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24 season 8 cast photo Awesome 24 Season 8 Trailer

A short 30-second TV spot for the upcoming season of awesome (read: 24) was picked up by SpoilerTV today and it shows exactly what we’ve come to expect from the season: intensity and action.

Titled “The World Hangs in the Balance,” this trailer brings the power and energy as well as some looks at the new characters that the previous 24 Season 8 trailer from October didn’t show. That one focused on the story and is a must-watch as well.

Check out the new teaser below.

Season 8 (Day 8 as it’s also known as) follows the immortal Jack Bauer getting pulled into a fight against an assassination scheme made public during a peace conference between President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones reprises the the role from last season) of the United States and President Omar Hassan (played by Anil Kapoor from Slumdog Millionaire) of the fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan.

Better yet, we get to see CTU New York start up again and some new characters added to the agency including Freddie Prinze, Jr. and  Katee Sackhoff. Freddie Prinze Jr.!

Watch and enjoy:

I love 24 and I think Jack Bauer should fight terror forever until he ends it entirely.

What do you think of the latest for 24?

24 Season 8 is a mere few weeks away, premiering on January 17, 2010 on Fox.

Source: SpoilerTV

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  1. Not bad. I see my friend Cliff Simon (B’aal of Stargate SG1) is the assassin on the roof.

    Can’t wait to set this on my dvr list (hate commercials).

  2. I think this season of 24 will mirror real life events in a ways that haven’t been seen before.

  3. Can’t wait. Not a lot that I’m watching on TV right now.


  4. “Who is Jack Bauer?” *crickets*
    I’m excited for the new season!

  5. In my mind, there is nothing better than 24, even the bad seasons have been better than almost everything else ever made!

    Is this really going to be the last season?

    Will Kim finally get the death she deserves?

    Will Tony be back? I asked Carlos Bernard, but he wouldnt tell me!!!

  6. -DrSamBeckett-

    Will Kim finally get the death she deserves?
    Agree completely but the show will end cause Jack will crack
    (rap not intended!)

  7. i always pictured it ending in one of two ways.

    Kim has been killed, and Jack is finally at the end, he sits down with a gun in his hand, puts it to his head… The screen goes blank and the clocks ticks down silently. Then we hear a gunshot…


    Everything seems resloved, Jack and Kim are sitting in cafe/diner, a waitress comes over and serves them coffee. Jack doesnt touch his, Kims begins drinking her’s and then starts to choke because it is poisoned. Jack holds the dying Kim in his arms, we see the waitress slip out the back and pull of her wig. Its Nina Myers!!!

  8. There going to film 3 possible endings. The ratings will determine if the show will continue past this season.

  9. I’ll probably catch a lot of slack for this but…

    I have been a fan of 24 from season one or day one. Up until last year my wife and I watched this faithfully. For some reason that at the time I wasn’t able to nail down I started letting episodes go by unwatched. I did finally catch up but only after getting about 6 hours(episodes) behind. And as of today I still have only half watched the last episode from this past season even though I’ve had ample time to watch it.

    I’ve just lost interest and its not because the quality has dropped but because certain aspects of the show in general and the Bauer character in specific bother me. If you step back and look at the show over its 7 days/seasons you can see a pattern. Jack Bauer is the good guy that saves the world even though he has to break the law and individual citizens civil liberties to do so. For example if Jack has to torture a US Citizen to get the info to save the day then so be it. After all we need to stop the terrorist no matter what the cost right?

    That’s what bothers me and I did not figure it out until I heard another make this similar statement recently; a pro-constitutional/liberties guest on variety show. The premise of the Bauer character is its OK to do whatever is necessary including [traditionally] bad things because it will mean getting the bad guys. In other words the ends justify the means.

    I apologize here for getting a little political but this is not party slanted propaganda but pro constitutional concerns. It seems like our government, both Federal & state and even local are slowly moving the line to not cross when it comes to our rights and civil liberties and the 24 show seems to be following that move. maybe its coincidence and maybe its not but either way I would think it should bother viewers, especially US citizens when a show, any show, projects the image that the good guy(s) sometimes have to violate citizens to justify the ends.

    Like I said I know I’ll catch slack about this but hopefully at least a few others will agree.

  10. Very good points BlueCollarCritic.
    I pretty much agree. Their (the feds/CTU/ axis of evil) violating the constitution (as I type this) illegally passing the obamacare heath reform…

    Not too mention the unconstitutional way he flew over to Norway and agreed (without consent from congress) to pledge the USA’s bid to impose taxes and fines on Co2. A gas that this planet needs to survive.

    All in the vein of
    The end justifing the means,,, yep. Our president is doing whatever he wants, remind you of a past president? Do you see any meaningful change obamanuts? I do!

    Much like on “24″ there’s really no accountability even at the top anymore. He’s breaking constitutional laws almost daily at this point and nobody is stopping him.

