The 12 Most WTF TV Moments of 2011

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12 Most WTF TV Moments of 2011

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011With 2012 in full swing, we took a cathartic look back at the entirety of 2011 to track down the 12 most WTF moments of last year.While it's highly likely that you may know a few of the moments on the list, there’s no doubt that you’ll be surprised by how many WTF moments simply passed you by.So before your mind starts filling up with all of the new and returning programs of 2012, let’s take a look back at the 12 most WTF moments of 2011.(Mild SPOILERS Included)Want to look back at more TV moments of 2011? The 15 Most Shocking TV Character Deaths of 2011 The 5 Most Popular TV Moments of 2011

'American Horror Story' - What the fu...

12 WTF TV Moments 2011 - American Horror StoryThere’s no better way to kick of this list than with an entire series that had everyone saying “WTF is going on?” from the beginning. Fortunately, there’s one moment from the American Horror Story premiere that perfectly sums up the ghost-infused thrill-ride that the series turned out to be.When Dylan McDermott stood in front of the window naked and began to cry while pleasuring himself after seeing his attractive maid (who is actually an elderly lady) pleasuring herself, all while a man with a half-burned face is standing outside watching him, you knew that this series was unlike anything else you’ve ever seen on television.What to know more about American Horror Story season 2? ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 Details Revealed: What Happens Next

'Smallville' - CGI Superman

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Smallville Superman SuitIt took 10 years for Smallville fans to finally see Clark Kent don the familiar Superman suit and fulfill his destiny as the greatest hero the world has ever seen.  Unfortunately, Tom Welling didn’t exactly put on the Superman suit as much as had one painted on in post-production.While there are many theories behind why this occurred, let’s just say the fact that Smallville had an amazing craft service department probably didn’t help. Also, the suit was from Superman Returns, so they probably weren’t allowed to alter it the way it needed to be.That being said, the Smallville series finale was still pretty amazing.

'The Simpsons' – Eat My Shorts, Cast!

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - The SimpsonsIt seems like every time The Simpsons voice actor’s contracts are up for renewal Fox begins to spread rumors about the series being canceled. This time, things escalated quite a bit. Instead of wanting a pay raise, the voice actors, knowing that the series won’t be on the air too much longer, were interested in obtaining a piece from the back-end profits. Fox plainly stated that this would never happen.As the offers went back and forth, a certain unnamed Fox executive began to spread rumors that The Simpsons was going to be canceled next year, no matter what.In the end, everyone came to an agreement (the details of which remain unknown) and Fox renewed The Simpsons for seasons 24 and 25. Sadly, it’s highly likely that this will be the final renewal that everyone’s favorite animated family will receive....good thing that Fox will continue to make billions off of the series after it’s off the air, while the cast gets nothing but union mandated residuals.

‘Bones’ – 1 Week Pregnancy

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Bones pregnant(Mild SPOILERS)When Booth and Brennan finally consummated their pseudo-relationship after the emotionally draining death of Vincent Nigel Murray on Bones, fans around the world cheered. Of course, it wasn’t until the next episode that everyone found out just how good Booth was at consummating.Even though only a week had passed, the sixth season of Bones came to a close with Brennan revealing that she’s pregnant with Booth’s baby. Sure, the producers stated that more time had passed than a single week, but that’s just a bit of fuzzy logic to make things appear less illogical (which it didn’t).Of course, things did take a turn for the wonderful. Possibly surpassing the brilliant handling of a coupling that was present in the House season 6 premiere, creator Hart Hanson created the perfect platform for these two characters to build one of the most enjoyable relationships to watch on television.…unless you count Raffi and his “murder boner” on FX’s The League.

‘The Office’ – Will Ferrell Fail

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Will Ferrell on The OfficeWhat’s the best way to prove to the many Will Ferrell detractors that this legendary funnyman is, in fact, funny?Well, casting him in on The Office and making sure he’s the least funniest thing that has ever happened on the series isn’t one of them - and, yes, I’m including Ryan’s (B. J. Novak) stint at corporate.If one good thing came out of the appropriately titled “Ferrel Debacle,” it was that producers realized they didn’t need to bring in outside talent to continue the series after Steve Carell left the series.Sure, they did cast James Spader, but that’s just so they have an ace in their back pocket. Plus, Spader’s Robert California did hilariously nail what the Black Eyed Peas represent in last year’s Christmas episode.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – The Musical?

