2011 Razzies Shortlist: The Worst Films and Performances of 2010

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razzie awards joile aguiler 2011 Razzies Shortlist: The Worst Films and Performances of 2010

As the ball dropped in Times Square and people everywhere sang inebriated versions of “Auld Lang Syne”, it marked the end of a lukewarm movie year. With 557 movies released in 2010, some of them were truly good and others were excruciatingly bad. People could argue all day about what makes a movie truly bad, but thankfully we have the 31st annual Golden Raspberry Awards to help us sort the chaff from the wheat.

Although the official list of nominees won’t release until January 24th, the L.A. Times Award Tracker blog has released the shortlist of nominees for the coveted “Razzie” or Golden Raspberry Award.

The categories this year are pretty much the same as last year – Worst Screenplay, Worst Director, Worst Supporting Actor/Actress, Worst Actor/Actress, Worst Screen Couple, Worst Original Song, Worst Prequel/Remake/Sequel and of course, Worst Picture.

This year, however, Razzie founder John Wilson has added the much need category of Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3D – this category is going to be a very tight race! The final list contains 55 films available for a Razzie vote that either have actors and/or directors and writers associated with them. Each will show up in some form on the final Golden Raspberry ballot. Here is the complete list:


· The Back Up Plan· Marmaduke
· Black Water of Echo’s Pond· Nightmare on Elm Street
· The Bounty Hunter· The Nutcracker 3D
· Burlesque· Our Family Wedding
· Case 39· Paranormal Activity 2
· Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore· Piranha 3D
· Clash of the Titans· Predators
· Cop Out· Remember Me
· Crazy on the Outside· Repo Men
· Devil· Resident Evil: Afterlife
· The Expendables· Salt
· From Paris with Love· Saw 3D
· Furry Vengeance· Sex and the City 2
· Grown Ups· She’s Out of My League
· Gulliver’s Travels· Shrek 4-Ever After
· Jack-Ass 3D· Skyline
· Jonah Hex· The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
· Just Wright· The Spy Next Door
· The Karate Kid· Standing Ovation
· Killers· The Tooth Fairy
· The Last Airbender· The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
· The Last Song· Valentine’s Day
· Leap Year· Vampires Suck!
· Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga Hoole· When in Rome
· Legion· The Wolfman
· Letters to Juliet· Yogi Bear
· Life as We Know It· You Again
· Love Ranch


While every nominee for every category hasn’t been released yet, the nominees for Worst Picture have and I’m surprised to see a few stinkers didn’t make the cut (Furry Vengeance I’m looking at you!). Also, you may notice the Razzie list for worst movies closely mimics our own list of The 10 Worst Movies of 2010. Just goes to show that we here at Screen Rant truly have our fingers on the pulse:

· Clash of the Titans· The Bounty Hunter
· Grown Ups· The Expendables
· Jonah hex· The Last Airbender
· Killers· The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
· Little Fockers· Vampires Suck
· Sex and the City 2· Yogi Bear


While the singing, dancing, stripper performer movie Burlesque didn’t get nominated for Worst Picture, it did gather votes for Worst Screenplay, Worst Director (Steve Antin), Worst Actress (Christina Aguilera), Worst Supporting Actress (Cher, Kristin Bell), and Worst Supporting Actor (Cam Gigandet). Other noteworthy nominees were:

Worst Supporting Actress – Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete, Valentine’s Day; Emily Blunt in The Wolfman and Gulliver’s Travels.

Worst Supporting Actor – George Lopez in Marmaduke, The Spy Next Door, Valentine’s Day; Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2 and The Expendables.

Angelina Jolie continues to receive undeserved attention as she now has both a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress and Golden Raspberry nomination as Worst Actress for her very bland role in The Tourist.

In the brand new and sure to be most popular category, Worst Eye-gouging Misuse of 3D, only three films were listed – although the final list is sure to have many others: Piranha 3D, The Nutcracker 3D and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Check back on January 24th for the complete list of 2011 Razzie nominees.

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Source: LA Times Blog

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  1. Why is Predators up there? I friggin love that movie.

