5 Big Geek Movie Questions – 2014

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5 Movie Geek Questions (2012)The new year is in full sway, but the shape of things is only now becoming clear. For instance, the recent news that Batman vs. Superman could be delayed until 2016 drastically changed expectations for the 2014 landscape, while new blockbuster properties like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy are only now starting to make their presence known.Every year we like to step back and look over the world of movies from a geek perspective to try and spot the major questions that emerge from the chaos. At the end of the year we'll revisit this post and see how our expectations were (or were not) met - but for now, here are our 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2014.

Will Indie Directors Have Blockbuster Success?

James Gunn on set of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with Raccoon

Director Gareth Edwards is going from bare-bones indie sci-fi (Monsters) to the massive scale of Godzillaeasily one of the most anticipated films of the year. Gareth Evans will grow from the low-budget cult-hit The Raid: Redemption to full-on blockbuster-level action in The Raid 2.On the comic book side: The Russo Brothers left behind their Arrested Development and Community sitcom days to tackle Captain America: The Winter Soldier, while the poster-child for offbeat indie films, James Gunn (pictured left with raccoon actor), is trying to launch Marvel's riskiest property yet with Guardians of the Galaxy.Even from this small example, one can clearly see that some hard-working underdogs are finally getting a crack at the big time. Here's hoping they learned worthwhile lessons about making more out of less.

Will Sci-Fi Outclass Superheroes?

Tanscendence and Interstellar Movie Posters 2014

Last year it was surprising that sci-fi outliers like Oblivion and Gravity won more acclaim than anticipated favorites like Star Trek Into Darkness and Pacific Rim. Unsurprising? Thor, Iron Man and Superman all made solid bank.This year, however, sci-fi is getting some heavyweight clout. Former Dark Knight Trilogy collaborators Chris Nolan and Wally Pfister are each making star-studded blockbuster sci-fi flicks with Interstellar and Transcendence, respectively. Tom Cruise is going sci-fi again for Edge of Tomorrow and The Wachowskis are trying to improve their Cloud Atlas numbers with stars Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum headlining Jupiter Ascending.With that lineup of talent, superheroes could be in for a fight to hold onto that box office top tier.

How Much Do We REALLY Want to Know?

Avengers Age of Ultron and Batman vs Superman Justice League Production photos video

A lot of focus has been put on a the crazy year in movies that will be 2015 - but in order to get to that point, there needs to be a lot of work done in 2014.Even though Batman vs. Superman has been delayed (or has it?) Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and Co. need to get to work soon - as do the teams behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII and Jurassic World. With all these big films going into production, legitimate spoilers could start trickling from every inch of the interwebs.But how much do we want to know in advance? Who wants to arrive at that epic lineup of 2015 films knowing EVERY single twist, surprise or plot beat of the movies they are most excited for? Too much info can be a truly terrible thing...

Could This Be Marvel Studios' Best Year Yet?

Marvel 2014 - Captain America The WInter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios has already accomplished so much - but 2014 could be another milestone year.Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy are probably the riskiest combination of films Marvel has released in a single year - but both are riding on strong buzz for their great scripts and unique directorial visions.If both films perform well, then Marvel could firmly establish some unproven properties as box office earners; launch a new multi-media franchise with Guardians; and earn two counts of Dark Knight-style critical praise in the process. Not too shabby.(Image credit: Skinny Glasses @ DeviantArt)

Will Third-Party Shared Universes Work?

 Amazing Spider-Man & X-Men shared Movie Universes

Marvel and DC are the two big shared universe players (though the latter is still struggling to get off the ground); however, in 2014 there will be other studios making a run at it.In 2014 a lot of eyes will be on Fox and Sony, whose tentpole films X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will each try and launch new Marvel superhero universes - outside of the one populated by The Avengers. In the eyes of fans that's a big risk, as third-party studios carry the stigma of mismanaging their superhero properties.With big things already promised for future installments (ApocalypseVenom), these third-party superhero universes better start with a big bang.

Other Questions...

Mockingjay Box Office 2014

Those are our 5 Big Questions for 2014. Are YOU a geek or a hardcore fan? What questions are YOU asking in the new calendar year?Here are a few we had on the back or our minds: ______________________________________Follow me and talk movies all year @ppnkof
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  1. Great questions Kofi. I think superheroes will once again dominate the box office. Captain America will no doubt outclass its predecessor and Spider-Man always makes big bank. X-Men and Guardians are the question marks for me.

    • Yeah Guardians is the biggest risk, it either will be really GREAT or totally BOMB. And Science fiction just doesn’t have the same buzz as super hero movies, but they still can have prestigious success like Gravity this year and Interstellar next year.

      • yah gurdians of the galaxy is one of those movies that could do really well or really bad

  2. I’d love to be able to time travel to the release dates of all these movies because even though I hate spoilers, I can’t help but click on every rumour link I come across, especially the batman v superman ones.

