2011 Fall Television Preview

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nbc fall tv preview 2011 Fall Television Preview

The Playboy Club yellow rate 2011 Fall Television Preview

the playboy club nbc 2011 Fall Television Preview

Premieres: Monday, September 19 @ 10pm

Plot: A provocative new drama about a time and place that challenged the social mores, where a visionary entrepreneur created an empire and an icon changed American culture. It’s the early ’60s, and the legendary Playboy Club in Chicago is the door to all of your fantasies — and the key is the most sought-after status symbol of its kind. Inside the seductive world of the bunny, the epitome of beauty and service, the clientele rubs shoulders with the decade’s biggest mobsters, politicos and entertainers. Nick Dalton (Eddie Cibrian, CSI: Miami) is one of the city’s top attorneys and the ultimate playboy, rubbing elbows with everyone in the city’s power structure. With mysterious ties to the mob, Nick comes to the aid of Maureen (Amber Heard, Zombieland), the stunning and innocent new bunny who accidentally kills the leader of the Bianchi crime family. Dating Nick is Carol-Lynne (Laura Benanti, Take the Lead), a bombshell and established star at the club who knows her days as a bunny are numbered and finds herself continually at odds with Billy (David Krumholtz, Numb3rs), the club’s general manager. Adding to the charm of the Playboy club is Janie (Jenna Dewan Tatum, American Virgin), the carefree life of the party who is dating Max (Wes Ramsey, CSI: Miami), an overly protective bartender.

Mini Review: An intriguing plot presented in a controversial setting, The Playboy Club is less about sex and drugs and more about gangsters and murder. While the pilot may present some interesting (though flawed) storylines, the real test of the series will be seeing how they handle things going forward.



Up All night green rate 2011 Fall Television Preview

up all night nbc 2011 Fall Television Preview

Airs: Wednesdays @8pm

Plot: A modern take on parenthood that shows the challenges of balancing a career, marriage and a new baby. Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?) stars as Reagan, a successful public relations executive, and Will Arnett (Arrested Development) plays Chris, Reagan’s supportive, stay-at-home husband. The two have just become parents – a surprise that has set their lives on a new path as responsible adults — for the most part. Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids) stars as Ava, Reagan’s outlandish boss and best friend, whose whirlwind social escapades serve as constant reminders of Reagan’s former carefree life. James Pumphrey (High Road) portrays Brian, Reagan’s socially awkward hipster assistant.

Mini Review: After seeing Will Arnett replicate his character from Arrested Development over and over, it’s refreshing to see a new side to the comedic actor. While certain elements of the series don’t work as well as others, there are still many laughs to be had.



Free Agents green rate 2011 Fall Television Preview

free agents nbc 2011 Fall Television Preview

Airs: Wednesdays @8:30pm

Plot: Based on the cult U.K. series of the same name that explores the trials and tribulations of two public relations executives on the rebound. Alex (Hank Azaria, The Simpsons, Huff) is newly divorced and can barely keep himself together while his co-worker Helen (Kathryn Hahn, Hung) thinks she has it together but is obsessed with her deceased fiancé and actually is falling apart. Then a drunken Alex and Helen end up in bed together, and in the resulting sober confusion, Helen decides that they should only be friends. Meanwhile Alex’s co-workers, Dan (Mo Mandel, Love Bites, Modern Family) and Gregg (Al Madrigal, Wizards of Waverly Place, Gary, Unmarried), and Stephen (Anthony Head, Merlin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) fail in their attempts to help him get back out on the dating scene. When Alex finally agrees to a date, Helen gets a little jealous, and he gets cold feet, so they end up back where they started — in a casual, intimate and beautifully awkward relationship.

Mini Review: Free Agents finally allows Hank Azaria to shine as a comedic lead actor, without the need for animation. Unfortunately, even though the jokes are funny and the characters are extremely well executed, a few problems related to the core premise of the series could lead to its cancellation.



