24: Season 8 Hour 3 & 4 Review and Discussion

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24 season 8 cast screenrant 24: Season 8 Hour 3 & 4 Review and Discussion

The last 24 hours of my life have been interesting. I have been responding to comments and emails of all kinds regarding my initial review and discussion of part 1 of 24‘s Season 8 launch. Last night’s offerings featured a cast comprised of both new and familiar characters and even more familiar goings-on inside the first 88 minutes. Would the second half of the premiere provide us with something more filling? Or were we locked into an all-too-familiar Jack-based fate? The answer came shortly after tonight’s second hour ended in the way that, as a one fan so eloquently tweeted:

“…I give tonight’s second episode Five Whirring, Bloody Buzzsaws Out of Five!”

Once again it’s time to don the covert manpurse, load your .40cal H&K, and strap in for a spoiler-ridden review of the third and fourth hours of 24 Season 8!

These reviews are, as stated above, filled with story-decimating SPOILERS. Readers beware…

Last hour we left the venerable and determined Jack Bauer with a new but somehow familiar free reign to operate, with Chloe at his side and one goal – find the assassin targeting Middle East President Hassan at all costs! Jack heads to one of the outlying neighborhoods of New York on a lead that Chloe brandishes from a traffic cam. Jack then does some real detective work, by paying off a basketball-playing youth who has seen the man he’s looking for recently arrive by cab.  The young lad directs Jack to a blue house across the the court where he saw the man go. As Jack investigates, he sees the ghastly corpse of a semi-dressed police officer who’s been shot in the head. Jack draws his weapon and clears the house and calls Chloe to get more intel.

Jack suddenly realizes that police have been dispatched to the house and only one suspect remains in the house with a gun – him. A partial explanation and taser gun later, Jack awakens strapped to a chair getting the first beating of 2010 from a justice-seeking policeman. Eventually, the policeman’s partner assists Jack in putting a stop to the vengeful beating and the two of them are able to get the vital intel about the now-dead officer to the powers at CTUNY, who piece together where the now dead cop was supposed to be on detail. This, along with a faux bomb threat inside the UN eventually reveal that the bomb is not actually in the UN building itself, but somewhere in the actual road/path that is being cleared for President Hassan’s emergency exit.

As the second hour of this evening’s offering ignites, the Russian mobster who has set the lethal trap arms the bomb hidden under a manhole cover and prepares to push the button to kill President Hassan. Agent Cole (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is able use his car to ram the presidential vehicle out of the blast zone and ends up saving the life of President Hassan.

cole ortiz 558x716 24: Season 8 Hour 3 & 4 Review and Discussion

Meanwhile, Agent Cole extracts himself from the car, ensures that President Hassan is in a new able-to-escape vehicle, and notices a frumpy, out of place police officer and realizes that this is the man they’ve been looking for. The Russian mobster realizes that the plan has been foiled and runs into one of New York’s many abandoned, yet exceptionally lit buildings and receives a  call from President Hassan’s brother, Omar, who inquires as to his brother’s status. “He survived,” he states, “and soon they’ll know it was you who was involved.” Realizing that the walls of justice are quickly closing around him, Omar takes advantage of the pen he usually signs brotherly checks with and stabs one of the many in-proximity guards in the neck and makes his escape.

Back at CTU, Dana receives a call from her former manlover, Kevin, and they engage in conversation that completely derails the moment and pace of the program. I didn’t see nor will I see any value to this wayward interaction so I shant share anything else about it.

Jack has now traveled halfway across New York to arrive at the  blast scene in just 4 minutes, and takes up arms with Cole to hunt for the assassin inside the aforementioned abandoned building. The Russian mobster gets the drop on Cole, who clearly doesn’t watch enough 24, and orders him to his knees. Jack gets the drop on The Russian mobster who clearly has missed the many syndicated repeats of 24 in his motherland, creating yet another dead Russian mobster for this 8th season of 24. Jack is able to capture the ornate tattoos from the most-recent dead body and sends it along to CTUNY for posterity and research.

