5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013

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http://cdn.screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/Django-Poster.jpeg2012 brought us "5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks" - which culminated in 5 Big Answers at the end of the year. But a new year in cinema brings with it new topics worth discussing, so we're back again with 5 Big Questions for Movie Geeks in 2013.With big superhero films like Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Man of Steel, and The Wolverine competing for ticket sales against big sci-fi tentpoles like Star Trek 2, Pacific Rim, and Elysium, it seems that there will be plenty of great offerings for geeks this year.And with films like Evil Dead and Insidious 2 on the way, the horror genre could be a big box office winner as well...

5. Can Old Dogs Sell New Tickets?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone in 'The Tomb' (2013)It was fun watching our favorite veteran (read: aging) action stars re-unite in The Expendables and Expendables 2 - but 2013 will see stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone once again headlining action flicks, trying to reclaim what is arguably expired glory.Schwarzenegger's comeback vehicle The Last Stand had an abysmal box office debut; Sly's new film Bullet to the Head is coming in the dead of winter, and big returns seem unlikely. Arnold and Sly might see more traction for their team-up film The Tomb (out this fall) - but the question remains: Can these old dogs still conquer the box office in the era of Fast and the Furious and Bourne?Even Bruce Willis' enduring reputation as an action man might get a bit of a test this year, as he has Die Hard 5, G.I. Joe 2 and Red 2 all on the docket for 2013.

4. Is This Horror's Money Year?

Horror Movies 2013 PreviewsThe horror genre is the only case I know of (besides crack/cocaine) where people will line up time and again for what is, 9 times out of 10, an unsatisfying experience. While this year will offer some standard horror sequels - Last Exorcism Part 2Paranormal Activity 5, Insidious 2 - there will also be some promising tentpole horror flicks headed our way.Mama is leading the year in horror with a big box office win for Guillermo del Toro; Insidious director James Wan impressed New York Comic Con 2012 with his upcoming flick The Conjuring; and the Evil Dead remake has overcome massive hate with a sick red-band trailer.Between bankable "crack horror" films and quality breakout hits, horror could do big sales at the 2013 box office.

3. Will Sci-Fi Beat Superheroes?

2013 Science Fiction sci fi movies previewsThis is is something of a holdover from last year, but it's still relevant now. Sci-fi and superhero blockbusters are earning the big bucks at the box office these days, but in 2012, it was superhero event films like The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises that raked in the prime dough.This year, though, superhero films are going to be more standard in format (read: not team-ups or trilogy finales), while sci-fi has some potential breakouts on its roster. Sure, Tom Cruise may not lead Oblivion to big bank (if Jack Reacher is any proof); and M. Night Shyamalan has a lot to prove with After Earth.However, Star Trek 2, Pacific Rim and Elysium (from District 9 director Neil Blomkamp) are all pretty good bets, and films like Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity could nab some critical (awards?) acclaim for the genre, as well.

2. Can Marvel Keep the Magic After 'Avengers'?

Marvel Movie 2013 Preview Iron Man 3 Thor 2Marvel struck billion-dollar (+) box office gold with The Avengers; solidified their brand in the minds of legions of kids; and changed the way movie studios are building and cross-promoting their franchises. But as many will tell you, the sophomore effort can be the killer."Phase Two" of Marvel's cinematic universe is officially underway, and 2013 will introduce the company's first second-act challenge: making solo films that are as satisfying as the team-up event films.With writer/director Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) handling Iron Man 3, and Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor crafting a more gritty Thor: The Dark World, Marvel Studios isn't short on talent -  but will the love shown to Avengers translate into higher box office grosses for these solo efforts?

1. Will DC Get a Shared Universe Off the Ground?

This is the big one this year, if you are a true movie "geek." With Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy now wrapped, and the Superman reboot Man of Steel trying to get off the ground (no pun), the question of whether Warner Bros. will push ahead with plans for a shared cinematic universe to rival Marvel's hangs in the air of every geek conversation.Sure, Gangster Squad writer Will Beall is working on a Justice League movie script, and the studio has a summer 2015 release date set. Yet, we have no confirmed director, cast or character roster; no answer about how to re-introduce established characters like Batman and/or Green Lantern. In short: this film is currently more concept than reality.Come Comic-Con 2013 (when Man of Steel is in theaters), we think the world at large will finally get an answer to this mystery. Expect WB to make some big announcements during the year.

