3 New Incredible Hulk TV Spots For Ya

Published 6 years ago by , Updated March 11th, 2014 at 9:28 am,
hulk angry closeup 3 New Incredible Hulk TV Spots For Ya

Ok, ok… you guys have been asking for the new TV spots for The Incredible Hulk so here you go. icon smile 3 New Incredible Hulk TV Spots For Ya

I figure it’s the least I can do… this poor movie has had such a lack of marketing and publicity I feel like I need to help out a bit. And you – go out and tell your friends that yes, there is a NEW Hulk movie coming out and it looks COOL.

Don’t quite feel that way yet? Check out the three TV spots below and then come back and talk to me.

If you want to see much bigger and more detailed versions of these commercials for The Incredible Hulk, you can watch them at the Hulk trailer and video page at IGN.com.

Believe it or not, The Incredible Hulk opens in less than a month on June 13th.

Thanks to my bud over at ReelComix for giving me the final kick in the pants to post these up. icon smile 3 New Incredible Hulk TV Spots For Ya

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  1. Sweet. I am definitely starting to get a little more interested in this movie. I liked the end of the 2nd trailer with Norton’s eyes all green. I still think the Hulk looks too CGIsh, but it’s MUCH better than the last version.

    Let’s hope that this movie does well.

  2. I feel bad for this film because, even with some great word of mouth, the damage has already been done by cynical reporting both online and in print.

    I, for one, reckon we’d all be absolutely stoked about it if this was the FIRST Hulk film in the past decade and we’d not heard of any behind the scenes crap.

    Maybe they’ll find a way to sucker in the new Iron Man fans by showing the scene with Tony Stark and making it crystal clear that this Hulk is part of the new Avengers series of films.

    As for me… I think the films looks pretty darn good!

  3. awesome un like the old one u see him transform. And it looks like it could be a chart topper

  4. Chart topper? Unless you mean something completely different, this movie is not going to do well.

  5. Yay. This movie actually looks like it’ll remove the extremely bad taste the Ang Lee film left in my mouth a few years ago.

    Really, it OUGHT to be easy to make a good, popular Hulk movie. That guy’s a top-tier Marvel character; it’s just absurd how poorly they handled Hulk in the first film. I couldn’t believe it and to this date that Ang Lee film is the only superhero movie that I refuse to own.

    So… that being said, even if this film doesn’t do as well as Iron Man at the box office (I would blame the lack of marketing more than the cynical reporting), I do feel that Marvel Studios, if nothing else, did make a very smart decision to move forward quickly and try to establish another Hulk movie that is probably more of what the fans wanted all along.

  6. Edward Norton is a world-class Dick. How come I aint seein him around doing interviews and press everwhere like our boy Downey Jr. did for Ironman?

    How that guy still has a job acting, I don’t know, but people with his attitude don’t deserve to be in the business.

    On a happier note, the trailers look better and I will see the film.

  7. “Edward Norton is a world-class Dick. How come I aint seein him around doing interviews and press everwhere like our boy Downey Jr. did for Ironman?
    How that guy still has a job acting, I don’t know, but people with his attitude don’t deserve to be in the business.”

    Rob you answered your own question.
    “On a happier note, the trailers look better and I will see the film.”
    And that is why he still gets work. People see his films.

  8. Is it June 13th yet!!!!?????

  9. they gona start marketing this thing crazy 2 week b4 its release

  10. Cripers why can’t people use the entire word when posting? I think this movie will de well in the 50-65 million dollar range for openers and finish with 150-165 million if it has good word of mouth. I don’t think we will see another Hulk movie unless it does at least 500 million worldwide or the merchandising and franchising links do extremely well. Too bad because the character has it all and has so much potential. We will see Hulk again though in other Marvel movies and especially the Avengers…

  11. Norton is a great actor too..He’s an actors actor..Marvel gave him the control of the final edit on this one and they balked at the last minute and that is where the controversy came from. You will see the big stars in this film, NOrton, Tyler, & Hurt out promoting it in the next few weeks and some of the bad press surrounding this misunderstanding between Marvel and Norton will be placed on the back burner. I thnk the Green Guy looks great and that scene where he tears the car in half looks frickin great!!! This is the Hulk people want to see!! The CGI looks good and he is a nin foot tall 1500 lb green man..how real can you make him look when it is something our visual cortexes are not used to processing…he won’t look real because our mind subconsciously tells us that can’t be real…wait a minute it’s a movie…forget I said anything

  12. I tell you what… I’m sooooo tired of people passing judgement on Edward Norton when a) they’ve never met the guy, b) they’re doing nothing but mindlessly buying into tabloid hype, and c) they clearly haven’t read ANYTHING official on the subject without having already made up their mind.

    Even if the slightest bit of negative reporting is true… it was a miracle to get someone of Norton’s acting calibre into a superhero film in the first place. So, if the studio agreed to give him a huge say in how the film turns out, I dare say he’s within his rights to be a little huffy over the film being edited down to nothing more than a 90-minute popcorn flick.

    Having said that, it would be AWESOME if he put any angst aside and moved forward… but no one can judge him for standing by his beliefs (and what his deal reportedly involved). Well… unless you walked a mile in his shoes recently, which I doubt you have.

  13. looks awesome

  14. “Is it just me or does the Hulk allways look pissed off.”

    Um, you ARE joking, right?

    Anyway, I’m not a big Hulk aficionado but I’ve always thought it was because his skin became super-dense.


  15. It’s because the hulk is bruce banner’s manifested rage & pain, what kind of expression do you think he’d have on his face???

  16. LMAO!!!
    It’s because the hulk’s skin in 10 to 20 times stronger than kevlar :)

  17. Is it just me or does the Hulk allways look pissed off.

    And I’m still waiting for that bullet answer….?

  18. Sarcasim, hatred, and praise.
    That’s all I know!

    Haha. Vic, I thought you knew me by now.

  19. No problem 790!!!
    Oh, and i hate to be a buzzkill but even his eyes, mouth and any other “soft” body parts are also strengthened, LOL…also, did you know that he can jump as far as 3 miles and run 300 mph, and if the hulk gets hurt or enraged than all of those abilities get enhanced 10 times more, so his power is infinite!!!

    Sorry, i love comics and just wanted to share my knowledge on one of my favorite characters in Marvel :)

  20. I’m kidding.
    Take the potato chip out of your ass!

    Answer me this why don’t bullets hurt the Hulk.


  21. Happy to have a Hulk expert here. :-)


  22. Thanks Younin, that’s all I wanted was some kind of logical explanation…
    I like that, Kevlar skin!

    Shoot his mouth and eyes, he’s not Superman! Haha. I couldn’t resist.

    Naw I hope this film does well for Marvel and for the sake of the Avengers franchise.

  23. Naw Younin, KEL’s the same…
    That’s awesome!

    Yeah I’ve heard Hulk is a galactic badass in the comics …. This confirms it.
    Serioulsy this is the info I was looking for.
    I don’t have the full background on Hulkster.

  24. I’m fat and a “know-it-all” .. does that count as a Hulk expert? Oh, no wait .. I’m not green. :)


  25. trailer number 2 is my favorite

  26. If you have the first Hulk movie with Ang Lee there are some great speacial features where you click on a body part of the big green guy and it tells you about his strengths..no weaknesses though because he doesn’t have any. I remember reading a Marvel/DC crossover book from the early eighties where the Hulk flattened Superman with one punch.Supes landed a mile away and collapsed a building!!!Although Supes did get up and get pissed off…and they went at it again… I love the HULK!!

  27. Hulk Physics can be found online, just do a search. I would point you to an address but you’ll have more fun looking it up.