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24 finale jack bauer 24 Series Finale Review & Discussion

Well it’s finally here: The 24 finale. Not only the season finale, but the series finale. It’s the end of the road for Jack Bauer – and based on what Fox has allowed to be done to his character this season all I can say is “Rest in Peace.”

Now that’s not to say that I know he’s going to die in tonight’s episode (this is being written prior to the show airing), but what I am saying is that as far as I’m concerned the well-loved, honorable, stop-at-(almost)-nothing to defend his country man that we’ve come to know died a few episodes back.

Whoever took over the series and the character played by Keifer Sutherland from the original creators of 24 seems to have had a different vision of who Jack Bauer really is… apparantly a vengeful psychopath that has just been barely held in check for 7 seasons. This season he’s crossed a line he never actually contemplated crossing before: Cold blooded murder of unarmed people for revenge – and torture so vile that it would make Al Qaeda proud.

In case it’s not clear, I’ve not been happy about this final season (#8) of 24 – frankly, I wish they’d retired it about three years ago while it was still great – and with what they’ve done with the show this season I just don’t see the prospect of a theatrical version of 24 doing that well at the box office.

The following review is full of spoilers for this episode.

The culmination of the season sees Jack determined to go all the way up to the top of the chain of terrorist events of the past 24 hours and expose Russian President Suvarov, who was the ultimate power behind the day’s events. Jack has killed everyone up the chain up to that point and is making headway in getting to Suvarov. They do at least show a bit of humanity in Jack when he tells ex-President Logan’s aide that they took away the option of a justice system for him when they tried to bury the events of the day – making him judge and jury. He spares the life of the aide instead of murdering him.

Dalia (now President of the IRK) finds out about the source of the assassination and confronts President Taylor, who finally has to come clean about the cover up. Taylor has been sliding down that slippery slope and fighting it as best she can, but is willing to pay almost any price for the Middle East peace agreement to go through. When Dalia refuses to sign the agreement once she learns the truth, Taylor goes off the deep end and threatens a full scale attack if Dalia doesn’t sign the treaty. VERY grudgingly, Dalia agrees to sign.

Jack of course makes it into the UN building without much trouble, while Chloe, Arlo and Ortiz try to get to Jack in order to retrieve the video evidence, get the information out and stop him from assassinating the Russian President.

Chloe comes upon Jack as he is about to assassinate the Russian President, and manages to get through to him by invoking Renee Walker – saying she wouldn’t want a war started because of her (with a country that has intercontinental nukes, no less). Jack acquiesces, – but knows that the TAC team is coming and gets Chloe to shoot him just as they arrive in order for her to be able to get the digital recording out.

Eventually President Taylor has a change of heart, after watching a recording that Jack made for his daughter about the events of the day and stops the agreement from being signed – along with stopping the planned assassination of Bauer by Logan. In the end Jack’s death is barely averted, but Taylor tells him that they’ll both have to face the consequences of what they did that day – and is going to give him some time to leave the country and go into hiding. In a heartfelt goodbye, Jack tells Chloe that he never thought that she would be the one who watched out for him for so many years – and that is the end.

After the incredible suspense of some previous seasons, this final episode felt lacking. Maybe it’s from having gone through this so many times, but there was never really a sense that the plan wouldn’t succeed or that the news wouldn’t somehow get out. I guess they can only dangle you out over the edge of the precipice so many times until you learn they’re always going to bring you back in to safety.

And here’s a major issue: The final episode of every season has always revolved around some critical danger that Jack has to stop. In this episode the big issue was “will he assassinate the Russian President?”


Was the audience supposed to be on the edge of its seat for fear that Jack would go through with it? The man was responsible for an attempted terrorist attack that would have taken out tens of thousands of people, which was only avoided because JACK stopped it.

Jack had already taken out everyone else up the chain who was involved, so who gives a damn if the guy was killed? That was a poor, poor lynch-pin for the episode. Yeah, yeah – nuclear war, yadda yadda – not much of a motivating threat in the last 45 minutes of a series finale.

The one thing that was in doubt was whether they would actually kill Jack at the end of the episode since this was the end of the series – but no, they left him alive and on the run. There was too much similarity to the same thing that happened a few seasons back when Jack had to go on the run from the U.S. government. Frankly after 8 “days” I was ready to see Jack finally have some peace in his life, as they hinted at 24 episodes ago in the season opener… the chance to finally retire and enjoy life with his daughter and grandchild.