Additional Questions

Movie Geek Discussions 2013Just for fun and/or discussion, at the end of these we just like to toss out some additional questions that might be on your mind as you enjoy 2013 at the movies.
  • Will I be able to see what's going on in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? (Less shaky-cam FTW.)
  • Will despised remakes impress the haters? (A Spike Lee Oldboy and Diablo Cody Evil Dead are headed your way.)
  • Will Paranormal Activity 5 explain what's going on? (Probably not. I'd say it's time for werewolves.)
  • Will Nolan Superman be as cool as Nolan Batman? (We're not opening that can of worms.)
  • Who is the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness? (Is it Khan? No really -- Is it Khan?)
Anything else on your mind? Share and discuss with us in the comments below. 
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  1. Seriously? Are you really telling me they had the balls to call a movie “Last Exorcism 2″? Damn, my hope for humanity has decreased at least ten more points.

    • No, they call Last Exorcism Part 2, suggesting it continuation of the Last Exorcism.

  2. 5. Except for Willis, NO. Stallone and Arnie are way past their prime. Willis remains relevant as Red proved.

    4. MAYBE: Let’s hope not since its the same crap each and every year. It won’t fade away but it’s still not worth watching.

    3. NO. Too many of the upcoming scifi movies have whiny political messages that make them almost unwatchable. Sure good scifi books also have political messages as well but movies are worse because the message is presented by whiny political actors.

    2. YES. While some Nolan fans diss the Avengers, the movie going public was pleasantly surprised. This trend will continue for 2013. The comic fanboys never get tired of the same heroes and the movie fans don’t mind sequels so why should that change for Marvel.

    1. YES and NO. Superman will do OK, but DC will soon find that not every superhero needs to be angst ridden dark and moody. Nolanizing Superman will prove to be a mistake and the general public will spurn attempts to turn the Justice League into a bunch of emos in costumes. But they’ll do it anyway. A select group of fanboys will praise the outcome to heavens, but DC execs will wonder why their profits don’t come close to what Marvel rakes in.

    No…shaky cam will mix with 48fps and 3D for a “total cinematic experience” Barf bags will cost $10 at the concession stand.

    No…if the first movie was good there is still no reason to do a remake (same applies to 3D conversions of old movies).

    Who cares…same old crap as all the other Paranormal movies out there.

    No…given that I really dislike Nolan’s vision for Batman, especially the last film, I really hope that Superman is nothing like those movies. Too bad the trailers already make it look like I won’t be getting my wish.

    It’s Moriarty disguised as Sherlock having escaped from the holo-deck while traveling aboard Yesterday’s Enterprise…duh.

    • Wait, so having a quasi-realistic tone that focuses more on characters and drama rather than amazing action, funny dialogue, and simple stories is turning characters like Superman emo?
      Also, your Star Trek joke was so bad it caused my physical pain.

    • Also, you cry that the general public will be on your side of dismissing a Justice League you don’t want, yet the general public is wrong about Nolan’s Batman? Is the general public right about everything or is it wrong about everything? You can’t use it as proof only to smack down it’s opinions completely.

      • He/she is probably one of many who refused to see Dredd because of the lack of goofy characters and huge amounts of CGI, thus missing out on a gritty, realistic yet darkly humourous and action filled comic book movie.

        • I’m a he, but thanks for not pigeon holing me.

          As for Justice League, Nolanizing was a poor choice of words as Batman has long been a dark gritty emo character. I really disliked DKR for many reasons and almost walked out if my ride had been there to get me, but it was not because it was gritty. I did dislike the new Spiderman because it seemed like yet another Twilight knock-off that couldn’t even bring itself to get Uncle Ben’s famous line correct.

          Superman on the other hand is not a gritty character and having too much emotional baggage will hurt that movie. The public remembers Reeves and the old Justice League cartoon so going gritty is not a good bet.

