’24: Live Another Day’ Details: Chloe’s Back, Overseas Setting, Possible Returning Villain & More

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24 Live Anohter Day Season 9 Header 24: Live Another Day Details: Chloes Back, Overseas Setting, Possible Returning Villain & More

An unexpected bit of good news hit the Web earlier this year, when it was reported that Fox was abandoning its long-stalled plan for a 24 movie and would be instead resurrecting the show for a ninth (albeit shorter) season – titled 24: Live Another Day - with series star Kiefer Sutherland set to reprise his role as black ops agent extraordinaire, Jack Bauer.

Since the announcement of the series’ return, we’ve seen several season 9 updates revealed – including a word of a new setting, news of  12-episode count (as opposed to the usual 24 eps) as well announcement that characters like Chloe will be back. However, there has been the most obvious point: with less episodes, the real-time format would have to be revised, and how will that affect the show? Now the show’s producers and other Fox executives are shining light on the matter.


Show producer Howard Gordon spoke openly about 24 season 9′s new, shorter, format while at the  Televsion Critics Association. As reported by Crave:

We’ll keep it a 24 hour story but we’ll tell 7-8, 8:15-9:15, 10-11 and then skip 3 hours if we need to. I think it’s going to actually make us not have to do the pretzel logic of some of the stuff. It’s still early, we’re still full of hope, but I’m sure in about 3 weeks, I’ll be under the table crying.

Added Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly:

“24: Live Another Day” miniseries will give us the “24” experience we want without stretching the story too thin… Everybody came in with a new vibrancy. The 12 episode format, Howard [Gordon] has always said, he always had 12 great ones, it was the next 12 that used to kill them.”


Passport to Action

Jack Bauer 24 Season 9 24: Live Another Day Details: Chloes Back, Overseas Setting, Possible Returning Villain & More

Reilly also confirmed the new setting for the show will be somewhere overseas (supposedly Europe): “This is going to be set in an international setting. They’ve got great ideas. I love doing it this way.”


Chloe Is Back

24 Live Another Day Season 9 Chloe 24: Live Another Day Details: Chloes Back, Overseas Setting, Possible Returning Villain & More

Reilly went on to confirm Chloe O’Brien’s (Mary Lynn Rajskub) return to the show:

Chloe will be central to Jack Bauer’s new story, they have a really powerful arc for her in the next chapter. Look, I think the fans really would have been heartbroken to not see Chloe. I’m pretty sure that will be it for returning cast, but there are several new characters joining.

But is Chloe TRULY the only character we’ll see coming back? In Tweeting with fans, executive producer David Fury had the following to say about a different 24 character – technically the first character we ever met in the series – female assassin operative Mandy, played by Mia Kirshner (Vampire Diaries):


Human Jack vs. Super Jack

Finally, a fan asked what sort of Jack Bauer we’ll be season in season 9: the man who took on more personal threats in the earlier seasons, or the super-agent tasked to perform world-saving feats, as seen in the latter seasons. According to Fury:

Happy to hear that Chloe is back? That we’ll potentially avoid any “Kim vs. The Cougar” story pitfalls with a shorter format? What do you think of the new overseas setting?


24: Live Another Day premieres on FOX in May of 2014. We’ll keep you updated on the show’s return as more news comes to light.

Sources: Crave (via Spoiler TV) and Twitter

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  1. I’m pleased with the international setting but then again, Kiefer’s always said that he’d love to bring 24 to England and film here since he loves the country so much.

    • 24 is the greatest show ever put on television period. All people in charge of show need to realize just how special and loved by millions of fans this show is. It touches on every human emotion in us. Keep it running as long as you can. It is in our core and hearts. It is more than just TV. Do not hurt us again. We want and need all the 24 you can deliver. I love the show more than any show ever and I’ve seen many….

    • Not only that Kiefer was born in London so :) Short of homecoming :)

  2. Good. Only thing missing is the other 12 hours and Kim Bauer getting trapped by mountain lions.

  3. About frigg’n time!

  4. what’s up with the title? Are we going to have a season 10 called Yesterday Never Dies or Quantum of Disharmony or Skyrise?

    • License To Grill.

      Bauer’s discovered by Chloe working in a fast food joint in the armpit of Ohio, followed by scenes of Jack using a spatula to deadly effect.

    • You do know this is a spinoff series yeah? Like 24 Redemption. The name is fine

  5. swell cant wait for that would that be cool if they brought back tony almeida

  6. Kim Bauer would make this season a dream come true..

  7. I never liked sequels upon sequels, but I can’t help looking forward to this too.

  8. So they can let him sleep for 8 hours and take an hour for breakfast, lunch dinner and 4 15-minute potty breaks.

    (did anyone notice that Bauer never had to use the bathroom?)

    • @Big Nerd.

      Jack Bauer does not crap…Why he is so angry!

      • @MooKing:

        No, Jack does not GIVE a crap… but every man needs to drop a deuce, even Chuck Norris.

    • He does all of that during the commercials!

  9. I’m still skeptical….24 hour format is what made the show initially interesting. I think the switch to 12 hour format could lead to lots of potential plot holes.