Whitney red rate 2011 Fall Television Preview

whitney nbc 2011 Fall Television Preview

Premieres: Thursday, September 22 @9:30pm

Plot: A hilarious look at modern love, Whitney is a new multi-camera comedy series about Whitney (Whitney Cummings, Chelsea Lately) and Alex (Chris D’Elia, Glory Daze), a happily unmarried couple. Together for five years, the duo is in no rush to get hitched. However, after attending yet another one of their friends’ weddings, Whitney realizes that she and Alex are dangerously close to relationship boredom. Determined not to let that happen, Whitney consults her close circle of opinionated girlfriends — including Lily (Zoe Lister-Jones, The Other Guys) and Roxanne (Rhea Seehorn, The Starter Wife) — and then snaps into action. A few awkward sexy costumes and one botched seductive evening later, the couple ends up in the emergency room. Even so, Whitney and Alex realize that while their relationship might not be perfect on paper, they really do love each other — and that works for them. 

Mini Review: Despite Whitney Cummings actually being a funny comedian, the series that graces her name leaves much to be desired. Awkward scenes used to set up poorly written jokes are just some of the disappointments that await those who decide to watch.



Prime Suspect yellow rate 2011 Fall Television Preview

prime suspect nbc 2011 Fall Television Preview

Premieres: Thursday, September 22 @10pm

Plot: Based on the critically acclaimed British television series of the same name, Prime Suspect has been redeveloped for American audiences by writer Alexandra Cunningham (Desperate Housewives, NYPD Blue), director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) — and stars Maria Bello (A History of Violence) as tough-as-nails Detective Jane Timoney. Timoney finds that being a homicide detective in New York City is tough enough and having to contend with a male-dominated police department to get respect makes it that much tougher. She’s an outsider who has just transferred to a new precinct dominated by an impenetrable clique of a boys’ club. Timoney has her own vices too — with a questionable past — and she tends to be forceful, rude and reckless. But she’s also a brilliant cop who keeps her eye on one thing: the prime suspect.

Mini Review: Like Southland, Prime Suspect presents a gritty look at the life of a driven police detective. Even though the “boys club” mentality does feel a bit forced, and some of the episodic storylines are poorly executed, it’ll be hard not to walk away from the pilot wanting to see more.



Grimm yellow rate 2011 Fall Television Preview

grimm nbc 2011 Fall Television Preview

Premieres: Friday, October 21 @9pm

Plot: A new drama series inspired by the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Those weren’t stories — they were warnings. Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli, Turn The Beat Around) thought he prepared himself for the realities of working as a homicide detective until he started seeing things he couldn’t quite explain. When his ailing Aunt Marie (guest star Kate Burton, Grey’s Anatomy) arrives, Nick’s life turns upside down when she reveals they are descendants of an elite group of hunters, also known as “Grimms,” who fight to keep the balance of humanity safe from the supernatural creatures of the world. As Nick digs deeper into her past, he realizes that he will have to shoulder the responsibility of his ancestors — and contend with a larger-than-life mythology of the Brothers Grimm that is now all too real. 

Mini Review: In the battle of fairy tale dramas on primetime television, Grimm comes out as the unfortunate loser. That bring said, if you’re up for a bit of fun and can stomach fairy tale dialogue being presented in the form of a serious drama, you just might find yourself wanting more.


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  1. How was Alan Tudyk in Suburgatory? He’s to only reason I’m gonna give it a chance.

    • If you’re going to give Suburgatory a chance because of Alan Tudyk, perhaps you should skip the first episode. He’s only in it for like 2min… and he’s not very funny.

  2. Terra Nova is the show I’m most interested in seeing.

    And who is Marry Poppins (from the New Girl Mini Review)? :-D

  3. Sad to see you give shows like Once Upon a Time a Revenge a watch. Those shows sound horrible and look horrible. Not even worth the time it takes to DVR let alone sit down and watch.

    • Also a basic Sit Com like The New Girl being declared the best new show of the season? Seriously ? It’s not even worth watching just another crummy sitcom that just happens to have medium name talent attached.

        • The sad part is that Damon Wayans Jr. won’t be in it because of his commitment to Happy Endings (which is a hilarious show too)

    • I don’t understand how Revenge would even work as a series. Sure, it could work as a mini-series but an entire show about a girl getting revenge on the elite of The Hamptons? I just don’t see that lasting an entire season, let alone seasons.

      • Agreed it seems more like a Lifetime movie than a tv series.

        Have you seen it? Wow it’s so awful I decided that maybe I was wrong (won’t make that mistake again) and nope it turns out I was right. It was even worse than I expected it was about as poorly written and poorly acted as a lifetime movie. It’s so laughable. It’s almost worth a watch for how bad it is. It’s rare to see a show that bad with that good of production value.

