). As for the villain's mutated appearance: personally, I dig the full-blown Lizard's look.

The 3D Effects

amazing spider man 3d trailerAmazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb attested during the film's 3D preview screening that shooting with notoriously bulky 3D cameras was no picnic. However, the ends more than justify the means, judging by the (basically) universal praise the 3D set pieces and action scenes in TASM have earned, to date.Webb and his Oscar-nominated director of photography John Schwartzman (The Rock, Seabiscuit) were smart to take a "you are there" approach to filming the action in TASM. The results look great, varying from immersive "Spidey-vision" sequences to the tracking shots of Spidey web-slinging (like a virtual roller coaster ride) - and that trailer "money shot" from Spidey's climactic tower-top battle with The Lizard.Lastly, as someone who has seen TASM footage in the 3D IMAX format, I feel it's safe to say: this is one movie that demands to be seen on the largest screen available.

The Casting

amazing spider man movie castWhen Andrew Garfield won the part of Peter Parker in TASM, it was immediately apparent that his taller, lankier build makes him a better physical fit for the character than his predecessor, Tobey Maguire. As his turns in films like Boy A, Never Let Me Go - and especially The Social Network have demonstrated: Garfield possesses serious acting chops too.Early TASM footage suggests Garfield will make Peter Parker feel like a real person, living in modern times. The same can be said for fellow rising star Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy - along with the rest of the cast, including decorated character actors Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary.Raimi's Spider-Man boasts great acting talent (Willem Dafoe, Cliff Robertson, J.K. Simmons), but the film's characters come off more as memorable, but romanticized, stereotypes - especially, Kirsten Dunst stuck playing a Mary Jane Watson who's as generic a damsel-in-distress as they come (in my opinion, of course).

The Tone

amazing spider man movie discussion toneEarly marketing for TASM left several people with the (mistaken) impression that the film will be a somber and gloomy superhero title, on par with The Dark Knight. While TASM certainly offers a grittier take on Spidey than previous movies, it also stands apart from Nolan's Batman trilogy.As evidenced by pre-release clips, such as Peter's encounter with a stern doorman - and Spidey cracking goofy one-liners while evading the police - there's a healthy amount of everyday humor in the Spider-Man reboot. However, the comedy in TASM arises naturally, without feeling too forced (or offering a jarring contrast to the drama).That's all to say: as someone who felt the previous Spider-Man movies were tonally equivalent to live-action Saturday morning cartoons from the early 1990s (not always, per se, a bad thing), I'm enticed by the prospect that TASM will examine a superhero's life, in a setting updated for the 21st century.

A Worthy Comic Book Movie Reboot

amazing spider man movie discussion andrew garfieldTo clarify: while I've made a few critical references to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man throughout this article, by no means do I hate that film. It has its fair share of engaging dramatic moments, good characters and enjoyable action. Overall, I think of it as a fun blockbuster, full of (enjoyably) cheesy superhero movie melodrama and action.Amazing Spider-Man, by comparison, just has a lot of what I look for in my superhero movies nowadays: more realism, in terms of how the story unfolds and the various characters' motivation, coupled with slick action scenes that don't excessively rely on CGI. Combine that with little touches (like the artificial web-shooters) that comic book fans can appreciate, and I'm left genuinely enthused to see this film when it hits U.S. theaters on July 3rd.So, how about it: are you ready to join me (or already are) aboard the Amazing Spider-Man bandwagon? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section.
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  1. I’m looking forward to this as much as the next Spidey fan and the above picture while mostly cool I couldn’t help but notice: Spidey is pretty high up. REALLY high. What is that web line attached to? A space satellite?

    • A blimp, perhaps? :)

    • It looks angled to where it could be the top of the antenna.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this. Everything I’he seen so far looks great, more like the Spidey I grew up with. For me personally, this is looking better than TDKR.

    • what? how? in what way??

      • In that nothing I’ve seen from the trailers for TDKR has appealed to me PERSONALLY. ASM, on the other hand, is looking to be a more enjoyable film TO ME.

        • That’s cause you’re 12.

          • says the guy who has his back up because someone wants a bit more fun in a popcorn summer movie

          • Yeah, and calling me a child because I don’t like the same movie as you is the picture of maturity. And btw I’m 30.

  3. Well, when they calculate the opening weekend box office numbers they can count my $20 in there. I will be going opening weekend. This looks like a great summer movie/fun/superhero movie. If you don’t want to see it stay home, me thinks.

    • If you don’t want to see it, see it anyway….I want a sequel! ;-)

  4. To start with Avengers was my big must see movie of the Summer. Next on my list (and yes it’s ahead of TDKR) is Spidey. I was a big fan of the comics back in my college days and this movie definitely captures more of Spider-Man as I remember him than the Raimi movies, though I was/still am a big fan of the Raimi movies. It’s too bad JK Simmons won’t be back as JJJ. Simmons was truly the best part of the Raimi trilogy.

