5 Minute ‘2012’ Clip Brings More Destruction

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2012 trailer 2 5 Minute 2012 Clip Brings More Destruction

A new five minute extended clip has appeared online for Roland Emmerich’s (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day) upcoming worldwide disaster flick, 2012. “Destruction” is the operative word for this film based on everything we’ve seen so far, and I don’t think you’ll be surprised to find this latest clip does nothing to alter that perception.

Similar to the minute-long clip we showed you recently, this five minute segment shows John Cusack and his family trying to escape destruction, although this time we get a look at the early stages of that destruction. As you’ll see, the film looks COMPLETELY ridiculous and over-the-top, with some eye-rolling dialogue and generally cheesy moments (one in particular that you’ll know when you see it), but I think you’ll agree that’s often part of the fun with Emmerich’s movies.

An approximate $200 million budget sure does buy you some seriously amazing looking special effects. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the latest 2012 clip below (it’s YouTube so that international folks can view it without a hitch):

In case you’ve just been dazzled by the various clips, posters and numerous images from 2012, but don’t actually know what it’s about, here’s the synopsis: The film shows us what could happen if the Mayan doomsday prediction of the year 2012 comes true. We follow a divorced father and writer (Cusack) as he uses his knowledge of ancient prophecies to help, along with the Government, to ensure the human race isn’t completely wiped out from a series of global, catastrophic disasters.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for Emmerich’s talent for showing large scale destruction on the big-screen. As I said, the film looks ridiculous and over-the-top (read: rather silly), as well as having some questionable dialogue and plot points (how is it Cusack’s family has access to a plane? OF COURSE he knows someone who owns one and knows how to fly it…), but I’m still looking forward to it. If nothing else, it looks to be an intense visual effects feast to experience in a movie theater.

What do you think of the latest clip for 2012? Are you willing to forgive some of the ridiculousness in favor of enjoying the amazing special effects and copious amounts of chaos and destruction?

2012 opens on November 13th, 2012 2009.

Source: YouTube

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  1. why was the pilot doing all his pre-flight stuff and why after they take off does he stay so low to the ground

  2. While I hate to admit that I enjoyed the clip, I had a similar question about the low altitude flying.

    Not that reality will enter into this film TOO much, but we need SOME semblance in order to swallow the story.


  3. HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAAA! I don’t care how cheesy, stupid, plot-holed, moronic, record-rasberry-award-winning crappy this movie is as long as I see it in Digital, Hi-Def, IMAX 3-D with THX speakers jacked straight into my ear-holes and scratch and sniff cards and chair shakers!

    THis sucker ain’t nothing but eye-candy and I’ll be paying my 10 bucks to see it!

  4. Well if we’re talking about Roland Emmerich films, we’re not talking about anything close to John Ford-level drama or David Mamet-level dialogue, now are we? But when I have the need for modern disaster-porn, he’s the man I’m going to look up. I will more than likely go to see this for its mindless plot, utter destruction, and stupendous special FX just for the fun of it. Besides, I really like Cusack as an actor and that scene of Randy’s giant donut rolling down the street (I don’t live that far from the actual donut shop it’s modeled on here in L.A. πŸ˜‰ was just great! Thanks for posting the vid.

  5. does anybody know how many movies randy’s donut has been in?
    that was perfect!
    bring it

  6. Did I cringe? YES.

    What a shame. I like John Cusack too. He’d probably be the only reason I’d watch this. But the dialogue makes me laugh – Remember those ‘taking-the-mick’ “films” John Cusack’s character was in in America’s Sweethearts? This could be one of them.

  7. Will they upload the computer virus to earths core and stop the destruction?

  8. this is probably the most stupid load of nonsense i think i’ve had the misfortune to waste 5 mins on. and that’s up against some real competition (transformers,twilight), can someone not just come up with something that isn’t full of bad scripts and even worse acting. should we expect a sequal? 2013? or maybe even a prequal, 2011? either way anyone paying to see this needs, it’s not even i candy. it’s eye strain.

  9. looks like a pile of smoldering garbage. got to be one of the worst films released this year. can’t wait for the 3 sequals. we’ve seen this kind of rubbish before but never done this bad. shame on you roland, you used to be cool.

  10. I’m predicting the greatest disaster movie of all time. OK, I have a problem with the car driving through the building but other than that it looks sick!

    and @hudson
    Maybe he’s flying so low because the ground falling in is causing a down draft that’s pulling them in =D

  11. Vic, You WERE kidding about the “semblance” thing, right?

    If ever there was a movie that required you to leave your brain at home…this is it!

