Are Two More ‘Indiana Jones’ Movies in the Works?

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disney indiana jones 5 reboot Are Two More Indiana Jones Movies in the Works?

In the years following the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, comments were made and hints were dropped that an Indiana Jones 5 wasn’t far behind. Nothing has come of this yet, but Disney only recently signed the dotted line and made their ownership of the Indiana Jones franchise official, which seems to have gotten the ball – or boulder rather – rolling on not only Indiana Jones 5, but Indiana Jones 6 as well.

This isn’t to say that Disney has any immediate plans for the next installment of Indiana Jones. After all, Disney Chairman Alan Horn recently said of their newly acquired franchise: “We haven’t done anything… We don’t have a story. We need a story.” That said, we’ve learned of certain Star Wars: Episode VII crew members being signed for a total of seven filmsEpisodes VII-IX, three spinoffs, and Indiana Jones 5 – which seems to imply after Disney has reestablished Star Wars, Indy is next.

Adding more fuel to the Indiana Jones fire are the details of Harrison Ford’s Episode VII deal. As reported by one of Market Saw‘s top sources, Ford is in talks for Indy 5 and 6 as outlined in his Episode VII contract clause.

MarketSaw’s source – who also indicated that Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman have signed for Star Wars 7 – had this to say about Ford and his future with the Indiana Jones franchise:

“Regarding Harrison Ford, two more ‘Indiana Jones’ features are in the negotiation stages as per Ford’s contract clause on ‘Star Wars,’ which is the primary reason he didn’t ‘publicly’ or ‘privately’ commit, or so I’m told.”

Even though their involvement is still technically unconfirmed, Ford has been noticeably silent about Star Wars: Episode VII, unlike his original trilogy co-stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. What’s being suggested by MarketSaw’s source sounds like we won’t hear from Ford about Star Wars until his role in those Indy sequels is finalized. And surely, that will happen before Episode VII starts filming this summer. Which means some official word on Indy 5 and possibly Indy 6 will happen sooner rather than later.

Indiana Jones 5 Up to George Lucas Are Two More Indiana Jones Movies in the Works?

So what will Disney’s time frame for these Indiana Jones sequels be? Seeing as it’s in the early stages, it’s really tough to pinpoint, but going back to Horn’s comments about having no story – it may be a while. Which, quite honestly, brings up an even bigger question: How old will Ford be by the time these movies get made? Ford’s already 71, and while Christopher Lee is still acting at the ripe old age of 91, it’s not like he’s playing the lead role in any action blockbusters.

With that in mind, would the plan be to reinvigorate the franchise with young blood? They’ve already tried – and most would agree failed – to do that with Shia Lebeouf in Indy 4. And with his recent “retirement” from acting, would he even be available? (That’s if Disney would even want him back.) If not Lebeouf, should they simply recast Indiana and Marion Ravenwood’s son or create another protégé for the aging archeologist?

Then again, many fans would suggest that an Indiana Jones film should be about Indiana Jones himself.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news on the future of Indiana Jones.

Source: MarketSaw

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  1. Fans would be pissed, as they are with most things, but what makes Indiana Jones any different from James Bond? Just recast. Simple as that.

    • I’d be a little indignant, yes. Fickle though I may be, it would be jarring to see an Indiana Jones reboot or recast. There’s enough logic to it, of course, and Young Indiana Jones is obvious. That’d be the way to go.

    • I think hes got 1 more in him, 2 if they can knock out a back to back type story with a sequel. Harrison ford is still pretty bad ass ( just ask him )
      the kid in me wants this to happen, mostly to fix that last abortion of an Indy movie! Hell, Wolverine origins called and said that movie was trash so whats that tell you?

    • What makes Indiana Jones different from James Bond is that in 30 years there have been several different actors portraying that character to varying degrees of quality and all with different directors. Harrison Ford is the only Indiana Jones we ever had.

      • 30? More like 50 years.

  2. A few years ago I would have been excited, but now I’m afraid it’s too late. Harrison Ford is just too old to pull off a character like Indiana Jones again (unless they focus the film more on his son, and god forbid that ever happens). I don’t want to see a reboot either, part of what makes Indiana Jones IS Harrison Ford’s performance, you can’t just recast that character. I’d say just leave the franchise alone and be done with it, but I highly doubt that will happen.

  3. A re-boot seems more fitting given the character. Maybe start the re-boot with Indy in WWI. Similar to the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. In fact, it could build off of it and just reference it as needed. The other film adventures happened, but they are never remade. Indy has many adventures.

    Alternatively, Indy probably has another child. That crazy lady for instance. Maybe they had a daughter who became an archeologist, a realistic one? Then she gets exposed to Indy’s brand of archeology. After Crystal Skull Indy might be a bit more eccentric.

    • If it is re-booted then my hope is that it returns to the grittier feel of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Crystal Skull had too much CGI and was too clean for lack of a better description..