  4. Dissapointed in the low grade for I Hate my Teenage Daughter. I loved Jaime Pressley My Name is Earl and was hoping the show would be great and she could be a success.

  5. I REALLLY wanna watch “Terra Nova”, andnow, I’m excited for “Person of Interest”

  6. Pretty pathetic on the whole but “Person of Interest” might be worth a look…thanks for the previews…

  7. Out of all of them I can only see myself watching Terra Nova

  8. I’m looking forward to Pan Am. There’s always been something sexy about Pan Am so I will give it a try! The rest I don’t care about!

  9. I’ll be watching 2 broke girls for the busty and beautiful Kat Dennings. I really could care less if a COMEDY show’s premise is ridiculous. Most comedy shows have a ridiculous premise.

  10. Anthony, I was totally buying everything you were suggesting. Until you said NEW GIRL was worth watching. I have seen the premiere episode and it was a very bland and trying attempt at comedy. (IMO) Unfortunately with your supporting that new series, my faith in your opinions on the other shows has been seriously undermined.

  11. So looking forward to terra nova

  12. This really isn’t a fall television preview since you only cover the big networks. It’s a network television preview. I would have liked to hear something about American Horror Story on FX, and didn’t you forget about the teenie-bopper shows on the CW. HBO, Showtime, Starz, although premium cable channels, have new shows this fall, too. And don’t forget that MTV is reviving Beavis and Butthead and has the animated show with a pretty nice cast, Good Vibes. I was hoping to hear more about cable shows, since I’m not sure if SyFy, USA, AMC, or TBS has any new fall shows. For a network preview, it will suffice and helped me to decide not to DVR Charlies Angels.

    • And I’m not being an a-hole…your graphic is misleading.

    • B-list I wish there would of been coverage of cable and premium shows as well.

      Just an FYI though American Horror story isn’t my kind of thing, but it’s getting good buzz. Some people in the test audience reports say were incredibly disturbed by it even. From everything I’ve heard on it it seems if your in to disturbing and twisted horror you’ll like it.

  13. Albeit, I was only 1 of 5 million viewers for last night’s premiere of The Playboy Club; I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope it survives

  14. Terra Nova is the only one that looks good. The rest will suck! This is why I don’t have cable or satellite. Not paying for crap!

    • Terra Nova looks good, but not only is it not the only good one this year it’s not even the best.

  15. Terra Nova?

  16. Once Upon A Time, Terra Nova, and Grimm are the shows I’ll be watching. I might watch a few more (like The Secret Circle which is alright so far) if I hear they get better.

  17. Also, I watched the New Girl pilot, and it’s pretty bad. I mean, Zooey is fine in her role, but the supporting cast is weak, and it just feels really tired and contrived.

    And, I never see any news for this show on this site, but, Star Wars: The Clone Wars has actually become a pretty good show. I mean, the first season was hit and miss (because the people behind it were trying to find their ground) and it has a cartoonish art style, but, it’s gotten a lot better.

  18. For all those interested in TERRA NOVA……..

    It will be PREMIERING on Monday, Sept 26th at 8-10pm

    the Sat. listing will be an encore presentation.

    • Thanks.

  19. The only one (of the shows that have aired) that I really disagree with is Free Agents. Something about that show feels like it is trying too hard and while it has a few funny moments here and there, I just wasn’t very impressed.

  20. Terra Nova

    What a convoluted weakly written 80’s style Saturday morning Sid & Marty Kroff dramatic /Sci-Fi program. Seeing the first episode leads me to believe the program directors at fox don’t know a winner like Firefly or Threshold from a superficial problematic predictable farce as is Tara-Nova. Why not just bring back Lost in space? There too no science just plastic aliens adults without a clue, kids in trouble and a doctor. Here Terra Nova trumps this by having a CGI dinosaur attack randomly while dudes and dudetts from the sixers side of the valley throw a Wild West type show-down in the pilot, Wow! Cretaceous Cops-n’ robbers, and nobody gets shot?
    Disobedient rebellious youths who, though growing up in a carcinogenic atmosphere unable to exercise and most likely to have major mussels groups atrophied from being indoors all their life, can out run dinosaurs that are masters of their world in speed and lethality, boy-oh-boy. What will these super-hero kids do in weeks to come? What tripe! Power Packs and the bad guys do what? Persecuted and or prosecuted for siphoning off power and medical supplies? Give me a break, 2149 AD. Any expeditions would have these challenges overcome day-one with portable fusion reactors and replacing doctors and hospitals and all of their inferences with Auto-Medics that not only could treat all known diseases but analyze the environment and formulate vaccines and treatment for all new encounters, grow new skin, mussel, bone and organs if needed. Also a global satellite system for communications and location would be the first thing deployed. I know I would, so I could locate food, water and mineral resources, and then too I would like to know where the dangerous animals, geothermic, and meteorological events lurked.

