‘2012’ Viral Site: Witness The End of The World

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2012 viral site 2012 Viral Site: Witness The End of The World

Want to brighten your day? Then how about learning all the ways in which the world can – and might – end. Solar flares, tectonic shifts, collisions with “Planet X” – all the good stuff. On the bright side: you can sign up now to be selected as the leader of the post-apocalyptic world should you survive the great catastrophe that wipes out the rest of us in the year 2012.

Ok, so maybe it’s just a new viral website for Roland Emmerich’s (Independence Day) hundredth upcoming global catastrophe flick, 2012, which plays off the ancient Mayan prophecy that we’re all going get wiped out in three years time.

And I for one say good riddance (kidding, kidding).

The 2012 viral site is cleverly titled “The Institute for Human Continuity” (I.H.C.) and features the aforementioned disaster scenarios which you can watch in digital simulation – complete with a video game-style health bar at the bottom of the screen that drains away as humanity is wiped out of existence. Cheery.

The destruction scenarios are easily the best feature of the site; once you get into all the faux happenings of the I.H.C., it gets pretty boring, pretty quickly. But the disaster scenarios are cool – they kind of creep me out with their psuedo-science that could conceivably turn out to be real. All I need is to wake up tomorrow and have solar flares to deal with on top of everything else…

2012 scene2 2012 Viral Site: Witness The End of The World

Oh, and if you visit the site, remember to register for the “Survival Lottery” now – if you one be one of the chosen few let into the bunker come Judgment Day.

2012 occurs on November 13, 2009.

Source: I.H.C. Official Site

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  1. As much as I can’t stand Emmerich, I find myself very excited about this film.

  2. Not interested at all in this,,,

  3. At least with Emmerich you know what to expect going in. I’m just hoping I enjoy this more than his last two movies, which were pretty awful.


  4. the movie looks like its a display of great special effects and melancholic story telling, im all up for the first, but the second will keep me from the movie.

  5. I wood like all info on this matter

  6. The movie is going to kick so much tush when it comes out.

  7. It is Scientific FACT that 2012 will in fact herald a new phase of Solar Maximum Activity , which occurs every 11 years. Scientists expect this new Phase to be much more intense than in past decades.
    The reality of Solar Max Flares knocking out orbiting satellites ,is very very real.
    Unfortunately these communications satellites control almost
    every aspect of modern life for humans on planet earth,and
    without them modern life would descend into chaos , in less than 30 days.
    Most of the earth population would be dead of starvation within three years or less.
    Humanity has put all it’s eggs in one basket with the current technology paradigm.
    After reading a number of the posts here I believe
    society as a whole has been in a process of dumbing down to the point where a severe paradigm shift is overdue.
    The concept of a Institute for Human Continuity is very appealing, but when the “pool” of potential ” lottery ” winnersfor this endeavor (which would be the assumed new ” human seed stock ” to rebuild and repopulate the earth after a cataclysm)
    are for the most part ignorant, undereducated and already genetically compromised , I am disheartened at the prospect of such a Institute actually being able to fulfill it’s mission statement.

  8. “Oh God, oh God we’re all gonna die?”




  9. I think what I find curious about 2012 is that remote viewers only see static beyond that year,,, 😯

  10. The mind can’t see what it is not willing to comprehend 790..

  11. Yeah GK333, I have a feeling something is gonna happen.

    Could be good or bad, too hard to predict at this point.

  12. Find some high ground I guess..the privaleged of the world have their well stocked bunkers high in the mountains for any such contingency..not just 2012..besides we are over due for some space junk from the asteroid belt breaking loose and smacking into us…Shoemaker-Levy 9 anyone?

  13. I’ll be going down with the ship (Los Angeles)

  14. if the end of the world or close to it is coming. wh would anyone want to be in a bunker. maybe the bunker will be hit or at the center of what ever is coming. The mayan calender ends dec 21 2012. does it end there or did the maya die out and the calender makers were not around to continue making calenders? Any way we all die sometime so maybe i will be around to see 2013 or maybe i wont.

  15. I think people are overreacting to the Mayan’s prophecy. Predicting the end of the world is impossible, and can’t believe what some primitive civilization fortold. The world will end when it ends. The only thing that I’ve seen to convince me that something ominous will occur is that Sarah Palin is planning of running for president. But alot can happen in 3 years.

  16. Big stuff is going to happen way before 2012. Next year is going to be very bad economically for US.
    I also expect a false flag attack on DC sometime this year. (If you live there move)

    Palin won’t even be relevant in 2012. She killed McCain in the race and quit her job as Governor of Alaska, why would she even be considered for pres?
    She’s nothing but media fodder.

  17. Big stuff happens every year for thousands of years, none of it was ever predicted: 9/11, the Madrid bombing, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc. so i wouldn’t be so worried about 2012. Also for the end of the world to be right, the creation of the world has to be right, and it doesn’t matter if you use the biblical creation or scientific creation, the Mayans got that wrong…so we don’t need to worry.

  18. i think it’s okey if the world wants to sweep this generation.the world now has alot of evilis and devilis behaviours and high rates of unemployment. me i’m happy and let new generation start.you never know i will survive with one lady and we start another generation with her.

  19. I don’t think the Mayans were predicting the end of the world, their calendar doesn’t end in 2012, it just rolls over to a new cycle. These cycles were based on the movement of the stars relative to the viewer…

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