          DKR rises did well as it was the end of a decent trilogy but Avengers did much better. DC movies will make money but not as much as their Marvel counterparts. In general the public prefers more up beat superhero movies with a mix of humor. Case in point…how much money did Dredd make?

          You are correct that I did not see Dredd. It looked pretty bad.

          Finally, I’m glad you enjoyed my Star Trek joke. I just finished watching season 2 of Sherlock and thought it was appropriate.

    • Unlike Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Willis didn’t let himself become irrelevant as an action star.

    • Phew, Ben…Good thing you’re not BIASED in the slightest…good thing.

      • We as humans are all biased (including professional entertainment writers). I am not ashamed to admit I have strong biases. The trick is finding a movie reviewer who shares similar biases. So far I lean towards Kurt Loder as I also agree with his political views. This comment forums are about airing one’s opinions. I don’t fault you for your biased opinions, but I don’t have to agree with them. You don’t have to agree with me either, but some people might. Besides those who post actual responses or feedback to the original article, most comment either to reaffirm their own opinions or to start arguments with those they disagree with. Which of those are you?

        By the way I thought “The Dark Knight” was one of the best political commentaries within a mainstream film to be seen in a very long time. Ledger’s performance was great, and despite my dislike of Bale as Wayne, it was a darn good movie. That worked to make DKR look even worse in comparison.

        • You wrote your opinions as if they are fact. They simply are not. Funny that you mention the idea of someone wanting to provoke those with whom he disagrees…THAT is precisely how your post came across.

          Think better on such things, next time…

          For my part, by the way, I found that the Nolan trilogy improved with the release of each film.

          • They are written as predictions (based of course upon my opinions) as the original article prompted us to do. As they relate to future events and as such are unknowns, they can not be put forth as facts. My opinions were not meant to provoke a argument. An appropriate non-argumentative response would be to write a counter argument that is not a direct reply or write a response beginning with something such as “I disagree because…”.

            That being said I feel that Nolan’s trilogy started a bit weak, got a lot better, than fell on its face with a horrible third act that nearly ruins the entire trilogy. DKR has a plot that requires both the antagonists and the protagonists to all be complete morons. The villains were uninteresting, and except for Selena the “good guys” too were bland.

        • and what “political commentary” was made in TDK? lying is ok as long as the intention was good?

          • The entire plot concerning combating terrorism vs. civil liberties. Is it morally OK to break the law in order to catch an even worse criminal? How far above the law can one go to protect the public before become a criminal as well. These were all pertinent political commentary that as the movie showed had no real correct answer.

    • Good points, Ben. I agree with you. The Sherlock reference was brilliant! Can’t wait for series three

      • +1. Ben needs his own movie review/news column. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Ben. You’ve put my sentiments into words better than I ever could.

    • what “whiny political messages” are you talking about?

      • Oblivion, After Earth, and Elysium all have a “humans have hurt the Earth and now there’s class warfare” vibe to them. I’m tired of the Wall-E plot. Again I may have been unclear. It’s not so much that they have a message, it’s that they all look to have very similar messages. I’ll still see them of course but they look rather similar.

  3. I think that Superhero films appeal to a larger portion of moviegoers than sci-fi films, in general. Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel should both be huge, and I’m excited about Thor 2. Other than Star Trek and maybe After Earth (on the strength of Will Smith and his kid), I don’t know if any of those other sci-fi films look like big hits. Personally, Tom Cruise is not a draw for me.

    • Tom Cruise is at his best in sci fi movies. Likely because his religion is based on it, allowing him to really get into those roles.

  4. 5. Being an action movie star is one of those careers that certainly have an age-limit…But, more than that, I think we’re moving away from the kind of action movies that the old 80′s stars thrived in. A lot of people don’t like brainless shoot-’em-ups anymore.

    4. Good horror movies are few and far between, perhaps even more-so than good action movies. But, somehow they keep getting people into theaters.

    3. No idea.

    2. This time around, Marvel will continue to do fine, but every year offers a renewed chance for their quality, and draw, to wane. Their current model is ambitious and respectable, but I don’t know how they’ll be able to sustain it as years go by. Movies aren’t like comic books, there’s a limit to how many adventures you can keep churning out for the same heroes and maintain audience interest.