    When planning a hunting expedition I think of the game environment, the dangers, survival, and then the game, and then I pack accordingly. The writers of this show should’ve done the same thing. Unless… Oh yeah! they were writing for the twelve to thirteen-year old, or double digit I.Q. demographic.
    As presented if a time-hole was found you can be sure that the powerful few ultra-wealthy, the superrich, would establish a resort society there and keep it a secret as they made it, and they alone would escape to it leaving the rest of humanity behind to suffer final extinction. Be ironic if that’s what is really happening.
    Tara nova is long on dialogue and drama, with action scenes inserted to keep us awake, if not interested. With the teens taking over from the adult leads, this could be another 90210 where the adults just fade away or in this setting get eaten, captured, or both. And then with the kids on their own, we saw how they did in week one, it’s who is liking who and who will explore their hang-ups, this week? Or who will almost get eaten? My bets on the small fry who don’t get it at all. She will wander out get lost and almost get eaten but will be saved by the rival sixers, or fall down a hole. Remember this kid an’t very bright or normal, in the first hour she’s hand feeding leaves to the largest land creatures ever!! Having never seen wild or even domestic animals in her life. I’ve seen kids 5 and 6 years old raised around animals, shrink back, cry, and burry their heads in their momma’s legs when a elephant at a petting zoo got close to them.
    Then there’s the head honcho commander Nathanial Taylor (great great great great grandson of sheriff Andy Taylor or great grandson of commander Taylor (Charlton Hesston) who went ahead in time to fine the “Planet Of The Apes” Maybe he’ll see Rod Taylor wiz by in his TIMEMACHINE. Never the less it is obvious we have an actor whose part is obviously only one dimensional as he continues his role resurrected, or lifted, from the film “AVATAR” with only a name change, he remains a self proclaimed ‘Man-In-Charge’ of the new ‘old” world.

    Just where does Nate Taylor derive his Autocratic authority, his gun? There is no mention of colonial law, or any reprehensive government.
    This is one show where I can only hope week by week one of the main characters starting with the kids gets eaten by a CGI-asaur, that is before the audience gets wise to all the soporific gimmicks and tunes out and TN is canceled without closure as FOX tends to do.
    Though Terra Nova, as it is so weak and wordy, it will probably last season after boring season. With strange forbidden zones with suspicious glyphs and a rival tribe, there’s years of ‘LOST’ type non-science fictional intriguing material to make up as they go along.
    FOX would better spend it’s money on developing graphic-novels for the small screen. Then even if dropped, the audience would have a place to go for closure or continuation, if they liked it.
    I really do like FOXs innovational attempts at Sci-Fi programs. It is the only network that does any reaching out to this audience. However they are weak in commitment. Especially to quality series, FRINGE being the exception, I’m leery of getting too interested in any good quality FOX sci-fi for fear the network will cancel it before closure i.e. SPACE above and beyond, John Doe, Threshold, and Firefly, But Terra Nova is a formulated show not in the same class as these, for it has lots of cool guns, shootouts, goodies and baddies, mysterious rock face drawings, a struggling family, teen trouble, teen love, adorable children, a stressed Doctor a reformed hot tempered cop, dinosaurs, and transversing continuums. So we have Kojac, ER, Starsky&Hutch, 90210, Father Knows Best, Jurassic Park, X-Files, The Big Valley, and the Time Tunnel all in one program. The Fox program directors probably said something like “How can it Miss? not one demographic was missed” I give it one, maybe two seasons at most.

  21. revenge is good. last man standing is bad. man up is bad. playboy club is bad as is pan am. new girl is iffy. once upon a time is rife with bad dialogue and incredibly bad acting. terra nova is a mix of lost/jurassic park and stargate.