“24″ Movie: Can it Work?

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24 24 Movie: Can it Work?It’s being reported all over the place (having originated here) that a movie based on the hit Fox TV show 24 may be a serious possibility. Personally, I love the show, but I don’t know if it will work as a movie.

Part of the appeal of 24 is the pace and the amazing cliffhangers they provide week after week. The word is that in a movie version the first hour might be done conventionally but that the second hour would be done real-time as it is on TV.

The story would most likely tie into whatever is happening on the show at the end of (most likely) the 2006 television season.

The writers and rest of the staff of 24 are churning out an awesome show, but it’s awesome within it’s particular format, but will it translate to the big screen?

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  1. If they switched up the formats, it would be a completely different animal. That’s the cool thing about TV; you can develop the storyline over the course of a season. With movies, you don’t have time for that. Still, with as much action as those writers can cram into an episode, it might make a decent movie.


  2. Why not keep it in real time and give Jack just 2 hours to resolve whatever issue is at hand? Whatever format that is used, I agree that it will be intense.