’21 Jump Street’ Red & Green Band Trailers: Superbad Cops [Updated]

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21 Jump Street trailer 2012 Red Band 21 Jump Street Red & Green Band Trailers: Superbad Cops [Updated]

There has been heavy doubt surrounding 21 Jump Street ever since it was learned that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum would be playing the lead roles of two Cops who infiltrate a high school. The name of those two actors alone was enough to convince some movie fans to never see this film in their natural lives. However, others (like yours truly) have been cautiously optimistic that the film could be good – especially when early character and story details leaked to the Web.

Today we have red & green band trailers for 21 Jump Street which reveals exactly what this film is going to be like in terms of tone and comedic style. Needless to say, with Hill involved there’s going to be some raunch, and with Tatum onboard there’s going to be some action. Everything in between is…well…you’ll see:



We’re going to go out on the limb and say that 21 Jump Street is better than your average movie fan probably thought it would be, and everything that Jonah Hill-haters feared it would be. To his credit, Tatum looks to be riffing on his tough pretty boy image to perfection, and the line about him “looking like a 40-year-old *@#$ing man” is a great acknowledgement of the ridiculousness of the premise. Then again, this seems to be the type of movie where ridiculousness is welcome.

If you couldn’t tell from the trailer, the supporting cast of the film is full of some great comedic actors – as well as Ice Cube riffing on his own image as…Ice Cube. Included in the mix are Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis, Dave Franco, Jake Johnson, Johnny Simmons, Johnny Pemberton, Dakota Johnson, Ellie Kemper – and yes, there will be an appearance by the original Jump Streeter, Johnny Depp.

Do you feel any differently about this film, now that you’ve seen the trailers?

21 Jump Street will be in theaters on March 16, 2012

Source: 21 Jump Street Facebook Page

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  1. Is the embed broken or is it just me? Only getting a 4-second springboard animation.

    • Plays fine for me.

    • big log,

      If you’re still having a problem see the trailer, shoot us an email via the contact form with some info: your location, browser, browser version, etc.



      • How do you complete the human verification test. Everytime I hit cancel, like is says, it never gives me the verification test. Please help.

  2. Well, at least Dave Franco seems to be good in it.

  3. I’ll pass on this movie, thank you.

  4. This looks hilarious. Ill see it when it comes out in theaters.

  5. Ha! This looks great! Absolutely going to see this.

  6. Wow, this actually looks pretty decent.

  7. So they pretty much ripped off the basic plot and title of the show, then dumbed it down for the type of audience that thinks Jersey Shore is important.

    Pass. I’m good.

  8. The trailer looked pretty funny. I can’t wait to see this, on DVD of course.

  9. This movie doesn’t look that funny to me, but I’m still interested. Maybe if I can get a group of people to go it’ll be fun.

  10. Surpised! With Tatum keeping it simple (sticking to his type cast), and Hill underplayed (not trying to be the funniest man in the room), this actually looks like a fun 3 star film. Unless the trailer is entirely misleading!

  11. reminds me of that ol’ stephen chow series (and other undercover-in-school-themed flix)

    looking 4ward to jonah again tho :)

  12. I’m shocked I laughed as much as I did. I feel sorry for the hardcore “21 Jump Street” fans, though.

  13. Channing Tatum is overrated and need to be “shot” in some movies.
    21 Jump Street all wrong. I hope the cameo from JD helps, but this is not as funny as it could be and no hard action. Channing ruined this movie, but Jonah Hill did alright.

  14. Wasn’t that Holly Robinson-Pete in the trailer too?

  15. 50-50…then ice cube shows up and makes it a 25-75 chance of suck.

  16. Yall.

    • But if Richard Grieco shows up then it goes from 25-75 chances of sucking to a 100& awesomeness. RICHARD GRIECO!

  17. looks like an entertaining hour and a half to me.

    oh wait, is that what movies are still meant to do?

    • schuyler,

      I think so, yes.


  18. So, basically, this movie is going to blow. Tatum can’t decide if he just wants to do cheap, sappy love stories or if he wants to be the faux-tough guy in comedies. I vote neither, but hey, more power to him.

  19. This looks great. I love cop comedies!

  20. This movie had so much potential to be good. I don’t understand why they had to make it a comedy. It should have been a little dark and more Gritier. This looks like a 30 min sitcom. I get that it’s a tv show turned movie but the tv show seemed to have more heart than this 2min trailor. So sad and if this movie had to have a red band trailor you now it’s not gonna make as much as it probably could since now ita a rated R. Cause the true jump street fans are gonna see this as a disgrace. Well Another tv show turned movie flop

  21. So they are taking the Starsky and Hutch approach (even have the car hood slide). They probably had no faith in trying to do this as anything serious, since the Mod Squad tried that and failed, so go the goofy buddy comedy approach. It kind of worked for the Other Guys, so why not give it a whirl here.

  22. lol that actually gave me a pretty good laugh…good adult comedy…and one tatum seems to probably manage well, a first

  23. I enjoyed Jonah Hill’s performance a lot more when he had more weight on him and was younger.

  24. Looking at the innitial trailers of the awaited movie ” 21 jump street” I could not help but to call out -murder- as this movie seems intent on ambushing the beloved detective-drama-comedy series of the 80s and send it to sleep with the fishes.
    Whist it would not be a crime to take some creative liberties with the movie version of this series, what OUGHT to be a crime is that they turned it into an mindless teen style comedy the likes of american pie omiting any sence of detective-drama and even actual comedy.
    for what can be seen in the trailers the actors fail to take into account the shoes theyre trying fill,
    namely those of actors, whom since have had an extensive film and tv repetoire, and left a deep footprint in film and television.
    and even ICE cube fails to bring any COOL and becomes merely another jester.
    I wish I could say I was blindsided by what I saw, that its really not so, but the trailers have left it pretty clear that this will be another of hollywoods travesty, a disgrace to cinema and simply another mass produced fastfood movie with no nourishment or actuall intention other than make some fake dollars.
    I only hope they edit out Mr. Depps cameo appearance as I would hate to see such a great actor associated with this kind of film.

  25. Wow, what a surprise, this actually look like crap. :-)

  26. This actually looks good I think it will be an good film, cant wait to see it, and im little surpirsed johhny depp will be making a cameo. cant wait.

  27. Well, I’ll see anything with Jonah Hill in it (something about him just automatically makes me smile and chuckle, even when he’s not trying to be funny), and though I LOATHE Channing Tatum, it looks as if he might (and that’s a immensely gi-normus MIGHT) do a semi-decent job here (though i’ll reserve my hopes). I’ll see it. On DVD. Maybe. Aunno…