Fox to Bring Back ’24′ for Season 9; 13 Episodes Planned [Updated]

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24 movie kiefer sutherland Fox to Bring Back 24 for Season 9; 13 Episodes Planned [Updated]

Three years ago (today), the real-time adventures of 24 came to close. Now, it appears that Jack Bauer could soon be returning to television screens once last time, in an all-new adventure.

Reportedly former 24 showrunner Howard Gordon has approached Fox with a plan to bring the series back for limited run. Though no deals have been officially made, Fox appears to be interested in bringing back the fan-favorite series, and Kiefer Sutherland is currently in talks to return. If (or when) the series does return to the air, however, it will be a completely new story, not a continuation.

In the 24 series finale, following the conclusion of a complicated plot involving Russian assassins, mobsters and terrorists – not to mention President Charles Logan – Jack Bauer’s antics were finally a little too rogue, making him wanted by Russian and American forces. With no other option but to leave behind his life, again, Jack asked Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) to keep an eye on his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) as his enemies might use his family to lure him out of hiding. Chloe shut down a drone she was using to monitor Jack’s activity on the ground during the climax of the season, and the clock ran down to 00:00:00.

fox 24 season 9 Fox to Bring Back 24 for Season 9; 13 Episodes Planned [Updated]

In the years since the 24 finale aired, there have been talks about potentially reviving the series in the form of a movie, written by Billy Ray (State of Play). Originally, Fox was looking to begin production on a theatrical follow-up in spring 2012, but after budget issues relating to salary for the cast came up, production was put on hold, apparently indefinitely. And even if the series does return to air, it will be Gordon’s idea, not some version of the movie plot, which television audiences will see.

And though it doesn’t seem that difficult to bring Jack Bauer back from the established series finale, it does beg the question as to whether he would be brought back voluntarily, or if he’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bauer isn’t too different from Die Hard’s John McClane, so accidentally getting involved in some terrorist plot wouldn’t be a stretch while he’s on the run. However, the mention of a “limited” run does raise the issue of how the series’ real-time format would work, if there are not twenty-four one-hour episodes comprising the season. Maybe we’ll skip a few hours here and there?

24 Jack Bauer Movie Fox to Bring Back 24 for Season 9; 13 Episodes Planned [Updated]

Then again, as the joke now goes “If everybody did what Jack Bauer said, the show would be called ’12.’

With network television now more open to serialized series, like The Following, 24 could easily slide in to a midseason spot, which would allow for a longer run of episodes without the lengthy breaks that fall television series have to deal with. And with potential return of Heroes, as well as the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, it’s clear that fans are still interested in revisiting their favorite series from the past. Whether or not 24’s return will be successful, however, is another question – but it’s doubtful that anyone would turn down the chance to see Jack Baur back in action one last time.

Update: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fox is looking to bring 24 back for a 13-episode run.

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Source: Deadline; Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I don;t think it should come back.

    As a massive fan of the show, sure, I’d love to see it return because even to this day, no other show I’ve seen in my 29 years of existence has come close to being as great as 24 was.

    At the same time, it sort of ended on a bit of a high and while it’d be nice to see Bauer back full time instead of the Bauer-Lite we’re getting in season 2 of Touch, I just can’t see it working out so well. What else is left for him to do? If the show is brought back, would it somehow cross over with the Indian version (even though Anil Kapoor is playing the Bauer character in that version but we saw him die as President Hassan in season 8 so that’d be confusing)?

    I guess it’s like Ash Williams and Snake Plissken. Fans wanna see the actor return to the iconic role years after the last outing but there’s that fear of not seeming right and becoming a disappointment.

    • Well said.

      I would love to see Jack back in action and was very excited when I heard the news, but thinking about, I worry that it may not work this time around. Still, if it airs, I won’t deny that I’ll be glued to the TV.

      On a side note, after viewing each episode, I would always have to read or relax before bed. If not, I’d toss and turn with Bauerism on the brain.

      • Well what worked to 24′s advantage, was that there wasn’t 586,000 copycat shows on cable. And it’s just exploded since 24 went off the air. So it won’t get the same ratings, since it has to swim in a crowded pool.

