2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

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sr tv logos2 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Now that the three-month extended fall television season is finally over, it’s time to look back at the 28 shows that premiered and find out where they all stand.

With news of renewals and cancelations tending to come all at once, finding out the status of your new favorite television shows can get a bit confusing. With only so many hours in the day available for watching TV, the last thing you’d want to happen is to “get into” a show, only to tune in and find out that it’s no longer on the air because it’s been canceled since October.

28 new television series premiered this fall. Of the new series, you’ll be happy to hear that 17 have already been renewed. Unfortunately, 5 have already been canceled, and 6 have yet to be decided. That being said, the majority of the “yet to be decided” series are on the verge of being canceled, though nothing official has been announced (yet).

To help point your DVRs in the right direction in regards to the “yet to be decided” shows, we made sure to throw in our predictions of what’s going to happen, based on the information known – because, you know, we like to give you things to complain about in the comments ;-).


Charlie’s AngelsCANCELED

charlies angels abc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Thursday, September 22 @8pm

Premiere: 8.76 million viewers
Average: 6.24 million viewers
Lowest:  5.10 million viewers

Status:  On October 14th, Charlie’s Angels was canceled after airing four episodes. Three additional episodes were aired, with a final episode never making it to air.


Last Man StandingRENEWED

last man standing abc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Tuesday, October 11 @8pm


 13.19 million viewers
Average: 10.45 million viewers
  9.06 million viewers

Status: On November 30, ABC picked up Last Man Standing for a full season order of twenty-two episodes.


 Man Up! – TBD

man up abc  2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premieres: Tuesday, October 18 @8:30pm


7.78 million viewers
Average: 6.61 million viewers
Lowest:  6.22 million viewers

Status:  While ABC isn’t officially announcing Man Up!’s cancellation, production on the series has been stopped.

Prediction: Expect a cancellation announcement soon.


Once Upon a TimeRENEWED

once upon a time abc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Sunday, October 23 @8pm

Premiere: 12.93 million viewers
Average: 11.63 million viewers
Lowest:  10.69 million viewers

Status: On November 3rd, ABC picked up Once Upon a Time for full season order of 22 episodes.

Pan Am – TBD

pan am abc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Sunday, September 25 @10pm

 11.06 million viewers
Average: 6.62 million viewers
Lowest:  5.17 million viewers

Status: Despite rumors of Pam Am being canceled, ABC is stating that the series is still in production, though no additional episodes have been ordered.

Prediction:  With recent episodes circling the 5 million viewers-per-episode mark, Pan Am is slowly making its descent into cancelation.


Revenge -RENEWED 

revenge abc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Wednesday, September 21 @10pm


Premiere: 10.02 million viewers
Average: 8.30 million viewers
Lowest:  7.30 million viewers

Status: On October 13, ABC picked up Revenge for a full season order of 22 episodes.



subugatory abc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Wednesday, September 28 @8:30pm

 9.81 million viewers
Average: 9.02 million viewers
Lowest:  7.30 million viewers

Status: On October 13, ABC picked up Suburgatory for a full season order for 22 episodes.


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  1. 2 Broke Girls
    Premiere: 19.37 million viewers
    Average: 10.71 million viewers
    Lowest: 12.14 million viewers

    How is the lowest higher than the average?

    • There was some coding errors with the piece, so I loaded a previous version (without realizing that some of the ratings weren’t inserted). It’s all fixed!

      Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. All of the numbers for the NBC shows after the Playboy Club are the same . . .

  3. Whitney and 2 Broke Girls renewed?? Are you freakin’ kidding me??

    • My girlfriend loves Whitney lol but its ok cuz she’s pretty

  4. jeez 99% of these shows suck IMO…terra nova was a huge dissapointment, i stopped watching after the third episode….boss looks okay but i havent seen it…homeland is the only show i watch from this list and im glad to hear it was renewed but i figured it would be its a pretty solid show.

