Screen Rant’s 2009 Fall Movie Preview

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OCTOBER – 2009

a serious man poster Screen Rants 2009 Fall Movie Preview

A Serious Man
October 2, 2009
The Scoop: The Coen Brothers provide another history-visiting romp to 1967. A professor’s life is unraveling in his pursuit to become righteous.

SR Says: The Coens and comedy can be hit (Raising Arizona) or miss (The Ladykillers).

See it? Maybe, or just wait for the DVD.


zombieland poster Screen Rants 2009 Fall Movie Preview

October 2, 2009
The Scoop: Zombies have overrun the world. Two men survive – with lots and lots of guns. Eventually boys meet girls and more zombie killing ensues.

SR Says: This looks like an almost direct-port of the video game Left 4 Dead – with a sprinkle of Woody Harrelson, which might not be a bad thing, even with Jimmy Kimmel: Live director Ruben Fleischer at the helm.

See it? We’re there.


law abiding citizen poster2 Screen Rants 2009 Fall Movie Preview

Law Abiding Citizen
October 16, 2009
The Scoop: The realm of vengeance has a new player in the form of a man (Gerard Butler) who takes the law into his own hands after a lawyer (Jamie Foxx) gets the scumbag who murdered his family set free on a plea bargain.

SR Says: This could be the movie that helps to redeem Gerald Butler’s grimacing and brooding in Gamer.

See it? Sure.


the road poster viggo mortensen Screen Rants 2009 Fall Movie Preview

The Road
November 25, 2009
The Scoop: “Soon to retire from acting” Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, and a fleshed-out cast offer up a post-apocalyptic father-and-son journey across a scorched America with a pistol, some scavenged morsels and – each other. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy.

SR Says: Considering the political “weather” in America, this might be something that reminds people to value the people around you. If not, the action/epic angle could still generate buzz and box office money. Win-Win.

See it? Yes.


where the wild things are poster3 Screen Rants 2009 Fall Movie Preview

Where the Wild Things Are
October 16th, 2009
The Scoop: It was a book that was read to most of us as kids: A young, angry boy, sent to bed without dinner finds his way (via his own imagination) into a world with creatures galore.

SR Says: The visuals for this Spike Jonze movie have been stoking the imagination-fires of millions and we’re eager to see what this offers in the silver screen.

See it? Yes, please.

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  1. Where the Wild Things Are looks like it has the right mix to be a great film..

    Avatar just because of all that hype..I must have watched the trailer in high definition 100 times.. Will definitely see this…

    Did you guys mention/miss A CHristmas Carol?

  2. I see 3 maybe 4 movies I want to see on this list:

    Where the Wild Things Are
    Sherlock Holmes
    The Informant

  3. Oh yea and a 5th Pandorum looks promising, just I don’t know if it will be able to keep my attention.

  4. Couples Retreat and Boat that Rocked should be up there!

  5. like the look of the Pandoram Poster

  6. An “Absolutely” for Surrogates but a “Maybe” for a Coen Brothers movie?

    Sorry guys but that’s just messed up

  7. “Black Dynamite”

  8. @Brodie_Bruce, it reminds me of the cover art to Ozzy’s “Ozzmosis” album… 8-) Throw in Stephen Tyler as the cover guy and walla’ weird hybrid orifice artwork…Lol! ;-)
    Here’s my take on the fall preview,,,
    (Whiteout,,, if the ending takes me into the Hollow Earth I’m there!!! But it prob won’t…?
    (The Informant,,, Jason Bourne turns into a retard,,, I’m not watching this!
    (Jenifers Body,,,
    Megan Fox’s “Raging Bull”… I’m sure the Directors Cut will be a hot item on Dvd,,,
    (Surrogates,,, looks like Terminator pornography and I’m bored of Willis playing a cop, for the love, J Christ, get a range old man!
    (ZombieLand,,, is nothing more than a cliche of carnage.
    Nice work Woody,,,
    I’m going to skip this crap,,,!
    (Abiding Citizen,,,?
    Check out “Death Sentence” with Kevin Bacon…(Rent it)
    (Where the Wild Things Are,,,
    I’ll see if I get the time. It does look cool but I’m jaded from the book,,,
    (Christmas Carol,,, I’ll never see this film/remake,,, who cares, I get it,!!!
    Jim do something original for Christ’s sake!!!
    (2012,,, I’ll see just for morbid curiosity, and the fact that its super slow at work and we all welcome the end,,, 8-O
    (New Moon,,,ok I won’t see this at gunpoint!!! Jst fyi
    (Avatar,,, I’ll definitely see in a 2D Theater… If that’s possible in the future of Dec 2009,,, lol :-)
    (Dr Parnassus,,, yeah I’m kinda interested because of director, Terry Gilliam,,,
    (Holmes,,, I’m totally going to see, and I’m looking forward to it,,,!!!

  9. What happened to Nightmare on Elm Street? I thought that was coming this year!

  10. @Jimmy

    That comes out next year.


  11. There are 4 movies on there that I DEFINITELY want to see: Sherlock Holmes, Surrogates, Avatar and Wild Things. ON the possibility of a matinee are Pandorum and 2012. As for New Moon, I have to agree with 790: not even at gunpoint.

