5 Most Polarizing ‘Love It or Hate It’ Movies of 2013

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'Love It or Hate It' Movies of 2013

Most Polarizing Love or Hate It Movies 2013

Sometimes it seems like the phrase "movies are a subjective art form" was invented solely to ward off violence over differing opinions of film. Sure, there might be some cases where general consensus is nearly reached - but even then you can count on that one person who hated Godfather II or Silence of the Lambs or Shawshank Redemption to voice their opinion.But some movies, they just come through like magnets and either pull people in intensely or push them away with just as much intensity - and in 2013, we had some pretty big examples of that sort of polarization.Here's our 5 Most Polarizing 'Love It or Hate It' movie list for 2013.


Maniac 2013 Love It or Hate It Movies

HATERS SAY: It's sexist, violent, perverse exploitation trash masking itself as high-concept horror art.LOVERS SAY: It's high-concept and self-aware horror cinema (that actually horrifies), and it actually makes a very feministic point about the genre.Maniac is brutal; you could probably put it on a separate list for people who will watch until the end vs. people who won't. For all those who complain that horror movies aren't scary enough anymore: step up to this one and see what you think.READ OUR REVIEW

Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives (2012) Love It or Hate It Movies

HATERS SAY: It's a bizarre, violent, self-indulgent crass bore with delusions of cinematic grandeur.LOVERS SAY: It's a visually stunning and poetic meditation on the struggle between good and evil, mother and father, and every major force in between.Nicolas Winding Refn is no stranger to making divisive movies. People either loved or hated Drive (one person filed a lawsuit about it) and Only God Forgives was like a triple dose of that film. The problem child of Cannes is still splitting them down the middle.READ OUR REVIEW

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers (2013) Love It or Hate It Movies

HATERS SAY: It's exploitative and poorly-acted trash cinema trying to give indie cred to some Disney kids and James Franco.LOVERS SAY: It's a brilliantly subversive portrait of modern youth culture mentality. James Franco deserves an Oscar.Harmony Korine wrote the groundbreaking movie Kids, has scarred people with films like Gummo, and showed hints of ironic brilliance in films like Mister Lonely. At the very least, his work can never be called "forgettable."READ OUR REVIEW

Man of Steel

Man of Steel (2013) Love It or Hate It Movies

HATERS SAY: Superman has been ruined.LOVERS SAY: Superman is back, and better than ever.This is the one that seems to have split the masses way beyond the film-buff crowd. Superman is a world icon, and all other criticism aside, this new vision of the character (with a new British actor in the role) either connected or it did not.READ OUR REVIEW

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 (2013) Love It or Hate It Movies

HATERS SAY: Hella weak start to Marvel's Phase Two, and it ruins so many elements of the Iron Man mythos it's not even funny.LOVERS SAY: Witty and entertaining bit of superhero blockbuster movie-making by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), with RDJ at his best.When Ben Kingsley's "Mandarin" was revealed, you either groaned or laughed out loud. There would be many other praises vs criticisms of the film, but this is the big divider, no doubt - and there is no roar like that of a geek fanbase, divided.READ OUR REVIEW(Image Credit: Ismael Bergara)

Other Polarizers

2013 Movies Debate Love or Hate It DiscussionHere are a few other films that caused some smaller divides between filmgoers, perhaps not on the same scale as those in the main list:Oblivion - The Tom Cruise sci-fi film by TRON Legacy director Joseph Kosinski was either LOVED for its immersive world-building and engaging story, or HATED on for "borrowing" so many elements of its twisting (but predictable) sci-fi narrative.The Desolation of Smaug - The second chapter of The Hobbit is LOVED for upping the pacing and action quotient (and Evangeline Lily); but others HATE on it for being a flat middle filler with no real arc, or a video game-style desolation of Tolkien's text. 


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  1. I love MOS and Ironman 3. I don’t care really for the whole Marvel/DC rivalry, as long as they get their stuff done. But if I had to choose, I’m more of a DC guy.

    That said, I think the whole Light in a Dark World world concept was executed well. It’s incredibly mind-boggling how some people are just too dumb to get the concept of it and kept saying it’s a grim and gritty Superman. okay 2 things. (1) He’s not Superman, yet. (2) The world was grim and gritty because it was attacked by aliens. What the heck did you expect? Partying while people are dying?

    Jeez. The only mindless thing that happened here are the !diots who didn’t understand the story and needed information spoonfed. And I think that was Snyder and co.’s mistake. They’ve overestimated some people’s mental capacity.

