5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012

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5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012

5 Movie Geek Questions (2012)The year 2012 is a pivotal one - and not just because of that whole 'world coming to an end' business.Sure, in one sense the movies of 2012 will be a smattering of the usual varieties, in the usual genres, encompassing the usual range of quality. However, within that spectrum of cinematic potential, there are some definite matters of interest amongst hardcore movie geeks that will be addressed or proven within the next calendar year.We'd like to offer 5 questions we think movie geeks should be keeping in mind as they view their most anticipated films and watch the debates unfold - all while the box office profits get tallied, and the future of the movie biz is once again charted.5 Questions for Movie Geeks in 2012...

5. Can You Come Home Again to Middle-Earth?

Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 - The HobbitThe release of The Hobbit is definitely one of THE big movie geek events of 2012. This prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be a two-part event helmed by LOTR director Peter Jackson, who will be working with some cutting-edge 3D technology, a cast of very talented thespians, and a good deal of creative input by none other than Guillermo del Toro.But will Jackson be able to recapture the magic?The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a big cinematic event in the early years of the new Millennium, and that's a large shadow to have looming over The Hobbit. Still, with Jackson back, and so many good things going for it, it's not hard to imagine that Middle-Earth will be as epic (if not more so) than it was a decade ago.This time there's a Gollum and a dragon! (Geekgasm!)

4. IMAX or 3D: Which is Worth our Cash?

IMAX vs 3DThese days, one of the top ways to get you to the theater and paying more for the (semi-)privilege is by offering premium viewing experiences like 3D or IMAX. While there are examples of both formats being crappy (cheap post-converted 3D, stretched IMAX prints), even at their best there's still a question of whether or not movies need these extra bells and whistles - and 2012 will offer plenty of opportunities to answer it.With movies like Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, and The Avengers sporting 3D, while The Dark Knight Rises follows Mission Impossible 4's example of trying to stun audiences with IMAX grandeur, movie geeks will surely be debating the superiority of one format over the other, all year long.Meanwhile, films like Underworld 4 will (literally) go for the gold on both fronts, with 3D IMAX prints. That should be fun. And dizzying.

3. Is There New Life in Old Ideas?

Movie Remakes Reboots (2012) Spiderman Three StoogesIf you read our extensive piece on upcoming reboots and remakes, you know that in 2012 we're in for an onslaught of films that are basically reheated leftovers of other ideas which have already been mined (quite extensively) in film. With so many "new" movies trying to offer up something familiar as something fresh, the question is: can an old dish provide new flavor?The trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman has people saying 'yes it can,' while the Three Stooges trailer has them groaning 'no it can't' - while The Amazing Spider-Man trailer has geeks split right down the middle. And, while this particular question almost always gets a "Yes, No, Maybe" range of answers, in the case of a film like Prometheus, the stakes are as high as having a master filmmaker (Ridley Scott) possibly trampling over one of his own classic works (Alien) - so it is definitely not a question to be taken lightly.

2. Who is King: Superheroes or Sci-Fi?

Superhero vs sci-fi moviesThere is a definite rivalry being set up in the year 2012: Superhero blockbusters vs. big and/or bold sci-fi offerings.You have mega-heavyweights like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises holding it down for comic book superheroes, with flicks like Ghost Rider 2 or Amazing Spider-Man potentially weakening the cause. Sci-fi is touting serious clout thanks to Ridley Scott's return to the genre with Prometheus - but there are also boldly original sci-fi titles like Rian Johnson's Looper on the horizon. Other films like Total Recall or Battleship could go either way (good or bad) toward distinguishing the genre.One thing is for sure though: with so many great sci-fi (Star Trek into DarknessPacific Rim) and superhero flicks (Man of SteelIron Man 3) due out in 2013, the answer to THIS question may be a while coming.

