A Christmas Carol (3D)
November 6th, 2009
The Scoop: Jim Carrey and Robert Zemeckis team up for a motion-capture animated retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic tale. Carrey plays Ebenezer Scrooge and all three ghosts, past present and future. It promises to be spooky, funny fun for the whole family (say that 3x fast).

SR Says: Carrey is more miss than hit these days, but Zemeckis + ghosts + good CGI + a classic story = promising.

See it? Only question is do we shell-out for the 3D version.


November 13th, 2009
The Scoop: Roland Emmerich directs yet another global disaster film, based on the details provided in the Mayan calendar which hails 2012 as the “end of all time.” Somewhere in there is the usual Emmerich “Man vs. World” story with John Cusack.

SR Says: We thought 10,000 B.C. was the end of all our interest in Roland Emmerich’s work… but man those CGI destruction sequences look epic…

See it? Reluctantly in theaters, DVD for sure.


New Moon
Nov 20, 2009
The Scoop: The second offering of the Twilight Saga arrives. Though the cast looks different, the same vampire-ridden, not-so-bloody high school hi-jinx continue.

SR Says: Is it even possible for this movie to not be huge?

See it? Only if you like Twilight.


Ninja Assassin
November 25, 2009
The Scoop: Two ninjas – one (Korean Pop Star “Rain”) defects from his orphanage – where all ninjas are grown – only to be hunted by his ninja brethren!

SR Says: V for Vendetta director John McTeigue will offer some killer visuals on a straight-forward kick-ass-kicking action ride just in time for Thanksgiving.

See it? Ninjas kicking ass? For sure.



Princess and the Frog
December 11, 2009
The Scoop: Voice talents galore collide in this tale of a young princess that lives in New Orleans during the the Jazz Age. When a charming frog prince asks for her restorative kiss, the princess ends up getting an amphibian experience of her own.

SR Says: Terrence Howard, Oprah, John Goodman and Aladdin/Little Mermaid Director Ron Clements provide another offering that could be a classic.

See it? A 2D hand-animated movie… Could be kind of retro, in a nice way.


Lovely Bones
December 11, 2009
The Scoop: Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and Stanley Tucci jump aboard this Peter Jackson-helmed project focusing on the post-death life of a young girl as she watches down on her family – and her murderer – from “the in-between.” Adapted from the bestselling Alice Sebold novel.

SR Says: Potential vengeance and Peter Jackson sell this project for us outright. It’s an interesting departure film for Jackson with some gorgeous visuals. The screenplay writing staff include the entire team that inked The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

See it? Yes.


Avatar (3D)
December 18, 2009
The Scoop: James Cameron, aliens, ground-breaking technology, 14 years in the making, and massive hype is what awaits us on this visit to an alien world via beings called “AVATARs,” which we “drive” through the alien world of Pandora.

SR Says: A must-see, if only to know if it lives up to a gargantuan amount of hype, but also to see what is supposed to be an evolutionary step in feature film technology.

See it? Don’t miss it.


The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
December 25, 2009 (November 11th in France, evidently)
The Scoop: Time Bandits Director Terry Gilliam teams up with an all-star cast to provide you the adventures of a traveling theater company that falls into a bad deal with the devil (Tom Waits). Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell fill-in for a gone-too-soon Heath Ledger.

SR Says: It’s a weird premise but the star power combined with Ledger’s final bow could draw a crowd.

See it? Sure, why not.


Sherlock Holmes
December 25, 2009
The Scoop: In this resurrection of a classic character, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law play Holmes and Watson, trying to solve the supernatural mysteries of the villainous Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) before all London falls into peril.

SR Says: It’s hard to jump off the Robert Downey Jr. train at this point. Add on director Guy Ritchie and a revisit to a classic character and you have at least a staff-worth of ticket buys.

See it? We’ll be in the theater seated right next to Santa.

Did we miss one? Got a diamond in the rough that we’ve left out? Discuss below here at Screen Rant!

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