    • same.

      • same

        • same

    • I was gonna say the same thing

    • yh it was pretty good

    • Predators is my number 2 favorite movie of 2010!!!!

    • Same.

  2. I wish vampires suck wasnt on the list..I dont even think it counts as a movie
    and i’d like to see who else would win/lose

  3. Paranormal Activity 2?? I thought it was pretty good…

  4. IMO, RESIDENT EVIL didn’t misuse 3D, Clash should be there instead. THE EXPENDABLES shouldn’t be up for wrost film. I would replace IM2 with that.

    • IM2 was decent-er than Expandables. The only reason people didn’t like IM2 was because it didn’t live up to the first. I saw it as different movie and I wasn’t disappointed.

  5. @MercWadeWilson

    I got what I was expecting out THE EXPENDABLE, a fun mind-less action film. IM2 sucked (IMO) b/c it made the same mistakes as the first film, and more so. To me, a sequel should surpass the previous film, not be worse. The acting was flat (especially Scar Jo and RDJ), the characters were boring, the story was worse than the previous film and was nothing but a commercial for THE AVENGERS. Even the action was cheesy. I was cringing during that slo-mo when all the cars were crashing behing Whiplash. I almost thought Michael Bay directed that scene for a moment. And the final battle was just weak and a repeat of the Iron Man/Iron Monger fight.

    I did like the special effects and the drunken fight between Rohdey and Stark was hilarious.

  6. Worst Eye-gouging Misuse of 3D will go to Tron: Legacy, for sure. You’ll see :P

    • Evengen,

      Where in TRON: Legacy was there eye-gouging use of 3D?


      • Don’t worry Vic, I was joking ;)

  7. Why’s Mickey Rourke a nominee for worst supporting actor? I thought he was, bar none, the best part of Iron Man 2.

    • Uh YEAH man

      Rourke was GREAT in Iron Man 2 – seriously

      And his little flashback story was the one spot of true emotion in Expendables (and I dare say actual acting – not just what you do in a Sly action film)

      What is up with that

    • Rourke is fantistic and given his limited role in IM2, he did a great job with it

  8. Th Expendables? The Karate Kid? I disagree with those selections; I felt those were entertaining movies. I also don’t agree with Predators nor Devil.

  9. Shrek 4,Predators and Devil are good movies.

    • Wait a minute. I seem to recall months back where you said Predators sucked. Make up you mind wishy washy!!

  10. lol how is the Expendables on the list? That was a great action flick. Clearly they missed the point… although Machete didn’t make the list (which was bad on purpose… but awesome) so who knows.

  11. Why isn’t Alice up for worst 3D?!? I guess Clash deserves it too but Alice was worse IMO

    I can’t believe I’m arguing about the Razzies

  12. emily blunt nominated for worst actress? but… i don’t even…really?!?!

    the wolfman was one of the most fun movies of the year for christ sake

    • I agree. It certainly seems like the Razzies are really reaching this year.

  13. Are you kidding me? This list is unorganized Mickey Rourke worst supporting actor? Predators what’s that doing up here???! it was certainly than the campy Predator 2 and the crappfest so called AVP and AVPR well IMO at least. The Expendables was awesome don’t know why it’s up there but once again IMO.

  14. *better*

  15. Why the f— is SALT on the list? Tourist I can understand because of the bad reviews, but Salt was entertaining and well liked and Angelina’s performance in it is generally regarded as excellent.

    • James actually Salt was mostly poorly reviewed. It wasn’t well liked at all either it is generally considered bad.

      • Reviews were “mixed” at worst. 60$ on RT is not poor. Most people did enjoy it quite alot, except of course for snobby critics and Jennifer Aniston.

        • I disagree most people enjoyed it. Especially considering your one of the very very few actually defending it. I’ve seen far more hate for salt than love.

          Also just because someone didn’t like it doesn’t mean they are snobby. I could act the same way you are and say

          Most didn’t like it with the exception of people with bad taste.