1. Does a Shared Movie Universe Actually Work?

The Avengers Marvel Movie UniverseMarvel's superhero teamup film The Avengers has a lot to prove - and not just in terms of box office receipts. Marvel Studios has taken the bold approach of building a shared cinematic universe similar to that of their comic books, in which the events of one film effect another, and all the characters in each respective film are essentially playing in one big sandbox.For superhero movie fans, this has meant a large-scale investment of time, and money spent on movie tickets, home video collections and other merchandise, all in the promise that said investment will payoff in a big, epic, geekgasmic way when The Avengers hits theaters.All Chris Nolan has to worry about is telling one more good Batman story before he completes (arguably) the best movie trilogy of all time. Not only does Avengers director Joss Whedon have to craft a film that is both good and profitable as a summer blockbuster - he has to tie together five films' worth of story and characters and make it all feel as coherent, exciting, and impossibly fulfilling as the rabid fans are expecting it to be. No pressure.

What Are Your Questions?

5 Movie Geek Questions (2012)While these are the questions WE have for the 2012 year in movies, we know you guys must have some of your own that you want to address:
Let us know YOUR 2012 movie questions in the comment section below.
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  1. I think there should be something in there about how audiences will react to a 48fps film for the first time. True there’s only one film being made at that frame rate, but it’ll definitely be a test to see how viable that “format” is.

  2. Apparently math was not Kofi’s strong suit, as there were actually 11 questions to answer – regardless of that infamy, enjoy my answers:

    Main 5:
    1. Middle Earth is fun, interesting, and at 48fps should be interesting. The question is (and I agree with the previous post) is whether fans will like the new frame rate.
    2. As 3D=3Lame, I think the real IMAX question should have been: when will IMAX finally convert to digital? Watching the damage inflicted on MI:IV between premiere week and week 3 was tough. Fans will pay a premium to see it on IMAX, but add the digital element and each showing is as good as premiere night. Besides, most 3D is post-shoot anyways and who wants that?
    3. The idea of old ideas being new again is based entirely on the final product. I am tired of reboots of film series which recently ended, and support everyone’s desire for original stories whenever possible. If you didn’t like Spiderman3, then make 3a and forget 3 ever existed with new actors playing old roles.
    4. The answer is simple: BOTH CAN EXIST. I don’t mind losing my tan to spend an entire summer geeking out on Sci-Fi AND superhero. Give me well-made, original storytelling with great music and actors who can handle big scenes and I’m there. Do anything less and you run the risk of further alienating fans who are tired of your kung-fu treachery.
    5. A shared movie universe is exciting and has the ability to redefine the way we watch movies. In short, it’s a potential gamechanger. It takes the idea of the J. Michael Straczynski story arc and ramps it up, provided that you also introduce some surprises while remaining true to everyone’s universe. Are you listening, DC??

    Follow Up Qs:
    1. Sadly, I do not think TDR will be as good. BB and TDK were simply too good, and with Bane’s voice staying in, we could be in for a rough ride.
    2. Avengers. No indication from anything I’ve seen that this can be stopped. If they do not introduce Skrulls, and Batman introduces, say, another DC character, then perhaps we’ll have a real fight for summer supremacy.
    3. Not into PN franchise.
    4. No
    5. Lincoln bio should be epic – not interested in any other vampires except Selene and her rubber/corset combos.
    5. Perhaps Kristen Stewart will stop acting and therefore refrain from polluting the timeline. I suspect we’ll soon hear the sound of her career, along with Pattinson’s, crashing to the ground.

    • Bane’s voice isn’t that bad, he’s a little tough to hear but I can still understand him. What’s really going to hurt TDR is that insanely stupid football scene and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

      • How is the footbal scene stupid?

        • *football

  3. Ghost Rider 2 is going to be WAYYYYYY better than Spider-Man.

    • no it won t spiderman is gonna be better but i dont hate ghost rider

      • They’re both going to suck.

    • Rethink that. BNATers saw Ghost Rider 2 and in their own words, “it makes Ghost Rider 1 look like Dark Knight”.

  4. All’s i gotta say is, TDKR BETTER BE BETTER THAN TDK. If not, after all this insane marketing…well, i’m gonna be a little pissed.