Continue reading the final hour of the Season 8 premiere…

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  1. Mike – I couldn't wait to see your post-buzzsaw post – I had already concluded much the same. The writers definitely brought it this time, and the plot is starting to roll. I couldn't agree more that the Dana/Jenny story line is a huge distraction, and a waste of Katee Sackhoff's prodigious talents (after the military fatigues of Battlestar, she cleans up very nicely in power black dress and heels.) She's a total rockstar, but I fear her main business will be to piss off Chloe and everyone else and to provide yet another crisis when her bizarro boyfriend gets into CTU and goes postal just when she needs to run another impossible database analysis for Jack. As in seasons past, I think the govt needs to do a major review of CTU's deplorably lax hiring practices.
    And Renee was surely a sight for sore eyes – some badly needed chemistry with Jack and a babe with real acting chops, though I'm not sure about this Jack-has-created-a-Frankenstein's monster gambit. What are the chances Jack will heal her traumatized soul and they'll get on that plane for LA together?
    Nuclear weapons are always welcome, to my mind, rather than some lame assassination plot – more bang for the buck, so to speak. Though I can imagine a long line of potential assassins eager to do in President Hussein sheerly for heinous hair styling crimes. I kind of questioned the casting of the “Slumdog” quiz show host for the role, anyway, for lack of gravitas.
    But, quibbles aside, I'm fastening my seat belt and signing on!

  2. Being a fan who has watched all 7 seasons, I can honestly say, that so far, Season 8 is on the right track. Suspense, thrills, action, these are what make 24. And episode 3 & 4 did this, while keeping me on the edge of my seat. And the Renee twist at the end, WOW, did not see that coming, and loved Jack's reaction. I think that Renee has gone even further over the edge than Jack did. The collaboration between the two is unbelievable. Also they filled in all the plot holes from Season 7, which is neat.

    I want to conclude by saying that Season 8 is good, its even great, so far. I hope the writers can keep us thrilled and surprised and ADDICTED as they have us now.

  3. I'd love to see the Jenny/Kevin storyline pulled. It serves no purpose other than drag the season out for the full 24 hours and give us plotlines that lead to nothing.

    The writers will, no doubt, tie Kevin into the conspiracy which will put Jenny in peril or pose her as a traitor somehow until she's cleared or killed. Honestly, I have no problem seeing her killed off. She does nothing for me so far. She's annoying.

  4. I agree with strich below. Jenny is annoying. She can go away now as far as I am concerned. When I first saw her I thought she looked like she was a man in a former life. Maybe that's the secret the former “lover” has on her. And the new head of CTU, WOW what a terrible actor. I cannot even listen to him speak, not to mention the fact he comes across as a total moron.
    LOVE Chole, LOVE Renee (glad to see both of them back). LOVE Freddie. He is a great addition. And of course, Jack is LOVED by all.

  5. The Dana/Jenny storyline is the only one I'm not crazy about, but with all the great writing they do I can give them a break and maybe it'll end up being better than I thouht. I really like the Renee story arc they have going. Jack has done more brutal things but he always did because he needed information. Jack has been someone who can go way to far but do it for the greater good. He never goes so far that he turns into the people he fights against. Renee is someone who went against what she thought was right and now she has lost it. Renee simply can't handle doing what Jack does without going to far and it has destroyed what she was before. The contrast between Jack and Renee is one I think is going to be one their best.

  6. I meant to say thought, still a little tired.

  7. Well, I can't believe they cast katee Sackhoff in this season just to be annoying and a CTU liability. I”ll bet she comes through in the end and kicks some serious butt for the cause!

  8. I understand how annoying the silly little insignificent plotlines are, but they are part of 24 by its very nature. Does anyone have any idea how difficult it is to write a season of 24? To extend stories and plot threads that weave into a twenty four hour narrative, its bloody difficult.

  9. Damn Renee Walker is crazy! It looks like she'll be the highlight of the show for me this season. I fricken love her! All of a sudden she's one of my new favorites after this performance.