          However, I won’t do that… Oh opps

          • Wow was that a joke? HILARIOUS! You oughta consider a career in stand up.

            Movie wouldn’t have made $300m in box office if people didn’t like it. Casual moviegoers enjoy it, I’m not going to sit around here and pull up examples but obviously you’re the only one on here hating so it goes both ways dude.

            Besides everyone knows the Razzies are nothing but glorified star-f***ers, half the time they don’t even watch the movie they just foam at the mouth at the thought of nominating Jolie.

            • James thanks. I have given it consideration. That’s very nice of you to say :)

              Also James a movie being good or bad has nothing to do with how much money it makes. There are dozesns of examples of bad movies making lots of money.

              People didn’t like X3 and it made way more money than Salt did. Wolverine Origins made much more than Salt as well and yet generally it’s pretty hated.

              Both Fantastic Four films made over 300M world wide and are pretty hated as well.

              I’m obviously not the only one considering it’s nominated for a Razzie.

              Also not everyone knows that about the razzies. I’d love to see how you know for a fact they didn’t even watch the movies.

  16. Honestly… prince of persia(Rotten Tomatoes 36%) is not not on there? And yet Predators(RT 64%) and Jackass 3D(RT 62%) are there?? What is going on??

  17. No real problems with this list except for one…..

    Mickey Rourke? Give me a break there is no reason he should be on there.

  18. How the hell can worst 3D go to Resident evil, any other category yes but it had some of the best 3D of the year. There are some stupid choices this year.

    • I thought the Razzies jumped the shark the year they nominated Bush and Cheney for worst actor in the Michael Moore movie.

      Nooooo agenda there. Move along, nothing to see here.

      The Razzies USED to be great, but now… meh.


  19. IMO A Nighmare on Elm Street should win for worst remake. As bad as Clash of The Titans was Elm Street was awful and the most unnessesary of the year…

  20. In my humble opinion most movie critics are film school rejects who couldn’t act or direct themselves out of a paper bag if their lives depended on it. They attempt to validate themselves by belitling the hard work and investment of some very talented dedicated industry professionals. These critics have gone to far this year in their attempt to attract attention by targeting certain big names in order to generate buzz for their show. It’s sad that the mass media has sunken to the lowest common denuminator of spreading unfair negativity like some low grade hate-mongering tabloid blog.

    • You got that right! Critics put The Tourist on the same category as disasters like Norbit and The Happening just so they could have the opportunity to lay into Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. I finally saw the movie this weekend and it really isn’t close to being as bad as they say. The movie is a light spy caper, almost a spoof on the genre, and the critics roasted it like it was trying to be a serious Awards drama. 20% RT? Pathetic. I also find it curious that the Razzies only nominated Angelina and not Johnny for his performance. She doesn’t deserve it, truly.

      • Jolie’s performance in The Tourist was neither awful nor award winning…it was just…well meh. But my gawd did her arse look good in that white dress!

      • You two really don’t have any idea what reviewing a movie is about, do you?

        I didn’t pummel “The Tourist” (I gave it 2 1/2 stars here: http://screenrant.com/the-tourist-review-vic-91568/ ), but it was weak as hell. If you want to see something like The Tourist, but that’s actually GREAT, rent the Pierce Brosnan-starring “The Thomas Crowne Affair.” (See? We DON’T hate everything.)


        • When I saw the Tourist I thought I was watching a made-for-tv movie. I decent movie but I kept waiting for the commercials so I could flip the channel and watch some sports.

        • You have to admit critics were foaming at the mouth at the chance to roast Jolie and Depp. There’s no other way to explain why a movie that is underwhelming or slightly mediocre at worst has a RT score of 20% that puts it in the same category as bombs like The Last Airbender and Gigli. Peter Travers called it a “cinematic abortion”. Then boring as hell drivel like Winter’s Bone will be adored I’m sure. Give me a break. Sorry but after seeing the treatment that movie got by most of you guys I’m never going to trust RT or any critic again. Also have to note same thing happened with Changeling- one of the truly great films of the last decade got a 62% on RT. It just reeks of a bias against the star.

