’24: Live Another Day’ Debuts to Strong Ratings – Will Jack Be Back?

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Kiefer Sutherland in 24 LAD Episode 2 24: Live Another Day Debuts to Strong Ratings   Will Jack Be Back?

After four years out of action, last night saw the triumphant return of Jack Bauer to TV screens everywhere. Titled 24: Live Another Day, the 12-episode FOX event series marks the first appearance of Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic character since the original 24 series came to an end after 8 successful seasons. From almost the moment 24‘s revival was announced, talk turned to the next logical question: If Live Another Day does well, will Jack Bauer saving the world once again become an annual event?

Based solely on the ratings for Live Another Day‘s premiere, the answer to that question may well be yes. Last night’s two-hour broadcast earned a very healthy 2.6 in the key demographic of adults 18-49, and drew in just over 8 million total viewers. Not only is that way up from what shows like Bones, The Following, and the recently canceled Almost Human were putting up on Mondays, it is also encouragingly close to the 2.8 demo and 9 million total viewers that the final regular season of 24 earned back in 2010.

If 24 co-creator Robert Cochran has his way, we’ll definitely see Jack Bauer fight through yet another turbulent day:

“I think if this does well, I can’t see any reason not to do another 12.”

Cochran also addressed the long-rumored idea of a 24 movie:

“A movie’s possible. I believe the real-time format lends itself to television more than it does to a movie and it’s its natural habitat. I’ll take whatever happens, but I’d like to see it come back on TV.”

Executive producer Howard Gordon also seems cautiously hopeful of more 24:

“In the world of ‘24,’ it’s always good to take it one day at a time. So we’ve had a good time doing this…assuming the audience embraces it and continues to embrace it, then we ask ourselves the question: Do we have another story to tell? Another day?”

While a 2.6 rating is indeed quite good – especially when one considers how down overall numbers have been for FOX this season – the bigger test will likely come next week. Almost every show drops from its premiere rating, it’s just usually a question of how low things will go. With the built-in audience and hype 24: Live Another Day carries with it, it’s easy to imagine next week dipping only slightly, perhaps to a 2.4 or a 2.3.

24 canceled fox 24: Live Another Day Debuts to Strong Ratings   Will Jack Be Back?

That said, big premiere numbers are not always a harbinger of a drama’s long-term prospects. For example, ABC’s supernatural drama Resurrection debuted to a massive 3.8, and just six episodes later had dropped to a 1.9. Fellow FOX series The Following premiered its season 2 to a gargantuan 4.4, and was down to a 1.5 by the end. Now granted, that’s an extreme case, but if it can happen once, it can happen again.

If 24: Live Another Day‘s ratings stabilize well enough, and don’t dip below a 2.0 during its limited 12-week run, Jack Bauer’s 2015 return will likely become an eventuality. If they fall anywhere below a 2.0 though, FOX would need to do a cost benefit analysis as to whether the numbers justify 24‘s high budget and Kiefer Sutherland’s large paycheck.

24 fans would be advised to keep their eyes peeled for next week’s ratings, as they’ll go a long way toward clarifying Jack Bauer’s future.


24: Live Another Day airs Mondays @9pm on FOX.

Sources: Deadline, E!

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  1. I’m sure it being away for a few years helped.

    And that has me thinking…maybe it would be good for popular shows to occasionally go on a longer hiatus than just the traditional break between seasons. It would help the fans and actors avoid burnout, and would give the writers a little time to be revitalized and come up with some fresh ideas.

    • Good point. And if you recall, 24 experienced a delay between seasons by a full year during the writer strike. That may have helped the ratings.

      • And because of that for me personally season 7 was best season.

        • Season 7 was by far one of the worst seasons — it was the first season to be without CTU… And Renee Walker and her team were very annoying. Season 6 was one of the best seasons… Logan was the greatest villain in the movies. “It’s Jack Bauer!”

    • Perfect examples: Sherlock and Doctor Who. Doctor who is taking more than a year off between Season 7 and Season 8 (not including one off specials of course)

      As for Sherlock, that’s obviously an extreme case, but keeps the fans ravenous none the less. With all that time between premiers, you could probably have the series go on for a decade more and still keep the actors and audience excited about it.

      • Sherlock follows the usual British drama schedule though of having 3 or less episodes and then not rushing immediately into another series of episodes. They don’t like rushing into things over here and prefer to have quality rather than quantity.

        We just had the brilliant Prey on ITV1 (third and final episode is next week) and I can guarantee that if it was a US based show, it would’ve been stretched to 22 episodes with a 2 month period to write, prepare, rehearse and film the next season instead of leaving it alone as a one-off 3 part thing.

  2. In the end , it’s up to Kiefer sutherland to decide if he wants to go on.

    • No, in the end its the studio that makes the ultimate decision. For Fox to even ask Kiefer if he wants to do another season, they have to first be willing to produce the season. Before the main actors and actresses can even be asked if they want to come on board, Fox has to first come to the decision wether they even want to persue another season. Once Fox decides wether they want to persue another season, then it falls into Keifer’s lap.

      • But on the other hand, you can’t have 24 without Jack Bauer so ultimately, it is Kiefer’s decision because if FOX go ahead without him, a lot of fans will avoid it purely because it lacks Kiefer in the main role.

        • Dazz,

          I agree with you in that there would no 24 without Jack Bauer. I for one, would NOT watch 24 if he’s not in it. 24 is Jack Bauer and Jack Bauer is 24.