  4. “Geriatric Jones”?! Wow, he is getting a bit old for the derring-do stuff, unless he advised an understudy or son or something and they did the big action scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I like Harrison Ford (Han Solo, “Patriot Games”, “A Clear and Present Danger”, “The Fugitive”, “Air Force One”, and a host of others). But I am afraid he may be getting a bit past his prime. And while I can see where many high adventure action fans would really enjoy him doing a couple more movies, I myself never really got into the Indiana Jones flicks, which actually surprises me at myself…maybe too much rapid-fire over-the-top unbelievable action?! But that’s just me, I guess. Despite wonderful special effects, I was not quite as enamored of Star Wars as some people, either…too rapid-fire on the action, with not enough time to digest it fully.

    • Indiana Jones is a pulp hero.

  5. They should do a sequel focusing on Indiana’s father! I’m sure Connery is available.

  6. Oh great, more pissy fanboy rants in the future.

    • haha, and more rants about people ranting.

  7. Have Ford be like Alec Guiness in the first Star Wars film: passing the torch to someone new. It’s hard to imagine that Shia Lebeouf will be back. They just need to find the right actor to take up the mantle. (I have a fantasy scenario of Indy/Lara Croft (Gemma Arterton) crossover, but that’s just a dream.)

    I’d honestly like to see the Indiana Jones franchise keep moving forward, into the 1960s this time. Play on the cultural climate of that era, which could provide plenty of color, and find a new mystical icon to pursue.

    A “turn back time” reboot could work, but I’d wait on that.

  8. This old fanboy couldn’t be happier!!! Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones. Bring it on!!

  9. Gonna have to stock up on the coffee, Ford has been sleepwalking through his roles for years. Want to do it right, make it animated TinTin was the best Indiana Jones movie in years, just make the faces more realistic, Give Ford the aforementioned coffee, and do Nazis gotta be Nazis I hate those guys!

  10. With all respect to Ford and the movies that came before, there’s no reason they couldn’t recast Indiana like James bond for a younger generation. Don’t reboot or remake, just keep the stories going like nothings changed. There really are a million awesome adventures that you could send that character on. And if they suck and fan boys don’t like them there’s always the originals.

  11. I’m all for a couple more Ford-Indy movies. I thought the aliens angle was a bit silly, but think Ford/Lucas/Spielberg have a good ‘old’ Indy film in them (something on par with 1 & 3). I enjoy the old Thin Man series of films, and by the end Nick Charles is clearly aged. His aging didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the series.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are only three classic Indy films. BUT if Ford thinks he has more to contribute, I’m willing to hear him out.

    • Comparing Indiana Jones to Nick Charles is a stretch. A new Thin Man series would be great fun though.

  12. Hasn’t Crystal Skull sullied the franchise enough (those friggin’ monkey and praerie dogs!)? Ford was pretty much too old 6-7 years ago, and he sure as hell is too old now.

    Also, Steven Spielberg has lost his touch for movies. His sense of humor and for the proper use of CGI and what’s appropriate for an adventure movie like this has gone completely over the top, very much like his sense for schmalz and melodrama in movies like War Horse and Lincoln has gone completely over the top. He’s basically making parodies of his former works these days.

    I might be in the market for a complete reboot, with a new actor who captures the mannerism of the character and with a director who doesn’t go nuts like a kid in a candy store without restraint and who actually understands what made the first three Indy movies so successful. Hint: it wasn’t outlandish visual effect scenes…

  13. Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford. We don´t want to see Lebeouf or another idiot. And please we want a good story, nothing like aliens or Atlantis…

  14. Id like to see Shia LeBeuf’s character killed off within 5 mins of Indy 5 starting….. A simple ‘Young Indy’ or recast would be the way to go with this as Harrison Ford was clearly too old for the previous movie and time has passed since then. I (personally) would not pay to see a film starring Lebeuf again after Transformers 3, and Hollywood should not put someone brainless with muscles in that roll (Terminator 5, Kyle Reese). I dont see why Chris Pine can not do a great job of a younger Indiana Jones, perhaps ‘old’ Indy can be reminiscing.

    • His name is Shia LaBeouf, also I don’t get why people give him the fault for not liking Transformers 3 (which was actually miles better than 2) and Indy 4. Neither did he write those scripts nor did he direct. And he did the best he could do with these characters from those scripts.

  15. The problem with just rebooting Indiana Jones is that he’s not a character that can be updated every ten years like James Bond. The whole point of Indiana Jones was it being a throwback TO the older generation, the classic movie serials. That generation is almost gone and sure, there are people of all ages that like Indiana Jones, but it certainly isn’t as popular with today’s kids as franchises like The Avengers or Star Wars. Whether you like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or not (I thought it was OK, actually) I think this franchise is done. I’d highly prefer them to leave the character alone than recast or “pass the torch”. I honestly don’t think we need to see another Indiana Jones movie.

  16. I say reboot with ford playing the role of Jones sr. and a new actor for the role of his son(to be the main character) and do this every ten years are so like James Bond. even start each reboot in a new time so more can be explored.

  17. If Disney has to promise HF that they’ll make IJ V and VI to get him to reprise his role as Han Solo, then I’m fine with that.

