Latest 2012 Trailer: Impressive CGI, But Will That Be All?

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2012 trailer 2 Latest 2012 Trailer: Impressive CGI, But Will That Be All?

The second trailer for Roland “disaster film” Emmerich’s apocalyptic 2012 has premiered online today, and we have it for you here. Now I’ll be honest and say that the grand vistas of destruction shown in this new trailer are very impressive, but the problem is that Roland’s films seem to rely on 80% “cool shots” and 20% plot and character.

Before I go on, check out the trailer below…

[media id=166 width=570 height=340]

You can head over to Yahoo! Movies for the super-duper HD version.

This trailer amps up the disaster action about 1000% compared to the first one, and no doubt that destruction will be the main thing that puts butts in seats when the film opens. But if it’s anything like The Day After Tomorrow, those cool CGI shots won’t be enough to make you leave the theater feeling like you’ve seen something worthwhile.

Then again, what do I know? That eco-disaster/global-warming-will-be-the-death-of-us film made over $186MM in the U.S. and over half a billion dollars worldwide. Of course that could have been the impeccable timing of the release at the height of the climate change hysteria. I tend to wonder what, if any “message” 2012 will carry with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE for this to turn out to be a kick-ass film, and yes, I’m clear on the concept of a “popcorn movie,” but it needs to make viewers care about the main characters being affected by the disaster, otherwise it’s just watching earthquake and flood footage on the evening news. Seeing John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor (the assassin from Serenity) does give me some hope that perhaps the film will indeed deliver some of that needed character connection – we’ll just have to wait and see.

2012 has been pushed back from its July release date to November 13, 2009.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been on the USS John F Kennedy!! They can’t destroy it! lol

  2. It’ll definately be a fun day on Dec 22 2012 when we all collectively get to say “I told you so!”

    You know… unless by some amazing coincidence (or a practicle joke form God) the world does end on that date.

    But what are the chances of that happening?

    (if this were a movie, the scene would now jump cut from me saying that to a shot of the earth in utter ruin).

    In all seriousness though, when 22 Dec does come along and we all say “I told you so” (like the bastard gloaters we are), said stubborn Conspiracy theorists (or whatever you’re want to call them) will likely point something out as having “changed” which signifies that the Mayans were right (because people who lived thousands of years ago had much more insight into our future than us who live here). And unless that cahnge is much much more significant than ANY of the big big changes that have happened to us in our history as a race, I’m still going to call b******* on the Mayans knowing anything about the future other than that the winter solstice will occure on that date and that the sun will rise.

  3. looks to be good id have to say!

  4. Well, I liked ID4 and Day After Tomorrow, and this looks like a good flick to me as well. It has some very good actors in it and, of course, the effects look stellar. I’m totally in.

    Oh, and BTW, party at Vic’s house Dec 20, 2012 starting at 10pm: The end-of-the-world party. 😀

  5. Wouldn’t this film create that “hysteria feeling” if it opened until 2012? Would make it more logical. Although the effects do look cool, I think the overall film will be dumb, but of course will left many people thinking about the apolyptical date.

  6. You know, some scientists say that coincidentally exactly on December 21, 2012, an event is supposed to occur. They say that exactly on that day, our solar system will pass through kind of like the galaxy’s equator and they theorize that could have an effect on our magnetic poles. If true, a shift in our magnetic poles will cause massive environmental catastrophy all around the world and could actually bring about mass extinction…

    But I’ve only heard it from like 1 or two scientists on some show about that, so they could just be trying to get famous because of this…

  7. @Ken J
    I’ve also read that our magnetic pole shifts every 10 millenia or so, and that we haven’t had one in about 10 millenia.

  8. Yah, supposedly their guess happened to be December 21, 2012.

    And it’s not just the Mayans who mentions that date, supposedly the Chinese had a weird prediction system that also predicted some sort of major event on December 21, 2012, lol. That’s why I’m taking a road trip away from the shores and the cities just in case, it’ll be fun, and can’t be too safe I guess… 😀

    But of course, I have no way to verify or disprove any of this, this was just what a few people were saying on some program on History Channel a while back, so it could all be BS cooked up by a small group of people trying to cause panick, lol.

  9. Oops, forgot to be more specific, my first sentence there is saying that scientist have calculated that our poles might shift on December 21, 2012.

  10. I’ve also heard that theory, and it’s again bull. It’s something to do with the sun aligning with the center of the galaxy which will cause the poles to shift, which has as much scientific credence as a fly flapping it’s wings and causing a tower of Jenga bricks to fall.

    Yes, the sun may well align with the center of the galaxy on December 21st 2012, but bugger all will likely happen then.

