’24: Live Another Day’: A Better World Through Technology

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Kieffer Sutherland in 24LAD Episode 10 24: Live Another Day: A Better World Through Technology

[This is a review of 24: Live Another Day episode 10. There will be SPOILERS.]


Since Jack threw Margot Al-Harazi and her son out a window, 24: Live Another Day has been running at a breakneck pace, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as it careens toward the final two episodes. And for a series that took so many years off before making its comeback, it’s great to see the show able to do what’s expected of it from a structural standpoint and still manage to be entertaining and exciting, as it burns through more characters and twists in an hour than most shows do in a season.

To that end, ’8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.’ winds up paying off the surprisingly early demise of the season’s primary antagonist with a villainous reveal that adds some weight to the Jack/Audrey/Mark situation. The return Cheng Zhi (Tzi Ma) may not have shocked everyone, but it allows his rather intimate and unpleasant history with Jack and Audrey to hang in the air from the moment he steps into the room strewn with the bodies of Adrian Cross’ team of hacktivists.

The way the season has been teasing the sneaky underhandedness of Navarro and Cross, it became increasingly unlikely that neither would be the primary baddie for the final few episodes. Navarro’s goals seemed purely selfish, while Cross came across more like a tech mogul from ‘Silicon Valley‘, proclaiming the ways his niche technology would make the world a better place. His ideology – though twisted – had enough of a different kind of self-righteousness that his fate was ostensibly sealed.

Ultimately, the episode made great use of characters whom, earlier in the season, seemed more than a little ancillary. And while neither Navarro nor Cross really fit the profile of what has come to be thought of as a 24 villain, ’8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.’ demonstrated its willingness to flip the script midway through the hour to generate some surprises in the midst of all the fireworks going on. But before the plot could shift to the demise of Cross and the emergence of Cheng Zhi, Live Another Day managed to serve up the truth about Kate’s husband, posthumously vindicating him and then creating some tension by briefly teasing Navarro getting away with everything. It says a lot about the character of Kate Morgan and even Yvonne Strahovski’s performance – which was strong, this episode – that the audience could care about the death of a man who has never even been on-screen.

Benjamin Bratt in 24LAD Episode 10 24: Live Another Day: A Better World Through Technology

To the writers’ credit, they use the audience’s connection to Kate as a means to justify Jack’s distinctive interrogation technique, making it typical over-the-top Jack Bauer behavior that fulfills the needs of the plot as much as it does the emotional needs of the characters and the audience. The episode even pays Kate’s retribution off by letting her take a page from the Bauer Book of Handling a Crisis to help secure the location of the override device.

For a fast paced show like 24, emotional pay offs like that can sometimes feel too forced and coincidental, especially when the focus is rapidly shifting to more exigent circumstances like Cheng sending fraudulent orders to a U.S. submarine to sink a Chinese carrier. But here, Kate gets the chance to satisfactorily settle the score with Navarro (sure, there’s always room for more, but in this instance it works), and still be on hand for when the Russians show up to try and apprehend Jack and basically ruin everything.

Now, with just two hours to go and a familiar villain on the scene, the question is: Will Jack be afforded a chance at some well-deserved payback as well?


24: Live Another Day will continue next Monday with ’9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.’ @9pm on FOX. Check out a preview below:

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  1. Best episode yet! tense from start to finish, and altogether straight up classic 24. Kate’s character is awesome… she is pretty much a more likable (and attractive) version of Jack Bauer, and Yvonne Strahovski killed it this week.

    I hate that Chinese guy… i simply don’t understand why Jack wont just kill him. It needs to happen, and it better happen in the next two hours or I will be disappointed… He has been a pretty impressive side-show antagonist of the series since season 4 or whatever, but it is time for him to die… Kudos to Tzi Ma for making me hate him so much.

    • Previously he was a Chinese official, but he’s now a terrorist to his own country, so he’s fair game.

      Incidentally, it’s interesting to note that the Russian guy is in the same position that Cheng used to be in, as a guy taking extreme measures to get Jack for the murder of their consulate.

  2. Well. Entertaining, I give you that. The arrival of Cheng was a nice twist. However, Cheng is from the 24-post-David-Palmer-era. It might not be a coincidence that the show slipped up after it let go of him.