    • I agree, I thought that they were both well thought out and fun.

      I loved the Mandarin twist. I love that Marvel isn’t led by fanboys. I love that they don’t feel they to stick to stories that we can predict.

      I loved pretty much everything about MoS. The only things I didn’t like were personal preferences and some language that bugged me for watching with my kiddos, no biggie. Just my preference and not a criticism.

      Amazing movies.

    • OMG. I’m so sick of the cliche if I don’t like MOS that means I am hater. And now you are pulling out the other cliche of you just are not smart enough to get it. Yeah Zack Snyder’s movies are so cerebral.
      To me Iron Man 3, MOS, DKR all suffered from the directors vision as opposed to respect for the source material.
      Come on he let his Dad die. I was out after that. People wanna make such a big deal about him killing Zod. I don’t care that he killed Zod. Just totally saw it coming. I realize he hasn’t grown into being Superman, yet. But Supes is suppose to be just as smart as he is strong. He couldn’t just cover Zod’s eyes?
      I really hope Batfleck vs. Snyder’s vision is good. But I keep my hopes low like I did for all three of the other films I mentioned. I think if were not careful were going to see a trend of more band superhero flick.

      • He let his dad die because he chose to TRUST his father’s will rather than follow his own. If you’ve seen the movie, it was seen that he was ready to save his dad, but Jonathan stopped him. It takes a big man to listen to someone even if they really are not of the same opinion, and I think that’s what happened to Clark. He listened to his father because he TRUSTED him.

        And yeah, you really can’t blame me for thinking that you’re not smart enough to not get this. The film has emphasized this. Were you even paying attention?

        • He trusted his father and his father was wrong. Dead wrong. Superman should have trusted his own will, the will to help people,which is what Jon Kent was doing before he died, rather than listen to Jon’s paranoid fear. It was a bad moment that gets worse when time is applied to it. The film emphasised nothing. Jon said it, but we were never shown it. The reaction to aliens coming to Earth was summarised in people watching television, wide-eyed, and status quo the next day.

      • And as for covering Zod’s eyes, you do realize that it wont stop him, right? He’ll continue to kill and cause more destruction because nothing on Earth can prison him in. Heck, he’ll even continue to become more powerful because of the sun’s effects. Worst thing that could happen if Kal covered Zod’s eyes is for the light to scatter and cause more damage, probably still even killing the whole family.

        • Malarkey. They wrote the film to remove any other option, and there were still options. In that scene, every one else takes off, but that family somehow moves into a corner, and just stands there while the heat vision slowly moves closer, like it was Goldfinger.

          MOS supporters all ways do the same bait and switch: “If he stops him, what would he do with him? No prison could hold him?” So he has to kill Zod, because Superman and every bloody scientist on Earth, would never be able to sort out a means of holding Zod? A World Engine can be salvaged, codex downloaded into a living being, indestructible uniforms, but no, Zod has to die because it’s in the script. Zod shows more control of his powers, is a trained fighter, but Superman has to win because it’s in the script. That’s the weakness of this film and those who apologise for it. It’s bad. The writing is bad. It contradicts itself incessantly, and makes Superman so much less than what he should be.

  2. I like how all the love or hate comments are written eloquently and the Iron Man 3 hater comment is that the movies hella weak

  3. Man of Steel looks fairly decent. I have the movie in my den, but with the Christmas chaos and all, have not had time to watch it yet. Iron Man 3 was a big disappointment, I am truly sorry to say. The mandarin thing was the biggest kick in the pants, but Stark practically deciding not to be Iron Man (yes, I know that was not really what he was deciding) and making the little kid as a Home Alone Clone did not do that much. There were other holes in the plot all over the place as well. Shane Black should never do another marvel flick. The only way he can even begin to redeem himself a little bit is to deliver a good Doc Savage (when is something going to mobilize on that, by the way?). Unfortunately, most of the powers that be and people affiliated with making Iron Man 3 need to share the blame: they let Shane Black mess things up with their collusion and blessings.

  4. Pretty much on the money with this article. So here’s my breakdown on these divisive films.

    Maniac- lukewarm on but enjoyed watching for the most part, loved Only God Forgives the first time, wasn’t as enthralled the second time through, Spring Breakers was a great short but had no where near enough material for an actual movie, loved Man of Steel, and rather enjoyed Iron Man 3.