  3. Why do people at Screen Rant like Oblivion? It, in no way, was more acclaimed than Star Trek Into Darkness or Pacific Rim. Hell, the movie wasn’t even acclaimed at all. It has been at best, noted as average by critics. While STID was one of the best reviewed blockbusters of the year, so I must say, that is a bunch of nonsense.

    On a another note, Transcendence is seeming less and less attractive to me. Interstellar will no doubt fill the theaters and hopefully be another classic Nolan.

    Back to my first comments, I’m still shocked.

    • Haha we had the same thought there…I read that statement and was completely baffled. Star Trek Into Darkness and Pacific Rim were way more acclaimed than Oblivion lol.

    • @Big Fudge

      We have the unique opportunity to canvas a wide variety of opinions via site and social media comments, etc.

      Based on what I MYSELF have seen, in general, people were pleasantly impressed by Oblivion, and somewhat let down by STID. At the end of the year, this seemed to still hold true for that wide middle of the fanbase.

      Of course each individual may fall on a different place along this spectrum – but I try to base my statements off that wide middle, as best as I’ve observed it.

      • Star Trek and Pacific Rim are rated better on Rotten Tomatoes, MetaCritic, and IMDB than Oblivion…by Critics and Audiences…

        • STID was ALSO rated WORST TREK FILM ALL TIME by Trekies.

      • Serious Question:

        Kofi have you seen Moon?

        I promise I’m not trolling I’m just curious.

          • Thanks for answering!

            And I appreciate the jab at Michael Bay haha.

            Of course you’ve seen it already.. You’re the editor in chief of a movienews website haha.. silly me.

            You make a good point about the copying thing. A lot of hardcore trekkies disliked STID cuz of the similarities with Wrath of Khan. I actually liked the film for that same reason.

            To each his own I guess.

            PS: I liked your Moon review, especially the Sam Rockwell paragraph. My fave scene is when he’s playing ping pong against himself haha.

      • I totally understand the different perspectives Kofi! My reasoning behind my comments was that, as another user commented, STID and Pacific Rim were both critically more successful in every category and also more financially successful. The only reason people would be disappointed in both mentioned films because of the hype going into those, which was not as consistent with Oblivion. Overall I feel both STID and Pacific Rim are leagues ahead of Oblivion, but can understand your logic behind your post.

        • I was hyped by Pacific Rim and still hold it up as the best movie of 2013 in my personal opinion.

          I also wasn’t hyped at all about STID, gave it a shot when it was on TV early in January and found it to be lifeless, dull and with not much happening.

          Oblivion airs on my birthday (February 7th) so I’ll see how that it but I wasn’t hyped about that either, despite it looking good in the trailers.

          Anyone who’s seen my comments on this site knows that I think people judging movies on RT percentages is just fooling themselves and that site isn’t really a good judge on what you as an individual will like or dislike.

    • I was also gonna point that out. Star Trek 2 and Pacific Rim were received better than Oblivion was, that goes for box office returns and reviews. Oblivion borrowed too much from other stuff. Moon especially.

      Don’t get me wrong I can see why you could dig Oblivion! Theres a lot of really cool stuff there. I just hate how much it ripped off Moon, not to mention elements of The Matrix and an antagonist that looked all too much like Hal 1000.

      • Anybody who thinks Oblivion copied from Moon missed the points of both those movies IMO.

        To me, Moon was about questioning the concept of identity and reality. What exactly does it mean to be me? Can I be duplicated? Is this the first time I have written this post?

        Where Oblivion was about questioning the status quo, the government approved story, and the relationship of “good guy vs bad guy.”

        • I get what you’re saying. I know the movies have different messages to get across. If I were to be more specific…..

          (OBLIVION SPOILERS!!!!!!)

          It reminded me of Moon BEFORE the clone part. At the beginning of the film when Tom Cruise is flying around doing diligence on all the big water machines it was just like when Sam Rockwell was checking on the energy harvesting machines in the opening sequence of Moon. The dialogue was extremely similar, the camera angles were similar, the machines looked rather similar…. The only differences were the setting and the “scavs” that Cruise has to deal with. Later when they had the clone plot twist(which I saw coming by the way) it felt forced.

          Hopefully that makes sense….

          Despite all this I did enjoy the movie. I thought the drones were VERY cool especially in that first scene where the drone destroys all the scavs in the underground library place. The film was practically perfect visually and stylistically. The effects were VERY good. Personally I would vote for Oblivion over some of the other Oscar nominees for visual effects.

    • I 100% agree with the Oblivion > STID sentiment. And I think overall it’s more enjoyable than Pacific Rim, but that Hong Kong battle tho.

    • agreed

  4. In the X Men, Cap and Guardians I trust. I will go to the cinema at least twice to watch them.

    Some people at screen rant didn’t like Pacific Rim at all. In some articles it felt almost like ill-will from their part. Numbers don’t lie. The film made more money and was better received than Oblivion.