        But I remember NBC did this for Fear Factor last year, and I LOVED it. But they cancelled it 1 season after they resurrected it. Plus that’s a game show. I have no idea how a scripted series would fare out. I think they should just do another movie. And just re-air it once a week for twelve weeks.

      • @$2

        The Following takes place between 0900-1700 hours.
        0845 Clock in Early
        0900 Turn On Computer
        0905 Re: Restrictions on Ammunition during sequester.
        0930 Shootout with Terrorist at CTU Water cooler.
        0935 Talks to Hysterical Kim who has been kidnapped by Terrorist leader..AGAIN
        0935-1135 Anger Management Discussion with HR.
        1135 Killing Terrorists in the CTU Copy Center.
        1136 Discussing CTU Picnic with Chloe.
        1137 Taking Bullet for Chloe when Staples Delivery Driver is a Terrorist.
        1138 Stitched up and back in action.
        1139-1215 Chasing Woman throughout CTU Who looks a lot like Lena.
        1216 Was not Lena. Lunch time.
        1216-1316 Lunch in the park…Nice quite day…Wait 1,457 Terrorist have infiltrated the Park…
        1317-1422 Killed 1,457 Terrorist 1,000 of them by hand gun (Which I only had two magazine with 15 bullet capacity each) 124 by Assorted pieces of trash, remained killed by icy stare.
        1423-1623 Paperwork.
        1624 Defuse Nuclear Bomb in Copier in 7th Floor CTU Print room.
        1625-1659 Spider Solitaire on computer.
        1700 End Work day, going to stop by Sonic and get me a double cheese burger and kill terrorist working as cashier.

        • LOL hilarious :)

    • 24 was an awesome adrenalin rush in the first season — and not bad in the second, either — but it went steadily downhill after that with increasingly ridiculous plot holes that you could sail a carrier through.

      I’m done with it … and FOX ought to be, too.

      I’ve moved on to more interesting contemporary shows, like CBS’ Person of Interest, which, overall, is a far more interesting series with some very dramatic real-life overtones.

      Let 24 RIP.

  2. OMG Tv Gods make this happen i can see it now the Following at 8 pm and 24 at 9pm monday nights would be on lock for Fox!!!!!

  3. Jack Bauer

    Only guy if you ask how is day is going. Could prove dangerous to you.

    • When Chuck Norris wants to be scared, he tells Jack Bauer stories around a campfire.

  4. All this talk about Veronica Mars and 24 and HEROS,yet no one is saying a word about the greatest show of lifetime!!??How come no one is talking about the kids from The Creek??DAWSONS CREEK NEEDS TO COME BACK!! I miss Joey,Dawson,Pacey and Jennifer!!

    • @Sammylane2

      Seek Therapy…NOW!

      I will pay!


      • This made me laugh

        • me too lol

    • Go away troll.

  5. Long live Jack Bauer!

    • right on jack bauer rocks

  6. “Do it now, NOW!” – Jack Bauer.

    But in all serious- don’t do it, please don’t make me waste more time on you, 24.

  7. Please let this happen!

  8. Huh…
    Of all the ranting and hopping certain shows would come back 24 never really crossed my mind.
    I’m assuming for Fox to even consider this Gordan must have come up with a pretty intriguing premise so I guess it could work.
    My advice would be to air it in the summer. With so many networks airing mostly reality shows and reruns having 24 return during that time could bring in more viewers.

    • British perspective is that TV here is a bit of a graveyard in the summer with The X Factor, The Voice UK, Britain’s Got Talent etc taking up the saturday schedules and most other summer TV being poor because they know that people are outside more with the nights being warmer and lighter.

      That’s why our big heavy hitting dramas air during the three other seasons of the year.

      Could work for US viewers though, I don’t know how it works over there.

  9. It had a good, no…..AMAZING run the years it was on. A season 9 limited run would require some fudging of the story and bad ideas in order for the season to make sense given that Jack is on the run at the end of season 8.

    Please just leave the show alone. It managed to do 8 amazing seasons without a hiccup and very few shows ever do that.