  5. who thinks ghost rider 2 will be better than ghost rider 1

  6. IMAX is awesome, but i think the best part about it is an IMAX movie on blu-ray because the entire tv screen in taken up.
    3D is just crap, it adds depth for 5 minutes then your eyes get used to it and it looks like a normal 2d movie with a darker screen cause of the crappy glasses you have to wear in which u must pay an extra $1 to have.

    • Grow some depth perception, just because your eyes can’t adjust to the changes doesn’t mean it’s crap. Everybody’s vision is different. Some people have a great experience, some people throw up watching 3D. Your visual cortex obviously can’t process the signals from your eyes to your brain. If you don’t like 3D, don’t watch it.

    • Yes! the avengers and the DKR will be great films and will rock the box-office like hell man!!…

    • spidey will also be good

  7. The Avengers and TDKR will be mind blowing awesome, but I personally believe that Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengence & The Amazing Spider-Man will be disappointing to Movie fans and comic book lovers alike.

  8. I hate to say it but I believe that the AVENGERS film will have a hard time beating the “That was disappointing” rap only because of the hype that will have been so built up by the time it debuts that it will be hard to please even most people.

    Then again the Avengers could turn out to be the surprise that Nolans DARK KNIGHT was when it debuted. Remember how much critical response TDK got before it debuted and proved the critics (and some fan buys) to be completely wrong?

  9. Great article, as always! My one and only question for 2012 is: Will The Hunger Games adaption serve the book justice?

    • Ok, really???…the tdk franchise being the best trilogy ever????? tdk is a vastly overrated movie and BB is a good movie nothing more. Neither of them can compare to lots of great movies and trilogies that have come before…and will come after.

      To answer questions:
      1: It should be.
      2: 3D is a massive waste of time; haven’t gone to the i-Max theatre in my country as yet
      3: Probably not but TASM may prove us wrong.
      4: In 2012 Superheroes will win!
      5: I think so. Every MARVEL STUDIOS movie so far has been good (IM2) to excellent (IM). I trust them not to screw up this. This movie has been in planning for close to 5 years with more and more great ideas coming in and filtering out the lesser ones. However it is a tremendous challenge for JW to make a coherent STORY, where ALL the characters get their due in portrayal, with no bad VFX to take viewers out of the movie, and EXCELLENT LONG action sequences to blow your mind. nolan only has to make his movie have a serious tone with a sprinkling (with no real exploration) of a couple real life topics to give it the appearance of depth and his fans will be screaming that this is the greatest movie ever. He doesn’t even have to respect the mythos of characters or the dc universe and can throw watered down crap like pseudo/mini-bane on screen and the kool-aid drinkers will lap it up like it was the nectar of the gods.

  10. lol at the Hobbit trailer (went to see Sherlock Holmes, and the trailer was there). Could they make Ian McKellen any more of a pedophile? (he’s on his horse, looking at a young boy and saying he wants to take him away on an “adventure”. Riiiiiight).

  11. 5. Middle Earth > everything

    4. Simple answer: IMAX 3D

    3. No life in old BAD ideas

    2. Superheroes are science fiction

    1. The shared universe works, but they failed when they chose Loki as a villain.

    - Bane

  12. First id have to say i never seen a movie in IMAX, but ive seen some in 3D. All the same, id hope the movie would be worth the price whether it’s $3.00 extra for 3D or spending like $20.00 for IMAX.

    Is there new life in old ideas? Imo, it depends on the film,trilogy or franchise,etc. No matter how hard filmmakers try, you can’t redo something great as Jaws, Alien, among other films. It depends on who directs, the cast, and how different they make it.

    Who is king: Superheroes or Sci-Fi? Imo, id say Superheroes seem to have a little bit of a upperhand. Mainly because theres been atleast two films a year people look forward to. That’s just my opinion.