  5. Of all the new shows my favorites are
    1- Homeland
    2- American Horror Story
    3- Boss
    The bottom of my list would be
    1- Whitney
    2- Up All Night
    3- 2 Broke Girls
    I understand NBC and CBS thinks Cummings is their next Tina Fey but it’s not happening.

    • Haha… Well, it’s not so much that NBC thinks that. It’s more that since Comcast and NBC are one company, Comcast is making use of their contract with Chelsea Handler. There was probably some deal in place where she would be allowed to create a show with a certain commitment.

      As you can see from NBC’s pick-ups, they’re just trying to save anything they can. With Whitney’s ratings, there has to be something else in place to justify their renewal.

    • Who gives a crap about Tina Fey?

  6. I’ve enjoyed Person of Interest and am glad to see it’s getting pretty solid numbers. Strong cast and compelling stories (though often farfetched).

  7. Actually, Terra Nova has gotten better. Once they got passed the teen angst, and started airing more episodes about the leader, his son and the sixers, the show got really entertaining for me. I just hope it’s not to late.

    • Agreed. I’ve been enjoying the last few episodes and hope that it doesn’t get cancelled. But if does, I only lost out on 13 hours of my life.

    • I’ve been DVRing this show , sawthe 1st 3 episodes then lost interest, so i looks like i might enjoy it cool ,( time to clean up the DVR)

  8. All your NBC shows have messed up viewings. The’re all the same.

  9. Well.. I am happy that Person of Interest, Unforgettable, and Revenge were renewed…..at least Terra Nova has a TBD….maybe it will get renewed….maybe it won’t. Either way, I liked watching it. I liked the idea of going back in time to the time of the dinos and starting over. I like the intrigue, the political side, and the inner and outer battles….I just hope if this show gets renewed, that the good side, which is Terra Nova, beats the bad side…that is the Phoenix people…and we find out why Taylor’s son hates him so much. I also like the idea of the Terra Novan’s starting another colony….branching out. There is so much potential for this show…if FOX gives them the time to do it. I like the show, but I won’t be heartbroken like I was when ABC cancelled FlashFoward…..

    • don’t remind me about FF =’(

      • That (the cancellation of Fast Forward) was a low point in my television-viewing history. It seemed to have such potential! My current addiction: Homeland.

        • the cancellation of flash forward was disappointing, as was the gates. my whole family was getting into that show. we were also getting into persons unknown, but it got pretty weak at the end

  10. Last Man Standing is terrible. And I’m normally a Tim Allen fan. Between the worst canned laugh track in the history of television, and the pauses after every punch line (as if they were waiting for the worst canned laugh track in the history of television to play)… I literally couldn’t make it through the pilot episode.

    Man Up! is surprisingly funny. Really enjoy that show and hope it doesn’t get canned. Although anything I like tends to get the axe.

    I gave Terra Nova a try and stopped about four episodes in. Too family friendly/teen emo and not nearly enough action for my taste.

    I’m a big fan of American Horror Story though. Incredible show.

    Both Once Upon a Time and Grimm have great premises, and they’re pretty good (for broadcast television), but…

    After the stellar shows on cable (Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, Hell on Wheels, etc.) that are written and geared toward adults… watching pretty much anything on broadcast TV is revolting. It’s like going from eating a fine steak (cable shows) to choking down a wad of cotton candy (broadcast TV shows).

    • good analogy there..since that’s how i feel about broadcast tv shows..since pretty much all CBS shows are gear toward the right demographic and are a bit more adult friendly than say ABC or NBC

    • I have to say, that is an awesome way of putting it! The cable shows are way better and more entertaining than the broadcast tv shows have been.

