’24: Live Another Day’ Premieres May 2014; Real-Time Storytelling Out

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24 event series official jack bauer 24: Live Another Day Premieres May 2014; Real Time Storytelling Out

Three-days ago it was revealed that Fox was interested in bringing 24 back for season 9. Now, it’s official: 24 - and Jack Bauer – are coming back for a new adventure in May of 2014.

The show will be called 24: Live Another Day and it will feature the return of both Kiefer Sutherland (whose previous show, Touch, recently got canceled) and showrunner/writer Howard Gordon. While those familiar faces will be respectively in front of and behind the camera, other familiar things – like 24‘s real time roll-out – won’t be, with the show switching from episodes that highlighted an hour out of a day in Jack Bauer’s life. Instead, 24: Live Another Day will play out over 12 episodes that will “jump around” during this particular day.

Will this be the last day, though? According to FOX Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly, it’s unlikely that the series will return to TV after this upcoming adventure; however, he did say that the concept had “franchise-ability.”

One thing that we won’t be seeing, according to Reilly, is that long rumored 24 movie:

“[Producers] always had the idea of maybe someday doing feature films, but as got into it they all agreed 24 being compressed in two hours is not 24,”

Reilly also indicated that the show could be a magnet for big name talent, though there was no hint as to which (if any) other past cast members would join Sutherland for the new episodes.

24 event series official jack bauer sitting 24: Live Another Day Premieres May 2014; Real Time Storytelling Out

With Live Another Day set to be an entirely new adventure and not a strict continuation of 24‘s original run, though, that doesn’t seem all that necessary, and really, it could be argued that 24‘s only real constant was Jack, as producers shuffled in a long list of talented co-stars to surround Sutherland throughout the show’s 8 seasons – something they will surely do again.

So, that is what we know, here’s what we don’t know: after those 192 episodes, a 2 hour TV movie, and 8 seasons, what more is left to say?

To many, 24 ended in as satisfying a way as it could have with its legacy as one of the most important serialized shows in recent memory still firmly intact. Were some critics convinced that the show could or should have come to an end a couple of seasons prior to when it did? Perhaps, but the appetite for more Bauer badassery has clearly been high since the last tick of the clock (the undying buzz about a feature film and the realization of this limited series prove that), and while FOX is looking to cash in on that, they’re surely aware that while action and intrigue have no expiration date and absence makes the heart grow fonder, people do tend to have short memories.

So, will 24: Live Another Day succeed? Only if it has as much firepower and depth as the original and it finds a way to stand on its own and not the shoulders of its past legendary self.


24: Live Another Day premieres on FOX in May of 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. Other past cast members? Who the hell is still alive besides Chloe?

    • Why not just check the living chsracters on wikipedia? They should bring back Daniel Dae Kim’s character!

      • daniel was never in the show

        • Uh. Yes he was.

          • Yes, Daniel Dae Kim was in a few episodes as a CTU field agent. He started Lost shortly afterwards, and then Hawaii 5-O, so I don’t think anything more was ever done with his character. I don’t believe he was killed off on screen, though considering the life expectancy of any CTU agent not named Jack or Chloe, I can’t be sure.

    • Tony would be a interesting

    • tony almeida should come back, he is still alive, isn’t he?

  2. Tony Almeida(although he is in prison) ,Aaron Pierce an the former president Alison Taylor .

    • taylor was sent to prison so doubt she will return

      • all i know is still ALIVE is…….
        Jack – confirm to be in the show
        Tony – in jail/?
        Chole- end of season 8 she went to jail for helping jack escacape/?
        Bill bucann-?
        curtis agent- now in jail for wanting to shoot somebody in season6
        chase- we dont know last we heard not agent anymore.
        Handfull of CTU agents
        and people from cTu is alve.
        agent pirece- still alive but got transfer.

        i think that is it

        • omg Bill bucann is dead in season 7, curtis agent is dead jack shot him,chase has only one hand he cut the other in a mission.. i want to see pierce and Tony and chloe for sure

          • Chase is dead, it was stated in season 5 that he lived in Valencia working security (so he has two hands most likely) however in season 6 a nuke was detonated in Valencia. It’s 99.9% likely that chase and his daughter are dead.