    • I agree completely

    • I concur

  5. Well the author of this article is one of the few that I know of that likes the look Lizard’s look in the film. Also as for the 3D effects if the movie focuses on the first person point of view a lot I can already predict the reports of motion sickness that people will get from it and I find it interesting that aspect of the 3D wasn’t touched on in the article. At this point the two things I just mentioned are really my only worries/gripes with the film, right now I am cautiously optimistic this breathes new life into the franchise like X-men First Class did last year.

  6. Agree with most of this except the 3D. If I decide not to see it it’ll be a personal thing, rather than because it’s a bad movie. It looks pretty good.

    I like Andrew Garfield, not quite sure if he’ll make Spidey funny enough for my tastes but he’s got the build. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy…not convinced yet. Also because I really want to see Mary Jane come into the picture eventually, though I’m not sure if they’ll dare to kill Gwen Stacy off by the second movie.

    If there’s one thing this reboot should do better, it’s got to be the romance. In Raimi’s Spiderman it was so awful and sappy, and it didn’t help that they butchered the Mary Jane character.

    • When I went to see Prometheus, I had an opportunity to view the Spider Man trailer in 3-D. Since I had seen it in non 3-D, I expected it to be pretty good but found myself wondering if I had my glasses on properly. Then The Great Gatsby trailer in 3-D came on and I was astounded at how good it looked, especially in comparison to Spider Man’s quality, so I hope the end result won’t be as disappointing :P

      • maybe gatsby was filmed with 3D cameras and spidey was adjusted in post.

        i find 3D on ever works with animation, or things that are pretty much CGI, and whatever slapdash thing they do post is always awful–blurry, and like many flat layers, zero depth instead of the normal illusion of depth that regular old run of the mill film has been providing for a century already

  7. I like it because the web shooters are back. Now they can show the science side of Spiderman more

    • Yes! Digimass like Peter working on a protoboard on the prototype web shooters!

      My electronics side is full of excitement for that! ;)

  8. This movie looks like it might have some promise. My only quibbles are that the Lizard looks somewhat like Killer Croc, and no JK Simmons as JJJ. I know it’s been said before, but Simmons was a great JJJ. I don’t know who would be worthy enough to replace him.

    • He was Ace int the role.

    • Maybe they could get Simmons to reprise his role in the sequel?
      It’s a possibility right?

      • IF they offered it to Simmons I have no doubt he would do it. But with reboots they always recast everybody so I have no hopes this will happen but would squeal with delight if they did.

    • @ tarkin713

      Im sure they have The Lizard look toned down as he is because they don’t wanna make the character too frightning for children who’d probly be seeing the movie.

      • True. Although what’s more frightening – a lizard in a lab coat or a completely naked one? :P

        • @ tarkin713

          Doesn’t matter to me. Having a little snout imo would make the charater look better but does not matter. Id like to see Carnage in a Spidey film but i doubt that will happen without the character being toned down aswell as they did in the 90′s animated series. I figure to see Carnage it would have to be a Venom spin-off thats R-rated like the Blade films.

  9. anyone who thinks this will be better than TDKR…what? I don’t get it. At first most of us love Nolan and his films, now we’re like, oh, it’s blah. How? The trailers are meh, but that’s good. They don’t give away the story completely! The TV Spots are good. The main thing is that the hype meter is so damn high for it. It’s just not a CBM, it’s a crime saga!
    However, TASM looks really good too. I think I’ll love it. Still, it might be a good CBM, but not TDKR level. I mean, a lot of it looks inspired by Nolan (edginess). That’s a good thing though :)

    • not that I hate Nolan’s batman, but i dont care much about the films either, they’re a little too relentlessly mopey. there is a balance of realism and the fantastic to realize a comic book on the big screen. Nolan doesn’t really get that.

      None of my friends are really jazzed by these batman movies either. so i guess it depends who you talk to whether you think most people love these movies.

      while the first 2 were alright, trailers for this third one look a terrible mess and didn’t make me feel like seeing the picture. maybe it was just a crap trailer?

      • love your comment. Yeah, but how many trailers can be crap before you lose hope in the film? ;) we’re on four and I’m still not convinced

        • Because the first two films clearly were not up to par…Your favorite comic book films are cartoons. Nolan’s Batman flicks are real films.

          • “Nolan’s Batman flicks are real films.”
            That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

      • That’s because you and your friends are comic book geeks. Most adults that don’t spend most of their time reading comics and playing with action figures feel differently.

        • Steve, what exactly makes you so defensive if some people who you don’t know are not quite as enamoured of a movie franchise as you are?

          people came to this article about spiderman, and some people have said they are more excited to see spiderman than batman (not that either have any importance other than some summer entertainment) and that has you bent out of shape, hostile and making bizarre declarations of who these strangers are?

          Do you love batman? Good for you, have at it, I say. It’s ok to like or dislike any movie you want, for any reason whatsoever. I hope you display a similar amount of verve and commitment to something productive outside of blockbusters.