  11. I can’t believe nobody watches Man Up…I mean I can believe it due to the lack of advertising and the fact that I only heard about it on the fall preview here on Screenrant, but it really is a fun show. Dan Fogler is hilarious in it. Henry Simmons as the anti-nerd who goes along with the dorky threesome is great casting. They have Star Wars references, video game syntax, and girl problems (the single guys hit on drive-thru female employees). Most guys should find something enjoyable about this show. It is definitely show to DVR and watch. But, again I don’t understand television viewers who would rather watch Tim Allen recycle jokes, Whitney Cummings being idiotic, or Kat Dennings ranting about something gross and inappropriate.

    • THANK YOU! I love Man Up!. It had me in the first episode with the dude yells, “Baracuda!” and attacks the groomsmen.

      • You should check out The League on FX.

    • I agree that Man Up! is a show that people are really missing out on. Unfortunately, ABC’s audience isn’t able to support that type of programming.

      The show kind of reminds of the Showtime pilot Manchild… but funny.

      • The League sucks. I never paid any attention to it until this year. I watched a few episodes and could not get into it at all. I really did try too. Man Up is funny however.

        • the league is awesome .. but my favorite new show is workaholics ..

          • What channel is Workaholics on? I get behind on tv a lot. That is how I missed The League for so long. Netflix has been my friend with catching up on shows. I am on Nikita this week and I just finally got around watching the first season of The Walking Dead last week lol

        • The League is a show that you should watch from season 1 (it’s streaming on Netflix). I agree season 3 is over-the-top but if you’ve watched these characters from the beginning, it makes a lot more sense.

          • I enjoy the League. Not one of my fave shows on TV but it’s decent enough that I do watch it every week and moderately enjoy it.

  12. i hope terra nova gets renewed for another season

    • yeah same here the last couple eps have been really interesting hope it gets renewed

    • I was about to remove TN from my DVR lineup but the last few episodes have been pretty good. I just hope they stay away from the teen angle.

  13. Sad about Man Up! but glad 2 Broke Girls are getting renewed. Yes, I like that show. It’s so inappropriate that it’s a guily pleasure plus I have a crush on the blonde girl. She has nice legs.

  14. I’m surprised that Terra Nova’s ratings were that low for some reason, yeah I was disappointed that it isn’t more like lost but it has started to pick up. As for the two Whitney Cummings created shows, 2 Broke Girls started out ruff but I’ve stuck with it and know I actually enjoy it, but Whitney is just terrible all around.

  15. I just look at Kat Dennings during 2 Broke Girls and think, where did THOSE come from? Then I hit the “Mute” button on my TV.

    • i feel the same way

  16. Man up is a really good show and I am glad that others feel the same. I will be upset to see it get cancelled if it does. I also agree with more advertising it would most likely do better. I put it’s humor right up there with Modern Family. My heartbreak over cancellations began as a child when V was cancelled (the first time), and yes I also was upset to see Flash Forward go a few years back.

    • I don’t understand why they want to discontinue man up, its one of the good shows this season… Hope they reconsider.

  17. Glad Last Man Standing got renewed. Looked at it wrong at first and thought it said canceled. Almost had a heart attack. American Horror Story is great also. Terra Nova I have been wanting to watch but will wait now to see what its fate is going to be. I held off on Charlie’s Angels and glad I did. Didn’t waste my life there thankfully. As for Up All Night WHY!? Watched the first episode and barely made it through that and I like both Will and Christina. Just not in that show. We got Arrested Development coming back. Why can’t we get Married with Children back?

  18. Well Terra Nova had a lot of promise but it really went downhill for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ultimately cancelled. I’m a BIG fan of Prime Suspect though! I admit, the pilot was kinda rough but it seemed to getting a whole lot better as it went on! I can’t believe they halted production on it. Love that show! I’m also very happy to see Once Upon a Time renewed. I really enjoy that show and love how the fairy tale characters are mirrored in modern day life. Is it a little campy? Yeah but that’s okay!

  19. Person of interest is fantastic and I’m loving it. It’s yet to have a bad episode. Really hope to see it get a season 2.