So after so many years of nail-biting episodes and entire seasons, this final episode of 24 felt like it went out more with a whimper than with a roar.

Sadly, not a fitting end to the story of Jack Bauer – no doubt due to the bloody temptation to bring him back once more whether it be in another season, series or feature film.


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  1. I had episode 22 as the best episode I’d ever seen of 24, and wondering how on EARTH they could possibly top that in two hours, that would bring some conclusion to the season, a televised series and satisfaction over a devilish character that I have loved since he appeared (Logan).

    What we saw was a bit of glamorized tease, frankly. You thought it was goinnnnng, this way, but didn’t. We thought it was leaning thaaaaat way and then jerked into a pretty safe direction.

    With some decidedly powerful performances the “end of an era” on television, tonite’s episode(s) leaves me a bit empty. There are so many details I thought would have been woven into this two hours that would have made a very nice presentation for this season/day – and I didn’t really see any of them.

    In the end, TAYLOR, not Jack, ends up being the hero.


    The “justice” that Jack was looking for for the rest of the people “in line of responsibility” – well, down goes Logan (unless they’re going to do some strange Captain Pike-like return in the film which – folks, let’s not be stupid in the movie). Taylor gets off because she “lets Jack escape”. Hmm, ok. And so we’re left with a pseudo-incredible Hulk (TV series) end where he is walking off as the done feed spatters out.

    Ok, a hand off to a movie but – where’s the END of this season other than what we saw?

    We’ve been reviewing this show for now 6 years, with episodes showcasing the best (hours of season 5, even several hours of this season including the best hour noted ever) and worst (most of season 6, spotty episodes of last season, and the worst of all time this year) and I guess when I look at the end of this very up and down season – this ending sadly fits, but is not what I was looking for.

    We’ll be recording our two episodes reviewing these two Tuesday evening and Email is already flooding in that’s all over the board like this entire season. Ha!

    Still processing it all…

  2. For anyone complaining:

    1) Jack Bauer doesn’t die. How can anyone say that it would have been better to see him get killed or sacrifice himself. Absurd. First of all, who is actually worthy enough to kill him? some thug that says I know who you are and I really don’t want to do this but I have orders? yeah. no. And how could you honestly say he should have sacrificed himself? For who? Who is worthy enough for the great Jack Bauer to simply walk in front of a bullet for? No one. sorry. Not to mention the fact that by sacrificing himself means that he fails. He may have technically saved the day, but if he dies. he fails. and Jack Bauer doesn’t die.

    2) The ending. Ok, maybe not the most dramatic or theatrical, but what else is expected? Honestly think how you would feel if everything turned out to be a happy ending and the final scenes are of Jack sitting by some pool in LA with his granddaughter. Sorry, but that’s not 24. At the beginning of this season they had to bring Jack back from that. he was literally brought back in and asked to help. There is no way that he would do it again. Instead (with the ending to this season) he won’t have a choice. 24 has always been about keeping you on the edge of your seat. Always getting you pissed at the TV because you can’t stand to wait and see what happens. That is what makes the show so great. Even the fact that people complain about it make that same cliffhanger aspect even greater. With a happy ending to the series, you have no reason to wonder what is going to happen to jack and the same obviously goes for if he was killed. Yes it is kind of annoying, but at the same time you do know what happens to him. He moves into hiding (assumed). By once again putting him in hiding, you preserve the true aspect of 24 by keeping Jack Bauer doing what he does best (which is not dying or living happily). Yes, the ending to this season could have been a little more dramatic since it really is such a huge finale, but by the way it ended the cliffhanger aspect is still kept and there is certainly potential for another return of the legend that is Jack Bauer. Growing up watching this show as a kid, I always had the feeling that Jack is out there ready to bring justice. Whether it be living under a false name or simply staring out over a cliff into the night when a day of intense action is over. With this ending to 24, I can preserve that sense of wonder as I did over the years, while at the same time know that Jack is not in a horrible situation (compared to what he has been in before). And on top of that, what better way to start a movie then to see the return of the most feared person in America come back in surprise as opposed to being called upon or magically resurrected from the grave haha. Great job, great ending. If you find yourself still questioning this finale just think to yourself…. WWJBD?

    • Mike…. Well Said. We are in total agreement!!!!!!

