Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, ‘Croods’ & ‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequels and More

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This week:

An image of Eva Green from 300: Rise of an Empire arrives; Clifton Collins joins Transcendence; Pitch Perfect 2 targets a 2015 release; a sequel to The Croods is in development; David Lowery signs on to direct Torso; Nathan Fillion would like to play Spider-Man villain The Scorpion; and the MPAA plans to change their ratings system.


Hot on the heels of the first images and poster for 300: Rise of an Empire comes a new image featuring one of the film’s stars, Eva Green, in action.

300 Rise of an Empire Image Eva Green 570x274 Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

In the follow-up (although it’s actually a prequel) to Zack Snyder’s film, Eva Green plays the character of Artemesia, a Persian commander with a serious bone to pick with the Greeks. And, as the image shows, she isn’t afraid of thrusting herself right into battle.

Rise of an Empire‘s story runs concurrent to the story in the original 300, so don’t expect to see too much crossover as far as characters are concerned. There will be plenty of action sequences to go around, though, as this tale focuses on the Battle of Artemisium, wherein the Greeks fought off a sea assault by the Persian army.

If nothing else, the film (which is under the direction of Noam Murro) has the visual palette down. Whether it will be able to capture the magic of the original is another question.

300: Rise of an Empire hits theaters on August 2, 2013.

Source: EW


Well-known character actor Clifton Collins Jr. has joined the cast of Wally Pfister’s Transcendence.

Transcendence Casts Clifton Collins Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

The news comes less than a week after Kate Mara (House of Cards) joined the cast, which also includes Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, and Morgan Freeman. Unfortunately, since a lot of the plot’s key details are being kept tightly under wraps, it’s hard to speculate as to whom Collins might be playing.

Apparently, Pfister – the long-time cinematographer for Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan – has learned a thing or two about keeping his projects shrouded in mystery.

Source: Variety


Even though they aren’t exactly striking while the iron is hot, Universal has announced Pitch Perfect 2 will release in 2015.

Pitch Perfect 2 Releasing 2015 Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

The news comes straight from CinemaCon, where Universal confirmed Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon would script the sequel. The first film, which starred Anna Kendrick and 2013 MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson, went on to gross over $100 million worldwide and was considered a breakout hit. Moreover, the film’s soundtrack became the best-selling soundtrack of last year, thanks to its acapella riffs on popular hits.

Since then, the film has attained somewhat of a cult following, which makes talk of a sequel understandable. However, it’s unclear which cast members might be returning.

Source: Deadline


DreamWorks Animation announced they have started development on a sequel to The Croods.

The Croods Sequel in Development Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

The news doesn’t come as any sort of surprise, considering The Croods has grossed over $400 million worldwide. It’s also this year’s second highest-grossing movie, behind Oz the Great and Powerful.

It seems like a no-brainer that when an animated film does well, talk of a sequel surfaces. And with DreamWorks now using Fox for distribution, who’s to say an Ice Age and Croods crossover isn’t in our future?

Source: Coming Soon


David Lowery has signed on to direct a feature-film adaptation of Marc Andreyko and Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel, Torso.

David Lowery Directing Torso Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

Torso follows famed Prohibition agent Eliot Ness after his time hunting Al Capone. While working in Cleveland, Ness was on the trail of a serial killer who would leave only a mutilated torso behind.

Bendis and Andreyko plan go very small with Torso, and are financing the film themselves, alongside the production company Circle of Confusion. A period cop drama based on a graphic novel is apparently very hard to pull off – people like David Fincher and Todd McFarlane have tried their hand at Torso before – but apparently Lowery is the man for the job. His film Ain’t Them Bodies Saints premiered at Sundance earlier this year, and he has signed on to write and direct the Pete’s Dragon remake.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Although it’s usually fans that partake of wish-casting Nathan Fillion, now the Castle actor is getting in on the action himself. When asked (through Twitter) which Marvel character he would like to play, Fillion responded by saying:

While Amazing Spider-Man 2 has already found its villain in Jamie Foxx’s Electro, there’s no reason why Scorpion couldn’t be the third film’s antagonist. However, whether or not Sony would pick Fillion for the role is another issue.

Nathan Fillion Spider Man Scorpion Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

Even though this is all a “what if” scenario, it’s still interesting to think that of all the Marvel characters out there Fillion chose The Scorpion. Maybe after playing the hero for so long, he’s ready to try his hand at a villain?

Which Marvel Comics hero or villain would you like to see Nathan Fillion  play?


The MPAA has announced plans to change their ratings system to help better understand why a certain film received its rating.

MPAA Rating System Changes Movie News Wrap Up: MPAA Ratings Changes, Croods & Pitch Perfect Sequels and More

At this year’s CinemaCon, MPAA CEO Christopher Dodd made the announcement, saying that a film’s rating will now feature a clearer explanation. As the image above showcases, most ratings feature a brief blurb from the MPAA regarding the film’s content, but those aren’t always to read on a poster or in a 30-second TV spot.

These new rating explanations will be in larger text right alongside the actual rating letter. The end goal of the MPAA’s new campaign, called ‘Check the Box,’ is to better inform parents as to a film’s content.

Source: Fox News

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  1. Um that’s not true fillion played the evil priest caleb on the last season of buffy. PettyTom 1. ScreebRant 0

    • Correct spelling and capitalization 1. petty tom 0.

  2. I would like to see Nathan Fallion play Green Lantern for DC and for Marvel

    • Oops and for Marvel I’d like to see him play quick silver.

