5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012

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5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012

5 Movie Geek Questions (2012)The year 2012 is a pivotal one - and not just because of that whole 'world coming to an end' business.Sure, in one sense the movies of 2012 will be a smattering of the usual varieties, in the usual genres, encompassing the usual range of quality. However, within that spectrum of cinematic potential, there are some definite matters of interest amongst hardcore movie geeks that will be addressed or proven within the next calendar year.We'd like to offer 5 questions we think movie geeks should be keeping in mind as they view their most anticipated films and watch the debates unfold - all while the box office profits get tallied, and the future of the movie biz is once again charted.5 Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012...

5. Can You Come Home Again to Middle-Earth?

Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 - The HobbitThe release of The Hobbit is definitely one of THE big movie geek events of 2012. This prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be a two-part event helmed by LOTR director Peter Jackson, who will be working with some cutting-edge 3D technology, a cast of very talented thespians, and a good deal of creative input by none other than Guillermo del Toro.But will Jackson be able to recapture the magic?The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a big cinematic event in the early years of the new Millennium, and that's a large shadow to have looming over The Hobbit. Still, with Jackson back, and so many good things going for it, it's not hard to imagine that Middle-Earth will be as epic (if not more so) than it was a decade ago.This time there's a Gollum and a dragon! (Geekgasm!)

4. IMAX or 3D: Which is Worth our Cash?

IMAX vs 3DThese days, one of the top ways to get you to the theater and paying more for the (semi-)privilege is by offering premium viewing experiences like 3D or IMAX. While there are examples of both formats being crappy (cheap post-converted 3D, stretched IMAX prints), even at their best there's still a question of whether or not movies need these extra bells and whistles - and 2012 will offer plenty of opportunities to answer it.With movies like Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, and The Avengers sporting 3D, while The Dark Knight Rises follows Mission Impossible 4's example of trying to stun audiences with IMAX grandeur, movie geeks will surely be debating the superiority of one format over the other, all year long.Meanwhile, films like Underworld 4 will (literally) go for the gold on both fronts, with 3D IMAX prints. That should be fun. And dizzying.

3. Is There New Life in Old Ideas?

Movie Remakes Reboots (2012) Spiderman Three StoogesIf you read our extensive piece on upcoming reboots and remakes, you know that in 2012 we're in for an onslaught of films that are basically reheated leftovers of other ideas which have already been mined (quite extensively) in film. With so many "new" movies trying to offer up something familiar as something fresh, the question is: can an old dish provide new flavor?The trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman has people saying 'yes it can,' while the Three Stooges trailer has them groaning 'no it can't' - while The Amazing Spider-Man trailer has geeks split right down the middle. And, while this particular question almost always gets a "Yes, No, Maybe" range of answers, in the case of a film like Prometheus, the stakes are as high as having a master filmmaker (Ridley Scott) possibly trampling over one of his own classic works (Alien) - so it is definitely not a question to be taken lightly.

2. Who is King: Superheroes or Sci-Fi?

Superhero vs sci-fi moviesThere is a definite rivalry being set up in the year 2012: Superhero blockbusters vs. big and/or bold sci-fi offerings.You have mega-heavyweights like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises holding it down for comic book superheroes, with flicks like Ghost Rider 2 or Amazing Spider-Man potentially weakening the cause. Sci-fi is touting serious clout thanks to Ridley Scott's return to the genre with Prometheus - but there are also boldly original sci-fi titles like Rian Johnson's Looper on the horizon. Other films like Total Recall or Battleship could go either way (good or bad) toward distinguishing the genre.One thing is for sure though: with so many great sci-fi (Star Trek into DarknessPacific Rim) and superhero flicks (Man of SteelIron Man 3) due out in 2013, the answer to THIS question may be a while coming.

1. Does a Shared Movie Universe Actually Work?

The Avengers Marvel Movie UniverseMarvel's superhero teamup film The Avengers has a lot to prove - and not just in terms of box office receipts. Marvel Studios has taken the bold approach of building a shared cinematic universe similar to that of their comic books, in which the events of one film effect another, and all the characters in each respective film are essentially playing in one big sandbox.For superhero movie fans, this has meant a large-scale investment of time, and money spent on movie tickets, home video collections and other merchandise, all in the promise that said investment will payoff in a big, epic, geekgasmic way when The Avengers hits theaters.All Chris Nolan has to worry about is telling one more good Batman story before he completes (arguably) the best movie trilogy of all time. Not only does Avengers director Joss Whedon have to craft a film that is both good and profitable as a summer blockbuster - he has to tie together five films' worth of story and characters and make it all feel as coherent, exciting, and impossibly fulfilling as the rabid fans are expecting it to be. No pressure.

What Are Your Questions?