  18. Just replace him with Liam Neeson.
    Problem Solved..

    • Or have him team up with Liam Neeson and Keifer Sutherland.

    • Nope. Only HF should be Han Solo.

  19. I’ve been huge fan of Indiana Jones; my first action films growing up and even I was hesitate to watch the latest ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’ It was ‘Bad,’ and I won’t go into the details just saying it was tough to watch my hero try to duck, and throw punches. The magic of those films is gone, no original humor, the spark that Harrison Ford would give is used up. Disney is just damn greedy, and of course they want two more movies even at the cost of a used up idea so it’s no surprise they want a ‘reboot’ to bring new audiences and their wallets. Now, will this stop me from watching this one Saturday on Netflix No, but my heart just doesn’t get excited about this franchise anymore.

  20. Indy 5- Solo adventure with a new sidekick

    Indy 6- Close off his adventures by making it seem he and Marion die but then we find after credits or something that he has found a place where he can live on forever and with tons of artifacts (Bermuda Triangle?) Heck, Maybe we even find out that Indy Sr. has been there too hanging out with tons of famous people from history that were trapped in the Bermuda Triangle also! (King Arthur, Amelia Airhart,

    Indy 7- Start doing prequels with a new actor (James Bond style)

    Anyways, cool ideas for adventures…

    Garden of Eden
    Tree of Life
    Lost colonists Roanoke
    Preter John and his treasures
    Tower of Babel
    Voynich Manuscript
    Easter Island
    King Arthur’s Sword / Merlin’s Staff

    • Man I love your ideas I doubt they could get connery to do it but man that would b the perfect way to finish it off…along with the roanoke colonists I know that story well and it would be a great indie story

  21. I say look to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for inspiration. In that film we saw a flashback seen from when Indy was a young man (played by River Phoenix). If River was alive today, he would have been a logical recasting option. No one wants to see Indy’s son. They want Indy, and unfortunately Harrison Ford is getting up there. I would love to see a blending of timelines (with flashbacks), where we get to see a younger actor playing him. Phase out Harrison, over the long haul and keep the franchise going with the new kid. This is what they should have done with Crystal Skull. Lets get it right, this time.

    • This is exactly what I want to see! Have the plot be the search for a relic that began when Indy was younger and that he takes up again in his older years. In the older timelines, Ford plays the character and the younger timeline someone like Josh Holloway plays him. By the end, you’ve given Ford a fitting, respectful sendoff and future installments of the series can continue with the younger actor in the lead.

  22. Can’t do the same as 007 for Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. IMO he should do another film solo and in that movie reintroduce his son taking up the role so that in the second Mr. Ford says goobye and leaves the role in good hands.

  23. Indy can never fight Nazis again, as long as Spielberg is in control. Spielberg said after doing “Schindler’s List” that he can no longer make Nazis into comedic villains, or something along those lines.

  24. It’s too late for Ford in this role, Indiana Jones 4,5, and 6 should have happened in the 1990-2000 period. They got away with the last one as Ford still, just about, looked the part, unfortunately, as we all know, it wasn’t all that good, though not nearly as bad as some make it out to be.

  25. Just bring back Sean Patrick Flannery. He could still play the role easily. He’s around the same age Ford was when he began playing the role.

  26. The younger version of myself that absolutely worshiped Indiana Jones and if asked would probably rate the first 3 Indy films above Star Wars in terms of what I loved growing up would hate myself for saying this but the more I think about it the more I think Disney should tell Harrison Ford to go fly a kite and don’t let the door hit ya in the bumm on the way out.

    If it’s true that Ford won’t sign on for Star Wars unless he’s guaranteed Indiana Jones I really think they should let him walk. Sorry but this isn’t the 90′s. Harrison Ford isn’t the biggest draw in Hollywood anymore.
    It would be great to see him along with Hamill and Fisher in Episode 7 but not if it means that he could hold the whole process hostage if he doesn’t get his way.
    Star wars can still be great without him. It will still make hundreds of millions and I’m willing to bet that there won’t be a lot of fans who would boycott the movie if he wasn’t in it.

    Also, there’s no story and I also imagine Spielberg isn’t on board or even interested yet so we are looking at at least 4-5 years before the movie can be released.
    Like I said before I worshiped the series. I even watched it last weekend on cable and ended up wasting a whole Saturday because of it but after the wretched Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the fact that Ford will be over 75 by the time the movie is released I have no desire to see another Indy movie just because Ford wants to be a diva.

    End of Rant. :)

  27. If history tells us anything it’s that only the odd numbered Indy movies have been good so we should all be looking forward to #5 (but then of course not 6)

    • I love Temple of Doom, so don’t speak for all of us.

  28. Bring back Short Round!

  29. If they make another Indy film they should go with a grandchild character, skip Mutt altogether, and have him looking through Ford’s belongings that he left behind after dying. Ford can still appear in flashbacks. As in we can see Ford’s progress in solving the mystery up until he failed on how it compares to his grandson following in his footsteps. Setting it in nearly contemporary times can explore technology vs old school skills and what it means to be an adventurer in a time of Google Earth and the internet.