      • Thank you Bob

    • One thing the main reviewer got wrong is that it definitely was NOT Jack that saved tens of thousands of New Yorkers–nor President Taylor, who made the decision to let them all die, essentially, versus let President Hassan be turned over to the bombers–but rather two unsung heroes–a general and the assistant to chief of staff Kanin–that actually saved all those people!!! You can debate the ethics of that decision, but let’s not rewrite history and make up our own facts.

      I’d really be interested in a follow up discussion of that decision versus President Taylor (and perhaps Jack’s) side.

  3. In my case,I was only referring to what the producers have hinted they might do.
    But I do think that Jack Sacrificing himself is better then him Going rogue and he did lose his way after Renee died.
    He was ready to start a war with Russia to achieve what he saw as justice.
    I hope its a GREAT script.
    But I dont see how they can do the real time concept in a single film .
    I have seen two finales in the last twenty four hours.
    Lost ended with real emotion.
    24 was all about setting up a film franchise.
    It was the last episode of the series and Jacks fans deserved better then just another cliffhanger .

    • …I think the fact that he lost his way made im human and I have to admit I wanted him to shot the russian president cause I am conviced that would have caused a gread further story…I also hope that there will be at least one film to desperse the cliffhanger xD

    • They said the real time aspect would be out for the movie

  4. I was going to leave a comment with an additional thought about why this episode was poor that came to me overnight, but instead I added it to the review.


  5. I agree with you Vic .
    I just told a friend that I might see the film,
    But Jack is no longer one of my heroes .
    Even Batman doesnt kill for justice.
    and the evisceration of the assasssin,Whoa.
    They just did this so that after he saves the world ,
    He turns himself in , setting up the sequel.

  6. Vic ,
    Not only was it a copy of the Fourth Season Finale
    But both times it was Logan trying to kill Jack.

    • First Post…

      I disagree with this review almost entirely. I was with Jack until he killed Pavel, and the other Russian guy. Jack murdered Nina in cold blood, he tortured people by shooting them at point black range, shot Shapel in his head to stop the bomb… its not the first time he’s being cold-blooded…

      The show went too far with the assasination attempt. That was it. Jack has acted like himself prior to that moment. The only way to get the information is taking out of that guy’s something. The fact there wasn’t a happy ending made it just like 24.

      Keep in mind that they had already killed Renee when the cancellation was anounced. Anyways… 24 I will miss you dearly. Nothing to watch now as Lost is finished as well.

  7. I’ll admit I’m not as die hard a fan as others, but I felt that the finale did a decent job at wrapping things up. One thing about the prediction/review that I found interesting…We all know that there is going to be a 24 movie, so how could anyone predict that Jack Bauer was going to die? What would a 24 movie be without Jack Bauer? Of course he doesn’t die.

    With the way that things wrapped up I’m for sure interested in the movie and how things will play out.

    • We don’t KNOW there’s going to be a 24 movie. It’s very early and they’re planning on one but that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely going to happen.

      And they can make a movie a prequel or have it happen in between what’s happened in previous seasons.


  8. So If I serve America tirelessly, sacrifice everything and everyone I love and spend years either on the run or in Chinese torture camps, my reward is to ultimately become a psycho and be left bleeding and battered darting through NYC alleyways?


    Remind me to stop by my local ROTC center this afternoon…

  9. Good one Kofi!
    I was kind of hoping that He might die trying to get the truth truth out.
    I am sure there are plenty of Adventures involving Jack that can be used as prequels
    I find it intersting that there are some people who think its crazy to kill Jack.
    The producers have been talking about that for YEARS!
    I guess the possibilty of movie cash was too much to resist.

  10. Listen it’s not the end, and it’s true this season is not up to par to the past ones but they ended it with an open question. Where will Jack go? Basically they left it open for the 24 movie, but also just in case FOX decides to bring it back due to falling rating. Seriously do they think they can hold it up with Human Target? Jack will be back, no worries.

  11. @vic you make a good point about prequels, etc. I don’t really think that the movie would profit nearly as much if everyone already knew how Jack’s end had come. I think the show did the best to leave things open having him running off to leave the country, etc…they can just go so many different directions from there.

  12. Great finale to the best action show ever. Every thing that has happened to Jack carried over into every season so it’s not a surprise that President Taylor’s betrayal caused Jack to go a little to far. This was a fun season and I can’t wait for the 24 movie.

  13. GREAT ENDING – I don’t watch all the time, so I didn’t know it ended like the season 4 finale, so for me it was great. If I was a regular watcher, then maybe I would have been disappointed. But I’m not, so I wasn’t.