5 Movie Geek Questions (2012)While these are the questions WE have for the 2012 year in movies, we know you guys must have some of your own that you want to address:
Let us know YOUR 2012 movie questions in the comment section below.
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  1. 5. HELL yes!
    4. Neither
    3. Sometimes
    2. Sci-Fi Superheroes…
    1. Let’s hope so. I’d hate for all this hype to be for nothing.

    • Neithe,r then who

  2. 5. Yes I can return to Middle Earth and enjoy it.

    4. I’ll always shell out for IMAX but for 3D it has to be a good film on my terms.

    3. Yes to ones like Spider-Man but I’ll never see a film on the Stooges.

    2. It’s a tie.

    1. Yes, yes and YES!

  3. Are you seriously questioning Ridley Scott?

    • All the guy does is deliver awesome movies: Someone To Watch Over Me, White Squall, G.I. Jane, Black Rain…

    • I’m not never in my wildest dreams will i ever do that

  4. 1. Maybe story wise it might be better. You just can’t exclude the phenomenal job Ledger did to make that movie what it was.
    2. I believe if both are done right it will dominate the summer.
    3. P.A. Is fun but I doubt it answer much only because they want to keep the franchise going.
    4. I doubt it but well see.
    5. What’s more fun than a historical figure reimagined as a vampire hunter?!
    6. For the love of god I hope so. I do t get it it’s so badly told. But since I don’t have a vagina I guess I never will.

  5. Will there be a hint about iron man 3 at the end of the avengers?

  6. 5. I will definetely be seeing it when it releases
    4. I prefer IMAX, although if the movie is done properly and well designed for 3D, I would see it
    3. Possibly, depending on presentation and quality as well as possibly some originality thrown in (for comics I know originality is somewhat limiting if you want a cut-n-paste story from the comics, they could also create their own)
    2. If chosen on a year-by-year basis, this year would have to be comics(TDKR & Avengers vs Prometheus: you can’t argue with Nolan’s results at the box office and the ability to have a good viral campaign) although next year seems to be up in the air for now.
    1. Depends, if it’s done in a quality way, yes. As for focusing on a specific character, it might not be the best idea, rather focus on the plot and the characters interacting/contributing to the overall goal.

  7. 1.- I AM home already.
    2.- Since I don’t have IMAX theaters down here (yet), I’d say both (I HAVE seen IMAX and much prefer it.)
    3.- Yes if they’re well done.
    4.- I’d always go for sci-fi; but who says the two genres are mutually exclusive? (Not you guys, I know.)
    5.- Oh God, please yes…

    As for the follow ups:

    1.- I think at least as good; Nolan seems to grow with every movie.
    2.- I got my money on Batman, buit it’s gonna be close.
    3.- Will I be shunned if I say I’ve only seen the first one?
    4.- Everything I’ve heard of that one is amazing, but I reserve judgement.
    5.- If there is a God, it must be yes. If not, I don’t want to be on this planet any more.

    And I have one for everybody else:

    In 2011, it was the apocalypse. What do you think will be the trend for 2012?

  8. 5. Oh hell yes! Where do I sign?

    4. I’m willing to shell out for both formats.

    3. Possibly. It really depends on what they do to the stories.

    2. Secret option C; both are equally awesome.

    1. As all the previous movies were good and considering who is at the helm of this one, oh yes!

  9. Yes, I will always be willing to visit Middle Earth.
    I don’t think IMAX or 3D movies are worth the extra price of admission.
    Old ideas /remakes can be great, but give the originals time to age gracefully.
    I don’t think there needs to be a conversation here since it’s probably the same audience standing in line for both genres.
    I prefer continuity between related films, so I like the Avengers plan.

  10. When TDK was released in ’08, I had the doubt of whether or not it would be able to overcome BB. It totally did! Then, “Inception” totally overcame TDK! TDKR faces the huge challenge of overcoming both BB and TDK, and “Inception”, something only Chris Nolan could do!

  11. Im just happy to be here to see all this action go down

  12. and extra question 1 and 2
    1. no it will be good but the dark knight is legendary for me
    2. hell yeah

  13. “Will The Dark Knight Rises be as good as The Dark Knight?” Personally (this is just me thinking this) I prefer it be “Will The Dark Knight Rises be as good as Batman Begins?”. Why? Cause I liked BB much more then TDK. By the near end of it I was sort of rooting for the Joker… Eventhough I Love the Joker I’ve always like batman just a bit more but in this one… Not so much. So I’m hoping this ending actually IS “Epic”.

    • My sentiments exactly. I also enjoy the Batman Begins more than The Dark Knight.

  14. Nolans batman movies aren’t even a trilogy yet, never mind the best movie trilogy of all time. dont get carried away

    • X,

      Please explain how Nolan’s Bat is not a trilogy and I will explain how it actually is.

      • “Not a trilogy *yet*”

        Meaning we won’t know if it is the best trilogy of all time until the third part of the trilogy is released.

