2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

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The Playboy ClubCANCELED

the playboy club nbc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Monday, September 19 @ 10pm

 5.02 million viewers
Average: 4.15 million viewers
Lowest: 3.47 million viewers

Status: On October 4, NBC Canceled The Playboy Club after airing three episodes. Four additional episodes remain unaired, with the final episode having two endings (in case the series is picked up by another network).



up all night nbc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Wednesdays @8pm

Premiere: 10.95 million viewers
Average: 5.75 million viewers
Lowest: 4.34 million viewers

Status: On October 4, NBC picked up Up All Night for a full season order of 22 episodes.



free agents nbc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Wednesdays @8:30pm

Premiere: 6.12 million viewers
Average: 4.07 million viewers
Lowest: 3.07 million viewers

Status: On October 6, NBC canceled Free Agents after airing only four episodes. Two additional episodes were never aired.



whitney nbc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Thursday, September 22 @9:30pm

Premiere: 6.84 million viewers
Average: 4.75 million viewers
Lowest: 3.97 million viewers

Status: On October 4, NBC picked up Whitney for a full season order of 22 episodes.


Prime Suspect - TBD

prime suspect nbc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Thursday, September 22 @10pm

Premiere: 6.05 million viewers
Average: 4.89 million viewers
Lowest: 4.03 million viewers

Status: On November 14, NBC replaced Prime Suspect on their mid-season schedule with new series The Firm.

Prediction: Even though NBC hasn’t officially announced its cancellation, production on Prime Suspect has been shut down.



grimm nbc 2011 Fall TV Update: Renewed & Canceled Shows

Premiered: Friday, October 21 @9pm

Premiere: 6.56 million viewers
Average: 5.79 million viewers
Lowest: 5.18 million viewers

Status: On November 21, NBC picked up Grimm for a full season of 22-episodes.


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  1. Prime suspect is a great show! Bring it back! Also so glad to hear once upon a time is being renewed. And American horror story…CREEPY but awesome!

    • I sure hope they decide to keep it running. Great show!

  2. Prime Suspect is possibly the best series I have seen in years. Up there with the great police series in memory. Gutsy, great acting, superb cast. I can’t imagine why people aren’t watching it…please, please do not cancel. Please give it a chance, and advertise more. People won’t watch if they don’t know about it… Shame, shame if it is cancelled !!!

  3. It is an amazing show!it cannot be cancelled as it has proven that prime time tv can compete w foreign films gritty documentaries great cable series’ and especially reality shows!this show put back in tv what gave people the very reason to watch prime time to begin with!perhaps its only flaw is that no one knows the show as prime suspect but more appropriately or aptly named as the one with the lady with the hat, retitling may help people find the very stimulating show they enjoyed watching but cant find in guide?

  4. Prime Suspect was the best show to premiere this season. Maria Bello and company owned the screen; the writing was exceptionally good, and there were no plot holes in the stories. My family got tired of me raving about how wonderful the show was, so finally I resorted to offering up this description – ‘think the Closer, but tougher, and set in New York.’

    The Powers That Be really need to give serious consideration to giving the show some more time to build an audience. This could well be the next NYPD Blue, or Hill Street Blues. Perhaps one of the cable stations could consider picking up the show. I would hate to see it cancelled. What a waste of talent if that is allowed to happen.

    • I can’t believe that Prime Suspect was cancelled and some of the others were renewed. I believed like others that prime suspect wwould be the NYPD or Hills Street Blues……Acting and writing were supurb and my husband and I looked forward to it every week and taped it just in case we had conflicting You really are dumbing down the dramas….the age group watching this program are old enough to get it!! Please bring this show back!!! Please! We are glad that the show Person of Interet was renewed. We were sure it would be cancelled to given Prime Suspect was. Give prime suspect another chance!!!

  5. Prime Suspect is the ONLY new show I watch religiously. The acting and writing are exceptional, intelligent and compelling. Maria Bello and the stellar supporting cast are superb. Please stop dumbing down television.

  6. I’m amazed how many of the renewed shows I’ve never watched let alone even heard of. And how many of the cancelled shows I waited for every week! It really makes me wonder where these ratings come from or who’s watching these shows if I’ve never even heard them mentioned! Meanwhile shows me and my friends talk about and look forward to are cut left and right. All I know for sure is that I have GOT to stop watching ABC…aka “Already Been Cancelled”. They can’t keep a series on the air to save their sad sad lives!

  7. Ringer it said was picked up by the CW,but it is not listed at all on any Network. Anyone have any idea what happened to it?


  8. My wife and I really like Prime Suspect and Terra Nova. We hope they will not be cancelled.

  9. I found the Ringer show restarts 1/31/12. Also we like “Person of Interest”

  10. Prime Suspect was one of my fav shows! It filled the spot the original Law & Order left open and nobody has been able to fill.