            • Chase had his hand sewn back on. It is operational but he wouldn’t be able to do field ops anymore. But that’s okay because he was going to quit anyway.
              Considering that it was said in season four that Chase and Kim lived in Valencia, but in season five when Kim was at CTU, she asked Chloe were Chase was, saying that he wasn’t in his last known position in Valencia. So it is possible that he it’s still alive, having moved away when he broke up with Kim.

        • What about Kate Warner and her family? Marlyn and Josh Bauer?

  3. Audrey Raines apparently she was offered to come back for the 24 movie.

  4. Live another day? Will Halle Berry be in it? Will she wear a bikini? Will the Icarus Satellite return? Will Jack Bauer be given 00 status?

    • LOL

  5. It better be good if they want to banish the real-time element. Heck, bringing it back is a stupid move after the series ends with a ‘closure image’. Did no-one learn the lesson from the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

    • The title of this article is wrong. Each episode will still be in real-time, don’t worry. There will just be a few hours skipped over. But the whole 12-episode season will still cover a 24-hour day. So for example one episode could end as Jack get’s on a plane, and the next episode could pick up 2 or 3 hours later once the plane has landed. But the real time story telling is not “out”.

    • It better be good if they want to banish the real-time element. Heck, bringing it back is a stupid move after the series ends with a ‘closure image’. Did no-one learn the lesson from the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

      eel egg trick boogaloo

      I don’t know where you have been, but you cannot ruined something as good as “24″. My suggestion to you is don’t watch it. For the rest of us, can’t wait till May 14.

  6. I have to say bravo to Fox.
    Networks aren’t known for taking risks and even though 24 was a success this is still a risk.
    I love it though. Who doesn’t need a bit more Jack Bauer in their lives? ;)
    My only requirement, Chloe can never bee a mole. Never!!!
    This is 24 so there’s going to be a mole, probably multiple but it can’t ever be Chloe.

    • Also, no Mountain Lions. ;)

    • I doubt Chloe will ever be a mole. She’s too loyal to Jack. She got arrested after not turning Jack in to the government in that little epilogue at the end of Season 8.

  7. Cant wait for it! Not sure about the jumping around bit I have to admit but I guess we will have to see how it plays out.

  8. The real-time format is still there! Every episode will take place in real-time. It is simply that some episodes will ‘skip’ a few hours ahead wherever necessary.

    • I may be wrong in saying this, but I’m not sure if that’s the case or not, Brad dude, no-one involved with ’24′ has specifically stated it will be in real-time, they just said that ‘Live Another Day’ – love that title! – will take place over a 24-hour period and that episodes will jump time as and when required by the narrative, this could mean a potential international dimension to the story wherein Jack will be travelling between destinations, or any number of dramatic devices that enable the narrative to move quickly on to the brass tacks of the story without any filler and without having to account for (almost) every minute of the day!

      Either way, I’m totally stoked about this news, it was right that ’24′ ended it’s series in 2010, it had clearly run it’s course, but three years on and hopefully some fresh new ideas coupled with the limited series format – bigger budget, tighter narrative, etc – means this could give the ’24′ saga a new creative and commercial reinvigoration… welcome back Jack, it’s been way too long dude!

  9. I’m looking forward to this. Yeah, the season 8 ending was pretty close to perfect, but the having a day of Jack on the run has great potential.

  10. Jumping around is fine as long as they stay linear which is truer to 24′s format.

  11. Time to re-watch the WHOLE SHOW!!!!

    • LOL, I rewatched one episode, and now I’m going through the whole series, for the umpteenth time.

  12. We need Chloe!!! Also, I finished watching to entire show just a few months ago. I devoted so many hours of my life to it and I am glad I will devote more. PS Should I watch it all again once or twice b4 its back?

    • Nobody anywhere, EVER, needed Chloe in the first place. How did she get a series long contract!? Why does the show star Kiefer and her? Way to taint every season with the same flavor of lame!