    As for the Chinese prediction thing, that’s based off of an ancient fortune telling scheme which some dude in the late 20th century used to predict stuff that had already happened and then used it to “prove” that things would go bad on 2012 using an extremely convoluted method of throwing coins in the air and drawing graphs all of which mean almost nothing.

  11. @Joshi

    Please stop using profanity in your comments – this is the second one I had to moderate today. I’m being nice and I’m cleaning up instead of deleting them, but that’s a pain.



  12. Sorry man, sometimes I get carried away (I did notice the f word in my post on the Sherlock Holmes article after I posted and felt rather ashamed at myself since I’m usually good at keeping that stuff at bay).

    I’ll be more careful in future.

  13. I want this to be good so bad. I’m a huge Cusack fan and I have been so excited to see this I really hope it isn’t a let down.

  14. I,ll be seeing this one for certain (the kids have made that abundantly clear).

    The opening scene of the planet with a moon and an incoming what? Planet? Can anyone say “When Worlds Collide” Me, I think that would very cool to be the cause of all the destruction, and would explain any preparations the ‘governments’ could make.

  15. Looks good to me…I mean…we don’t really know if the story is worthwhile yet so how can it be criticized? Better bet than Star Trek.

  16. The novelized book is out now if you want to read it.

    Maybe just read the last page. 😯

  17. @ Joshi

    I don’t feel particularly strongly for or against any of these theories. There really is no point to it. None of us are psychic, we won’t REALLY know until that day comes. I honestly doubt anything will happen, but I’m not going to get so excited proclaiming that nothing definitely will happen. It’s like being against religion. You really can’t prove a negative, and that’s a fact. Even if you can prove evolution (which I believe in), science, and all of that, it doesn’t prove that there isn’t a god. I’m agnostic, I feel that you won’t know until you die and you see for yourself, until then, it’s pretty pointless to scream and yell one way or another. That’s how I feel about this. It could be true, it could be hogwash, won’t really know until Dec. 21 comes and goes, or the earth goes, lol.

    I’m taking my friends on a road trip, using this as an excuse, we’ll have fun, probably will be back at home around December 23, 2012 or something like that, depending on how far we go and how many stops, lol. In time for Christmas. :-)

  18. @790

    I’ll go to the book store and read the last page, then I’ll be back here to spoil it all for you, lol. EVERYONE DIES! just kidding…

  19. Hahaa,,,Ken.

    I’ve heard alot of theories on 2012. Some remote viewers have a prob seeing past that year.

    Other spiritual mediums predict that our species will go through a conciousness shift.
    (Translate that at your discression)

    Then there are those that talk about the pole shift or planet X/Nibaru entering our solar system causing a pole shift.

    Its going to be interesting to see what happens, unless its bad. 😉

  20. I mean it will be interesting if we make it past 09, 10 and 2011.

  21. @Ken J

    I’m also agnostic and agree that it’s impossible to know for certain that the world will not end on 2012 much like it’s impossible to know for certain whether my Jenga blocks collapsed because of that fly over there.

    What I do know, is that should the world end on that day, it would likely be a coincidence and that the world has as much chance of ending on that day than it does on any other.

    Because while I am agnostic, I’m also a major skeptic and really do fail to give any credence to stuff like psychics or the paranormal, and that’s exactly what this 2012 stuff is made of.

  22. I’m with Joshi. I highly doubt the world will end on that day. No one can know for sure, but even if some how it manged to happen it would of had nothing to do with what a bunch of people predicted years ago it would simply be dumb luck that they landed on that date.

    I’m however not agnostic I’m an atheist, but I don’t feel the need to preach to anyone. I have what I believe that’s all that matters personally I don’t care about anyone else beliefs as long as they let me have mine I don’t need to try and talk them out of theirs. The world would be a lot better if everyone thought that way. Just let everyone believe what they want. There would be a lot less wars.

  23. Yup, I guess I’ll just be using up that Spam I bought for the “end of world” back in 2000. I guess they were just off by 12 years.

    Seriously, though, I am so f***ing sick of disaster and “end of the world” movies. “Knowing” was pretty dumb. “Day After Tomorrow” was even dumber.

  24. @Daniel,,,
    “it would simply be dumb luck that they landed on that date.”

    Lol, if the world ends on that exact date I’ve gotta say the Mayans called it. :-)

  25. @skippy2057

    I really want to see Chiwetel Ejiofor in a decent leading man role, that man is an amazing actor. But as… well a lot of films have taught us, good actors do not, a good film make.

  26. Funny GK333 how many ppl will be bummed if nothing happens that day, except the bad memory of that dumb Emmerich film.