    The writers still don’t seem to want to acknowledge that season 6 was a mess. To serve up a character like Cheng, it just messes the show up more. The whole Cheng/Russians/Jack’s dad-thing, it was far fetched and even to 24 standards pretty implausible. They’d better stay away from that. Not drag it up 4 seasons later.

    One episode left before the finale, it’s safe to say the only role they’ve given Jack Bauer was to be a superhero, saving the day. Other than a ‘I don’t have any friends’, there hasn’t been any investment in his (3 years absence) past, his mental state, his plans, his dreams. All they’ve had him do, is shoot his way through the hours, solving stopping a drone. He’s been on a 12 hour adrenaline rush. No time to breathe.

    We love Jack Bauer. But we loved Michael Scofield too. He was the only reason to watch the 4th season of Prison Break, to see how his journey ended. Just like Jack’s the only reason to watch 24 Day 9.

    • there is ANOTHER …. Yvonne Strahavski
      I met her in person (sort of) and I was literally speechless (also met Zachary Levi the same day, genuinely nice guy)

      she is GORGEOUS, I’ve met many celebrities and none have left me speechless

  3. This episode was so god damn good.

  4. This show is just crushing it this season.
    Seriously, you don’t like Jack Bauer you are either a terrorist or retarded!

    • I do not, and I am not a terrorist after the absurd opening sequence last episode. Double K, but really? Using the “R” word. Bad form.

      • Oh man that was too easy… Like I said if your not a terrorist you’re…
        The PC police just proves it. Lol you called it the “R” word no wonder America is turning into a bunch of weak minded ninnies but hey you probably voted for Obama too so that makes perfect sense.

        • Some day if you’re able to con a woman into letting you impregnate her, you’re gonna be praying your kid isn’t born “the R word.”

          • I’m just going to pray they don’t turn out like you. Doesn’t look like it worked for your mom though, oh well…

            • Don’t worry. Your kids could never turn out like me.

              Just hope their mother has a frontal lobe. (You can Google that. After you ask a grown up what Google is.)

              • Wow Really…yout mom and retard??? hhmmm its just sad that these comments are not deleted by screenrant.

    • I don’t have to. They are everywhere here. Go preach your PC garbage to the left wing loons!

    • re·tard·ed [ri-tahr-did] Show IPA Usually Offensive.
      characterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc.
      Slang. stupid or foolish.

      PC people fall under #2 but context is everything isn’t it?

      • Your lack of self-reflexivity is hilarious.

        • Don’t worry, Kryptonian Knight is only describing himself.

  5. Another ridiculous but entertaining episode up until they decided to start WW3. That was just stupid.

    Next season: a post-nuclear-holocaust, mutated Jack Bauer has to spend 24 straight hours battling cockroaches for the last bag of Doritos.

    I shouldn’t give the show’s writers any “big ideas.”

    • With ideas like this it’s no wonder you hate the “R” word LOL!!!
      It would be impossible for anybody’s kid to be like you, you are right. Thank the heavens…

      • You really are clueless. Shuffle along now…

          • And here I was defending you when he used the “R” word.

  6. What partner was Jack referring to that was killed 4 years ago?

    • renee walker.

  7. This was a great hour and it’s too bad only two more episodes are left. The way that Jack and Kate played Navarro was classic. Two hours doesn’t leave much time to deal with the Russians and Cheng.

  8. Wow-
    The rules state “No profanity or PERSONAL ATTACKS”. Almost all of the comments above have been personal attacks from one commenter to another.
    This season of 24 has been one of the best, and I never missed an episode when it was on before.
    But I have to say that in the end, Jack will get shafted once more.
    He is always the victim. Always.
    But then again, those bad endings for him always lead into great sequels.
    Looking forward to next year!

  9. Well, technically, Adam Morgan appeared several times onscreen on that picture with Kate… I wonder if the actor was paid, and how much, for what is the absolute minimal amount of “acting” anyone could have been credited for in the history of filmed fiction. Or could he be a member of the production team ? Or maybe they used a generic computer-generated male human face, so as to have one less greedy mofo on the payroll ? On a season dealing with unmanned military aircraft, it would be fitting to have an unmanned character face.

    • yes it was either a crew member or just a friend of the director or someone who was hanging out on set that day
      or they just hire an extra who likely gets a bump to being a featured extra

      all film and tv shows have a certain # of union extras they have to hire 1st and then they just use non-union extras typically for large crowd scenes etc for over 25 or 30 people