  10. Bring back Jack!! As much as I like The Following, it’s just reminds me how awesome 24 was at its peak.

    Maybe in the very first scene, we’ll hear a toilet flushing, and then we’ll see Bauer coming out of the can, since he apparently had to hold it for eight entire seasons.

  11. Touch was a much better show, you guys should’ve supported it.

    • I do support it. This week’s episode was much better and not so silly and reaching.

      I’m glad they didn’t try to do the “everything is linked” chain of events from season 1 because it couldn’t have been sustained like that any longer but for the first few weeks of season 2, it didn’t seem to be much of a show, just a lot of filler.

      Like I said though, this week’s episode was great and I can’t wait to catch the next one.

      • Oh and as good as Touch is, it’s nowhere near the epicness of 24. That was literally the greatest show ever.

        • Touch is cancelled anyway, so it doesnt matter

          • Darn! How come television (Fox especially) never keeps the shows with originality! Firefly had just one season, Dollhouse two… Who the heck is running this network (I mean, besides Republicans)?

  12. Well they said themovie was going to happen too.
    I hope it doesnt
    A limited run is not 24.

  13. Yes, oh God yes! Can’t wait.

  14. It was hard for me to watch 24 during the season… I just waited until the end and watched the episodes in batches because I have that Sheldon Cooper need for closure.

    Maybe for a limited run, they can make each episode 24 hours… but then I guess it will feel more like Person of Interest.

    Do a JJ Abrams and make Kim Bauer the protagonist and have Keifer cameo.

    • Kim Bauer is a bad character. The only thing she has got going for her is her looks. The stupidity of her character though makes you forget that real quick. So please no Kim Bauer.

  15. Hell yeah!!

  16. Im soooooo stoked for this news, I hope they do get round to it! Jack Bauer is the man!

    When Chuck Norris goes to bed at night he checks under it for Jack Bauer baby!

  17. This is better than christmas

  18. So….it’s really coming back as 13, not 24

    • If that report is indeed true and the upcoming ‘limited seroes’ is a 13-episode one, it will likely still play out over a 24-hour period but will not be in real-time… meaning they could both dispatch with the Jack-on-the-run exposition fairly quickly before moving on to the main story arc and it could also mean a potentially international scope to the series as Jack would be able to move between locations in a way that the constraints of real-time did not allow them to do largely. Plus if it’s being billed as a television ‘event’, it may very well have a larger budget than a normal televusion season; meaning potentially big-screen quality action in a small-screen medium!

      I would have really enjoyed seeing the actual feature film being made, but clearly 20th Century Fox were too tight to put up the reported $45m budget needed to produce it, so I guess this will have to do, and ANY ’24′ is better than no ’24′ so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out…

  19. I voted Heck Yeah! Never missed an episode!

  20. This would be the highlight of the TV series. Bring it on!!!

    • oops, meant TV SEASON not series.

  21. isnt 24 meant to be 24 episodes. 1 hour a piece? How can you do 13 episodes? its not really 24 then….


    • ha ha The game was awful. Some parts were fun. But damned,the game was broke!

  23. i happened to write a screenplay for the movie version i called 24/7 the story would take place in london (obviously) since it was the last place the jack bauer character was seen. but he was there for a reason. turns out bauer was there because he wanted to make a deal with a woman. and attache who has a striking resemblance to nina and is the reason why he became involved with nina in the first place. the difference with nina and this woman is this female is a dangerous snake who jack wouldn’t get close enough to because she’d kill him after they matted. her superiors are an assortment of dangerous international assassins led by a former rival of bauers. A man behind the curtain kind of enemy(Bruce Willis).

    a nemesis who was behind all of the events of the series perhaps. the S.A.S. and the incredible surveillance systems provide the ideal end game setting where all the answers are revealed.

    unfortunately i changed the name on this story and sold it to someone else because i got tired of them dragging there feet. but it would have been epic. because it called for a a massive bombardment and jack joining forces with MI-6 and a badass S.A.S. commander.

    but it’s no longer 24. it’s called something else.