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Grey's AnatomyThe first rule they teach you in “TV show creator school” is to always have a terrible music episode ready to go in case you need a quick bump in the ratings – especially if your show is a medical drama.The second rule is to make sure that really only half of the cast can actually sing. While this may seem like a bad thing, one must remember that you could always fall back on the ‘ole “talk singing” that William Shatner made so famous.Sure, this all happened after Callie was having an out-of-body experience following a car crash, but was this really something Grey’s Anatomy fans were asking for?After House premiered their disastrous musical-ish episode a month before Grey’s Anatomy, I’m sure all of the producers were not only saying “WTF” to what House has done, but they were also saying “Oh Sh…” to what they had coming up.The thing is that House left the singing to two actors that can handle themselves. Sure, Grey’s had Tony Award winner Sara Ramierez, but not everyone that sang had the same accolades as her.

‘House’ – Car Crash Cuddy

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - House Car Crash(Mild SPOILERS)When viewers tuned in to the beautifully crafted House season 7 premiere and watched the long-awaited coupling of House and Cuddy, you could bet that nobody would have guessed that it would end with House driving his car through Cuddy’s window in the finale.Call it what you will (I still have no explanation for it), but something just wasn’t right with the majority of that season.What’s worse is that Lisa Edelstein quit the series afterwards, so there’s really no way to complete whatever remains of House and Cuddy’s story-arc.Sure, she may come back for the last few episodes of the series, but with NBC and Fox continuously fighting over who has to pay for what on House, there may not be enough time to make that happen.As they say: you can drive a car through Cuddy’s house, but don’t you ‘eff with Lisa Edelstein.

‘True Blood’ – Fairyland Battle

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - True Blood Fairy BattleRemember that vampire show about a telepathic Southern gal named Sookie Stackhouse who found the love of her life in a vampire named Bill Compton?What’s that? You don’t remember that, either? Well, it was called True Blood season 1.Nowadays, things are bit different…If you happened to tune in to the True Blood season 4 premiere 5 minutes late, you would have missed the most ridiculous Middle Earth-esque fairy battle between some type of fairy people, who are able to shoot fairy fireballs out of their hands. This literally happened – I kid you not.What’s funny is that if you would have watched the rest of True Blood season 4 (including the slow-mo Quentin Tarantino vampire walk) without ever seeing those missed minutes, you would have never known that any fairy battle had happened.Why? Because it literally had nothing to do with any of the stories being presented.Though, to be fair, most of what was shown in True Blood season 4 had nothing to do with the stories that were being presented. Where is Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you need her?

‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ – Blood ≠ Immortality

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Captain jack Immortal(Major SPOILERS)Torchwood: Miracle Day was a wonderful mini-series that proved to evolve the Torchwood franchise beyond its beginnings on BBC Three… that is until they began to mess with the mythology of Doctor Who.After Rex Matheson saved the day by replacing his blood with Captain Jack Harkness’ (John Barrowman), the mini-series concluded with the revelation that Matheson was now immortal. The only problem is that’s not how Captain Jack’s immortality works.Captain Jack’s immortality comes from Rose looking into the heart of the TARDIS and creating a time vortex, which caused Jack to become a constant in time. Captain Jack is the constant… not his blood.Of course, those familiar with Russel T. Davies' affinity for messing with established logic shouldn't be too surprised - but that still doesn't make it any less WTF.

‘Wonder Woman’ – Crapstume

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Wonder Woman SuitEveryone who knew that NBC’s Wonder Woman series was going to fail from the beginning, please step forward. It’s pretty lonely back there, huh, NBC?In probably one of the worst cases of “I knew this was going to be terrible” in geek history, there wasn’t a single person that believed NBC was going to pull off a superhero series based off of the iconic Wonder Woman.And if there happened to be a few nerdy holdouts, they quickly shifted sides once the disastrous crapstume was unveiled.Making Smallville’s wardrobe look Oscar-worthy (to be fair, Smallville had pretty great superhero costumes), NBC excitedly revealed (who knows why they were excited) this terrible Halloween costume that made Wonder Woman look like one of those Hollywood Blvd. characters you pay $10 to take a picture with.When NBC finally decided not to pick up Wonder Woman, the geek world let out a collective “I told you so.”

‘The Walking Dead’ – You're Fired!