  14. I agree it wasn’t the best ending for the series.
    Looking back throught the season, the first half of it was poor, i tought, ok, another mediocre seas on, it wasn’t the only one.
    After they decided to kill the series, the quality and the climate change noticeably. It went darker, and for me, much better.

    From there on, the show got intense, showing very good moments, with nothing to envy to the best moments in the series.
    I don’t think Jack Bauer went dark enough for you to discard him as a hero. After all, he didn’t went totally crazy, like killing babies.
    Even until chapter 23, i tought it was really good. Even chapter 24 is not that bad at all until we get to the ending.
    After chapter 23 i was looking for a really good ending or at least a pretty decent one.
    But the last 20 minutes of chapter 24 was like if they miscalculated the time and they had to make things happen FAST!!.
    So, if you are short of time, why you waste it in a melodramatic chat between Jack and Chloe. Was that scene necessary? At least obvious.
    I have a few questions for example…
    At chapter 23 Cole went looking for Jim Ricker, and he said “wait a minute” (like “i will help you”), after that Jim Ricker disappears. He just gave Cole information?, most precisely he just couldn’t give him anything because he wiped his data. That’s it?
    Why Cole and Ricker didn’t go along with extra work, like Ricker acting as a snipper?
    And what happened to the recording of Logan conversations? I assume it was on the same datacard with Kim’s recording.
    But they didn’t make it clear enough for me to think that Jack knew the recording was going to end in the president hands before everyone else did.
    What if there were two different recordings and the one with Logan conversations ends up being disclosed at the UN or in national television?

    For me the ending wasn’t bad, perse. I felt it more like plain bad storytelling.

  15. I’ve watched 24 since the beginning, Seasons 1 and 4 being the best, and I am left with a feeling of ‘really?’

    1. I think the storyline was better than anything in seasons 5-7. The story was consistent and revolved around one event, the signing of the peace treaty. It wasn’t like season 7 where chapter 12 marked the ending of the first situation and then Tony enters the scene to introduce a new problem.

    2. President Taylor’s change in personality was interesting but could have been handled differently. I squirm every time I see Logan manipulating Cherry Jones like that. Regardless, Taylor had a change of heart/thinking when she saw Jack’s video (ps. what happened to the audio recording?), and yes, she is going to be held accountable for what she has done; but for her to say ‘I feel so bad about life. Jack’s in trouble. We must save him.’ is a load of crap-especially with 7 minutes left in the episode. This brings me to my last point.

    3. Jack has made some poor decisions this last season. He even understood that his choices were not going to be received well and admitted that he ‘wasn’t planning on getting out of this.’ Jack should have been killed by the hand of the lowly hit man. This would have brought the emotion intensity needed for a final season. I also feel as though it would make President Taylor’s actions of the day sink in and let her know that she can’t call a mulligan.

    Still a fan.
    Dan Pepper

  16. I understand why people are upset with the series finale not being dramatic enough, but we all know that if it WAS dramatic, most people would be saying that it was over-dramatized and that Jack Bauer couldn’t possibly have a happy ending. We all relate to the character differently. For example I think it was a great storyline for Jack to snap in the end of the series…who wouldn’t snap at this point? To be honest I expected him to snap a very long time ago. How many women that he loved has he lost? Too many. Imagine losing that many loves. Imagine being betrayed by so many people. Of course he snapped after Renee died, especially when he realized that the President herself was involved; president of the country he protected for all those years. I feel as though it would’ve been absolutely ridiculous to be the same reasonable, only justice seeking person. The series ends with Jack thanking Chloe, so what’s wrong there? Who else could he truly call a best friend? No one else, not even his daughter stood by him always. I think it was beautiful that he thanked her, and that we saw her cry. I don’t think it was wise of the writers to have Taylor make her decision so quickly- that part was definitely rushed through. But then again if you think about it, she’s been struggling with most decisions through the season. Unlike many other shows this show ended with it’s true nature. Jack on the run (and not dead…seriously Jack Bauer can’t die,) Chloe still standing by him, and the unknown question of “what’s next?” I also believe that agent Ortiz was introduced as someone who could potentially be the next Jack Bauer, and who can really deny that we need people like him in the world. Overall one of my favorite shows and finales!