  10. OMAR is President Hassan's first name, not his brother's name. Renee Walker ROCKS!

  11. While the characters of 24 show a tremendous ability to transit large distances very quickly, I think you must be informed that the UN is right on the east side of Manhattan as you can see in the outdoor shots of CTU headquarters which appear to be right across the East River in Queens. Having said that, it's still a little interesting that the police car with Officer Phil and Jack are able to make it to the UN right around 7 PM. They aren't really going half way across New York. In fact the house where Jack goes to find the dead couple is on Broadway in Queens about 10 blocks north of where CTU HQ appears to be. Not too far to drive from there down across the Queensboro Bridge to the UN.
    I too find the Jenny/Dana/Kevin storyline annoying. It seems like every season they need one of these. Even though we all hate it and wish they would just stick with the action, I think we all know that it is leading somewhere. I think that's how the show hooks you in, it makes you wonder where it is really leading. From the preview it's obvious that it is going to get violent. Also does anyone get the feeling that this new Chief of Staff, Rob Weiss, is a real asshole? I feel that he is going to end doing something crazy or drastic, not unlike the President's daughter from last season. I also get the feeling that Hastings, while initially a dickhead is going to end up as someone sympathetic. I just hope he doesn't get killed like Curtis Manning did. He probably will though.

  12. Ok when I look at Dana/Jenny all I can see is the oxygen sucking skank from Nip/Tuck. I'm sure she was great in BG, but to me she's a low-life, gas tweaking bottom feeder. This 2nd epi was much better than Sunday, but it's really getting unbelievably annoying how almost every season CTU does such a lowsy job vetting its employees to the point of assassins, terrorists and other such losers can work there. I wonder if I could dress up my dog so she can get a job and make us some money.

    Hands down, best moment of the show was when Renee proved how far she crossed over the 'Jack Bauer' threshold of 'do what you gotta do to get the job done'. Well done ex-agent Walker. I was saying about 30 seconds before it happened, “the only way she's gonna get that thing off is probably by cutting off his hand”. BAM!!!

  13. BTW, has anyone signed up for the highly classified special advance intel on forthcoming 24s being offered by FOX? No? I thought so.
    I agree with Mike that Renee's power saw carpentry on the Russian's hand will be an epic – and disturbing – 24 moment. The previews suggest that even Jack is appalled by this one-upsmanship and wants to shut the operation down, but we know that won't happen. To be honest, I could have done without this escalation of no-holds-barred torture graphically shown for shock value, but seen ultimately as justifiable given the threat to national security and plot-pace requirements. Especially since we in Massachusetts just elected a pro-waterboarding Senator last night.
    I hope the revelation of Dana/Jenny's mysterious past will reward us in some way for painfully watching her fantastically stupid handling of the confrontation with her ex (“Call me Kevin! Say please!) “Oh, all right, and here's the key to my apartment.”
    Starbuck, say it ain't so!

  14. Thanks for the note, Richard! I agree whole-heartedly about Kaite and while I smell death (of or by her) in the near future, I'm hoping that we get something way more satisfying form her rather than being someone that gets jerked around. I too loved seeing Renee. She's easily one of my favorite characters in the franchise and I'm eager to see what she'll do. We too are in and engaged after these last two episodes and have a thirst for more!

  15. Agreed there completely. Creating the quick review of these last two hours was much more fun than the previous two and that's really when I know something good is happening. Thanks for your comments and keep 'em coming' Sam!

  16. All I want, is for Kevin to die, and we get Dana back in the mix of looking hot and solving problems. Done and done. Thanks for chiming in and I hope you're wrong about Kevin's involvement. He's too much of a Caveman to be involved.

  17. You thought Katie Sackoff was a man in a former life? There's one I haven't ever heard :) So you're thinking that Kevin is chasing a woman that was a man and that's the “secret” that he's going to share if she/he doesn't capitulate? Wow, man. I've got some black helicopters to sell you. :) Thanks for chiming in!

  18. Agreed gleefully on the Jack and Renee showcase, LSCOTT27. I think often times Jack as been able to succeed because not only does he “become like those he's fighting against” he even one-ups the bad guys often which takes them off their game and is why Jack wins. Thanks for tossing in commentary! It's appreciated and I hope you'll come back for more!

  19. They're “part of 24″ like anything else though. I'm looking for the fan that “likes” the little intrapersonal, derailing crap storylines and they don't exist. That they're still here, and continue through all incarnations of 24 'because that's part of 24' is such a weak reason for their continued inclusion. I've got a great little piece on it in our most recent podcast and I'll copy that out here in commentary later this week. Thanksf or sharing, Dr. Sam!

  20. There's a reason there's a little sexy piece of music in my mind included with her when I see her on the show – yeah, she's that good. She's also from St. Louis here and we're extending tendrils to try to score an interview with her and she does lots of social event here in St. Louis. Thanks again for your interest and keep coming back!

