5 Can’t Miss Farrelly Brothers Films

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5 Can't Miss Farrelly Brothers Movies

The Three Stooges movieThe Three Stooges, the latest comedy brought to us by Peter and Bobby Farrelly, arrives in theaters today. The movie was directed by the Farrelly Brothers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with their Me, Myself and Irene collaborator, Mike Cerrone.The new comedy brings the mischievous trio of Larry, Moe and Curly into the 21st Century, where they wreak havoc in an orphanage and in the surrounding community, with their physical comedy and crazy antics.The film is the latest in a long line of comedies brought to us from the two brothers over the past two decades. Whether or not you're looking forward to this latest venture, we at Screen Rant decided to compose a list of 5 must-see Farrelly Brothers films...

'Dumb and Dumber' (1994)

Jim Carry and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and DumberLooking back, it's easy to recognize the importance of a film like Dumb and Dumber. Yes, it was a lowbrow comedy, but it provided a great forum for both rising star Jim Carrey and its directors (the Farrelly Brothers). It was Jim Carrey's third film that year (along with The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) and helped cement his reputation as a young comedic talent. And now, nearly twenty years later, it looks like Carrey will soon be returning to the role.But in addition to helping Carrey grow in his career, Dumber was the first movie that the Farrelly brothers directed, according to IMDB.com, although the site notes that Bobby was not credited for it. Both of the brothers co-wrote the huge box office hit, which helped jumpstart their careers.

'There's Something about Mary' (1998)

Cameron Diaz in There's Something about MaryIf Dumber helped launch the Farrelly Brothers' careers, There's Something about Mary cemented their reputation as filmmakers who could make outrageously funny films. Shortly after Dumber arrived in theaters, the two brothers found success in their bowling comedy Kingpin but Mary was much bigger than that. It was a rare word-of-mouth comedy that maintained momentum at the box office weeks after its release.Starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller, the politically-incorrect film focused on a woman named Mary, who every man seemed to fall in love with. Hence the title. The silly but simple plot set the stage for a series of great belly-laughs and outlandish jokes.There was definitely something to be said about Mary - and audiences found that out as the movie became a massive hit.

'Shallow Hal' (2001)

Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow HalShallow Hal may not have been the best Farrelly Brothers movie, but it was one of their most heartwarming films.The story focuses on a superficial and selfish man (played by Jack Black), who can't see beyond people's outward appearances. Hal (Black) would have little time for the overweight Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow) if he was in his normal state of mind. But after being hypnotized, he begins to see beyond people's looks and develops feelings for Rosemary.The Farrelly brothers directed this film and co-wrote the script with Sean Moynihan. Like many of their previous flicks, Hal became another hit for the gifted filmmakers.

'Stuck on You' (2003)

Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear in Stuck on YouStuck on You arrived in theaters two years after Shallow Hal. It wasn't the box office smash that the earlier Farrelly Brothers films had been, and over the years it's been forgotten by many. But this is one of the most under-appreciated films that the brothers worked on.The movie focuses on two conjoined twins (played by Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear), who have little in common. If they could separate from each other they would, but they are stuck as a pair of brothers who must face the world together.Like the Farrelly brothers themselves, Damon and Kinnear have a great connection and the movie delivers plenty of laughs. But like many of the Farrelly films before it, Stuck on You also offered up plenty of heart.

'Fever Pitch' (2005)

Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon in Fever PitchAs a lifelong Red Sox fan, it's difficult not to appreciate Fever Pitch, the 2005 Farrelly Brothers comedy. Sure, some of the jokes falter and the film pales in comparison to some of the early Farrelly productions, but this was a movie made about diehard Red Sox fans who had watched their team lose time and time again. And when the movie was being filmed, the Sox were in the process of breaking an 87-year losing streak and winning a long-awaited World Series.Loosely adapted from a Nick Hornby novel, the film focuses on a boy, a girl and the greatest baseball team in the world. Jimmy Fallon is the main character whose relationship with Drew Barrymore suffers during baseball season. It's not a great film, but it's a solid one - especially for baseball fans and those looking for a sweet but often funny romantic comedy. 

5 Can't Miss Farrelly Brothers Movies

Woody Harrelson in KingpinAlthough the Farrelly brothers have only been making major motion pictures for the last twenty years, they've already left quite an impact on pop culture. In addition to the films that I've listed here, the brothers are also responsible for other big comedies like Kingpin (1995), Me, Myself and Irene (1998) and Hall Pass(2011).Once again, here's my list of 5 Farrelly Brothers Movies that you shouldn't miss.
  • Dumb and Dumber (1994)
  • There's Something about Mary (1998)
  • Shallow Hall (2001)
  • Stuck on You (2003)
  • Fever Pitch (2005)
Be sure to read our official Three Stooges review.What are your must-see Farrelly brothers flicks? Let me know in the comments and as always, make sure you follow me on Twitter @johnhanlon.
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  1. The Red Sux arent even close to being the “greatest baseball team in the world”. 27 rings, Hanlon…27 rings…

  2. It might be too silly but I love Me, Myself and Irene. Did they directed that movie as well?

  3. The heart break kid is easily the funniest movie they’ve made

    • Disagree. Dumb and Dumber is their best by far. Really looking forward to the sequel.