    As much as I love “24″ I’m not pleased at the political avenue their headed this season in terms of making the UN seem like a benevolent group willing to offer the world hope in a terrorstorm of fear. (As the UN is a corrupt organisation and has been from the start)

    And for those that don’t care about the new healthcare reform your all about to wake up to a country that will now force you to receive their medical coverage, force you to give up vitamins and natural healthcare, force you to pay fines if you don’t accept, and require you to take ALL forms of vaccines or face loosing your healthcare for good. This will of course lead to the DNA data bank they can’t wait to use and the RFID tattoos their posed to mark everyone with.
    So tomorrow when they announce that the new heathcare reform bill has been passed you can pretty much declare America a socialist country and prepare for the worst.
    My self I’m looking into options to leave this once great country as it has totally fallen into enemy hands.

    Will the real Jack Bauer please stand up? Ah and not for the UN ??? I didn’t think so.
    Sorry for the bummer post, but that’s what’s happening right now!

  11. I can’t wait for ’24′ to start Season 8 – I do hope they tie up some loose ends from Season 7 (including for example, who the ‘conspirators’ are who are plotting against President Taylor…seeing Jack and Renee finally get it on, etc).

    Probably they won’t. We fans of Cherry Jones really just want her to have her own TV show (feature film is OK)…but would be open to Cherry Jones as President Taylor, Season 9. (At that point, she could be a ‘bad’ president, or perhaps the US’ first Military Dictator…you know, whatever).

    The writers of ’24′ always give the ‘scenery chewing’ scenes to the Bad Guys, so I guess Cherry Jones/President Taylor needs to take a turn for the Dark Side. Or, she could have her own TeeVee show, and go back to being Good.

  12. BlueCollar, modern day Tv contains images of upholding truth and liberty, the example if you will of how honest our police and government agents are SUPPPOSED to act at all times. Serving the people under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Hip hip hooray!

    In real life the agents like Jack Bauer would be promoted for improvising and gaining info the way he does…

    Tv is not reality,,,
    “24″ is prime time american propaganda done with a flash of heroism and patriotism. Meant to instill righteousness and accountability to the American public.
    Doesn’t mean I’m not a fan, ;-)

  13. Really love 24 I am just sick of the world being in the balance. I would like to see season that are a lot more like that mini movie, you know…Jack trying to save some kids from dying if he failed the world wouldn’t be over but it would really suck. Just seems a lot more realistic then always upping the ante every season. I would love for the seasons to continue, I just think they really need to rethink their strategy to refresh the series. Not every government official is corrupt or part of a world domination scheme. Seems like they have relied a lot on the same plot elements that were good the first time but now have just become stale.

  14. Freddie Price Junior looks just like Chase in that photo, is he just meant to be Chase mk II? He is one of the worst actors in the history of history, what the hell is he doing on 24?

    And the guy who says ” Who’s jack Bauer?” on the trailer, he should have his head cut off like Marshal Goran!!! Cheeky bugger! I refuse to believe anyone working at CTU wouldnt know the name Jack Bauer!

  15. @DrSamBeckett

    Freddie Prince is Chase V8.5 (Season 8; second half of the TV year)


  16. @790

    Since this is an entertainment site I’ll try to not waste too much space on political rants, something I very easily fall into when I start to type or talk about the topic.

    Lets prey that some miracle happens that puts some kind of break on this healthscare bill before it is fully enacted. The good news is that it must go thru committee now since the versions passed in the Senate & the House are not the same. But I do believe that it will get worked out and that the worst of the stuff, that which will screw us citizens and that which is key to the politicians get their pay offs from the Insurance agencies, will make it into the final version that is sent to Obama. And once he gets it you know its going to be signed into tyrannical law.

    I love movies and a lot of TV (although less than in prior years) but its soo sad how many Americans care more about who won this week’s Dancing with The Stars or worse, who won the game this past weekend then what our elected officials are doing to our rights & liberties and how they are using the constitution to wipe there, well you get the point. I read not to long ago that more Americans care and know about what is going on in Pop Culture then even know what Congress in DC is doing let alone their local state government.

  17. Yeah BlueCollar I agree,,, it seems the younger generations grow up with a certain sense of global apathy.

    I hope something stops the wave of madness. I think its crystal clear that continuing to vote for either party is a vote for both.

    Ok back to 24,,,

  18. Before gettingto excited be sure to check with your TV show provider as some; at leastTime Warner, may not be showing 24 or other Fox shows as of January 1st if FOX doesn’t work out some agreement with Time Warner and others refusing to pay higher fees required by FOX.

  19. Jack Bauer, what else can he do in this season finale? The perpetrators of evil from inside are more than those outside, and they are overwhelmingly strong. I think poor Jack will become frustrated and kill himself!!!

  20. Who was the actor who played the assasin on this week's episode of 24

  21. Who was the actor who played the assasin on this week's episode of 24