  15. 1) Does a Shared Movie Universe Actually Work?

    While we have to wait for the Avengers to come out to definitively answer that question, I would say yes. Even if the movie isn’t good that doesn’t mean however it will be because a shared universe doesn’t work, only that the writers/director failed. The premise is good and dare I say more exciting than the too much used isolated universe.

    2) Who is King: Superheroes or Sci-Fi?

    Neither, both have their place and always will. What about Fantasy though?

    3) Is There New Life in Old Ideas?

    Let’s just say they are running thin on reusing old ideas to re-imagine and reboot. We want something NEW dammit!

    4) IMAX or 3D: Which is Worth our Cash?

    In general neither are worth it as far as I’m concerned. There are only a handful of movies that have really embraced both mediums (well ok, only Avatar!). If you can deliver the Avatar experience to me will every film then it will be worth the price, otherwise you might as well forget it.

    5) Can You Come Home Again to Middle-Earth?

    The answer will be yes, with exception. Jackson’s complete changing of some of the main characters from the book will be a thorn in the sides of many lovers of The Hobbit (myself included). Now will it destroy the overall movie experience? I will have to wait until opening day to know for sure.

  16. 5. Definitely
    4. Imax, i hate 3d
    3. Depends on the movie and how well its done
    2. Superheroes FTW
    1. I think if its done correctly It will work and I hope it does!

  17. 1) Does a Shared Movie Universe Actually Work? Technically movies like Freddy vs. Jason and AVP have already attempted the crossover/shared universe idea, with mixed results many would say. The test is going to be can several characters who do have distinct stories of their own co-exist in one movie successfully. And will fans be satisfied with how much attention (or lack of) certain characters get.

    2) Who is King: Superheroes or Sci-Fi? Casual fan don’t make the distinction, so it’s all about which one brings in the most money. With the massive budgets and amount of CGI both genres rely on the fact is if they don’t bring in Star Wars/Avatar level money, they all end up just being the court jester.

    3) Is There New Life in Old Ideas? Well if they don’t actually wait for the body to get cold on the last idea then it just kind of looks like scavenging. Problem is nothing will have any lasting appeal if it’s considered old after ten or in some cases five years.

    4) IMAX or 3D: Which is Worth our Cash? Neither in most cases. It’s a gimmick that rarely pays off. You know what would be nice, popcorn that doesn’t taste like foam with grease on it.

    5) Can You Come Home Again to Middle-Earth? Yeah, any changes from the book aside, people will probably sit in the theater and get lost in the movie like they did with the Lord of the Rings.

  18. Avengers is gonna come out on top of the box office but dark knight rises better story line

    • Or the other way around.

      TDKR will make at least twice as much money as Avengers. I’d bet on it. Hope they’re both good.

        • Indeed, as a Batman fan I intend on seeing this multiple times. It’s been a solid series thus far.

  19. @”•Will Dark Knight Rises be as good as Dark Knight?”

    Who cares? I’ll base the film on its own merits and not compart it to TDK.

  20. super heros!

  21. 5. Money? Yes. Magic? Probably not.
    4. 3-D occasionally.
    3. Three Stooges will be OK, and a “hit” considering it’s budget is probably small. Spider-man? My Spidey-senses tell me it could be a good year for the Sam Raimi appreciation society. “Amazing” won’t stick!
    4. Sci-Fi in the long run, but Batman is going to rule this summer.
    5. Why start now? I’m hoping for a great Avengers, but next time I’ll rent the build-up movies unless I hear stellar reviews.

    • Oops. 4 and 5 were meant to be 2 and 1.

  22. I don’t see how Amazing Spider Man is going to weaken the cause in #2. You have two incredibly talented leads in Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone with Marc Webb at the helm who did a great job on 500 Days, not to mention Kolves wrote the screenplay.

  23. 1. Sometimes but I wouldn’t make it a habit. If the movies are made with the concluding movie in mind, like the Avengers, I think it would work. But they have to all be high-grossing movies (like these are) with minimum speedbumps on the way.
    2. As long as the superhero spotlight still shines, I think they’ll come on top. While I think the “Man vs Alien” ship has sailed, Scifi may continue to shock us in the future because of the ingenuity it allows.
    3. Again, depends. Sometimes you want a fresh take on an idea but reboots are tricky things, especially if its too close behind the last.
    4. No, not really.

  24. 5. I imagine so, but I didn’t like it the first 3 times.
    4. Depends. If it was SHOT in 3D and not converted, go 3D. If it’s big enough (like M:I4 epic) with IMAX or standard options, go IMAX — sure.
    3. Yes. A little. Not in the case for Stooges.
    2. Usually sci-fi. Superhero if the filmmakers are trustworthy enough, like Whedon (Buffy fan here). But you can like both.
    1. Most definitely.