    1. It will come sooner or later.

    • Are you calling Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Predator, and Terminator “brainless”?

      • More or less.

        • Die Hard was the reworked sequel to Commando though, which was equally brainless but still my fave movie of all time (ex-Commando’s daughter gets kidnapped, guy gets blackmailed into helping or daughter gets killed, gets revenge before the bad guys know what’s going on).

          • how is that plot similar to diehard? no daughter kidnapped, and in no way is JM helping the bad-guys. diehard was in a building, commando was all over that place. bruce willis can act, ahnuld can recite one-liners.

            • He doesn’t mean die hard feels like a sequel to commando. He means die hard was LITERALLY a sequel to commando, until it got some very late in the game script changes. These are facts.

              • i have never heard that one before. not saying your wrong, just questioning the source. the book that die hard was based on,”Nothing Lasts Forever ” was ok, but the main story would have worked as a sequel to commando, but only if it was made 20 years after commando. in the book, the protagonist is a 60+ year old ex-cop or soldier going to visit his daughter in the high rise. it gets taken over by terrorists, not for a robbery like diehard, and the daughter is being held hostage, and the hero takes out the bad guys 1 or 2 at a time, the daughter accidentally gets killed. that’s all i remember. it has been 20 years or more since i read that book, but i can see how that would have worked as a sequel to commando.
                they should do a sequel to commando now! get arnold and Alyssa Milano back, maybe even rae dawn chong somehow. “lets paaaty”

  5. I think Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World will make big big bucks this year. Obviously not Avengers billions though. I think Man of Steel will be epic but perform decently at the box office. Hopefully DC will learn that they can’t just jump to their big event and skip all the opening acts. But I guess thats out of the question now.

    • I think all 3 films will make bank

  6. Where is the biggest question of them all for 2013……Will Ghostbusters 3 actually start production?

    • My magic 8 ball says “doubtful”.

      • With all due respect, I severely dislike your magic 8 ball.

        • I asked mine, too, dude…it shattered.

      • Mine said, “Ask again later”

  7. Excited for the marvel stuff. Oblivion looks really good to me. I don’t care for horror… and im excited for supes.

  8. Re: Star Trek villain.

    KHAN? Really? You want KHAN? Sorry – Mr. Cummerbund does NOT look like he’s dressed in “rich Corinthian leather”. I say it’s Gary Mitchell. No one could – or should – play Khan except Ricardo Montleban.

    • I can’t believe there are some people who still think the villain in Star Trek is Khan…

      He has been named as JOHN HARRISON.

      Give it up already.

      • Thats the bit we have given, honestly, I dont know, however nobody will know till the movie comes out, for all we know it could be a minor character from any of the movies/series, or even a redshirt back for revenge :p we wont know till summer so we will have to wait and see, they could be pulling a mandarin on us

        • Who says it has to be an already known character, they could try something novel and make one up.

        • Somebody knows.

  9. 5. Yes (hopefully)
    4. No
    3. Maybe
    2. Yes
    1. We’ll see

    Extras – Hm…this isn’t really “5″ Big Questions, is it?

  10. Hmmm I have a feeling that comics will do good, though sci-fi does have the advantage of numbers. Personaly I am excited about Iron-Man 3, now here is a good question for that: will the Silver Centurion or the Modular armor(best known for the Hulkbuster Module) show up? And with Thor 2 Will Beta-Ray-Thor appear, now that would be awesome! And what villan are we going to get in Ant-Man(even if it is 2 years away :( ) the Black Knight perhaps? that means we would also get another avenger. And speaking of avengers, I wonder if Hercules will show up, he would make a great foil for thor(yes Hercules is an avenger, yes its the Demi-god one, I can just picture him planting his fist in Chris Hemsworth’s face XD). And a final note, I wonder if we are going to have Namor the Submariner steal the show in Cap’s Flashbacks, now that would be cool… or Miss America, or the Whizzer(I could just imagine Clint Eastwood playing the ancient modern day part, now that would be amusing…. other than the whole stop his radioctive son from destroying New York part… and him dieing of a heart attack…..