      If you really like her then I apologize for the hurtful truth.

      • Your truth, definitely not mine! its called opinions.

      • Nobody anywhere, EVER, needed Chloe in the first place. How did she get a series long contract!? Why does the show star Kiefer and her? Way to taint every season with the same flavor of lame!

        If you really like her then I apologize for the hurtful truth.

        Josh Calkins, how can you say this, Chloe was very much part of the show. Yes, no one can top Jack, he’s the Man, but Chloe, she has to be in episode 9. Her loyalty to Jack was always there and when Jack needed to get help or out of something, who did he turn to, Chloe

    • Chloe is coming back, it’s confirmed.

  13. Live Another Day? Change that Lifetime movie title, pretty please?

  14. LOL, I rewatched one episode, and now I’m going through the whole series, for the umpteenth time.

  15. Wow… this is great! i’ve been longing for this… im excited to see JACK BAUER… i miss him… hehehe!

    • can wait they shoul put 24 with the following now thats a goo night

  16. Dubious but hopeful. I would agree with the statement that there are a “long list of talented co-stars” if you took out the word “talented”. Only a precious few ever belonged on the show or managed to shine, and most of THEM had very limited runs. The first pres is out, but I forget where we left his cool brother… He was a badass and I’d like to see him again. Chloe’s husband was very interesting, but I can’t stand her or fathom why she was in the story with her boring personality and sour-faced negativity. My favorite casting choice would be to leave her out of it, at long last. Tell us she and Kim caught anthrax, and now Jack Bauer is an angrier guy than ever, just don’t bring her back! Who’s left? Jack’s nephew/love child? Tony got WAY overplayed and wore out his welcome, but other partners were sometimes solid. I think the Africa guy died, but the one-handed guy who dated Kim and sassy Rick Schroeder (SNL/Hartman sketch) had some talent…

    Mostly I hope they cut lose every bit of baggage, including CTU. I’d balk at the format change, but really, having 24 stories to tell often led to complacnency from the writers, a lack of cohesion and relevance, and an ironic sense of non-urgency. Maybe a limit will force them to think seriously about the economy of their time.

    I think the show did not have the ambition to excell after the first several seasons, and I watched with dwindling enthusiasm for the last few seasons. Peaking in the third year might be cool if it only went one more, but there were a lot of less-than-top -quality eps and seasons left to go. I still like the best of it, including the best of Bauer and Kiefer, but I hope it will be much stronger in order to justify the return. To dig it up and not do it justice or improve upon it would be sad, like Indy 4 was. If the show returns because of inspiration rather than desperation then it may be better than ever.

    As for the time “jumping”, that could just mean skipping, or it could imply a story that is not strictly linear. I’d be surprised if such a format twist would be the new norm, like the movie Memento, and I doubt that any gimmick was being implied, but it would be cool if a new twist could replace the countdown clock. Come to think of it, I don’t think it will be devoid of familiar elements such as countdowns, no matter how the season length may effect the potential of its use. A mystery that moved the story back and forth through time might be awesome, but I doubt anything like that will happen.

    Finally, the article mentions a two hour tv movie… I recall a strike-era mini-season, or “year 7″, or whatever they called it, that took place on its own day, between seasons. I thought that it was a four hour season, including commercials. That would make it about 2hrs 50min. Am I wrong? It does happen from time to time…

    • Nice post, I agree with a lot of the sentiments you put forward. Chloe is overrated, Kim in the later seasons was just whiny and kinda condescending.

      As for people to return to the show, there are a few things that may have been missed. In the 2-part movie inter-quel Africa thing, someone is shown reading a newspaper, and it’s a blink and you’ll miss it thing, but the article on screen shows an In Memorium article for Wayne Palmer, indicating he succumbed to his injuries. Also, the one handed partner from S3, they say he moved with his kid to Valencia (I know this specifically only because I JUST started rewatching season 4), which 2 seasons later (or close to 4 years, show time) had a nuclear bomb go off; so his fate is a mystery, he may or may not have been there. I’d like to see him return, he’s pulled off a decent career (He had a part in the Departed, he was in the Pacific, and was the main Extremis goon from Iron Man 3)

      • James Badge Dale?

