‘300’ Prequel Update: No Longer Titled ‘Xerxes’

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Xerxes in 300 300 Prequel Update: No Longer Titled Xerxes

With Zack Snyder’s much-buzzed about Superman: Man of Steel making headlines left and right as of late, it’s easy to forget that the filmmaker is associated with another high-profile franchise title: a semi-prequel to his breakout hit adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300also referred to as Xerxes.

Now 300 producer Mark Canton has shed some light on the project, including its development status, why Warner Bros. is reportedly reaching out to talents like Guy Ritchie to direct it, and the film no longer being titled Xerxes.

Canton confirmed to MTV that the 300 spinoff is no longer called Xerxes, but did not elaborate on the reason why – and only jokingly suggested it would be named Xerxes Plus instead. He also indicated that – despite rumors that Warner Bros. pushed Snyder away from the film due to Sucker Punch‘s poor performance and reception – the studio actually wants production on the 300 prequel to begin before Snyder completes work on his Superman reboot.

Snyder has already finished and handed in a draft of the formerly-known-as-Xerxes screenplay, which Canton (naturally) says is well worth the time it took to complete. To quote:

“It’s been worth the wait. You know, that group of people [who worked on ‘300’], we’re really a family. That’s part of what made that movie so gratifying. Rather than doing the bad sequel, Zack led the way, we took our time. And now I think we have something that is going to be fantastic.”

300 Xerxes and Leonidas 300 Prequel Update: No Longer Titled Xerxes

Miller has spoken out before about the structure and scale of his Xerxes comic book, which he describes as the following:

“This is a more complex story.  The story is so much larger.  The Spartans in ’300′ were being enclosed by the page as the world got smaller.  This story has truly vast subjects.  The Athenian naval fleet, for instance, is a massive artistic undertaking and it [sic] dwarfed by the Persian fleet, which is also shown in this story.  The story has elements of espionage, too, and it’s a sweeping tale with gods and warriors.”

It will be interesting to see which director signs on in Snyder’s place to helm the pseduo-prequel, since Snyder has a very unique and easily recognizable visual style. 300 is generally beloved for its bombastic action and overall tone; both of those could be quite different with Snyder not calling the shots on the prequel. But will moviegoers still turn out in large numbers to see it anyway?

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the (not) Xerxes adapation as more information is released.

Source: MTV

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  1. I think it’s a mistake not to wait for Snyder. He did ‘300’ very well, and they should not fix it if it’s not broken. Meaning, don’t change something that works.

  2. Would love it if they waited on Snyder but I remember him saying a while back that he wouldn’t have the time to do it hence them searching for other directors. Well maybe Ritchie could do it before he films a third Sherlock Holmes movie.

  3. i wonder if they’ll have any of the original cast in it apart from gerard butler…. i.e. Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes

  4. Kind of wish they’d do a story/film featuring Darius instead of Xerxes.

  5. “I will erase you from the histories…”. I loved that whole temper tantrum scene he pulls. He start out the conversation all calm and collective and then just like that; completely off the meter.

  6. no chance with out snyder directing I smell direct to dvd sequel.

    • yup

  7. Yeah, if Snyder’s not involved I’ll skip this. It just wouldn’t be the same…

  8. All you people saying you won`t see this if Snyder isn`t directing need to wake up. Sin City was a Miller comic…Directed by Rodriguez…and effing awesome. There ARE other directors and though this story does share characters it is a DIFFERENT story and has a DIFFERENT tone. A different dirctor shouldn`t make you NOT SEE the film. As long as they translate directly from the comic and Frank Miller has creative control, this will be another dose of comic/cinematic sweetness!

  9. Probably cuz it’s too hard to pronounce. And hey, isn’t that one pic an ad for Hanes Men’s Underwear?!

  10. What gave 300 an extra quality was the Frank Miller touch to the script andd adaptation. The ‘side’ comments and spoken thoughts which became his signature and made his comics somewhat like graphic novels also gave 300 a different outlook. Watchmen and Sin City had the same graphic novel feel. I think the prequel should keep that trait as well as be related to historical events like 300 was.

  11. Snyder not being director gives me some hope this could be decent.

    • yikes :) whats your beef with Snyder? I guess your not to happy about him rebooting your favorite superman movies…

      • Don’t go there dude rofl. We all have our own opinions, we may like Snyder he just prolly doesn’t. Kinda like how I hate Michael Bay lol. Who knows maybe when the movie is finally out DrSam might end up liking it.

        • I think I’ve more chance of finding gold in one of my turds than enjoying Snyder’s Superman.

          • Ah well, I tried lol.

            • hahahah very colorful DSB I’m not that crazy about Snyder either, he’s ok… just wondering what YOU don’t like about him… Thanx for the heads up MR but i value DSB’s opinion no matter how colorful it may be :)

              • Honestly, I would put Synder in the same catergory as Michael Bay, abundance of technical style but zero substance.
                300 was ok, it was visually interesting to look at, but I didnt love it.
                Watchmen was very good, but is any of that because of Snyder? No, not really, it was the story that made Watchmen a great film and his casting choices for that film ranged from great to bloody awful.
                Sucker Punch, i havent seen it, I will admit. But my initial impression of the film from trailers is exactly what every single review has said.

                If he wants to make flashy films for the rest of his life, fine with me, but he should stay away from Superman.

                • It would seem that we are on the same page… I totally agree with you, I’m just hoping this Superman movie pushes him to rise to the occasion.

                • Well he works better with VFX than Bay could ever dream of plus Bay always come across as a giant douche.Oh and I agree with Bone1’s comment. From his interviews he says the character of Superman is why he agreed to take on the project so lets give him a chance and see, if its good you’ll be surprised, if it sucks well then you would get to say “I told you so” 😉

                  • Come one let’s give Snyder a chance with Superman, still pretty early to be writing it off completely.

  12. es una jalada esta pagina .l.