          • Very well put.

  10. Blockbusters are all out of business. :( Stupid Redbox and Netflix!

  11. Spider-Man was an excellent film which finally brought the character to life after too many years for us fans having to see DC’s finest get all the blockbuster time.

    Nothing has put that tingle down my spine better than when I finally got to see Spider-Man swinging thru New York a decade ago !

    Norman Osbourn/Green Goblin was a great villian – tho they should’ve kept close to the classic design !

    I’m looking forward to this new movie – but like alot of fans – there’s a bitter-sweet feeling that the Raimi team lost their way some how along the way.

    • uhh no.

      • Did you see Spider-man 3? They lost their way, big time.

        • i know i am in the minority, but i really enjoyed the third spiderman movie. i was sad to see the raimi team dismissed.

          • @ idleprimate

            Im in the minority aswell regarding the 3rd spidey flick. It was good imo, but wasn’t great nor really terrible. Only thing that got me was people claiming it had too many villains. Sandman imo was the main villain, Venom didn’t show up till the third act pretty much, & New Goblin i wouldn’t even count as a villain imo with the way the events throughout the three films were handled regarding Harry Osborn. I think Sony dropped the ball, not Raimi. I was against having Venom being in the film, especially being played by Topher Grace.

            • part of what i liked was it kind of wasn’t a movie about dealing with villains.

              the sandman was a sympathetic character, his back up against the wall trying to help his daughter, and doomed to fail. a tragic character.

              new goblin was mad with grief and wanting to avenge his father against his best friend. peter has to try and deal with this very dangerous man, while not treating him as an enemy

              venom was a kind of morality tale. topher’s character is jealous and envious (and we know as the audience that he isn’t competing on an even playing field against parker for pics of spidey) he is weak, and that weakness is exploited by the symbiote.

              All these characters pushed to extremes by vulnerabilities and meanwhile, peter deals with his own weakness–wanting status, payback, to be the big guy, etc. and what happens when that is pushed out of control by the suit.

              was it busy? sure. was it confusing? no. comics are episodic.

            • My issue was not villian over-saturation, but what was done with the story. Sandman as Uncle Ben’s killer, I did not like that at all. Venom being in the movie for two minutes before he was killed off. He was shoehorned in as a way to wrap up the symbiote story, when he should have been used as a segue into part 4. New Goblin also killed off. There are years of stories involving Harry as GG, well no more, dead now, so sorry.

              Then you have Mary-Jane. What should have ended up as a means of bringing them closer, was used to wedge them apart. Add to that, it ended with no resolution between them, it just ended.

              Gwen Stacy, Peter’s first great love in the comics was used as a throw away character solely there too make M-J jealous. She, as a character, deserves better than that.

              Then you have the dance routine at the jazz club and the scene where he is boppin down the street popping his collar and pointing at women. That just sucked all the way around, unnecessary, unwanted and irredeemable.

              All that and more had me wanting a reboot even before it was announced. We all remember what happened with Batman, once it goes bad it just gets worse, it time to start over before we get the Spidey version of Batman and Robin.

              • wow, when you spell it out, those are all valid criticisms. some i had forgotten (like sandman as ben’s killer, some were things i could just go along with and some are narrative straying from the source material, which in any kind of adaption I am more kosher with than most people.

                it does seem kind of crappy to make gwen stacey a throwaway character, when she could have been any girl for that aspect of the story. it’s like they wanted to provide fanservice and chose poorly and it backfired.

                I’m kind of glad they didn’t carry the symbiote story on. its just not a favorite of mine. I read marvel comics obsessively up until about 1987, and collected and read most silver age stuff up until then. since then, I have only occasionally read superhero comics and when i do, it’s usually stuff from the same period, so most of the venom stories are a bit foreign to me. my highlight of the symbiote was peter getting rid of it and going back to regular strength and regular costume.

                i can’t get a bead on whether this new movie will be good or not. it really seems to have the potential to go either way. i’m still jazzed to see it. its really hard not to like spiderman, i think.

  12. @ Ignur Rant

    I said Nolan’s Batman films DON’T have that much of the comic book feel. You’re obviously twisting my words. It’s been awhile but yes i have read the graphic novels Nolan’ based his films off of. I even having a trading card of Knightfall in what’s left of my collection of Batman trading cards. You still don’t understand where what im implying. Nolan’s films still aren’t exact copies of even the novels as you seem to think they are. I doubt you followed that.

    I think this is where i conclude this discussion. Good Day.

  13. Amazing Spiderman will fall short. The lead actor isn’t right for the roll. Looks like the ‘twilight’ team got ahold of this one.

    • what are you smoking, A. Garfield is very passionate about Spider-man he has the looks and personally I think this will be better than Sam Raimi`s Spider franchise because is true to the comic book. I hated Toby McGuire as Peter Parker his role was emotional which made me look elsewhere

  14. the amazing spider man will explode the box office chart.

  15. I certainly disagree with this wrong facts except story and villians