’21 Jump Street’ Sequel: Original Directors Returning, Story Details and More

Published 2 years ago by , Updated March 3rd, 2014 at 4:40 pm,

21 jump street sequel directors 21 Jump Street Sequel: Original Directors Returning, Story Details and More

A sequel to 21 Jump Street entered development before the first movie opened in theaters, back when many a person (well, save for Screen Rant‘s Kofi Outlaw) was skeptical about a quirky buddy action-comedy based on a outdated 1980s TV series and pairing Channing Tatum with Jonah Hill. How things have changed, now that 21 Jump Street is regarded by many to be The Surprise Hit of 2012.

We found out last week that Sony will released the 21 Jump Street sequel (official title TBD) in theaters by 2014; today, we have an update that includes a more specific time frame for the theatrical release, in addition to details about who is directing, the story and returning cast members (as well as the potential for many a new face).

21 Jump Street producer Neal H. Moritz, who is currently doing interviews for next month’s Fast & Furious 6, spoke to Collider and confirmed that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are coming back to call the shots on the sequel:

“They are attached to direct the movie, we’re actively developing the script with them.  Right now, we got a first draft that we’re pleased and the second draft is coming along. We’re supposed to start shooting in late September, early October.”

Suffice it to say, Lord and Miller returning on the sequel is welcome news, given how essential the duo was in shaping 21 Jump Street as an ingenious hodgepodge of raunchy action-comedy, self-satire, tender buddy tale and witty examination of modern high school life. The timing works out nicely too, as the animation process for Lord and Miller’s The Lego Movie will be ongoing when the two set to work on the next 21 Jump Street movie; hence, they should be available.

Ice Cube 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street Sequel: Original Directors Returning, Story Details and More

Ice Cube, Jonah Hill, and Channing Tatum in ’21 Jump Street’

Moritz also confirmed that the sequel will followup on the final scene in 21 Jump Street, which set the stage for Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) to get entangled in new deranged hijinks at a local college. No doubt, Hill and his co-screenwriter on the first movie, Michael Bacall (who also wrote Project X), have ideas for the wild mayhem that ensues, but Moritz promises they will also continue to develop the series’ “heart” (i.e. Schmidt and Jenko’s relationship):

“[The '21 Jump Street' sequel] leads off where we ended the last film and our guys are going to college… Now they’re actual partners, so they’re married – what happens once marriage starts?  In certain ways, it’s kind of like the Seven Year Itch of police buddy comedies.  What worked so well about the first one was – it was funny, yes, there was good action, yes – but really what worked more than anything was that there was great heart.  That’s the thing we’ve been working really hard on, just try and make sure that the heart of the first one is there for the second one. “

Moritz went on to confirm that Ice Cube will reprise as Schmidt and Jenko’s scene-stealing boss, Captain Dickson, and that he wouldn’t be the only familiar face in the supporting cast; though, the producer also mentioned “we’re going to add quite a few people.” It sounds as though the plan is to significantly increase the number of cameos in comparison to the first movie, which did feature brief appearances by such people as Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and original 21 Jump Street-er Johnny Depp, among others.

21 jump street brie larson1 21 Jump Street Sequel: Original Directors Returning, Story Details and More

Brie Larson and Jonah Hill in ’21 Jump Street’

That leaves the door open for Brie Larson to return as Molly, who could feasibly be in college by the time the 21 Jump Street sequel picks up; the same holds true for some of the other high school students from the first movie – save, perhaps, for the incarcerated Eric (Dave Franco). Mind you, that’s not to say the sequel should go in that direction – much less bring back any of the aforementioned characters for a significant role – but it’s certainly a possibility.

Moving on – the next 21 Jump Street is being prepped to release during the prime summer blockbuster season, and will have a larger budget to boot; though, Moritz doesn’t expect that to affect the final product too much:

“Yes, but I don’t think that’s the make or break of the movie, honestly.  We will have more money but I don’t think people will come into 21 Jump Street to see the action.  I think the action needs to be good and will be good but it’s not like Fast and the Furious – when they come to see Fast and the Furious they’re expecting big action.  What they’re expecting here is good, funny movie with a great combination of Channing and Jonah, with a lot of heart.  And that’s what we hope to deliver – but there will be action as well.”

So long as there’s something on par with an exploding chicken truck (warning: that link is NSFW!), it’s all good by me.


Look for the 21 Jump Street sequel in theaters by Summer 2014.

Source: Collider

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  1. I really enjoyed 21 Jump Street mainly because of Channing’s charisma and comedy timing. I did not like Jonah Hill in the other role but I would still like to see the sequel.

  2. I thought Channing Tatum was taking a “break” from “acting” (not sure why I put acting in quotes). But, it seems as if he’ll be back on set this year to film this sequel.