    • On another note, why wouldn’t Jack snap (or come close to it)? The president wants to lock him away for the rest of his life (remember this is a guy who spent 20 months in a Chinese prison being tortured). He must get the truth out at all costs. Nothing they do to him, if the truth comes out, could be as bad as being locked away in an unknown prison for the rest of his life or killed. Jack knows what will happen to him and the president disregarding the truth for her gain was just the last straw. All Jack has done and sacraficed and they want to lock him away. Yeah right! Good luck with that.

  17. Señores
    Jack es un hombre como cualquier otro, lleno de fortalezas y debilidades. Esta temporada y este ultimos ultimos capitulos no refuerzan quien es Jack Bauer. Un hombre capaz de todo lo bueno y también capaz de cometer errores. Cruzó la línea, tal como lo hizo la presidenta Taylor, pero supo volver gracias a su gran amiga Chloe. Y gracias a ello, la presidenta corrigió posteriormente su error. Ese es el mensaje que nos deja este ultimo capítulo y la temporada. El destino de Jack está marcado y debe pasar a la clandestinidad. No será fácil para él.

    Para mí, que he visto todas las temporadas, estoy totalmente agradecido. Para mí fue un muy buen final.

  18. Translation:

    Jack is a man like any other, full of strengths and weaknesses. This season and last episodes this past reinforce who is not Jack Bauer. A man capable of everything good and also able to make mistakes. He crossed the line, as did President Taylor, but she knew back thanks to his good friend Chloe. And thanks to this, the president later corrected his error. That is the message we leave this last chapter and the season. Jack’s destiny is marked and must go underground. It will not be easy for him.

    For me, I’ve seen all season, I am totally grateful. For me it was a very good finale.

  19. to commont on lavitas point how if you spent your whole career defending a country from terrorism and the president of that country herself is trying to cover it up and do whats best for herself. well lets imagine the world trade center bombings were orcastrated by the president of the united states and you had proof of this. how would you feel? how would you react? who would u go to if the information you have would put you in guantonomo bay? this season not only was good but it reminded me of how screwed up politics are in this world. i dont mean to attack the u.s but honestly look at what is going on around you. this season was great it had everything i hoped for in it. the ending was kinda meh but endings are like that some people really liked it some dont and some people expected somthing like this. u may not agree with me i dont care. but think about the situation dont critisize it because there is belief that wtc was an inside job im just trying to prove my point on why jack when crazy and had to take the law into his own hands. Now think of all the recent attacks on the u.s such as the xmas day attempted plane bombing or the suv full of explosives at times square. im not saying 24 is like real life but if u think the people who plan these attacks are crazy and if u think jack bauer is crazy look at the people behind all of this who for them killing is for money and political power.

    • Hey, I am a big fan of this show and I’ve seen every episode and i think it ended very well. Due to the fact that I love the character of Jack, I wish the president pardoned him at the last minute … but I totally understand the way it ended …. that was so 24. A happy ending? In case u havent noticed, since the end of season 1, 24 IS A TRAGEDY people, not a feel good drama. Almost every season ends badly so why not the finale? Plus Jack lying dead, or getting blown up? Something I never want to see … Jack dead would feel totally wrong, we need to know he’s still out there …. surviving …. ready to save us when we need him. And this was quite different from season 4′s ending, the only similarity was leaving the country …. in s4 he FAKED HIS DEATH …. so in essence noone was chasing him cos they thought he was dead. Now he’s on the rum from multiple enemies. And of course Jack snapped, it wasnt just Renee it was all 8 days … like someone said I expected him to snap years ago …. look what happened to Tony and Renee … the same people complaining about this are the same who will say the show is unrealistic as no man can take all Jack has and stay sane. As for Taylor she wasnt Logans puppet …. he was feeding into her own desires that where already there, he wasnt putting ideas into her head, she just wanted that treaty so badly for reasons they explained perfectly well, a great historical achvment to justify the loss of her family. And Logan knew this cos he knows her and hes ben there. As for Jack and Chloe at the end …. how can anyone hate on that? That more than anything else made it feel like a series finale. As for the Logan/suvarov recording it was probably on the same disc as Kims message …. taylor just started it at the wrog point. Anyway …. movie or not, this was a classic series that will be forever remembered by those who truly loved it, and thats all that matters.

  20. I just saw the season finale and i think is not that good… Actually i enjoy the series and truly love it, until hassan’s dead.. After that it feels like they were trying to force the history line.