      • Dumb and Dumber is the funniest comedy of all time. Period. Second is Anchorman. This is not debatable. :)

        • Airplane is the funniest movie of all time.

          • Agreed. Airplane first. Dumb and Dumber second.

      • Then you haven’t seen it.

  4. I don’t find them that impressive

    • Yeah, I agree. I found it quite easy to miss all of these films.

  5. Stuck on you is their only film I like and that has more to do with the actors than the two of them. Not a fan of theirs.

  6. Yeah Kingpin, Me Myself and Irene, and The Heartbreak kid were all better than Fever Pitch and Shallow Hal…by miles.

    • Agreed

  7. My list would have been

    1. Dumb and Dumber
    2. Kingpin
    3. Me, Myself and Irene (although Renee Zellweger is a dog IMO)
    ( http://images.wikia.com/familyguy/images/6/66/Jude_Renee.jpg )
    4. Stuck on you (I found this movie heartwarming and funny as well, easily one of their most under appreciated movies they put out)
    5. Theres something about Mary (I didnt find this movie as good as everyone else for some reason)

    • I’m with big baby jesus ^^

      -The Three Stooges needs to be scraped from this list. People won’t be missing anything special there.

      Love me some ‘Me, Myself and Irene’ though. One of my all time favorites. Literally used to throw the VHS on every night and go to bed to it.

  8. dumb and dumber, shallow hal, me myself and irene and kingpin. havent seen something about mary and have only seen part of stuck on you, but i did like what i saw and hopefully will see the whole movie soon.

  9. the latest comedy brought to us by Peter and Bobby Farrelly,

  10. The Heartbreak Kid, Stuck on You, Shallow Hal, dumb and dumber.

    I thought Fever Pitch was sappy and I didnt get the humor, and I wanted to kill myself all the way through theres something about mary. Have no idea why everyone loves it so much. And s talented as she is, I don’t find cameron diaz to be very attractive. She was hot in What Happens in Vegas. Thats it. Outside of that shes just a really good actress. And the Heartbreak Kid is a masterpiece.

  11. If your a red sox (which thank god I’m not) then you act just like character did in the film. I wasn’t meant to be as funny as Kingpin which I thought was very funny and doesn’t get the credit like it should.

  12. Yeah, Dumb and Dumber is their best and its one of the best comedies out there, if not THE best.

  13. Like said before, Me, Myself, and Irene definitely needs to be on the list. Definitely.

  14. Amen zombiehunter90!

    -”Just because I Rock doesn’t mean I’m made out of Stone”-,Hank

  15. shallow hal blew

    fever pitch blew

    stuck on you is the worst

    dumb and dumber and something about mary are the only good ones

  16. I’m all for personal opinions, tastes, likes and dislikes. But if you don’t find Dumb and Dumber freaking hilarious there is something seriously wrong with your sense of humor. It takes pure genius to be that “dumb”. Dumb and Dumber is the standard of laughter.

    • We all know Jim Carey can make a fool of himself and get a laugh, it was Jeff Daniels (one of my favourite actors) who gave the stand-out performance for my money. Brilliant actor showing that he can come down to Carey’s comedic level and keep pace with him, great stuff.

      Did like Stuck On You as I like both Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear, considering they’re supposed to be twins they don’t look anything like each other, which was probably part of the joke as well.

      Most of the time I find Jack Black to be one of the most annoying actors, he’s usually too over the top (maybe he and Jim Carey should do a film together, perhaps as twins!!). I like Jason Alexander with his puppy dog tail! :)

      Fever Pitch, mmm, no thanks, not again.

      There’s Something About Mary, after a while they all (especially Ben Stiller) get extremely annoying. Probably the stand-out for me was Chris Elliot.

  17. I didn’t realize Fever Pitch was a Farrelly production. I’ll have to check it out.

  18. I cannot agree with this list Fever Pitch and Stuck on You were not very good at all. Very disappointing films. This what the list should be…
    Dumb and Dumber
    There’s something about Mary
    Me, Myself and Irene
    Shallow Hal

    • On second thought, pull Shallow Hal from the list completely and replace it with The Heartbreak Kid… completely forgot that was a Farrelly Brothers film…

  19. i agree