  12. what about Fantastic Mr. Fox looks uhhh fantastic! ;)

  13. I will see New Moon because I’m a Twilight Saga Nutbag Twilight the movie SUCKED yes. I know. New Moon looks like it will keep to the book. Im very excited and hubby will be dragged to see this at gunpoint…I had to promise things to get him there.

    What else?–
    Holmes (RDJ is a fantastic actor who has really chosen some crap lately – Tropic Thunder anyone? I am hopeful for this one even though its Madonna’s ex)
    Zombieland (cause I LOVE IT damnit. zombies meet flesh yet again. bring IT on)
    Jennifer’s Body (cause hubby loves Megan Fox)
    2012 (because i’m scared about it & I’m not a religious freak nor am I chicken little)
    Surrogates- Bruce Willis.

    Who cares?–
    Scrooge yet again. How many bloody remakes do we have to live through?

    I will take the kids to see any of the rest if they want to go.

  14. You guys forgot about Black Dynamite. That is a must see movie

  15. Oh My Vic there are some Fantastic movies there to look out for, and since going to the movies is my favourite pass time I’m hoping to see most of these movies.

  16. i will see all of them

  17. Surrogates – Bruce Willis? Why not? Even with the people behind T3 making the film…

    Law Abiding Citizen – So many people compare this to the dime a dozen revenge movies. How many of those have the guy killing people off while already behind bars who isn’t head of a mob or something? Yah, thought so! lol just kidding, I actually do enjoy revenge films, no better way to make me cheer for the protagonist than to have him wronged in some serious way and then get to see him do really really bad things to those who caused it, lol. Call it a guilty pleasure.

    The Informant – Matt Damon… no thanks…

    Zombieland – “This looks like an almost direct-port of the video game Left 4 Dead…” That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw this trailer… fortunately for me, that’s not really a bad thing, lol. L4D rocks, and I’ll probably see this movie.

    2012 – Big MAYBE…

    New Moon – LOL

    Ninja Assassin – Ooh, “Ninjas”… “Assassins” so gimmicky, so kooooollll… NOT! Pass…

    Princess and the Frog – Eh, will wait for reviews, from the little preview, that frog seemed really annoying…

    Lovely Bones – Seems pretty interesting, interested to see it just for the scenery of heaven they had in the trailer… what?? That’s not sissy of me…

    Sherlock Holmes – I’m not really too into Sherlock Holmes, never read any of the novels, haven’t watched any of the cartoons or movies, don’t really care, but Robert Downey Jr. playing Holmes is interesting, Jude Law, not so much, but still, another big MAYBE.

    I’ll probably be spending some of my free time in October playing Operation Flashpoint 2… So not a big deal that there’s not a whole lot of movies on the horizen for me…

  18. Oh, I left out Avatar because… well… come on, we’re all going to go see it… Well, I know I will, as soon as they start selling tickets to the IMAX 3D showings for my area, I’m going to preorder the tickets…

  19. I have to say I will not be seeing Avatar, (Probably) After seeing the videos, it looks waaaay too hyped to be anything spectacular. In the first thirty seconds of the trailer I got bored of the plot, “Guy who served the military for so long gets a mission to infiltrate supposed ‘bad aliens’, goes in, likes bad aliens, turns bad alien himself.” As for the graphics, I’m sorry to say they were on par with Star Wars Episode 1 for me. While fun to look at, they felt unreal.
    And I’m afraid I just don’t get Where the Wild Things Are, from watching the trailer, where is the danger? Where is the fulfillment at the end? From what I could tell there really didn’t seem to be anything to draw you in. This could just be a misreading of the trailer on my part, or probably the fact that I’ve never read the book.

    @Tweeb, I have to agree that a good portion of Tropic Thunder was crap, but hey, if you eliminate 90% of that movie, its a…. kinda good movie?

    I’d like to see informant just to see Matt Damon try something else, then get back to Bourne.

    So except for Holmes, I think the rest of these movies are DVD material for me.

  20. Jennifer’s Body
    The Road
    Where The Wild Things Are
    The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
    Sherlock Holmes

    Those are the movies i am going to see

  21. I’m very excited for Where The Wild Things Are and The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus. I’ll probably see A Christmas Carold, The Princess and the Frog, and Avatar as well, but those aren’t the ones that I’m most excited for.

  22. Surrogates – gives me a Minority Report vibe, I’ll see it.

    Where the Wild Things Are – short of ‘Land of the Lost’ warning flags, damn right I’ll see it.

    A Christmas Carole – while the subject has been done to death, Scrooged is one of my all time favorite movies and at the right time of the year, its a tale that just feels right.

  23. Saw the world premiere of Jennifer’s Body at the Toronto Film Fest…. See my review at:

  24. I’m embargoed until midnight Thursday, but I can tell you I didn’t like it very much at all.


  25. These movies are on my “must see” list…

    Sherlock Holmes — yeah,I admit it … been an RDJ admirer for quite a while, and I can’t wait to see his take on the legendary detective.

    Where The Wild Things Are — like many, I grew up reading the book, and I’m interested to see how well it translates to the big screen.

    Surrogates — I’m getting a strong Minority Report vibe from this one, too.

    Pandorum — Don’t know why, but am I the only one who’s reminded of Event Horizon?

    As for the rest… I’ll probably wait for the DVD’s.

  26. Avatar Avatar Avatar