    • I’d like to see the android human torch make an appearance in a Cap flashback, especially since they half cameo-ed him in the first movie in a glass tube at that science expo Cap goes to at the begining. Put him and Namor together in a flashback (with bucky and any of those other guys) and they could showcase the Invaders in their prime and maybe even bring some of them into the present day story.

      • Oh ya, I knew what the old android was when I saw Cap1 the first time, only thing of course, is that even though he is a completely seperate character(and appeared in the first marvel comic) he does share the name with the FF human torch, so there are proably legal problems. Like I said it would be funny if they had clint eastwood as modern, ancient whizzer XD

  11. for the last time…its not Nolans batman!

    • um Braden, you are wrong. Nolan made Batman movies hence saying Nolan’s Batman. Burton made a few too…Burton’s Batman. Schumacher made a couple as well…Schumacher’s Bat Nipples. Simple as that.

      • I liked Batman and Robin, proably cause of MR Freeze XD, but here is the weird thing: That is still Schwazenager’s second best grossing movie. Odd right?

        • Depends on the movie. Even big budget flops pull in more money than smaller budget movies.

    • it is nolans batman, what it is NOT is nolans superman.

  12. Hey, you guys should do the 5 biggest questions for COMIC movie geeks this year, that ought to be interesting, here is a good one: Will Beta-Ray Thor appear in Thor 2?

    • beta ray thor will prob not appear in thor 2 since thor 2 has so many things to cover already

      • i thought it was beta ray bill, not beta ray thor.

        • Both actualy, though proably would have been better to refer as Bill, as he is Beta-Ray Thor when he has Thor’s hammer.

  13. Fingers crossed for a banner horror movie year? I think the reason why people still come out to horror movies is because a really good horror movie takes a little control away from you. Special effects have made it easy for any film to show you some thing cool. We say, “that’s cool” and then wait for the next cool effect. But a horror movie can make you jump, or scream, or dig your nails into the chair without you knowing it. It goes back to the first moments in film when a train was rushing right at you and you felt the need to jump out of the way. Most horror movies aren’t like that, goodness knows I’ve seen hundreds too many that fail. But when you find one it is awesome!…….Boo!

    • No, they can’t. But glad you enjoy them (although they are taking up time and money that could be going to movies I like just o you can get a little thrill…….you selfish jerk)


      • Wow. Yet another person who believes their personal opinion is a fact. Don’t really understand the aggression. comes off as very immature. While my appreciation of horror movies is personal, my speculation about the reason for the popularity of the horror genre is based on facts that include but also precede the beginning of film. That was why I made reference to “the Arrival of the Train at the Station” by the Lumiere Brothers in 1895. While not the first film, it is one of the first. I think anyone who has seen a few horror movies knows that it impossible to deny the way they tap into certain instinctual responses. We don’t jump out of our seats voluntarily, we do so because of the ability of the film maker to manipulate things like timing, and sound and our expectations to surprise us. When we scan every inch of the screen during those moments of silence in Paranormal Activity, it’s because they made us do that.

        • My bad. It appears I may have missed a level of sarcasm in your response.

  14. Shane Black just wrote Lethal Weapon. He didn’t direct it.

    • @Alex

      Never said he did. Called him “writer/Director Shane Black” and then put Lethal Weapon in parenthesis as a reference to some of his work.

      • Ah. My mistake.

  15. I don’t really understand why it has to be Sci-Fi vs Superheroes. I wasn’t aware that either side had any sort of direct engagement in terms of competition (or at least, don’t compete with each other any more than they do other types of movies). If I think the movie’s good, I’ll fork out the cash to watch it, even if it means watching both sci-fi and superheroes.

    • They don’t. Kofi’s just posing the question of whether or not the genre can hit the #s of superhero flicks from the last few years.

      • Ahhh I see. In that case, I think the answer’s still gonna be no. The superhero movies still benefit from being franchise names, and while the sci-fi films certainly have a shot at being bigger individual hits (critically or among audiences) I don’t think they can match the box office overall.

  16. I read on another site that had a topic about not following the MARVEL way with JUSTICE LEAGUE and I really enjoyed reading that article, finally an article that satisfied my ever burning rage when I see articles or posts with “WB should do it the Marvel way…” Kudos to the very few posts I have read that does not support these opinions.

