2009 CW Fall TV Line Up

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the cw 2009 CW Fall TV Line Up

The CW released their 2009 lineup on Thursday, May 21st, following all the other network announcements this week.  The lineup has a few new shows, is down a couple of fan-favorite shows and has one schedule twist that surprised me, sort of.

The CW is now a power hitter in the chain of networks.  Their best rated show, America’s Next Top Model doesn’t even break the top 50 network shows.  I know… you’re shocked.

Despite the obvious numbers, Dawn Ostroff calls their lineup of shows “culturally current, quality programming.”  I guess that’s not inaccurate.

They only had 2 new shows to boast about, if you can call it boasting.

The revamped Melrose Place redo, and the thinly disguised Twilight copy, called Vampire Diaries.  It’s about teenage vampires.  I know.  We’ve never heard that theme before.

Aside from adding the two aforementioned shows, they’ve pulled (that’s canceled in street talk.) Privileged and Reaper.  For some reason they’d rather play an encore of dolls in heels (ANTM) on Friday’s than keep and air Reaper.

This tells me where their bread is buttered.

supernatural 2009 CW Fall TV Line Up

The other crazy news that came from The CW is that they’re adding the new Vampire Diaries in the time slot that Smallville had, and skewering Smallville by moving it to Friday nights where it will be the lead-in for the encore of America’s Next Top Model.  If Vampire Diaries flounders, this move is going to gravely injure both Supernatural and Smallville.

Supernatural will be hurt because Diaries is the lead-in show.  Smallville, because they’re getting the Foxed / Joss Whedon treatment.

Their programming outline has been referred to as narrow fem-driven strategy.  It’s not a bad strategy as the demographic of women do make just as powerful a spending impact as men.  We all blow money equally.  Yet this strategy seems to work better on networks that have successful ratings from other shows that draw viewers in.  I think it’s narrow-visioned, but that’s just me, the armchair network exec talking.

Here’s the 2009 fall schedule for The CW

  • Monday: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill
  • Tuesday: 90210, Melrose Place (new)
  • Wednesday:  America’s Next Top Model, The Beautiful Life (new)
  • Thursday: Vampire Diaries (new), Supernatural
  • Friday: Smallville, America’s Next Top Model (encore)

I’d ask how you feel about this, but I have a pretty solid idea what is about to hit the comment section!  Have at.

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  1. amen to the vampire thing cynthia. what is it with the whole vampire thing lately? didn’t twilight prove that it’s a lame idea?

  2. so i just watched the preview for “vampire diaries” and i had to go puke. i can’t believe it’s what’s taking smallville’s place. although i do think it’s funny that the one guy played Lucas Luthor in season 2 and the bad guy played Adam Knight in season 3. But yeah, it looks gross

  3. seasons 2 and 3 of smallville that is

  4. To ‘Foopher’ You want be disappointed if you record Smallville
    in a VHS and the you can watch it any time. To ‘Vic’ Dude I am with you I have enjoyed the Tom Wellin AKA: Clark Kent for the past 9years. Are we looking for season 10 in the making?
    Maybe, the coming new episodes should reveal Tom as Superman. It seems that CW is playing a Cat-and-Mouse-Game-with-the- -Fans. Vic I personally enjoy reading your Screen Rants keep it up. You are to be admired to have a large group of Fans that also enjoy reading your comments. Sunday 07,’09

  5. Vic, try your best and find out for us what really is going to happened? Is by moving Smallville to Friday season 10 is going to start or what! Please read my comments on page Two.
    Sunday 07, ’09

  6. i’m definitely going to do that, but still i like to see it normally haha

  7. CW=poopy

  8. Not to put too fine a point on it but while Vampire Diaries is a “thinly veiled” version of Twilight, the book series actually predates Stephanie Meyers book series.

  9. That’s what I’ve come to understand Andrew.

    So instead of being a copy, the Vampire Diaries is the first book, so Twilight is the follower… except Twilight somehow managed to get itself out there publicly in the mainstream first.

    Dang, this sounds like a wild example of how it’s all about who you know then?

  10. That might be true, but i doubt that producers would’ve given vampires a chance had twilight not been so freakin’ successful

  11. That wasn’t very nice

  12. And it totally got removed. haha

  13. Yep.. that was not approved of language or type of comment we’re looking for, here Screen Rant.

  14. That happened to me once. I was very out of line. Now i kinda feel bad about it. haha

  15. Something i was thinking of; They must not have high hopes for Vampire Diaries because they moved it to the most competitive day/hour of TV. I’m pretty sure Thursdays at 8 is either really good or really bad for a show.

    Let it get destroyed and then bring smallville back next year for season 10. :D

  16. I am a woman and on friday nights I would rather watch the vampire diaries. Should have left smallville/ supernatural on thursdays nights. Now I may not get a chance to see either

  17. What the heck ppl. Vampire Diaries is older than twilight. get your facts right. There are tons of vampire shows/movies/books you can’t just say “hey it’s about teenage vampires it’s just like twilight.” seriously Smith is totally different than Meyer.

  18. Having Vampire Diaries run before supernatural is a good idea. They are both supernatural shows, hoping to hit their intended audience. I agree that supernatural has a large female audience because of the male cast. I was glad that Smallville got moved. I always make time to watch supernatural and I am planning on watching Vampire Diaries because I am a huge fan of the books and of L.J Smith who is an excellant fantasy/supernatural writer.

  19. Honestly it really doesnt matter 2 me wut day the shows r on as long as there on.. im usually not home 2 watch em n e ways i DVR em n watch em when i get home from work.. as long as they keep comin wit the shows i love im down wit the CW..

  20. I agree, vampire diaries seems pretty cool looking and it is a supernatural type of show. Should of followed Supernatural though. I do however hate that they moved Smallville to fridays, where more popular shows will be on, people are out for the night, or a big hit movie is premiering on HBO or cinamax. Hope Vampire Diaries does well, but at the same time, hope that Smallville don’t die due to the drastic day change.

  21. Hello, I have been watching “Smallville” since it began. To be honest this is the only show I watch CW. It is the only one I like. I do not like any of the other shows… some are very satanic… it is getting pretty bad that this is all you show now. Smallville has had a few episodes that go too far… but the other shows are terrible. Now I see you are putting another one this year about vampires! Do you have any other creativity besides satanic type shows?? Is the person who decides these type of shows in a cult? It is getting pretty bad. What ever happened to “real” family shows. I guess this is what the world has come to and wants. Very sad and sick! I also find CW is the “worst” when it comes to commercials… You play more commercials and too many in a row when trying to watch something…. another real turn off. I counted at most times you would play “10″ in a row.. where most other stations play about “6″. Sorry to say besides Smallville… I never watch you’re programs… you are the “worst” TV station on TV! Just being honest!