    • What is that I hear? A rhetorical question?! I shall answer it all the same! Captain Obvious to the rescue!
      You put acting between quotation marks because what Tatum does isn’t really acting, even though it is technically “acting” – so in other (very similar) words, it isn’t acting, just “acting”.

      • I knew there was a reason I subconsciously did that. Thank you for avenging my comment with reasoning.

        • No need to thank me citizen, it’s what I do!
          Captain Obvious awaaayyyyy! *flies off*

    • Yeah, his break from acting was the last film, right along with Hill.
      It stank. Lame acting. Obvious plot. No surprises. Except maybe the Depp cameo.

      Now we get another re-hash of the same over-used story…but at college.


      • I loved the reboot! So did most critics (82% RT score) and the general public (approx $140 million in domestically)..

        Whats not to like?

  3. I was pleasant surprised by 21 Jump Street. I especially liked Depp and DeLuise’s cameos.

  4. Honestly, what surprised me most about 21 Jump Street was that Channing Tatum was HILARIOUS and Jonah Hill was just funny. Tatum really outshone Hill. But their chemistry was great. And there was actually emotion in the film which added to the action and comedy so it was a perfect combination kind of movie. Excited for the sequel!!

  5. Alright, I’m officially on board with this now.

  6. Can’t wait great news

  7. Hope Hill loses wieght again, once i got used to skinny jomah i kinda liked him. He’s a good lookin dude. (I’m totally straight by the way, not that it matters… it’s not like i’m tryin to pick up any girls from screenrants comments section haha

    • His best work is when he was fat, though. I’ve never liked Jonah Hill to be honest. The two best guys Apatow has ever given a break to was Seth Rogen and Jason Segel.

      • I feel like that’s just coincidence. He only had one movie in his physical prime (21js) and it was good. It can’t hurt, just make him more leading man quality. I know how hard it is to keep it off though, losing it is easy. I’ve been fluctuating from 300lbs to 180lbs since 2010.

      • Are you serious??? You think Apatow, and other useless idiot making STUPID, vile, and worthless movies, gave these guys a “break”??? Uh, nope. Sorry to burst your bubble. He did not. Jonah Hill’s father is a very, very well known and well connected entertainment attorney who got his son the parts he wanted, which is exactly how many of these NO-TALENT spoiled Hollywood BRATS (imbeciles) get the parts that SHOULD HAVE gone to REAL actors.

        ALL of these guys who you’ve seen the last few years, such as Hill and that whole NERDY bunch, are a JOKE!! I don’t find ANYTHING remotely talented, appealing, entertaining, credible, genuine, likable, or interesting about ANY of them. Stiller USED to be funny in the first couple of things he did, but then he, like many other spoiled Hollywood brats acted exactly the same in every single thing he has ever appeared in. He has changed and done nothing different at all since he first came on the scene. He is a total blank The only movie that I have ever seen him take a chance in was Permanent Midnight, and it was all pretty much down hill from there. I do confess that I actually did find The Apartment funny though, but only because of the little old Irish woman who stole the show. She was totally spot-on, funny, entertaining, and smart as a whip!! She made that movie as far as I’m concerned, and Stiller was only funny playing opposite her.

        As far as I’m concerned, Hill, the other guy in the Green Hornet, the guy in the Bad Teacher opposite Cameron Diaz, and all the other nerds were/are all NO-TALENT sitcom stinkers. That goes for ALL the Liberal garbage too, who are the only one’s who ever seem to get those great paying parts. Jesus, it makes me sick. This is why we don’t watch TV or movies any more. Can’t stand all the no-talent Liberal Affirmative Action garbage.

  8. Needs a cameo from morgan freeman or somebody famous. maybe nic cage :P

  9. I liked the first one a lot. For some reason it’s one of those comedies I can watch over and over again. It’s also the only movie starring Channing Tatum that I can stand seeing him in.
    Looking forward to the sequel!

    • I watched the Dilemma once. His comedy was the highlight of that film, however I do not recommend watching that movie unless your significant other forces you to.

  10. They’re rushing this film, so it will more than likely suck. Comedy sequels for the last 30 years have indicated that the movie will more than likely be horrible. I mean the original directors haven’t even finished filming that Lego movie, but they have time to do this one? So they are going to storyboard, go over shots, give their take on the script, and complete pre production in a matter of a couple months? Not a good sign.

    • Rushing the film? Jonah Hill started writing the screenplay over a year ago. Also, there’s the first sentence of this article.

  11. This is a movie that I really enjoyed despite highly not liking Jonah Hill. I really disliked him in everything he did until this movie. So with that said I am looking forward to a sequel. It better not bomb like most sequels.