300 Sequel…A Zombie Flick?

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300 death of leonidas 300 Sequel...A Zombie Flick?

Marc Canton, the producer of 300, had a conversation with MTV Splash Page‘s Larry Carroll recently, where he confirmed speculation that a sequel to 300 is gaining momentum. Reiterating comments previously made by 300 director Zack Snyder, Canton confirmed that Frank Miller, the author behind the graphic novel upon which the movie was based, is currently working on a sequel graphic novel that will later be transposed into a screenplay.

Commenting on what must surely be a complicated process (bringing to fruition a film that has few remaining leading characters), Canton says that Snyder and Miller have already agreed upon the story’s setting. However, in previous public statements, Snyder has said that he will have no hand in the creation of the new story in novel form; that will be left entirely up to Miller.

One would think the situation is pretty straightforward: if most or all of the original leading characters from 300 were killed off, the likelihood of a sequel seems slim. Apparently no one gave Canton that memo. Carroll asked how the minds behind the masterpiece plan on overcoming this rather large roadblock to the sequel. Here what Canton had to say:

Things are always looking good with ‘300,’ it’s a blessing and a gift…There’s a new Blu-Ray coming out all over again shortly, so that’s great. It’s like the gift that never stops giving.

Canton seems to see the pragmatic side of the argument: the potential for a 300 sequel to be another financial wellspring like the original.  But what of the character shortage that seems to be standing between the film in theory and the film in reality?  Carroll revealed to Splash Page that Gerard Butler’s character, King Leonidas, COULD be brought back from the dead, even though the first film ends with the recounting of his death by David Wenham’s Dilios. Said Canton: “Never assume anything; never assume anything…”

A text book answer from the Hollywood Producer School of Vagueness. What is it we are NOT to assume, exactly? That dead characters are going to stay dead? Because that would be presumptuous…

Let’s hope that Canton’s “gift that never stops giving” can deliver a second time.  Thankfully, with minds behind the project like Snyder and Miller, focused more on the creative aspect, the film has the potential to repeat the success of the original and continue to give Canton what he really want$.

How do you think they should approach the 300 sequel? Should they try an bring back King Leonidas?

Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. Solution seems obvious: prequel

  2. That would be my first guess as well.


  3. I hope not b/c we have ENOUGH zombie films. I agree w/ JB…it should be a prequel.

  4. Prequel ?
    Zombies ?Or any sort of rising from the dead scenario?

  5. At first thought zombies seems like a bad idea. But this is Frank-fricken-Miller we’re talking about here. If anyone can make it work it’s him!

  6. I sincerely doubt that Snyder and Miller are “focused more on the creative aspect” of this movie. Seems like a shameless cash-in to me. Kinda like Will Smith’s “I am Legend” sequel.

  7. You know, when I saw the documentaries on the real events behind 300, I thought the whole thing with the boat/ship wars was fantastic and I think they could use that as a jumping off point, and maybe mix in some stuff from the battle on the ground. Add some other prequel/sequel stuff (before and after events) and you might just have a great movie!


  8. The only problem with a prequel would be that the first Persian invasion of Greece culminated with the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, which was fought largely by those “boy-lovers” the Athenians. Sparta was going through the hoo-hah surrounding the transfer of power from King Cleomenes to his half-brother Leonidas after the former’s suspicious death, so there’s definitely a story to be told about Sparta and Athens, and the Persian King Darius’s death leading to his son Xerxes and the second invasion events of 300.

    They could go with the Battle of Plataea (from the end of the film) and have flashbacks to the first invasion, but if Gerard Butler’s in it he won’t be doing a lot of fighting: the Spartans only got their act together and showed up after the Battle of Marathon was over.

    Is it me or does Canton look like Elliot Gould smirking at some internal joke? “The gift that never stops giving” sounds ominously like George Lucas’s attitude towards Star Wars…

  9. I love the movie 300 but I do not want a prequel, and I absolutely will not even watch a movie where Leonidas is brought back to life. I do not see a sequel being as good as the original either but If a follow up movie is inevitable the I want it to be about the battle of Plataea

  10. A prequel is the ONLY way! Or they will ruin a great thing.

  11. Snyder doesn’t want any influence over the script?! Heaven forbid he has an original thought besides “running zombies.” I’d say it only has a chance with Frank Miller still onboard.

  12. Wasn’t the storyteller of the first movie considered to be somewhat unreliable?

    Either way I’m not looking forward to a follow up movie to 300 regardless of where it fits in time-wise.

    I remember reading the sequel to Dark Knight Returns called Dark Knight Strikes Again…not so good compared to the original and not very necessary. I see the same for 300. No follow up needed please.

  13. i like spartans and zombies. i say bring the mindless fun on

  14. Having the sequel set in Hades (Greek underworld) would be pretty awesome.

    Have battles with Gods etc.

    Use bluescreen again, this time have lava everyone and stuff.

  15. Yeah, this could be good. But we as a people will have to suspend our collective disbelief while Miller makes this magical work. I think he should take the stylized historical aspect and build on it – continue the mythos, right into absurd fiction territory. These men can do it. I will support them in their endeavors.

  16. here’s what i think of:

    don’t mess with the dead.
    300 was awesome, don’t ruin it.

  17. I disagree entirely about it being a prequel. It should be a sequel, without bringing back Leonidas. He isn’t the only important character.

  18. I have to agree with Heath, the seabattle seems pretty epic in the docu’s that i’ve watched, telling that side of the story could be pretty cool.

  19. Here’s a novel idea… don’t make a sequel because the first one was absolutely terrible.

  20. Here’s another idea, you guys do a bit of research before publishing. History tells us of that the battle of Thermopylae,the battle 300 is based on, was just one of many the Persian wars. The next major land battle was the battle of Plataea, perhaps the setting for the sequel? BTW Tom, 300 rocked.

  21. @Ben: That’s the same as making a sequel of “The Alamo” where Houston defeated Santa Ana at San Jacinto.

  22. Though everyone is saying the word “sequel” it could actually turn out to be a prequel as well. I could have sworn that I ever heard Zach say that was a posibility in a recent article.

  23. The first one was great but it was great because of the style and action sequences. The movie was really a romance plotwise, they need to ditch that and just stick to action sequences.

  24. The last movie wasn’t racist enough. This time shave all the spartans’ heads and give Leonidas a hitler-stache.

  25. 300 was the stupidest movie I have ever seen. Just a testosterone-laced CGI war-gasm, probably high on every 13-year-old boy’s list.

    Examples? How about when the stupid kid was standing in the middle of the battlefield after a fight, making googoo eyes at his dad. Then a horse comes galloping from behind him and lops off his head. Why couldn’t he hear that? Because the horse sound wasn’t in the soundtrack? This is a primitive device from silent film days – a villian can walk right up behind you in a quiet room because there is no sound. The 300 director thinks we’re retards.

    Another one: throughout the battle the Spartans form this impenetrable shield that millions of arrows can’t penetrate. For some reason (probably out of the same boredom I felt), at the end of the battle they decide to abandon this strategy and they all die. Stoo-pid.

    I don’t have time or the interest to go on.

    Lamest. Movie. ever.

  26. Yes they all died. All 300 died. But not ALL of the Spartans were killed. Good grief people think a little. At the very least, women and children were left. Right? But I believe Leonidas took just 300 of his soldiers to go stomp butt. Not all of them. And relax. It was based off of a GRAPHIC novel. It was a visually stunning movie. It wasn’t trying to be anything more than that.

  27. I don’t think Leonidas actually died at the end; we was just chillin’