2010 MTV Movie Award Winners & New Movie Clips

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MTV Movie Awards 2010 winners 2010 MTV Movie Award Winners & New Movie Clips

As always, this year’s MTV Movie Awards was two things: eye-rolling because of its results and entertaining in its own right.

We all know the awards themselves mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things (they might as well call it “The Twilight Awards”) but for the most part the show manages to be at least fun to watch (often that’s more than can be said for the Oscars).

In case you happened to miss the 2010 MTV Movie Awards don’t worry, as Screen Rant has you covered. We have here all the results from the awards, as well as four new clips for some pretty huge movies that are going to screens this year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Last Airbender and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

First here are all the 2010 winners (get ready to be shocked… not!):


WINNER: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

OTHER NOMINEES: Avatar; Alice in Wonderland; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; The Hangover


WINNER: Robert Pattinson for The Twilight Saga: New Moon

OTHER NOMINEES: Channing Tatum for Dear John; Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Taylor Lautner for The Twilight Saga: New Moon; Zac Efron for 17 Again


WINNER: Kristen Stewart for The Twilight Saga: New Moon

OTHER NOMINEES: Amanda Seyfried for Dear John; Emma Watson for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side; Zoe Saldana for Avatar


WINNER: Zack Galifianakis for The Hangover

OTHER NOMINEES: Ben Stiller for Night at the Museum 2; Ryan Reynolds for The Proposal; Bradley Cooper for The Hangover; Sandra Bullock for The Proposal


WINNER: Tom Felton for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

OTHER NOMINEES: Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds; Ken Jeong for The Hangover; Stephen Lang for Avatar; Helena Bonham Carter for Alice in Wonderland


WINNER: Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air

OTHER NOMINEES: Gabourey Sidibe for Precious; Chris Pine for Star Trek; Zack Galifianakis for The Hangover; Quinton Aaron for The Blind Side; Logan Lerman for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief


WINNER: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for The Twilight Saga: New Moon

OTHER NOMINEES: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds for The Proposal; Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner for Valentine’s Day; Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning for The Runaways; Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington for Avatar


WINNER: Ken Jeong for The Hangover

OTHER NOMINEES: Betty White for The Proposal; Isabel Lucas from Transformers 2; Megan Fox for Jennifer’s Body; Bill Murray for Zombieland


WINNER: Beyonce Knowles and Ali Larter for Obsessed

OTHER NOMINEES: Logan Lerman and Jake Abel for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief; Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Strong for Sherlock Holmes; Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Sam Worthington and Stephen Lang for Avatar



OTHER NOMINEES: Channing Tatum; Angelina Jolie, Chris Pine; Sam Worthington


WINNER: Amanda Seyfried for Jennifer’s Body

OTHER NOMINEES: Jessie Eisenberg for Zombieland; Katie Featherston for Paranormal Activity; Sharlto Copley for District 9, Alison Lohman for Drag Me to Hell


WINNER: Robert Pattinson

OTHER NOMINEES: Daniel Radcliffe, Johnny Depp, Kristen Stewart; Taylor Lautner


WINNER: Sandra Bullock

13 awards in total and Twilight gets five of them. You wouldn’t see that at the Oscars, would you?…

In all seriousness, although I don’t mind The Twilight Saga as much as a lot of people, I still don’t think any of the films should win these kinds of awards. I mean, Best Male Performance – where the hell was Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart or Colin Firth for A Single Man? Two of the best performances of last year and they don’t even get a nomination.

A couple of things I think MTV got right was Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air and Zack Galifianakis for The Hangoverboth stand-out performances from two great movies. Other awards like Best Scared-As-S**t and Best Kiss are  a joke.

Continue to the movie clips…

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  1. Aziz as the host was a bad choice; whether due to writing or just plain bad delivery, I barely chuckled. I agree that Zach Galifianakis and Anna Kendrick both deserved to win, but the latter was only due to her affiliation to the Twilight saga. I doubt any more than 5% of the voters saw the film. Just looking at the best actor nominations when they were announced led me to believe that MTV’s Movie Awards had lost all credibility (was there any?), but last night certainly proved it’s just a celebration of mediocrity. However, there were 4 glorious minutes when Tom Cruise took the stage and I have to agree, the man knows how to perform. The highlight of the night, no question. I just pray that Stiller and Theroux are somewhere scribbling out a script because it’s a character I’d love to see back on the big screen.

