30 Awesome Minimalist Superhero Posters

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We here at Screen Rant wanted to celebrate the upcoming summer movie season – particularly the release of Iron Man 2 – by taking an unconventional look at some of the most iconic superheroes in the entertainment industry.

Over the past few months, you may have caught some of our “SR Picks” which highlighted various artists’ interpretations of Quentin Tarantino films, Star Wars and popular television series. Today, we’re stepping out from solely presenting these wonderful posters and taking the initiative to create some of our own.

For the past three nights, I put my need for a good night’s sleep aside in order to present you, the reader, with literally dozens of superhero posters with a unique, minimalist twist.

Some may be more obvious than others, but hopefully you’ll have no problem identifying each and every comic-book icon represented. If, for some reason, you’re not a fan of the typical comic book hero (Capes & Cowls), I’ve also thrown in some of my favorite off-beat superhero characters from television’s past.

I apologize in advance if your favorite superhero is not included, but I’m sure with 30 posters to choose from you’ll have no problem finding something to pique your interest. You can click on the posters below for a larger version of each.

[poll id="214"]

Without further ado… Enjoy!

There you have it! Screen Rant‘s first foray into the minimalist poster universe.

What did you think of our minimalist superhero posters and which was your favorite? Which superhero would you have liked to see that we might have missed? Would you like to see more of this from us, and if so what other subjects would you like to see get the minimalist treatment? Can you still sing the entire Darkwing Duck theme song?

Make sure to comment below. We’d love to hear what you think.

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(Special thanks to fellow Screen Rant writers Mike Eisenberg, for planting the minimalist-idea seed, and Paul Young, for getting equally as little sleep as me in order to help me fully realize and develop the idea – as well as designing the wonderful Aquaman, Hawkeye, Punisher and Thing posters.)


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  1. 1:) They are sir, but we use .jpgs for the site.

    2:) The originals are big enough to be made into posters, shirts or whatever, but we were just displaying these posters. So, not sure what you mean by “big enough to buy.”

  2. Great idea for a followup… “Minimalist Posters For Everything OVER The Sun”

  3. Great idea for a followup… “Minimalist Posters For Everything OVER The Sun”

  4. Noted, Sir. Thanks for reading.

  5. Beautiful. I would definitely buy a t-shirt or print of any one of these.

  6. I'm getting tired of seeing these “minimalism” posters for everything under the sun.

    These are mostly just superhero's logos blown up.

  7. why is everyone so impressed by these? all you did was simplify their logos, there's really nothing creative about most of these. a few are alright, but mostly they look like the “vintage” super hero shirts you can already get at Target and Old Navy. Weaksauce.

  8. Pretty cool, except I didn't understand the color reversal on The Flash. I'd like to see some team posters…Avengers, Teen Titans, X-Men…etc. And some golden agers as well…Spirit?

  9. me likey

  10. I'll take that as a compliment since Target has some of the best graphic designers in the business. Or course you lose points for using the term “weaksauce”…seriously? What's next “I won I won I shot the BB gun?” Get a grip dude, thanks for looking at them anyways. Your page view counts :)

  11. I want them all. Even the ones I don't know who they are. In poster size no less. How do I make that happen?

  12. First, great job! Something for everybody in the variety department. Duffman (watch out for Fox lawyers now) is the icing on the cake.

    Second, my only critique is around TWO of them.

    Darkwing Duck – I just cannot make it out. A little too complex for something minimal. Of all of them, I would suggest starting over from scratch on that one.

    Rogue – The Jim Lee era outfit is nostalgic, but I think the hair could have been more recognizable. Show the brown hair as well as the white streak and it would be perfect!

    TMNT: What about all four bandannas? Their brow would be the emphasis along with the eyeholes. One in red or black like the original graphic novels and a second poster with the four colors with eye expressions like the cartoon.

    Suggestions for “Round 2″ along with what has already been suggested: The Savage Dragon, The Tick, Professor Chaos, The Greatest American Hero, Voltron?

    Again, great job!

  13. This is very cool. There are a few others to consider for a second edition: Blade, Thor, Hulk, Ghost Rider…

  14. ARTIE!!!! i thought i was the only one who remembered pete and pete.

  15. Ironman needs a horizontal line under his eyes to indicate a mouth. Would make it a lot more badass. Or maybe even his entire head. I know it's supposed to be minimalist, but there's just TOO much empty space there.

  16. Oh go back to your drinks you damn alcoholic! lol ;-)

  17. Dr. Manhattans scalp, looks choppy – I doubted it was originally made in vector.

    And yeah, 2nd question was actually two questions: Why are they so small? (if they were huge, I could get them printed out and used them as posters for myself)
    And why can't we buy them, yet?

    and here are some brand new questions:
    Where's Freakazoid? (Best superhero, ever!)
    Optimus Prime?
    Earthworm Jim?
    Lion-o (King of the Thundercats)?
    The Incredible Hulk?

    I appreciate your work, and I look forward to you putting them on the market, or releasing them in 2k-resolution.


  18. Haha, I'm not trying to trick you, Sir. I ended up mirroring Dr. Manhattan's head because the original looked off. So, the choppiness you see comes from my sloppy cleanup.

    We're looking into making these available for purchase soon & Manhattan's head will be cleaned up.

  19. Here's an alternative TMNT poster I had put together.


  20. Nothing averts my falcon eyes ! :D

    Looking forward to more posters from you – in poster size.

    Make it happen, gentlemen!

  21. These are great, do T-shirts please :)

  22. Excellent designs, with the superhero name in maybe a different font I'd actually pay money for designs like that. Not monopoly money either, proper cash. :-)

    I think the design would suit any logo or object. Thanks guys!

  23. we are all forgetting artie, def the best

  24. These should be made into tshirts!

  25. Wouldn't there be some copywrite issues if they started selling them?? I don't know exactly how that works, just wondering…

  26. Love these so very, very much. I don't give a damn whether they technically qualify as “minimalist” or not. They LOOK great! However, I expect your second installment to include more women, please and thank you.

    Dazzler, Storm, Phoenix, Catwoman, Batgirl (Oracle), Poison Ivy, Harley, Black Widow, Firestar, Hawkgirl and Spider Woman immediately sprung to mind with images perfect for the style. So if you could just cull that info from my talentless brain, that would be great, thaaanks!

  27. These rock. How long till we can get desktop backgrounds?

  28. Great job! I love them all!

  29. There are some, not all, that wouldn't be able to be sold because of that.