  3. I just hope this sets precedent. 12 hours of television presented as a long movie that allows for proper character development

    • I agree Michael B. I have longed for some TV shows to go the route of AnimĂ© and tell a FULL contained story in 12-24 episodes and have that be it. Or, like some cable shows are starting to do (Fargo, An American Horror Story) become an anthology and tell different stories in the same genre with different leads.

    • You hope it sets precedent? The precendent has already been set, which is why Fox chose to go this route in the first place. Cable TV has become the pinnacle of quality TV and most Cable Drama’s have a much shorter season length. Just look at what True Detective was able to achieve with just 8 episodes. Network TV has been scrambling to keep up for years and have just recently come on board with shorter season’s. So again, the precedent has already been set. Its the reason why 24 is 12 episodes and not 24.

      • The precedent was set decades ago in British broadcasting.

        Until 2-3 years ago, I assumed 24 was a rarity with such a high episode ratio and figured it made sense since it was a 24 hour day in real time.

        Imagine my surprise when I found out in 2011 that MOST US shows have at least 20-22 episodes per season, which to me is complete madness because it means more chance of filler rather than constructing a tight story that keeps you intrigued throughout.

        For that reason, I’d say US cable is starting to catch up to Britain’s regular network broadcasting standards.

  4. i was kind of confused why the show got canceled in the first place they said it was cause keifers salary had pushed budgeting for show too high but he was back on fox airwaves with that dumb show touched … still wish we would get a 24 movie and i think that he should of been in expendables 3 jack bauer is freaking legend…

    • The show got cancelled becasue Kiefer didn’t want to do another season. He knew the quality of the show had gone down dramatically and he had the smarts to get out while the going was still somewhat good. When asked if he would ever come back, he said it was always dependent on the quality of the writing. If they could come up with a quality script, he would consider it. Of course, the plan was to do a 24 film, but that obvioulsy changed into doing a shortened season.

  5. I hope they bring back Tony… Tony’s story was unexpected because even the writer’s thought they killed him off, which made him the best good/bad guy since Nina Meyers.

    • I love the show but it’s only going to last as long as Kiefer Sutherland is healthy. He drinks and smokes like crazy, which is why I’m surprised he’s lasted this long.

    • i hope so dude …i always think that something will happen that make Tony come back again.

  6. Honestly, the season premiere is not as intense as the past 8 seasons…and I’m not really sure where they’re going with the plot…I hope it get better cause I really love the show…hopefully it’s good enough for a comeback

  7. Welcome back Jack , it’s the best decision u made guys by deciding to go on with a new season ,,,’nd i rly hope to see more seasons .24 is the best serial for me.

  8. It’s not Season 9 just as Redemption wasn’t a really short Season 7.

  9. The premier was a bit slow, but each week the show gets increasing better. Bringing Chloe back was a must. Viewers should watch not just for its ingenious writing, but also for the reality of government-approved use of drones and the collateral damage. Addressing relevant issues is but one thing that makes this show so great. Pray for a renewal!

  10. Please fox bring 24 back, it is by far the most exciting show on TV . Kiefer, Mary Lynn , the whole cast are fantastic. I would love to see Carlos Bernard make a comeback. Hopefully fox will tell us soon that Jack will be back for another day. Thank you fox and Kiefer for the enjoyment 24 brings.

  11. This was one show I didn’t want to see end because of the thrilling stories and the adrenaline rush that it brought to me. I am very thrilled about the new format of the show. 24 is very much like a fine wine that has gotten better with age. Thank you to all the writers, producers, camera crew, and the actors for delivering a splendid show on FOX. Here’s to hoping for more next summer. Salut!

  12. 24 is the Best Dramatic Show of all times,I done a Nielsen Raring from my home,
    I can tell you I talk to people,they here feel the same,
    24 is more like the Real World,Events happen in the real world that the Public
    does not know about,much like 24
    Please keep 24 on TV,
    I have all Episodes from the 1st Season till now.

  13. I love 24-live another day, just like i have loved all the other seasons. I hope that it’s comming a lot more seasons. Because, this is the best! Jack bauer, is a hero!

  14. Rates doesnt matter these days. Public demand is the interest. Not as many fans can access the net and rate the movie. The small group that rates reprents a great crowd.
    We need Jack in the screen, Chloe too to hack those systems. Africa we need 24

    • I conquer! We don’t “want” 24 but we “NEED” 24!

      Whether its 12 episodes, 24 or 100 episodes, I don’t care…as long as Bauer & Cloe are there!

      And for me, no President matched David Palmer. I hated that he was killed, but his assassination made season 5 sleek.

      Damn, I LOVE 24!

      I want Fox to make another season of 24, and another after that, until infinity..! Can they please not run out of things to say..!

  15. Finally watched the finale and wow, what a cliffhanger!! We need to bring Jack Bauer back!! I have watched the show since the first season and have loved every minute of it. Please Fox and I Kiefer, give us more 24!

  16. Ratings were high so really hope 24 returns for another 12 eps or more.

  17. I am so pissed that thay killed Audrey. Her an Jack were ment to make it.

  18. I’ve enjoyed 24′s 9 seasons so far, but the series has ended on a cliffhanger. It would be great to find out what happens to Jack, and for the storylines to be completely resolved.

  19. Please24 must live.

  20. 24 one of my fave

  21. I’m a big fan of 24 and the 24 live another day. I’m looking forward to it again in 2015 but I don’t see it in 2015. Has the show been canceled, I hope not!