  2. Come on! i cant see any of the clips:\ because they are unable to show it in my region.. stupid! tho i kinda just wanna see the airbender clip :)

    • Yup, as I said in the post apologies from the region restriction thing. Unfortunately the clips are from MTV…

      • i must’ve missed that part:p but its no worries i found them or it on youtube:)

  3. I barely paid attention to Aziz.He was forgettable as the host.I liked the part of the show when “the other guys” cast came on. Wahlberg kept dropping the f-bomb while he was hanging in midair with Will Ferrell was hilarious! That and Les Grossman were my favorite part of the show.Betty White was also funny.Mixing up all of Sandra Bullocks movies.Cant wait for her new show on TV Land.Russell Brand making out with Jonah Hill was little too much but still funny.

  4. people still watch that??

  5. these awards were pure crap, havent watched them in years, decided to tune in just as I thought they were pure crap. Twilight won best movie? The dude from twilight won best actor? Blah. I really cant stand this whole twilight craze

    • lol, its a retarded kids generations these days…..

  6. The MTV movie awards are such a joke. Where is Christoph Waltz’s award? And Jennifer’s Body wins a trophy? Please.
    And why the hell was Tom Cruise’s character from Tropic Thunder there? That movie was from like two years ago. Way to be topical haha.

  7. i gota say that was the best movie awards in years funny as hell and differnt from all other before it. the tome cruse moment was so funny.

  8. Who’s Rain and Robert Pattinson?

    Never heard of them,,,

    • Weren’t they the guys in that Brokeback movie? :-)

    • Rain is Rizo from Ninja Assassin…one of the very few awards that I felt was justified! He kicked major a** in Ninja Assassin

  9. The Harry Potter clip was cool. I’m glad I didn’t have to sit through the awards to see it (Gotta love the internet). I tried sitting through the awards, but I annoyed after 9 minutes, a new record.

  10. Harry potter shouldve won them all!!! Twilight sucks big time!!!

  11. I liked the Tom Cruise bits.

  12. I hated the show except for the Les Grossman bits. I loved his lines to Will Smith. Especially “Parents just don’t understand.”

  13. I wasn’t impressed with the show this year at all. I thought Aziz was a great choice to host, but unfortunately it just didn’t work. Andy Samberg was 1000 times better last year! There weren’t really any memorable moments this year either other than Sandra and Scarlett kissing, but other than that? Nothing. The musical performances were just as terrible. And as for the awards… Twilight always wins it all anyway so no surprises there. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll get Andy to host again next year!

  14. Do people actually watch this $#!* ? Just another version of the teen choice awards or any other redundant, inane waste of celluloid “awards” program designed to market crap to the 15-30 year olds…

    There is a reason I don’t watch TV and it’s BS like this..

  15. I’m pretty sure Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds didn’t fight in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    • Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool at the end. Hugh Jackman killed him.

      • “Scott Adkins as Weapon XI / Deadpool: Weapon XI is the final antagonist of the film, having been genetically altered to be the ultimate mutant killer. He has powers taken from other mutants killed or kidnapped in the film, as well as retractable blades in his arms. Ryan Reynolds portrays Weapon XI for close-ups, standing shots, and simple stunts while Scott Adkins is used for the more complicated and dangerous stunt work.”

        Sorry but Bob is right…

  16. This article is suggesting the MTV Awards is guilty of something the Oscars is not… Sorry bud, but all of these awards shows are promotional campaigns that is it. Dont even watch them. This current movie making machine aint gonna last so these guys better get their cake while they can.

  17. This was the one time I thought I would actually tune in (caught it the 2nd time around because the NBA Finals>this) and I was pretty disappointed. I was really excited for Aziz to host and thought he would be the saving grace, but besides his Precious bit and his role as Galifianakis’ swagger coach he wasn’t too impressive. Also, am I the only one who thinks Grossman wasn’t that funny? It was the exact same thing he did from Tropic Thunder (dancing to Get Back and cussing) and the only reason it’s amusing is because it’s Tom Cruise during it, but 2 years after the movie came out I don’t understand what he was doing here. The awards themselves were garbage (obviously all of the Twilight trash winning, Malfoy getting Best Villain over the greatest character of the 2000′s, and… well everything else I have gripes about is Twilight and the all around awfulness of the nominations). Pretty disappointed in the entire thing in general considering what I thought it would be, but I guess that’s what happens when the entire thing is Twilght, but maybe they will be somewhat interesting once the final movie is done. Oh, and by the way, what the hell was Scarlett doing up there for the award they gave Bullock? It was so awkward.

  18. That twilight is gonna fade in a couple of years,so we dont gotta worry bout them no moré it’s garbage,plain and simple…..