    • and most of the pieces linking it to 24 are no longer there. it’s smaller. Whereas my 24/7 would possibly have cost 170 this other story is around 30. minus spies. no jack. no femme fatale no s.a.s. no london… no longer a three hr action epic. more like 1hr28mins.

      stripped !!!!

      welcome to hollywood.

      • oh yeah and the final 1hr was in real time. think of it as SPEED/ DAY OF THE JACKAL.

    • (the S.A.S commander was written as the “jack Bauer of london” except he’s more militaristic and he didn’t deal with bureaucracy)

  24. I could still watch this show if they bought it back. It is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. What they should do, is drop it to 12 episodes and let each of those episodes be 2 hours, this way you have 24 hours. Just sayin’.

  25. “it will be a completely new story, not a continuation.” Does this mean it will not take place after season 8? Or it will ignore the plot of season 8? Could it take place between seasons? I’m super pumped anyway! it be cool if it was in between any of the season 1-6 because after it left LA, the show went downhill a bit, and JACK going rogue seemed like a bad choice. But no matter what happens, so excited.

  26. This news brought tears to my eyes! please make this happen!

  27. I’d like to believe that it would not return as the result of a fresh vision and an excellent new inspiration for the story. Much as I dug the show, it wobbled through its first season, limped along with Jack’s daughter as the babysitter in season two, and then finally got really compelling in season three…only to slide further into mediocrity with each following year. They weren’t ambitious enough. They aimed low with stupid people like Kim, and wasted time with characters that never deserved screen time like Chloe. She was as sour faced, one note, and uncharasmatic as could be and yet they brought her back year after year. Meanwhile the interesting tubby guy (in pic above) and her vastly more compelling husband get written out, along with Sean Astin and Denis Haysbert. The show peaked around S3 and then got more complacent and misguided.

    I would love a WORTHY and inspired return to the character. Leave out CTU if they can’t justify it’s return with great ideas, and obviously don’t bring back any of the losers, Chloe chief among them. No Kim. She is not a character, just a model in a dress with a dumb expression on her face. Just make Jack better than ever, and unleash him. Maybe kill his daughter to make him meaner and write her out all in one move… A new partner would be possible. Early attempts including Ricky Schroeder and the guy from Rubicon and The Pacific were solid choices.

    Also, while abandoning the format seems strange and unfortunate, the format probably led to some of the weak writing and poor decisions because they couldn’t handle it well and had no cohesive plan lots of the time. When people write one-off stories that are not beholden to what came before or concerned with what comes next, it shows. The stories get sloppy and meander pointlessly through dead ends and reversals without consequence and value. However I would point out that they already DID break format for one “season” (as they called it) when Jack was in Africa for like four hours between regular seasons. It had the same hourly structure but only went for four eps. It worked fine and told a better than average 24 story.

    • Couldnt read this whole comment, too much trolling!

      • I actually read and what makes you think he is trolling? He is just expressing his opinion and has some valid arguments.

    • I agree with most of what you said except for Chloe. It was the point of the show to make her annoying. Apparently they thought at the time that Jack did not have enough to worry about. In later years though they transformed her into a more likeable character and was much less bothersome.

  28. Not really liking this idea. As much as I loved 24. The later seasons seemed to be rehashing too many plot lines of previous seasons. I mean how many moles can there be inside CTU?

  29. I like the idea of the hour long (real time) episodes covering 2 hours of Jacks day. You cant just abandon the clock. It IS the show. Moreso than Jack Bauer IMO.

    • Agreed.

      It’s not like the clock was accurate anyways.

      You would go to a commercial break, come back 3 minutes later and they are still doing the same thing… or they have driven it across town… in LA… during rush hour.

      So you can still have the clock… just not “real time”. The first 11 episodes can be 2 hours, and then the last 2 can be 1 hour. Or like I said previously, make each episode 24 hours.

      • I like the idea of having 11 episodes covering 2 hours and the the finale running 2 hours and covering 2 hours. Having each episode cover 24 hours wouldn’t work. They have already had problems with coming up with new and exciting stories to tell. This would make that problem 13 times worse!

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