New ’21 Jump Street’ Story and Character Details Emerge

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21 jump street show New 21 Jump Street Story and Character Details Emerge

Okay, so a lot of people are still skeptical about this 21 Jump Street movie that’s coming out. The casting of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as the leads, the “modern day take” on the material, the fact that Johnny Depp isn’t starring in it…yeah, I feel it’s safe to say people aren’t exactly thrilled about this one. Not yet, at least.

Today we have some new details on the style, plot and characters, of 21 Jump Street, courtesy of a Moviehole exclusive. And after reading over the material, I’ll say what I said the first time I heard about this movie and who was headlining it: there’s potential here.

Like the original ’80s TV series, the 21 Jump Street movie will be about undercover cops using their youthful looks to infiltrate the world of youth crime. Instead of an entire unit of undercover officers, the movie will focus on just two characters, supposedly named Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum), who pose as high school students to help bust up a drug ring. To keep up appearances, the two cops move back home with their parents.

Here’s a snippet of the info that Moviehole reported:

Couple of older cops, blessed with the young gene, go undercover in highschool. To keep up the facade, they’re both back living at home.
Schmidt (Hill) and partner Zenko (Tatum) take on the guise of two teenage brothers new at Sagan High School.
They’re there to put a stop to a drug ring, which by all indications is run by ‘coolest guy in the school’ Eric.
Naturally, both Schmidt and Zenko are forced to befriend Eric, ultimately being welcomed into his gang, but Schmidt also decides to start spending time with the suspect’s squeeze Molly.
Naturally, Doug develops feelings for the girl and ultimately risks his cover in an attempt to guard her from the impending drug bust at Prom.

There’s a ton more, including what type of jokes are in the script, how the balance of action and humor is set, and basically how the entire movie plays out (including a special cameo). But for those SPOILERS you’ll have to jump over to Moviehole.

I’m by no means ready to call this movie a slam dunk yet, but I think people who automatically diss it are being just a little dismissive – there is definite potential here. Even if you’re not a fan of Jonah Hill, partnering him with Tatum definitely adds a touch of unpredictability in terms of onscreen chemistry. At the very least, nobody can say this is the same old “Jonah Hill movie” they’ve seen before.

Love the man or not, having Tatum onboard also means that there’s potential for some solid action. I would personally love to see Jonah Hill trying to chase down a fleeing suspect on foot – the jokes practically write themselves.

But how far will the sexual humor involving adult cops and underage girls get pushed? Hopefully to “hilarious” level while still being shy of “offensive.” If they can nail that narrow target, then this film could really be something.

Finally, I loved Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and call me crazy, but I trust the directors of that film, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, to once again deliver a pleasantly unexpected surprise when 21 Jump Street arrives on March 16, 2012.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. That sounds awful. It sounded bad enough that Jonah Hill was behind it, and casting himself in it, but now it sounds like a steaming load.

    I’m a 21 Jump Street fan from way back, and when I first heard there would be a movie based on it, my ears perked up. Now it just sounds like some lame, slapstick comedy that’s possibly a bromance type flick.

    It sounds like it’s only 21 Jump Street by name. I won’t be seeing it, and, sorry, but I hope it flops.

  2. Oh ya… that just sounds great… *Face in a palm*

  3. um , which of those two could pass for High schoolers, and can I just say child molester, is going to get thrown around a whole lot if they stick to that storyline, now falling for the teacher or a single mother understandable, anything else is just creepy.

    • All they do is look at dollar signs. That’s the be-all, end-all for them. The almighty dollar.
      I fully understand it’s a business, but movies are an art as well, and it’s possible to maintain a balance. But they’re worse than old school cafeterias. They dish out slop and expect us to eat it. When things go wrong, they don’t seem to have a clue as to why. They just continue making the same crap, drawing on old formulas. When it occasionally sticks, they just keep on banging on that door, no matter how many times the formula fails.

    • Despite the occasional silliness, and some light, fun episodes, 21 Jump Streets played it serious, touching on all sorts of teen issues (drug abuse, hazing, rape, teen pregnancy, parental kidnapping) while presenting deep stories for the characters.

      I still remember how Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) was a young cop whose father was killed in the line of duty.

      And H.T. Aoki (Dustin Nguyen) was living under a fake name, as he was actually born in Vietnam and escaped the violence there, after seeing his best friend killed, and never seeing his family again, who were most likely killed, too.

      So, they take these interesting characters, and all they can think of is some lame-brain comedy with a “cool, good-looking guy” and a “fat guy.” Oh boy, comedy ensues! I wonder if they’ll have any banana-slipping pratfalls!! (cue laugh track!)

  4. @ Michael, Samplelord

    Couldn’t Agree More. seems like all the sixties and seventies cop shows (including Green Hornet) were remade into comedys and now the eighties shows are on the chopping block. It’s like a bad infomercial: Want to remake a succesful tv program? Use the “Bay Blockbuster” formula. Take some recognizable actors, mix in a comedic script, and blow some crap up. Voila…garbage.

  5. Wow just when i thought movies couldnt get any lamer since they take all their creativeness from books they take it from a really great show that should have just been left alone i wouldnt have even touched it seriously there idiots i dont think ill watch this this is ridiculous i think they ran out of ideas and just didnt know what else to do so they have to mess with shows that shouldnt be messed with. Honestly thats my opinion

  6. God I wanted this to be just a joke!!! I would race home every sunday to watch 21 jump street and married with children and now they are going to destroy it! Im sorry but that Hill guy could never pass for a cop maybe the kid everyone picks on and beats up in school but never a real cop!! Please just stop this and don’t ruin a great show that really tried to send a good message out to kids unlike the junk on T.V. today! I would hope the original cast speaks out against this horrid mess!!

  7. This sounds like A huge piece of crap that should not be shown to the public Johna Hill is too tubby to be a cop. the tv show was based on young hip looking UC cops not old and fat cops. This just shows us how hollywood will film anything and is so out of touch with the american public.

  8. God you all are so right, dont dump on a great show like this, the real producer of this show should have creative control. of who the cast is, what the story line should be, this should never be produced by Johna Hill a moron a fake idiot call me, I would put better actors in it a way better story and cool cars. ummmmmmmmm Jon depp brad pitt peter del and so many others that belong in this movie. Piss off america movie films you suck and no idea what we want.

  9. I have loved 21 Jumpstreet since I can remember and was completely bummed when that final episode rolled around. But I never in a million years dreamed that hollywood would try to ruin one of the best cop shows made. I am so disappointed and will not ruin the real 21 Jumpstreet by seeing this.

  10. OMG….. Hill is perfect for the role. I dont know this channing tatum is, but he cant be any worse than Depp. I cant wait to see this movie. Ive finally got my wish. Booyahhh