  5. I thought Ironman 3 was objectively a pretty good movie, it definitely had some great scenes (helicopter attack/plane rescue) and performances. But I just completely got sucked out after the mandarin twist. I tried to keep enjoying it but really couldn’t even with RDJ at the top of his game. I became far to frustrated with the fact that they had phenomenal villain (Ben Kingsley) but traded it away for a generic one for virtually no reason at all. Thought the final act was shaky as well. The extremis soldiers (or whatever) were a bit too cheesy for me.

  6. As much as I enjoyed the two movies, Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 definitely deserved the top spots on this list. Unorthodox and dangerous starts to both the DC Film universe and Phase 2 MCU.

    • Also agree… They were unorthodox and dangerous, as opposed to predictable and scripted by stories the fans already know.

      You can’t win for losing. They’re gonna have to be seriously creative to keep us guessing… the fanboys want originality and amazing *new* products, but they complain when the companies actually *do* something new. sheesh.

  7. Lots of issues with Iron Man 3. Trevor Mandarin Killian being the most noticeable.

    Iron Man had Stark deal with a corrupt tycoon with terrorist underlings and it was awesome… the first time.

    Iron Man 2 had Stark deal with a vengeful engineer and yet another pissed off weapons manufacturing tycoon and it wasn’t that bad until Sam L Muthashutyomouf Jackson and Scarjo highjacked it (but it’s Scarjo so all is forgiven).

    Then, Iron Man 3 rolls around and Tony’s dealing with a phoned in PTSD portrayal (which is fu-ed up on so many levels), Dora the Explorer, his indestructible Iron Man armor breaking every five minutes (ignoring the fact that he was using it to duke out with the God of Thunder a year earlier), a stage actor hopped up on drugs and pu-, and another pissed off tycoon while completely ignoring the fact that 10 Rings was a real thing in IM one.

    And these complaints are without addressing the bastardization of the mythos. Just saying y’all…

    • @John

      ScarJo can hijack anything she wants as far as I’m concerned.

    • naledge…

      I am so happy you wrote this. These things (among QUITE a few existing reasons) are failings I too have discussed several times about why I constantly define this movie as “crap”. There are some who wonder how a person could possibly NOT appreciate the “brilliance” of IM3…I wonder, instead, how they CAN enjoy the crap that is IM3. Different strokes, I guess…

      What actually makes me even more curious is these same people (at least, a great many of them) believe MOS to have failed on so many levels at the same time that they are praising IM3.

  8. Pacific Rim! That was definitely the most polarizing for me.

    It has laughingly bad dialogue, horrible acting performances (even Elba suffered under that script and direction), and a predictable plot. BUT…

    It had great effects, was tons of fun, and still an enjoyable experience.

    I’m still not sure how I ultimately feel about that movie.

  9. I hated IM3 but damn I love that pic of the Mandarin just strollin along drinkin beer like he’s the coolest cat in the alley. Just because I hated the movie doesn’t mean I can’t have a sense of humor about it.

  10. I loved both movies, but too compare them is totally ridiculous. Iron Man 3 rocked in a way that Man of Steel would never be able and Man of Steel rocked in a way that Iron Man 3 would never be able. Two different movies, two different goals, two different accomplishments.

    I guarantee that the majority of these movie’s haters came out of the theatre entertained, yet got home and clicked on an article titled either ‘Iron Man 3 Ruins Arch Nemesis’ or ‘Man of Steel Ruins American Icon’ and since then none of your opinions have been your own.

    It is really a crime to like two movies?

  11. I’m on this page and I just browsing and I see my COUSIN, MEGAN DUFFY. WOW. . . That really excites me. I hope this part in a scary movie will lead to greater pictures. She was the server with David Beckham in the B.K. Commercial and she does manny more wonderful things with her career. She also is a fabulous dancer and choreographer. You go, Megan. We are all so proud of you. Your cousin “Monie”, heeee Mary.

  12. How could anybody hate Network!? What a movie. A classic.

  13. There is another movie that is very polarizing. I loved it when I first saw it, but many people around me walked out of the theatre in anger and disgust. Some refuse to watch it again. It’s called “Man Bites Dog” and it’s Belgian black comedy about a serial murderer and the film crew that decide to document his story. Grim, funny, and extremely disturbing.

  14. I love dis moves

  15. The Good Films:
    Spring Breakers
    Iron Man 3
    Man Of Steel
    The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

    The Bad Ones:
    Only God Forgives