2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

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movie mistakes header 2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

We’ve all seen it before: A soundman’s boom mic dips slightly into frame or an entire camera crew shows up in the reflection of a shiny car window. For as long as there are humans making films, there will inevitably be mistakes in those films. We are, after all, only human (unless of course 10 more years pass and James Cameron figures out a way to change all that).

Personally, I love finding mistakes in movies – and not just the microphone and crew type, either. Mistakes in continuity, timelines and even scenery can sometime run amok in a film. The script supervisor is usually the person responsible for making sure that the character wearing a pink ball cap turned to the left and standing in front of a tall fichus tree in one scene looks exactly the same after the camera cuts away and then back to the actor. If the camera comes back and the guy is wearing a blue hat turned backwards standing in front of a banana tree, then that would be a “whoops” on their part and continuity is broken.

Every year MovieMistakes.com publishes their list of the worst offenders in terms of cinematic blunders – and 2009 has some real gaffs.  We’ll have a look at the top 10 films and some of their major goofs, starting with number 10 and working our way to the film that had 94 mistakes (and it’s probably not the film you’re thinking of).

2009 brought us 146 films containing a total of 1049 mistakes. While that may seem like quite a few, the year that had the most problems was 2003… with 5651 mistakes. Apparently that was the year that Hollywood tried to “go by memory” while shooting movies instead of using a script supervisors. You can visit Movie Mistakes for the entire list of 146 films, but we’ve shaved the big list down to the worst 10 offenders.


#10 – Inglorious Basterds – 25 mistakes

inglourious basterds movie poster 2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

Oh, Quentin Tarantino! You make one helluva fun flick (even though your films do seem to be full of exposition) but you may need to get a better script supervisor.  As Brad Pitt says, “We’re in the mistake bidness, and bidness is a boomin!”

Glaring Error – In the bar scene, the Gestapo officer says that he will buy the men a ’33 whiskey. However, later, the Gestapo officer says that Lt. Hicox is no more German than that “scotch.” Hicox perpetuates this later by saying that there is a “special rung in hell for people who waste good scotch.”

#9 – 2012 – 26 Mistakes

2012 movie poster 2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

2012 may have made an earth-shattering amount of money (pun intended) but the number of mistakes in the film is what made it truly disastrous.

Glaring Error – Nima says that Tenzin will meet them at the West Gate of Cho Ming valley, but a sign at the gate says it is the East Gate.

#8 – Paul Blart: Mall Cop – 26 Mistakes

paul blart movie poster 2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

A surprising hit with audiences this year was the bumbling but sweet mall cop protecting his territory from robbers. Too bad he couldn’t protect the movie from having a shopping cart full of mistakes.

Glaring Error – After Blart gets spray tanned, his shirt is a mess with the tanning spray. A few shots later, his shirt is clean again. Then a few shots later, his shirt is once again dirty.

#7 – Knowing – 28 Mistakes

knowing movie poster1 2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

Knowing is a movie about a little boy communicating with a group of aliens who allow him to foresee bad events before they happen. I guess the intelligent alien race forgot to include scene continuity as well. Also a mistake? Nicholas Cage’s recent choices in movie roles.

Glaring Error – In the last couple of scenes, when John is driving through the city from the gas station, the back door of his truck constantly changes from open to closed, to no door at all.

#6 – Angels & Demons – 30 Mistakes

angels demons movie poster 2009: A Big Year for Movie Mistakes

When Hollywood powerhouses Tom Hanks and Ron Howard decided to bring Dan Brown’s novel to life they choose to take a more literal route, which makes me wonder if they also intentionally left in the mistakes as well.

Glaring Error – In their first visit to the Vatican Archives, Robert and Vittoria are sitting the table across from one another. When Vittoria asks Robert “Do you need help with Latin?” the shadow of the boom mic is seen moving on Robert’s face.

Continue on to read about the top 5 Mistake-ridden films

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  1. So, did Wolverine have less than 25 mistakes? Wow. I remember the water scene when he emerges from the tank how his hair dries off between shots.

  2. Glaring Error: Scotch is whiskey.

  3. ummm…the noticing of the nipple thing bothers me…

  4. I noticed in Sherlock Holmes – when Holmes and Watson crawl out of the water, their pants are dry as can be in the next shot as they walk through the basement of the castle.

  5. but scotch is a whiskey!?

    lol just noticed paul has written the same thing.

  6. I can’t stop thinking of scrubs in the episode where JD wishes he had a littler Opera singer following him around to let him know when he messes up…. MISTAKEEEEE!!!!!!

  7. I havent gotten to even reading this article yet, Im still laughing at the first picture titled, “MISTAKE”. ROFL

  8. I wonder how many grammar mistakes and typos I can count in this article.

    Seriously, you really should read over this stuff before you hit the send button.

  9. @Crom Crom

    Ugh, I see what you mean. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


  10. Shouldn’t Jennifer’s Body be counted as like 102 mistakes since thats how long it was?

  11. Sorry, Vic. I love your site, but I thought it a bit ironic.

  12. @Crom Crom

    No, no, you’re right to point them out. I’ve gone through and tried to fix what looked wrong to me. Should be better now. :)


  13. I didn’t write any of the mistakes myself. I copy and pasted them from the Movie Mistake website. I should have look a bit closer at them, sorry fellas. Also, most of this article was written on a blackberry by the light of a single candle.