  17. It does seem like sci-fi making a comeback, even if it’s coupled with the post-apocalypse (or the apocalypse itself…like World War Z)…but it’s difficult to say whether any of the films will actually be good until they are seen by anyone not making them. I do have high hopes for Pacific Rim and Star Trek 2. Everything else might be great to just ok. Beat superhero films? Probably. I do feel that many sci-fi films are much better than any of the superhero films, but at the same time those superhero films are just coming into their prime. Before Iron Man, none of them we really all that great. Good perhaps, but not great. Still, I am not sold that they are all wht people are making the current crop out to be. Average stories overall with some good character camaraderie. As for DC, a copy-cat is never as good as the original.

    • Also, how can it be forgotten Ender’s Game and The Host? Ender’s Game is known to be a great story, and The Host at least has an interesting concept, even if it’s wrapped up in a romance and penned by the same author as the not so great Twilight series.

  18. man i thought this was about the riddler!

  19. Sci-if definitely seems to be attempting make a comeback, but so far nothing has really hit huge. Prometheus comes to mind, but it didn’t really hit the bulls eye.

    • Wouldn’t Looper also count as sci-fi? Yet, this is also a film which missde the mark just a little. Slightly less so than Prometheus.

  20. I’ll predict

    5. Yes, because it doesn’t matter how old you are, just how much you can kick @$$ (which they can all still do)
    4. No. The horror genre is slowly dying out IMO. I think people are getting tired of the countless and unnecessary sequels and predictable story-lines.
    3. Since some superhero movies are, IMO, part of the sci-fi genre (as I’m sure MoS will be), that question is irrelevant in my eyes, but seeing as there are a lot more full-on sci-fi films than full-on superhero films this year, I’d say yes. Sci-fi’s gonna win.
    2. Yes, of course!
    1. I sure as hell hope so…

  21. Ironman 3 will not do so well at the box office due to the story line been the same as the first two films.

    People were ticked that Ironman 2 was the same as 1 and this time they will just stay away.

    Arnie and Stallone could still do well as long as the script is good. Expendables was ok but if they came up with a decent story it could be great.

    I expect Star Trek to be bigger than the last. They should really release that 9 minute trailer for a limited time before the movie comes out. It has converted people i never thought would want to see a Star Trek movie.

    • i think you’re wrong about IM#, but i guess we will see. i also disagree that 1 & 2 were the same. other than the main villian wearing an armored suit at the end, but thats how his enemies try to take him out, with a similar weapon. “…they pull a knife, you pull a gun. they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue…that’s the CHICAGO way!”

    • I dont know which film you were watching but Iron Man 2 was nothing like the first one. The whole central plot was completely different. I dont see any similarities plot-wise between the 2. IM2 wasnt as good as IM1 but it was different.

  22. Arnie should transition into old age the same way that Clint Eastwood did. Still a tough guy but with a valid context.

    Instead of the super hero tough guy.

    • Totally agree. But I wonder if Arnie has the acting talent to pull it off in the same way Eastwood was able to. Arnie needs to find rolls where he’s the gruff commander who oversees missions done by younger bodies. He could play the stero-typical always yelling police chief / battle weary general to a T, but then he’d be relegated to a supporting role. Could his ego handle that in the long run?

  23. I don’t feel any excitement or magic coming from Thor 2 and Iron Man 3

    • I think Thor 2 will be good, not so sure about Iron Man 3, maybe they should have gone with Ultron or Omega Red as a villain…Mandarin..hmm…lets see.

  24. I’m definitely a DC fangirl and am hoping and praying that MOS hits it out of the park! I loved Avengers, but it was very aware of what it was which is a fun, slightly campy and cartoony version of superheros. What I think Nolan and Snyder are doing is looking at Superheros in a more realistic and serious light. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are dark and gritty. My initial fear for MOS was that they would make Supes into a depressed emo, but I think they realize that’s not who Clark is. They will make him conflicted, but also really play up his innocense which is so important to the character. Unlike Bats, Supes doesn’t take comfort in the darkness but in the light.