    And i truly believes that the best posible ending was with jack bauers dieing… Not that i wanted to him to die, but comon, after 8 seasons, i was really sure he was going to die.. I dont think any movie can be really good starting with jack bauer as a fugitive.. I dont like to see him running from every one, i liked when he saved the day (almost)…

    I think season 7 was really good too, with the comeback of tony… (If you notice season 8 Jack, becomes Tony Almeida of season 7)


  21. You guys may not agree, but what I love so much about Jack’s character is that, unlike Tony or Renee, he doesn’t snap. He is the true seeker of justice, it’s just his character, who he is. The ending bothered me a bit; it felt rushed and honestly dramatic. It would have been nice if it ended with knowing that Jack had at least a little shot at having some happiness. I certainly don’t want him to have died.

  22. Thinking about some of the twists from Day 8, I do applaud the writers for the unexpected (like killing of Hassan and Renee, and Dana actually being bad). I have always liked 24′s unexpected twists. The only difference with those and these are that these were not all that exciting, in my opinion.

  23. Narrowing down the series finale to final moments between Jack and Chloe seemed kind of arbitrary. I’d call jacks’ relationship with Renee the driving force behind season 8 — but as far as characters important to Jack i’d say Tony is the most important as far as Jack’s relationships. I’d call his relationship with Chloe on the level of that with Bill. I’ve never been a huge Chloe fan though.

    I don’t think the finale left enough interesting questions open to really drive me to see a movie. They should have carried more over from the series and developed more relationship aspects that could carry over.

  24. as someone who’s loved and followed the show religiously for so many seasons, i think it was a great ending. Chloe totally deserved her role in the final scenes.. she’s always played the biggest roles in averting disaster, aside from jack.

  25. I loved this show and was so upset when they ended it. I have been re watching the whole “life” of 24 and I am on season 3 right now. They still had plenty of viewers watching this show, they never needed to stop it but I feel that they could bring it back if they really wanted it with the way that they had ended it. Or at least make a movie. This was way to good of a show. Law and order- ER- I could go on and on with shows that have been on longer and really needed to get off the air but never did. 24 still had a lot to give and really upset they stopped it.

  26. im sorry but the ending was terrible, considering what jack has done for his country he deserves a much better ending, up until the 5th season 24 was amazing, but after that it completely went downhill from there.

  27. I dont care what anybody says 24 is the best show ever and I would love to see another season I check the Web almost everyday to see if theres any changes on the decision to make season 9 I want it so bad lol!!!!!!

  28. In fact 24 has made me stop watching other movies. Am expecting season 9 and others for me it’s the best of all movies. Pls mail me if the next season is out jack God bless you, my regard to chloa

  29. I have watched all 8 Seasons of 24 practically in a row, I think I have been watching this show for about almost 2 Months, so maybe watching all together at a time and watching it for 8 years may have a different perspective of Jack.

    First to say, I loved the seasons Finale! I think reviewers tend to focus on jack itself.. what I saw was the bigger picture, 24 was a lot about morale, whats right or wrong, in really high philosophical levels.. always pushing the great question, if killing someone is worth saving thousands.. or even if it´s “fair” (I remember President taylor putting her own daughter in jail for justice, even the mordered man was a really bad man).. in the last season they ended it with an idiology I dont think we really have.. to tell the truth, even if it´s consequences are bad, are at least honest consequences (signing for a peace who nobody actually really wanted) . So in this finale, the thruth has horrible consequences, and thats sad.. as sad as this finale.

    The only thing this season bothered me was how they brought Jack back.. after all his suffering and finally starting to have a happy life.. Chloey and Kim really had to convince him to get back??? are they out of their mind?? in my opinion that was really out of charachter for chloey and kim (but I never liked Kim anyway, always making the worst possible judgment)

    Anyway.. I would not like to see a continuation.. why? well, I think it was a great ending… and a bad continuation may destroy that. Ofc i would also see at the end he really gets his happy end.. but to be honest, it´s not realistic, jack´s persuit for justice has brought him so damm many enemies.. he would never be safe, neither his family.. in this case, it really justifies to be him away.. and dexter spoilers coming .. ** not like dexter´s terrible ending, where his justification of he being a thread to his beloved ones was a betray to what he was psychological working towards to.. so for me was a totally unjustified reason.. on the other hand.. Jack is more then justified.

    I am sorry If my english wasnt always really enough to be understood.. but it was always difficult for me to refelct my mind into paper and opinions rush out of my head and I just write them down as I can ^^

    Anyway.. 24 takes a well deserved place in my Shows top 5.