    • It’s not really a “12-hour” format. The season will span 24 hours but and it sounds like each episode will span 1 hour… just in between each episode, there can be 15 minute, 1 hour or 3 hour gaps.

      You know, so Jack can do his duty (hehe… I said duty).

  10. With it being 12 episodes, why not have the first 30 minutes 1 hour and the next 30 minutes for 1 hour? This way, each episode is two hours, which will add up to 24 hours. I think the mini-series will work, but personally, it would not hurt my feelings that once they begin production, they will realize that they need to do 24 episodes and Fox would have to move it to a January premiere and scratch the 12 episode mini-series. One could hope, this happens. Either way, I’m excited to see Jack and Chloe again.

    • I thought the same regarding the clock… just speed it up by 100% and you have a full 24hrs. Every other tv show and film takes huge liberties when the big digital clock starts counting down to a bomb or spaceship exploding, so it wouldn’t be unheard of in the slightest to manipulate time.for this show too.

  11. Christopher Henderson was a thorn for sure. excited to see what new brand of first rate villain they produce this time around.

  12. This is the future of TV. Anyone remember when we had 30+ episodes each year? A lot of the failed TV shows we see every year would have worked if they had been planned mini-series of 13 episodes. Cancellations, for the most part, will be a thing of the past. The upcoming “Hostages” is a 13 episode event. Another plus- if the first season of 13 episodes is a big hit, then the next season could start after a 2 month break. That way fans wouldn’t lose interest over a long summer break. If it’s not a big hit, then no more seasons. Any comments?

  13. The best season was probably 3, before the show got bogged down by dull tangents and generic villainy. A shorter season is probably the best change they could make, since rarely was there an appropriate sense of urgency and progression as the second 12 hours meandered to a close. The other best change they could make, in my opinion of course, is to get rid of the always tedious and sour-faced Cloe. I never got why she was on the show, and her yearly return became a yearly disappointment. I don’t know why anyone likes her, or why she is somehow the defacto character to become Jack’s sidekick. She is the opposite of essential in that her role can be recast and made much better any time, whereas Jack is the star. I am less interested in the show now that she is back, and I have great doubts about the people in charge when I hear them assuring us that Bauer won’t be doing any heroics without the aid of his awful pal. Not encouraging!

    • Season 3 was my least favorite. I like them all, but season 3 was noticeably worse than the rest.

  14. Jack without Chloe is like fries without ketchup… It just doesn’t work!

    • Wyngate1: Another great example is Justified that has always been 13 episodes per season. In addition Orphan Black had just ten incredible episodes earlier this year.

    • Sorry to hear someone doesn’t like Chloe. Chloe, Jack, and Tony are absolutely fabulous together. 24 has got to be my all time favorite TV series. I’m thrilled to hear another season is on the horizon. Please please please bring back 24. And a movie would just be icing on the cake !

  15. I’ll invest in it again if they bring back Peter Wingfields Character

  16. Please convince to Stephen Hopkins come back to 24. He directed best season(#1).

  17. Can hardly wait! Need more of Jack Bauer! Would like to see Season 9, 10, 11, 12 at least!

    • I believe that is what Fox is hoping for. They didn’t want the series to end to begin with.

  18. So excited to see 24 again, love Jack. watching the old 24 series right now on Audience, Channel 500 from Direct-TV in Zanesville, OH

  19. 24 is the greatest show ever put on television period. All people in charge of show need to realize just how special and loved by millions of fans this show is. It touches on every human emotion in us. Keep it running as long as you can. It is in our core and hearts. It is more than just TV. Do not hurt us again. We want and need all the 24 you can deliver. I love the show more than any show ever and I’ve seen many….

  20. My husband and I just finished watching 24 for the second time.. we LOVE it. To just find out that we can see Jack and Cloe again was music to our ears.. We think the two of them are unique and amazing. Neither of us were Cloe fans in the beginning I have to admit, but she had my eyes welling up in the final scene .. If you could bring back Tony Almeda(sp) we would love that too. Perhaps he will have more hair and even smile on occasion. Also, we commented many many times how Jack never took a ‘potty’ break and just couldn’t find the time to eat even a Subway sandwich.

  21. I want to see many more seasons oe 24.I can not get enough of it…….

  22. Season’s 4 and 5 have to be considered the best. 4 with the once again played out takeover of CTU with the chemical scare and 5 beginning with the takeover of LAX and then President being main villain Of course can’t be set-up with out the great performance set by late President David Palmer. Have to say season 6 was by far the worst having his family serve as the main antagonist. But what I think you say was seasons 1-3 tie with each other while season’s 4-6 go with each other. Season 7 was a great return mixing in the D.C. area and Tony Almaeda, but was also set-up by the mini two hour movie before hand. My only regret was a better return for Tony, he should have served as the main villain that season. The best villain stories I feel are that of vengeance. Season 8 was ok. It tried to do what happened in previous seasons in which they played off character story arcs from seasons before it. Problem was there wasn’t much history to play off as almost everyone in Jack’s life has died and any villain he catches he practically shoots. Jack need’s a little Batman in his life, let the villains return once in a while. Freddie Prinze Jr. was a weak add. Be cool to see some nod’s to past season’s especially that of Mandy the secret assassin.