    I’m not an alcoholic, I mean er…, alcohol expert so I’m not sure about the whiskey vs. scotch argument. I’ll take your word on that.

    As for the nipples…I haven’t seen either Twilight or New Moon so don’t hang that hat on my head.

  14. yeah… scotch IS whiskey… seriously… did you just TRY to find something to complain about with Inglorious Basterds?

  15. He didn’t write it Taylor like he said it was a copy and paste thing for the most part. He didn’t find the mistakes.

  16. People who like finding movie mistakes are just as bad as people who narrate whatever they’re watching, and thousands of other annoyances of the sort. You’re all like little buzzing flies, ruining a Summer’s day for every one trying to just enjoy the sun.

  17. Ahh…come on Matt calm down. The mistake by no means ruin the movie and for the most part they are found when the DVD comes out. Easier to pause, rewind and watch again that way.

    I’m not gonna lick QT’s bootstraps, but I did say he made a “helluva fun flick” so cut me some slack fanboy :)

    Mistakes happen and I’m surprised there aren’t more of them but honestly, how hard is it to reshoot a scene with just dialog in it when a mic, shadow or cameraman shows up in the frame?

  18. @Taylor

    And since you’re so perfect, I’m sure you noticed that he said he didn’t write those mistakes. But anyway, maybe he should just quote one of the other 25 mistakes…

    Don’t worry Paul on your lack of knowledge of alcoholic beverages. Being an expert on alcoholic beverages is about the most useless skill known to man, unless you really think stories that start, and end, with “I got so f***ed up last night” is actually amusing (which they’re not unless there’s more to it…). I find it amusing how many people find it so cool when someone talks about how drunk they were. Ooohhhh, so you’re able to pour something down your throat, abso-freakin-lutely amazing skill you got there, tell us more! lol :-D

  19. U could always hang the hat on the Twilight nipples @Paul Young :)

  20. First of all Ken people who know alot about alcohol tend to not be drunkin idiots. Most drunkin idiots just pour what ever they find down their throat to get drunk and actually know very little about the different types and classifications of drinks. Most of the time they know Beer and Jaguar. Most experts tend to rarely drunk if ever and while it’s not a useful skill it’s hardly the most useless.

    Also people more often than not find drunk stories funny not cool. It is funny to hear all the stupid things someone did when drunk just like most people tend to laugh during a movie when someone does something while drunk. I find drunk stories or scenes very funny I don’t really drink much my self but drunkin stories are just more often than not funny to hear that stupid things someone did.

  21. Um, in case you didn’t catch it, I said stories that start, AND END, with… then I continued to say “which they’re not unless there’s more to it…”

    The majority of the drunk “stories” I hear basically consist of “Man, I got so F***ed up last night! I don’t remember anything!” and… that’s it… and him and his buddies are all giggling and going “Oh man, that’s so awesome!” And maybe someone will jump in and add their own “story” and say “Oh yah, I drank so much, I had the worst headache the morning after, I wanted to shoot myself!” And that is followed by even more giggling and more congratulatory pats on the back…

    Hey, trust me, if the story involved them being so drunk they fell into a ditch and cracked their head on a rock and ended up in the hospital with a concussion, I’ll be laughing my ass off too, but no, that’s ALL their is to their wonderfully amusing story. They got drunk, yippidy doo dah… Well, 99% of the time that’s the extent of their great amusing story.

  22. @ Paul Young

    Do you write all of your articles on a Blackberry?

  23. I have never once heard a story like that Ken sorry but I have only heard people talk about the stupid things they did.

  24. Must be something in the water then, because that’s basically 99% of the so-called “stories” that I hear from these people who are so proud of how drunk they get when they go out. I’ll let you know when I hear a story that actually involves one of them getting seriously injured in the process, that’s after I pick myself off the floor from laughter of course… :-P

  25. This is kinda a subjective thread. There’s mistakes in almost all films especially the big ones. I’ve noticed a ton in T2 over the many viewings.

    One thing that stood out for me over the obvious logistical problems in 2012 was the CGI condensation during the Himalaas scenes. Anyone also notice they weren’t that cold wearing LA street clothes.

    Writing about mistakes I think I just mispelled some words there ? :-)

  26. I think you just misspelled mispelled, lol. :-P

    Yah, I agree though, I’ve yet to see a “perfect” movie without any mistakes…

  27. Paul your Gravatar is disturbing. ;-)

    Also, wanted to say that you would be surprised how many times the boom mic is removed “digitally” in films.
    The reason for this usually is that the director doesn’t see it in time and the set and shot has already been struck.
    You should hear the screams when a editor sees a boom mic, most of the time there’s money in the budget to remove it, but other times it either gets overlooked or passed over due to budget restrictions. You see a lot of the later, in kids films, and teen angst bs movies.

  28. Having read the comments…

    Still, it’s funny to see an article about mistakes start out with the scotch whiskey.

    Just to throw out my two cents. Scotch (theoretically) is just whiskey made in Scotland. In the movie’s defense, I feel like I recall he even mentions something about where it’s from. I assume it must have been Scotland.

  29. Yes, scotch is whiskey too. Scotch is, well, Scottish whiskey, different from bourbon (American whiskey). Other than that, this is hilarious all the way. When I watch these movies again I’ll make sure (or for the first time)I’ll be on the lookout for these. :)