’300: Rise of an Empire’ – SR Underground Ep. 134

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sr underground 134 300 rise of an empire 300: Rise of an Empire – SR Underground Ep. 134

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred thirty-four of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review 300: Rise of an Empire, discuss the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer and the casting of young Bruce Wayne in the Gotham TV series, as well as talk about what we’d like to see in Sony’s Zorro reboot.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 134 - 300: Rise of an Empire

We review 300: Rise of an Empire, discuss the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer and the casting of young Bruce Wayne in the Gotham TV series, as well as talk about what we’d like to see in Sony’s Zorro reboot.

[0:00] News: ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ Trailer: Booze, Broads and BulletsSony Hires Writer for Gritty ‘Zorro’ Reboot in the Style of ‘The Dark Knight’‘Gotham’ Casts Young Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

[1:00:31] Rants and Raves: Parks and Rec, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Grand Piano, Delivery Man, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Workaholics, American Horror Story: Asylum, Longmire, The Following, and Hannibal.

[1:39:19] Review: 300: Rise of an Empire (read our full written 300: Rise of an Empire review).

[1:55:02]  SPOILERS: 300: Rise of an Empire (join our 300: Rise of an Empire spoilers discussion).

[2:19:58] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

[2:22:01] Game Rant News Brief.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



As mentioned on the podcast, check out our Screen Rant Underground video feature Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer Analysis below:


Next Week: Need for Speed

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Non-Stop opening): Sal reports that The Prince That Was Promised was our winner yet again – with a perfect score AND perfect tiebreaker.

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Need for Speed - 3,000
  • Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club - 1,800

Opening this Week in Theaters (Limited):

  • N/A

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  1. Lmao! Anthony kills me, lol. Also, you guys did a Three Musketeers podcast?

    • I think Rob mentioned it in Rants and Raves a long time ago. It wasn’t a full review.

      • That movie needs a sequel.

    • If in the near future you guys ever have a week without a film youd like to review, i think you should review True Detective. I’d be interested to know what you all thought of it.

      • We’ll be talking about it next week!

  2. After listening to this sex discussion, I’m gonna have to see this movie now. But not in D-Box lol.

  3. Need 4 speed
    Mr Peabody
    Tyler perry
    Non stop

  4. About to listen to this podcast on the train. Excited.

    Also…can you guys do a live podcast in NYC? Or offer trips to accompany you guys on viewings?

    I want to be in the crew!

    • Take that as a no.

      • Haha! We’re might invade Ben’s lawless state of Colorado for an in-depth conversation about what the color purple tastes like.

  5. what a bunch of hooligans

  6. Season 2 of the Following is not much better than Season 1. Granted, I am reveling with it in how bad it is and has seemed to develop a sense of self-awareness, but I have no idea what the screen rant see in this show when they give it such high praise. I would love to hear you guys do a podcast just about the following.

  7. Hey Rob, you mentioned putting gameplay videos on your Youtube channel. Whats the name of your channel so i could check them out?

    • Thanks! I must have totally missed that

  8. 300 is in my Netflix list!

  9. I’m excited for another Sin City, agreed it should have come out already but I think other people will still be excited for it when it comes out. I haven’t watched the first one in years, I have the unrated extended cut, not sure if I’ve ever watched it tho… I’d be interested in a double feature on the big screen, if theaters do that, they did with 300!

    Speaking of 300 the double feature was great, you guys mentioned that it would be awesome to see everything in chronological order, while it wasn’t quite chronological it was great seeing them back to back! I was slightly confused as to where the ending of the first movie fits in to this (it ends with Dilios giving a rousing speech about the 300 1 year after, and then it pans out to an army of 10,000 Spartans leading 30,000 greeks, its all done with really great music too!) but then it just cuts to credits… and the sequel didn’t really mention that. After doing a little research, that battle of Plataea apparently takes place about a year later, so that could possibly be in the next movie, but it doesn’t really seem like Xerxes was involved in that much… it appears although he retreated if it ever looked bad for him, but screw History i’m sure they could make s*** up, I do think we deserve to see Xerxes do some fighting!