        Yeah, if Chase can return, I’d be welcome to that happening. Maybe as a mercenary that has to help Jack again?

    • Chase dies when the nuke went off in Valencia. He was living there as a security guard when the nuke destroyed the area.

  17. by far the best show in television,,,,i love 24 so bad,,,thank u FOX

  18. Are there any cast members left to help Jack? Chloe and Tony got arrested. Curtis, Michelle, Edgar, David Palmer, Renee, and Bill are all dead. Chase lost his arm. Wayne Palmer is brain dead or something. President Taylor got impeached and arrested I’m sure.

  19. If Sprague Grayden can return as President Taylor’s daughter then that would be kinda cool. Her career could do with the boost against after starring in Paranormal Activity 2, having a small role in Touch and then disappearing again.

    Did Michael Madsen’s character die? Not that I want him to come back but he could at least be mentioned because if Bauer’s returning, his new identity has gotta be compromised somehow and Madsen was his undercover black ops guy so something could happen there maybe to draw Jack out into the open.

    It’s just a damn shame Reiko Aylesworth can’t return. Or can she? I can’t even remember.

    • Taylor’s daughter is also in prison and Reiko Aylesworth character is dead.

  20. I had just started rewatching the show from the start. Excellent 1st season, still amazing – 4th time I’ve lived that day.
    Now in Day 2 – Daniel Dae Kim is in there – and it loses serious steam halfway through. Season 3 was great as I remember, and I always felt season 4 should’ve been a prequel season. Who doesn’t want to see (won’t give you names #spoiler) the moles and the people who died back in play again?

    Kiefer’s 12 years older now than he was in Day 1, so to do a prequel now… But I’d love to see the DRAZEN MISSION as a miniseries.

  21. Please no more Wayne Palmer. I’m perfectly happy with the idea of him just disappearing and never being seen again.

    Audrey coming back is intriguing, but if it means I have to watch her dimwit father, I’ll pass. She’s not that important.

    Chloe is a must. She’s become almost as integral to the story as Jack.

    I also wouldn’t mind he return of Freddie Prinze, Jr. There was a couple awkward moments, but overall, I thought he was a pleasant surprise in Season 8.

    Obviously, it’s going to be mostly about the story though. Characters are interchangeable for the most part, but without a great story it’s obviously going to fail. And my biggest problem is I don’t really know how they’ll create a great story. Assuming Jack got out of the country, how do you bring him back without the tired cliché narrative of the U.S. government out of options and using him as a last resort? I don’t really know. I thought they did provide a potential opportunity though by utilizing that guy that Jack used at the end of Season 8 who everyone thought was dead. He had his own little operation going without anybody knowing. Maybe Chloe helps Jack get a similar set up and he uses it to take out criminals behind the scenes, although it would be hard to keep Jack a mystery with him out in view of security cameras and drones.

    I’ll watch because it’s 24, but I’m definitely skeptical.

  22. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/other_news/news/?a=79955

    I made this list of people who I wanted to see appear at least once in this show. What do you guys think?

  23. This time 24 Live another day should revindicate Jack Bower. He is a hero forced to used unconventional method to get the right information that led him to save U.S.

  24. 24always succeedsure this will to.

    but what a b******* of 24 will not contineu afther live another day
    if it will succeed than there is no worry evry single soul who is a fan will be watching 24 for another couple of seasons even if evry season is 12 episodes we want that!we want jack back damn it :)

  25. I dont think no one can be addicted to 24 more than i do,I cant wait to see 24:live another day..Tony Almeida should come back

  26. A continuation of season 8 would be the best, left alot of suspense

  27. T

  28. This would be awesome. i’d rather prefer if its a continuation of season 8 though :) TONY ALMEIDA IS BACK FROM THE DEAD.

  29. Bring back NINA MYERS from the dead!