  11. My husband and I love the show Prime Suspect. Can’t you find a way to give this show a chance, like one more season?

  12. PRIME SUSPECT has, without a doubt, some of the best writing on television. Why oh why does it get the ax while inane, mindless programs go on and on? Please, NBC….reconsider.

  13. Prime Suspect the best of its kind … great writing, great characters, especially de Bello … I was really surprized to see it get cancelled when so much mindless stuff is being renewed. It’s a real loss … hopefully a cable station will pick it up.

  14. I watch a bit of Prime Suspect recently but not much because I was flipping channels like crazy because of commercial and I ended up watching something else but the little I saw didn’t impress me much..maybe when I watch it on Hulu I will change my mind. Terra Nova – the more i see of it the more it reminds me of Jurassic Park but in the past of course. That cliffhanger was kind of interesting. I hope they renewed it

  15. For those of you who enjoyed the humor of Man Up, I noticed last night that the unaired episodes are available on Hulu Plus. I watched the “Camping” episode and actually hurt my gut laughing so hard. My wife thought it was funny too…or maybe she was laughing at me. I still can’t believe that ABC cancelled this sitcom, but at least we can enjoy all 13 episodes streaming on-line.

    • Man Up was a good fun show! I think cancelling was a mistake. This is one comedy that had my husband and I laughing out loud.

  16. Prime Suspect is one of the best reason’s to turn the TV on. It deserves time to build an audience and ad execs take note- this is TV that builds loyalty – to the show and its patrons. Please, don’t do it to such a great TV show! Keep Prime Suspect in production!!

  17. Please don’t cancel Prime Suspect. This show was outstanding, I felt it took awhile to bond with the characters but as the season progressed I really thought they gelled well. This show should not be on the “to be cancelled” list. You are making a big mistake.

  18. I loved Prime Suspect !!!!! ALL of the characters are interesting .. This show should not be cancelled!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  19. I am so disappointed to see Two Broke Girls renewed. It is so offensive and appalling. This show has more sexual references and content than any other show and it is truly disgusting. I am appalled that CBS would think this smut is acceptable to put out there. Two and a Half Men is bad enough with every scene being a sex scene, referencing sex or bodily functions constantly. Can’t the writers come up with topics other than smut? Since when is it ok to have such content all over the channels? This show is offensive and we would love to see someone have the dignity to take it off!

    • I just don’t find these current sitcoms funny. We tried so hard to like Rob,mainly because of Cheech,but it is so over the top it’s just not funny. We actually are not watching any sitcoms. Reality and drama including the CSI SERIES.

  20. I can’t believe Prime Suspect wasn’t renewed. It was my favorite show with some great writing and interesting characters I looked forward watching interacting.

  21. Prime Suspect was the only NBC show I was tuning in to. The writing was clever, the characters were nicely developed and the storylines were engaging. Naturaly the NBC programmers axed this beaut, while the mindless drivel oozes on.

  22. I agree with what everyone said about Prime Suspect. I enjoy the show and I hope they don’t cancel it. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

  23. R.I.P. Prime Suspect. What a shame it was canceled. I had a feeling things were doomed when in the pilot SVU cops were made to look like jerks. Yikes! And NBC’s superstar show is Law & Order: SVU. Now that’s chutzpah! Anyway, thanks Prime Suspect for for being a classic cop show (seriously up there with Naked City, Hill Street, NYPD Blue, the original L&O, the first season of L&O: SVU, Homicide: Life on the Street, &, The Wire). Of course, all of this is IMHO.

  24. That goes to show you that NBC is turning out to be another FOX station in cancelling the good shows. Now all i saw from Prime Suspect was one episode and that was during the commercials for Alcatraz so..and if i read right somewhere and i could probably be mistaken but isn’t Prime Suspect supposed to be an adaptation of one of them BBC Shows from England? I kind of find it funny that the only show that i know-so far-that has lasted an adaptation is Being Human on the SyFy channel.

  25. I really enjoyed Prime Suspect, watched it every week. I am sorry they are canceling it. Maria Bello really played a good part on show, good story lines. There are many other shows I wish would be taken off, but this was not one of them.

  26. Prime Suspect was Great!!!please bring it back!

  27. “Person of Interest” is a fantastic show. I am so tired of reality shows. I for one do not care to listen in on my friends and neighbors and cut everyones throat. “Gifted Man” is also a great show. It has substance. I hope that both shows have a long run and go into syndication. I will buy the season of each one when they become available.

  28. Boss has some of the best writing, acting and cast on TV. Unfortunately being on Starz cable gives it limited viewership. Kelsey Grammar is brilliant in this show.
    I see a lot of people raving about Prime Suspect, so I will have to check it out.
    I liked Rob because of Cheech, Rob Scheider and the “Best Friends” but did not think it would make it to a second season.
    Really like Person of Interest. Good cast of actors and enough plot and drama to keep it going.