      • …how about … antman?!!! *head explodes*

        • I’d like it if he never appeared in a comic book movie. The sound of weeping fanboys is music to my ears.

          • Wow, I agree with Cave-ish Man.

            Seriously, the only thing I’ve seen him in is Super and he wasn’t even very good in that so any decision to make the fanboys cry into their “Team Whedon” jammies is great in my view.

            Might stop the guy being completely overrated by people who generally seem to like terrible shows/movies/actors purely to seem cool and knowledgable when actually, they just make themselves sound elitist and hipster.

            “Yeah, I’m a fan of something most other people around the world haven’t even heard of, yay me, now put the lead actor in everything ever known to man to satisfy literally nobody except that guy’s accountant.”

            No thanks.

            I’d rather see Rainn Wilson and his large forehead as The Leader in a future Hulk movie, at least that makes more sense than having Nathan Fillion as Wonder Woman or whatever you Whedon nerds would do.

            • I’d rather you stop assuming you know anything about the fandom of individuals on the internet that you never met… but we never get the things we want do we?

              • +1

            • LOL Whedon fans are elitists, News to me!
              Now the folks who have to trash stuff because others like it, they sound like elitist snobs to me.

              And if “someone” wants to Grammar NAZI my post, then have at it.
              Like Randall says “There’s nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others.

  3. Sounds good to me – I’ve been hoping for Scorpion ever since the reboot was announced. Would’ve made a much more interesting villain than the Lizard.

  4. Anyone notice it says “Stronge” on that rated R poster. Good job MPAA.

    • even in bigger print I didn’t care to read it. And they probably shouldn’t do seeming that it is gonna be in bigger print and a lot more people could see it.

  5. As much as I like a lot of this news I’m inclined to really believe it since alot of it is from Fox news….

    • Wow, really? Please give me three examples of stories Fox lied on. Just 3. Or perhaps it’s just that their political views lean the other way from you. That doesn’t make them an illegitimate news organization.

        • I’m not familiar with all of those, but some of them – such as Obama adding more debt than any other president – are true. Seeing as MSNBC and CNN have been caught EDITNG tape to present someone in a bad light, I don’t see what the beef is with Fox other than differing opinion. I’m not one who believes Fox is an angelic organization run by Jesus and never does wrong – I’ve been annoyed with them plenty of times. Perhaps a movie news website isn’t the best place to get involved in a political debate (I avoid commenting on political website for this very reason), but it bothers me to see people attack Fox for these reasons.

          • It said all presidents combined not just one. There is no debate. They lie a lot. Thats why people dont like them. Some can accept that, others cant.

            • “There is no debate” – yes, a classic line. You just go on believing whatever you like.

        • Yes cause I so rather believe John Stewart than a news company. Ha

  6. I know this will probably never happen, but Fillion as the Guardian from Alpha Flight would be amazeballs!

  7. As long as the same or most of the same cast come back for pitch perfect I’m in! Loved the first one. Actually watched it again Yestersy. Hilarious. Anna Kendrick and rebel Wilson are hilarious!

  8. Glad to see Clifton Collins Jr. getting higher profile roles. He’s earned his stripes and done solid work for years. I still remember him from The Replacement Killers, so it’s fun to see how far he’s come.

    As for Nathan Fillion, he likely has enough friends in Marvel (Joss Whedon, James Gunn, Zac Levi) to get some sort of a role.

  9. Nathan Fillion should be playing Henry Pym :P

    • No. Fillion’s too fat. He should play Ultron.

  10. Nice to see some movement on Torso. Been a while.

  11. Well known actor? LMAO now that’s funny & I’m sorry but Nathan Fillion isn’t a good actor IMO, he plays the same person in everything.

  12. FAT,USED, and BROKE train wreck Nathan Fillion will DO ANYTHING to get a J.O.B with Marvel HOW SHAMEFUL!!! DUDE dont beg for a job if anyone thought you were ANY good at acting you WOULD have a job with Marvel!
    STOP GROVELING FOR A JOB AND GO AWAY, YOU SUCK and if you are ever in any MARVEL FILM i will know it is the end of that franchise.
    How sad is it that his fans are always crying about him being in a CBM and NOW he is whining about it also!! Geez quit embarrassing yourself and just go away, DONT GO AWAY MAD, but PLEASE GO AWAY!!

  13. i love the scorpion… i hope somthing comes of this. all the villain of the new spiderman i have wanted have come to be and the scorpion was my next choice. XD its like fox marvel is in my mind lol.

  14. I think Fillion would make a great Scorpion. Maybe in a future sequel he will. I think it would make a good change for him. i would to hear what DC character he would like to play in live action.

  15. Scorpion with Fillion works for me. i have long said I would like to see Scorpion in a live Spidey flick. I already got my wish on Electro and Lizard, so now Scorpion and Mysterio are my next villain choices.

  16. I doubt I’ll ever understand the ire Nathan Fillion provokes in people. He seems like a nice enough guy who’s enjoying the life he’s been blessed with.

    • He may very well be a great guy but he cant act for sh*t and it is because of all of his manlovers out there that I CANT STAND HIM, AND HOPE HE NEVER GETS HIRED BY MARVEL other than to bring RDJ coffey!

  17. ooops thats ^COFFEE the drink not coffey the person!!! lol I dont think RDJ would like Fillion bringing him a person!

    • Either way, it might not be that bad of a day job.