  21. Oh my! Well, that'll be our first giant “oops” moment for this season but surely not the last. :) What is his name? Thanks for the information and thanks for being a very dedicated 24 fan!

  22. I like that BubbaHastings has finally given in and is starting to provide resources, time and support to things that are common-sensical. Remember folks: Things in television don't always have to be outlandish to be satisfying. Of the things that BubbaHastings could have done, what could it have possibly hurt to give Jack's effort a couple of guys to help him get that lead wrapped up or paid off? Nothing. And that he's got issue with Chloe helping doesn't make any sense either, because she's “only been on the job for three weeks” and they're already sidelining her with inanity. Stick to common sense, add in twists, give us the action and watch the satisfaction factor SOAR for 24. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    Thanks for the info score on the travel in New York. My point is that not only have the people that build buildings, create services, have conferences and more take into account to have all of these things together, the BAD guys also carefully coordinate to have everything they need in the matter of personnel, guns, nuclear material etc all in the same 10 bubble of drive or helicopter time. My cohost for the 24Podcast.Com effort Tony put it best. “Hey Mike, let's go to Applebee's.” Applebees is an 8 minute drive from the minute I'm sitting in my truck running out of my driveway. What about the time to get to the vehicle? Grab world-saving paraphenelia? Traffic? Stop lights? Chance driving? The point is that we're not looking for inane, poorly done green-screen driving sessions, but I'll surely take poorly dont green screen driving sessions over “Jenny, sa mah naaaame, like you're beggin' fer it…” :) Wouldn't you? Thanks again and please do chime in if we're blowing the call on distance and time issues. I ALWAYS appreciate being educated about the logistics of vistas showcased in programs. Cheers!

  23. Ha! Very well said! And I'm not sure if you're watching in HD or not, but the closer they zoom in on Katie Sackhoff, the less attractive she gets :) That perfect skin they paint on in the promoshots is something completely different under a hi-def screen eh? I'm not married to her as an actor at all, but I know that she is being completely wasted as a talent in this season so far anytime the “Kevin Factor” is enacted. Thanks for chiming in and I appreciate your viewpoint!

  24. You know, i hadn't thought about it, but she has very manly features. It's funny though, cause i found her way sexier in BSG when she was more butch looking than the long blond hair and tight dress. She just seems very bulky up top. Like she's been bench pressing a mac truck. I agree with you on every account.

  25. LOL Lots to talk about here, Richard. I haven't seen the extra-special content provided, and the commercials for it are NOT closed captioned so that's a done and done for me for that. I also haven't seen any of the Sprint extra 24 mobile stuff. Have you?

    I'm glad you agree on the Renee saw skill set museum piece. ;) HA!

    As far as “graphically showing” if we compare this too the, oh, “Get me a hacksaw” DECAPITATION Jack's done, we're on a much smaller scale at this point.

    Congatulations on the election of a decidedly different experience in MA last nite. My father who is from South Boston and was a very long time Democrate will surely appreciate and wonder of the new perspective and actions that await :) Look at it this way, if it doesn't work out after two years, he can be hired on to a show like “24″ as a consultant, right? :)

    When handing over the key to her apartment “that he already knew the address to” (rolls eyes), I thought to myself, “Ah HA! She's going to get there, put down plastic, use her crazy southern feminine wiles and MURDER him. Discard the body, brush off her suitcoat and skirt and go back from lunch break. YOU WATCH! I've just written what the writers WISH they'd written :)

    Thanks again for the input, Richard and keep it goin'!

  26. The evil brother's name is Farhad Hassan.

  27. Thanks for the note, Greg! Much appreciated!

  28. OMGosh, Mike I thought the same thing. I actually think my opinion of Dana/Jenny would go up several degrees if she were to take out the trash/Kevin. Seriously, he's just a waste of 24 minutes. :)


  29. I look forward to reading it.

    I wasnt so much defending the stupid plotlines, but my argument is how do you make a show like 24 work without them, it is a problem with the narrative structure of having it take place over 24 hours, and how to fill them, and I know they could come up some more quality plots for the interpersonal stories but what exactly? What hasnt already been done in that respect.

    I dont envy the writers. Actually that is a massive lie.

    I wrote my own 24 story a few years back, and I struggled to create plots for every hour.