  5. question #5……….

    will Fox pull its head from its A$$ and green light DEADPOOL? Will Mark Millar finally pull himself away from a mirror while making out with himself and his own work to finally give us DEADPOOL or X FORCE??

    probably not but we can hope.

  6. Your questions are interesting, Kofi. Personally, I have almost no interest (yet) in Guardians of the Galaxy, but very interested in seeing both Transcendence (Depp!) and Interstellar (Nolan!). I’m admittedly more of a sci-fi geek (loved Star Trek: Into Darkness) than a super hero geek. But, truly enjoyed all 3 Iron Man and The Avengers films.

    I remember seeing the original Robocop in theatres. Keeping a “wait and see” attitude on this reboot. The original had heart, even if the FX are dated by today’s standards.

  7. If you want to be surprised, stop watching all the trailers.

    • It’s hard sometimes when you’re watching a movie in the theatre and it’s playing on a huge screen in front of you. I try to either look down at my phone (the lights are often not totally dim during trailers so it’s not as distracting) or just look away or something, but I can still hear everything. I used to be excited about trailers, but now I just want to avoid them (unless I know nothing about a film and want to know if I’ll be interested in seeing it).

  8. Good questions, but I’m most interested in the Transformers question. I’ve had my hopes dashed twice before, but I still have a glimmer of hope that MB can deliver as promised this time. I won’t be there on opening night, but I might catch a cheap night showing of T4 if the reviews aren’t horrible.

  9. i think we are gonna be watching the pinnacle of Superhero movies the next 2 to 3 years as far as moneymakers (i hope i’m wrong)

  10. One of the questions at the end asked if Robocop looked good.

    In my view, no, not at all. It looks like the most horrible, generic piece of crap I’ve had the misfortune to view several trailers for in the hope there’ll be something in there that makes the whole thing worth watching but nope, nothing. I won’t be going to see it.

    • You don’t see a difference between movies like Gravity and Thor 2?

      • The article states Gravity might be considered as sci-fi in an extremely technical sense and I would make the argument that it has little to do with the movies it was mentioned with like Star Trek Into Darkness and Pacific Rim, the latter two being more congruent with a movie like Thor 2 with all the alien looking creatures and space ships flying around.

  11. They are all on my going to the movies this year. Can’t wait.

  12. Another good one would have been “Will Biblical epics find renewed success?” It’ll be interesting to see if “Noah” and “Exodus” can bring in the crowds like “10 Commandments” and “Ben-Hur” once did.

    • When I first heard biblical movies were going to show my reaction was-blugh, they always miss the point of them, and make them cheesy. But after seeing the trailer for Noah, my thoughts changed drastically. It looks very well built and handled. Can’t wait for the 2014 movie wheel to start rolling, it’s gonna be one hecka’ of a ride!

  13. Awesome article kofi, i wonder if it would be possible to have x-men and spidey get a shared universe which would be interesting if disney is not interested in coming to a deal with either company to have a meeting of heroes.

    No opinon on the scifi movies but think i am familiar with tom’s though and it sound kinda mind bending.

    X-men, spidey and captain are the main movies i am looking forward to. Hoping robocop will be bad ass…

  14. This article appears to be fairly well received from the commenters (although I didn’t read all of them)

    Am I the only one who kept going from page to page looking for actual questions? Multiple pages didn’t even have a question mark in it lol. I’m so confused. WHAT ARE THE QUESTIONS?!? Lol

    • WTF are you talking about?
      The TITLE of each slide was the question.

      Will indie directors have blockbuster success?
      Will Sci-Fi outclass Superheroes?
      How much do we really want to know?
      Could this be Marvel Studios best year yet?
      Will third party shared universes work>

      • On the mobile site there are no slide titles… They all have “5 big questions for movie geeks in 2014″ at the top.

        • Ah, I see.
          I refuse to use the Screen Rant mobile version.
          I just don’t like it.

  15. 2014 is the year for Marvel Films.
    Marvel = 4 (movies)
    DC = 0

    • Who cares if it’s Marvel or DC films? CBM fans get a bunch of choices this year, which is cool. DC is taking longer to get their universe off the ground, but they’ll come around, and then we’ll have even more choices.

  16. No Pixar movie in 2014, dissapointed.

  17. These are some huge questions. Superheroes will continue to be successful, I’m positive of it, but the newcomer Guardians may have some slight problems since it’s the most obscure property. Seeing Spidey and the X-Men have a shared universe would be cool, if done correctly.

    Also, I’m positive Transformers: AOE will be the “fresh, new direction” they’ve been promising. There are some sleek designs, more humanoid faces for some characters, and not to mention the level of nostalgia being brought in (Drift, Lockdown, Dinobots, etc.). Kofi, have you given up on Transformers are you like you were when TF2 was coming out?

  18. Im sorry, there is one thing that bugs me, X men: Days of the future past is an ONGOING movie series, x men started in 2000, 8 years BEFORE the first marvel cinematic universe started, its not “beginning” its ongoing

  19. I hate the freaking slide show presentations. They always crash. No idea what #2 and #1 were.