    That was cool! All eye candy.

    He has raised the bar all the way up btw. What’s next after destroying the world?

  12. @Huggybear, Yes! And once again with a Mac!

  13. how is this special effects movie better than transformers 2?

  14. @cantizzle

    I don’t think it’ll be BETTER, but I’m thinking it might be more ENTERTAINING. :-)

    Of course, it may turn out to be a lame pile of trash…


  15. The whole thing looked like a video game playback during a hero escape out of a video game level…

    le0pard13 (if you live in LA) you have to admit that where they were driving, it was nowhere Randy’s donuts…
    As cartoonish as this film is dealing with the main characters (ie: The Day After Tomorrow) the effects are worth the 8 bucks! The guy playing Gov Swarzennegar was hilariously bad, but watching Santa Monica get destroyed is TOTALLY worth my money no matter how lame this gets.

    This film looks like the proverbial trainwreck, and Rolands greatest work I think…?

  16. Opps,,,

    “It was nowhere near Randys Donuts”


  17. “And Lo, The earth will shake, rattle and roll…And Hollywood looked down upon the mayhem and saw that it was good…”

    And somewhere Emerich chuckled and said to himself:

    “I’ll show that charlatain Bay how to F**k S**t UP!!”

    This looks like real fun! Sorta like the offspring of Armageddon mating with a major Cannipshun. Hommie needs to take many more flying lessons me thinks…

    thanks screenrant, fun stuff!

  18. Listen up Vic…I wouldnt try to disect a story out of this trailer or movie in general. Just enjoy the destruction, thats what everyone who will be paying money to sit the rear ends in the seats is expecting to see. I could care less if the story is like The Day After Tomorrow. This movie will do a great openning weekend im sure. Its not gonna win a Oscar for best movie or even best actor for Cusack, the movie is what it is. Just take it for what it is and dont put too much into it, you might just enjoy the effects. Its an effects movie.

  19. @anthony

    I need SOME semblance of story and character development or no matter how much eye candy is on the screen it’s a waste of time. I thought Day After Tomorrow was utter crap.


  20. Tim C, I’m only going to see it cause I’m looking for a good laugh.

    I don’t expect it to be any good, I’m sure its going to be lame,,,
    I DO NOT RECOMMEND this film as quality entertainment,,,
    also if that clip is anything like the overall film, “bring ear plugs!” 😯

  21. the plane being chased by he crumbling runway reminds me of Day After Tomorrow when they were running from the cold snap in the library. Running from cold! AKA absence of heat! classic

  22. I will see it! Are you kidding me? My WHOLE ENTIRE life (trust me I’m nearly geriatric over here)I have heard nothing but “the end is coming soon” and umpteen different “doomsday” dates. I would love to see the imagination at work on 2012.

    We all know TDAT was way over the top with the whole global warming bit but so what? It had great FX. It’s a popcorn and hot chocolate on a winter’s Sunday afternoon type o’ flick. Certainly it can’t be any worse than that last ‘The Mummy’ movie.

  23. 790 is right, I have been waiting for a good comedy!

  24. This is probably going to be one of the best movies this year. You dont have to believe it, you should just enjoy it, because thats what movies are for.

  25. Pretty hokey acting, but by far the best earthquake SFX I’ve ever seen.

  26. The worlds greatest explotation of CGI ! We all know this plotless moview will suck beyond all belief but as “Skylordric” said; “I don’t care how cheesy, stupid, plot-holed, moronic, record-rasberry-award-winning crappy this movie is as long as I see it in Digital, Hi-Def, IMAX 3-D with THX speakers jacked straight into my ear-holes and scratch and sniff cards and chair shakers!” …however I wont spend money on this I’ll just jack my own HD and watch it on my projector as I sit back with a jack and coke so as to forgive the absolute rediculouslness. Let the baffoonery commence forth with!

  27. With all these clips, i think it will be an entertaining movie to watch. Like ive said before its a destruction movie, you go to watch this movie because of the effects. I have a hard time believeing you wont get your $10 worth at the theaters. The low flying plane your just gonna have to deal with and all that. Dont get me wrong there will be some “cheesy” moments, but take it instride, this is a moneymaker at its best. Keep it in simple terms and you will enjoy it for what it is.