    Does a shared movie universe actually work? Imo, I believe it can. Despite doing somthing film for the first time, I think Marvel/Disney have done well with the past five Marvel films which will lead up to The Avengers in May. Im sure The Avengers will turn out to be great. But im sure people feel nervous about afterwards because it will feel “It’s back to square one” when see sequels to solo films after the events of The Avengers. I trust Marvel/Disney will deal with things film by film.

  13. Answers to 5 questions:
    1. I don’t think DKR will be as good as Dark Knight due to the nature of this huge all star cast (which takes attention away from the character that made it huge in the first place and the fact that Batman’s (Bale) life will be ended.
    2. My opinion is that a split all star cast will win with the young crowd but not with long-time avid fans of Batman. So, the Avengers might rule.
    3. I didn’t know the Wachowski’s needed to be redeemed. As for the movie I don’t know how well it will do compared to The Matrix or Bound.
    4. Based on what I have read, Abraham Lincoln will be more of a superhero movie which has the best appeal.
    5. I think Twilight had a great journey. But what else can this kind of storyline offer than it hasn’t already?

  14. I think that the expectation for Dark Knight Rises is so huge that no one will be fully satisfied, I expect it to be a good story and if it ties in the first two films nicely to conclude the trilogy I’ll be pleased. There seems to be a lot of concern with Amazing Spider-Man but I for one am anticipating it and am less worried about Spidy as opposed to The Avengers. I only barely like the prequel films for The Avengers and think it will be average at best; ensemble films often aren’t as good as they look on paper.

    • @ Film Follower

      How could you ensemble films aren’t as good as they look on paper when The Avengers is the first team-up film made? I don’t think the X-Men or F4 franchises would truly count since they’re both groups. Avengers are individual heroes who formed the team. If having a Avengers movie would be a bad idea, i don’t know why others would expect a Justice League film to happen.

    • I agree with you on all those matters but I think that Nolan will successfully conclude the trilogy and blend it properly with the previous 2 films( but still DKR cant beat The Dark Knight)
      And The Avengers is gonna be a great film, at least that’s what I thought after seeing the trailer…

      • @ moviefreak1

        Thanks. In regards to TDKR, imo i hope it’s better than TDK. Especially after all the marketing it’s had. I liked Batman Begins little more & hope this final film indeed brings the trilogy full circle.

    • And yeah! Spidey’s gonna rock, I know that..

  15. The Dark Knight Rises will either be less or equally entertaining than its prequel but it can never surpass The Dark Knight, although you cant say with Bale as Batman and Christopher Nolan (and also because it has Bane and probably Talia).
    As for The Avengers,it should be a great film, considering the cast and the trailer, but they have already revealed the main villain, then why keep the other villain under wraps??according to me it is the Red Skull.
    The Amazing Spider-Man also looks like a good film, if not the best and to me the reboot is better than the previous trilogy about the Marvel superhero.
    These are the three awesome movies I cant wait to see…and this is surely the year of the superheroes ….!

  16. As to the question of whether or not Joss Whedon can make the Avengers work.

    Please look back at the work the man has done. Buffy Firefly Angel Dollhouse (psssstt all canceled by Fox). I mean Firefly hasn’t had an episode since July of 2003 (got a movie though), but there are still fans who dress up as characters and go to GenCon and ComicCon and a lot the other Cons out there because of how much they loved the show. Heck there is even a CD of Firefly drinking songs.

    If ‘The Man they Call Joss’ can create a loy fan base with a single season of a television show then I have no doubt he can craft an epic story to bring together the Avengers and make movie history.

  17. As to the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Couldn’t they have done a more original name?
    I know lets take them name of the last film and add ‘rises’ that will make it great and distinquish it form the prior film.

    Heck it might just bomb and ruin Bale’s career and get George Clooney out of being the worst batman.

  18. I know this is way after the fact, but I am too annoyed to not say it…

    Batman cannot be the “best trilogy ever” (even when you try to pad it with “arguably”) when none of the movies have been great. The first one topped out at OK, the second one was just good and this third one is a trainwreck.

    The acceptance of these movies by the public is disgusting.

    And none of that is arguable. It’s just facts.