    Other than that the only other network show worth watching is Grimm. Once Upon A time is terrible and looked terrible from the first trailer I don’t understand anyone watching it and liking it let alone even taking it serious as a show.

    I record Terra Nova every week but have still only watched the first episode it was decent, but I’m just having a hard time finding it in my self to watch more.

    Outside of Network enjoy Boss it’s very good and have Homeland recorded but have not seen an episode yet, been busy with other shows and crazy awesome Video Game season.

    • An average of 11.63 million viewers disagree with your opinion about Once Upon A Time.

      • Oh please I don’t think that’s a good idea to bring up the ratings. It’s been proven time and time again how little ratings mean when it comes to how good a show is. If you want proof check out NCIS LA, CSI, CSI Miami, or you know American Idol. Plenty of shows have 11Million viewers or more and yet are very low quality and just flat out poor television. While some of the best TV shows suffer low ratings.

        • I was just saying people (like me) disagree with your opinion on Once Upon a Time.

          • i hear ya porn. i like ouat, and grimm. wether a show is good or not is all a matter of opinion

  20. Grimm is okay, but it has a CW feel to it. I am surprised it got picked up, I guess a three hour block of Dateline would be overkill for NBC.

    And Whitney, ah boy, just don’t get that one. I watched 15 minutes of the first episode and never looked back. I use that half-hour now to catch up on news, or to wash dishes before it’s Always Sunny comes on FX.

    Terra Nova might not make it. I swear I have forgotten the show was on almost three times since they pulled it off during baseball. I want to like the show more, but it really is just a bunch of other things we have seen glued together. And the son really needs to get the Star Trek red-shirt treatment….

  21. They need to renew Terra Nova. It is an awesome show.

  22. And like clockwork, when I remember to watch Terra Nova, the Country Awards are on. Now next week I will probably forget Terra Nova is on again, if it is on.

    • It’s back on next week and then the following week is the 2 hour season (perhaps series) finale.

      • Perhaps series finale, yikes. Due to the history of these type of shows I always want them to perform well, but Terra Nova never really did anything so out of the box that I even tried to keep up with it. The show just has so many elements of everything that has been on television in the last decade that nothing really stands out about the show aside from Stephen Lang, and he is basically doing a toned-down version of his character in Avatar.

        If the show does survive I really think they need to up the ante with the antagonists in the show and not fall into the “away mission” formula the shows I have seen were taking. And the whole Swiss Family/Jurassic Park deal with the family is not working. The oldest son and his storyline with the long lost girlfriend is just dragging everything else down, and his character is annoying as hell. He just seems like he is going to get someone else killed and still be stumbling along not really bringing anything else to the table story-wise.

  23. Whitney is SO BAD

  24. The Middles showed be cancelled, not funny and the worst acting in a long time.

  25. Please cancel The Middle. It is the worst show on TV.

  26. I’m sorry to see that Prime Suspect is being replaced. I Loved that Show!! thosecops were the realist on TV, I love the way they get at each other.

  27. NBC is f@ckin up! First they cancel Law and Order and replace it with that “L.A.” Spin off, which got cancelled. Then no Christopher Meloni? It’s made me stop watching SVU, not to mention they have that kelly g. From that other NBC show that was cancelled last season. Prime Suspect rawks, I love Maria Bello. What the hell is going on at NBC. There were shows renewed that had less ratings than Prime Suspect. Wake up NBC, you suck!

  28. glad to be keeping Last Man Standing dont want Prime Suspect to leave.Love Mario Bello she rocks along with the entire cast.NBC THINK TWICE!

  29. NBC, you need to wake up and give shows a chance. look what happened with SOUTHLAND, turned into one of the best shoes on TV for ANOTHER network. Hope someone else will pick-up your castaway of PRIME SUSPECT in a similar manor. I look forward to switching channels. BTW: you have one show I now watch on your network, I only wonder how much longer I’ll need to tune in your channel.