    I was hoping for more of an explanation on how he became the God-king. He walks past a half dead guy, submerges into the fluid, and then a bunch of people fade in praying around the pool as he emerges?? They pretty much showed his entire story in the trailers, I’m interested to see what Miller’s Xerxes comics are actually about…

  10. What are you talkin about Rob, the last eps of Arrow have been great.
    Ben almost said Rants and Rapes segment.
    Anthony why is supernatural sucking?

    • I’m all caught up now and definitely enjoying the latest two. I have a HUGE problem with how they’re handling Moira and forcing her to have more story with the mayoral campaign – which is absolutely insane considering the PR nightmare and trial she went through. Just ridic.

      Also not liking the explanation so far for Slade’s rage mission. They’ve not fleshed out enough of a legit reason for him to turn evil from being such a good dude before.

      • Wasn’t Slade’s personality affected by the Mirkuru serum? I mean, Roy had serious rage issues combined with violent outburts himself after receiving his dose, and he had the guidance of Oliver and Thea. Imagine what it would do with the mind of that roided out fighter who thinks that Oliver is responsible for the death of the woman he loved, left to his own devices after the confrontation on the ship. It must have driven him insane. Also, there is the little thing with his eye. So patience is key. I’m sure his motivation becomes more clear down the road.

        • yeah its the mirikuru, plus lots of jealousy.
          Ivo had nothin really, just admitted he killed shado but that ollie didnt want her enough to die for her, which slade wouldve

      • Ridiculous as a comic book.
        Was he such a good dude? Always seemed a bit rough.

  11. An s***. The site thinks I was spamming. I promise that was not my intent. I thought I was sharing a legit link above with fellow SR fans but it turns out the NBC site only has highlights from Hannibal eps. Even as I am reading it now it looks kinda robot-ish Sincere apologies.

    - Dustin

  12. :/

  13. That new Sin City trailer looks pretty much exactly like the first one, which isn’t bad. Unfortunately it has been almost 9 years for the sequel to come out, which is way too long. And why was the first one $40 Million despite the heavy green screen usage? Well, first of all the digital sets don’t build themselves and the cast wants to get paid as well (Bruce Willis!).

    A new Zorro movie won’t have it that hard. After all, the Batman franchise was run into the ground by the awful Schumacher movies and the interest was completey gone, until Nolan’s Batman Begins came along.

    Don’t be afraid, Anthony. If you found Camren Bicondova gorgeous when you didn’t know how old she was she doesn’t suddenly become ungorgeous when you know her age. It’s fine to acknowledge her beauty, as long as you don’t take advantage of it or kill any dogs. :D

    I’m all for a new RoboCop! That movie really surprised me.

  14. Box Office Battle:
    1. 300 Rise of an Empire
    2. Need for Speed
    3. The Single Mom’s Club
    4. Mr. Peabody and Sherman
    5. Non-Stop
    10. 3 Days to Kill

    • 1- Need For Speed
      2- 300
      3- Single Mom’s Club
      4- Mr Peabody and Sherman
      5- Non Stop

      10- Monuments Men

  15. #1 Need for Speed
    #2 300: Rise of An Empire
    #3 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
    #4 Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club
    #5 Non-Stop
    #10 3 Days to Kill

  16. How could you miss the obvious choice? Idris Elba as Zorro!

    • Haha, he was right. She does look a bit like Dren from Splice. :D

  17. 1. Need for Speed
    2. 300: Rise of An Empire
    3. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
    4. Non-Stop
    5. The LEGO Movie
    10. 3 Days to Kill

  18. @Ben Kendrick, Y’re saying ‘Gotham’ is basically Daredevil Year One?

  19. That was one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever heard.
    Almost drove off the road during the spoiler d-box story.