          • Cee,

            Ok, here’s a question for you: What would you rate a “mediocre” or “underwhelming” film? Does between maybe 2 – 2.5 out of 5 stars sound like it might be in the ball park? A little low maybe, but not scathing?

            I ask, because if you look past the percentage of bad reviews over at RottenTomatoes.com, you’ll see that the average rating given to the movie was… 2.1/5. I myself gave it 2.5 stars.

            Not quite the same as 2/10 or 1/5 (as you might be perceiving their score).

            If you look at her page over at RT, you’ll see that out of the last 11 movies they’ve rated that she’s in, 7 are “fresh” and 4 are “rotten.” For Johnny Depp, it’s 9 fresh and 3 rotten.

            Doesn’t seem like critics salivating to give either of these actors a bad review to me.

            Best regards,


        • I will say I agree with you about the score, though. That was pretty much my only gripe about the film. I thought it got in the way at times and was a little too… fairy tale. I don’t know how else to describe it. Otherwise I just took the movie for what it was, a light, fun, throwback caper. It wasn’t trying to be anything serious but it got tore apart like the critics were expecting awards’ bait. The audience I saw it with was laughing all along and seemed to enjoy themselves. To me it just shows the big disconnect there is with average moviegoers and the so-called professionals.

          • Cee,

            You’ll find that in my reviews I try to review movies for the average person. Not to compare notes with other high falutin’ critics. :)


    • There was nothing humble (nor correct) about anything you just said there.

  21. They have some great movies listed up there: Salt, The Karate Kid, Legends of the Guardians, etc. Just goes to show that the Razzies are just as stupid as the Oscars. Critics don’t matter, it’s what the audiences say.

    • Salt was bad. Very bad. Xena wants her haircut back.

    • I disagree, Salt, Karate Kid and Legends of the Guardians were all bad movies. They all had potential, but didn’t meet it by quite a bit

  22. They should have just called Yogi Bear, “Parents Give Us Your Money in 3D”

  23. looking over that list reminds me how bad some of the movies were this year

  24. Vic, I think what the razzies were trying to say is that perhaps, oh I don’t know maybe in the footage/scenes Bush/Cheney we’re in maybe they weren’t telling the truth.

    50/50 on that eh?

    I didn’t know that the razzies did that, I’m actually impressed.

  25. Vic Let me clarify my last comments, sure maybe the Razzies should stick to a non biased politically correct standard. I don’t know? Who cares? There as interesting as Rotten Tomatoes to me.

    I’m not in anyway supporting the Razzies as a legit barometer of what’s considered quality,I just couldn’t help but respond to a comment defending bush/cheney as misquoted as misunderstood boobs.
    That was an act folks, a huge act.

    DC is just like Hollywood but with ugly actors.

    Eh just my opinion.

    • Nice analogy 790.

    • Taking actual people from a so-called documentary and nominating them for worst actor in the Razzies had nothing to do with the fact they thought they were lying. It was a total lefty pot shot.

      And it jumped the shark (for me, anyway).


  26. There are a few movies here that were actually pretty good. Isnt the point of going to the movies to be entertained

  27. I would say that while Clash of the Titans could win the 3D thing (haven’t actually seen it in 3D but heard the complaints) but along with The Expendables it realy shouldn’t be in the Worst Picture. These films might not be master pieces but they’re good at what they aim to achieve, fun actioneers.

    And if they’re saying that Furry Vengeance or Devil is better than Clash of the Titans than I’m going to politely ask them to sit down cause their opinion is no longer valid.

  28. Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D had the best 3D this year you clowns. It was shot on the Phantom camera and it showed. Name a better 3D movie this year?

  29. Why ‘Eclipse’? I thought it was actually the best of the series. And yet it got the vote from prejudiced Twilight haters. It had loads of plotholes and po-faced concepts about love, but Eclipse was also hugely entertaining, had some pretty cool action scenes, and had some great performances as always, particularly from Billy Burke and Anna Kendrick.
    ‘Vampires Suck’ to win!