If you happen to be an Academy Award nominated writer, AMC wants you to know that they have no problem firing you if you don’t play nice.Credited for literally bringing an impossible genre to television, Frank Darabont brilliantly translated Robert Kirkman’s comic book to the small screen – all while battling a constantly shrinking budget.While AMC cannot be completely held responsible for what occurred (many point to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner almost bankrupting the network with his financial demands), Frank Darabont continuously fought with the network to keep the series as true to his vision as possible.Unfortunately, the arguments became too much and AMC fired Frank Darabont shortly after appearing at Comic-Con 2011.As far as how The Walking Dead will fare without Darabont around? We’ll have to wait until February 12 to find out.

Charlie Sheen – #WINNING! Warlock

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011 - Charlie SheenOur #1 WTF TV moment of 2011 may be controversial, but it really is hard to compete with the craziness that was Charlie Sheen. In fact, because Charlie Sheen is bi-winning, we’ve decided to throw out the rules for a single moment.When you’re dealing with a Vatican assassin like Charlie Sheen, there really isn’t a single moment that clearly represents the man with tiger blood running through his veins.You know what? Scratch that. You want Charlie Sheen’s WTF moment of 2011?Here it is: (from the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen)I did porn stars, I did drugs, I had my own television show … and then I did the one thing that everyone in America wishes they could do: I told my boss to f**k off. And then it was gone—in one public fiery flameout. And it was only when the smoke cleared that I realized how lucky I am because, even after all that, I still have a family that loves me.Yeah, they’ve seen me in jail. They’ve seen me rushed to emergency rooms. They’ve seen me dragged to court. But I know that my family will always be there for me. So, what I’m trying to say is I’m done with the ‘winning’ because I’ve already won.What’s so WTF about this? The fact that he’s right.

12 Most WTF TV Moments of 2011

12 Most WTF TV Moments 2011And there you have it…While these certainly can be called WTF moments, the great thing about the beginning of a new year is that there will be a whole new batch of WTF moments coming up.What will they be? Only the Mayans know.… let’s just hope they’re not correct about everything – cause the last thing we need is for a John Cusack movie to be true.Want to look back at more TV moments of 2011? The 15 Most Shocking TV Character Deaths of 2011 The 5 Most Popular TV Moments of 2011
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  1. What’s the problem with the Bones timing about Brennan’s pregnancy? Real life time is not the same as tv show time.
    Anyways, how much time had passed was clearly mentioned in the last few episodes, mostly by Angela about her own pregnancy, but also by other characters, like Hodgins or Brennan.
    One just had to listen to what was said to understand that.

  2. House was bad last season but it´s much worse this one. The writing is still terrible but now Cuddy is gone and there isn´t a single worthy female left. The new girls are not even characters just sad jokes. The show is a sad joke and i can´t recognize House anymore.

    • The new season of House is actually my favorite season of House… I think it’s terrific.

    • The only character who was a sad joke is Cuddy, a dean who dress like a whore, always showing her cleavage and ass, putting them in full display for House and everyone at the hospital. I’ve never liked Cameron but at least she never used her body as an object to gain attention, just like Adams and Park who I really like.

      I’m loving this season so far, it reminds me of the first seasons, sure it’s not great as them but it’s better than the last ones. Sadly the huddy nonsense alienated half of the viewers the show had and once you lost your audince you won’t get them back. Cuddy was ok when she had just few lines and was barely in each episode but she damaged the show when she became more prominent.

    • DDD while I actually enjoyed last season I completely agree this season is awful. The girls on the team are the worst team members the show has ever had. Especially the tiny girl she is annoying.

      • I’d like to hear more reasons why you think this season is awful? I think this season has given some of the best episodes of the show. ‘Risky Business’ and the opening episode, ‘Twenty Vicodin’, are two examples. I love how they started it out with House in prison and keep him on parole. Chase and Taub returning was refreshing and Thirteen making an appearance, the same.

        I can see were Park is annoying, but I love her storyline about punching a doctor in the face because he groped her. It just seems like something that belongs in House and they have played off it greatly. Adams is one of my favorite characters. The episode where it was revealed that she went through a bad divorce due to infidelity and House allowed her to bash a room with a baseball bat was possibly one of my all-time favorite episodes.

        I just don’t understand what you guys are complaining about. I think the show is better than ever. I also liked the relationship between House and Wilson, and how Forman took Cuddy’s place. It brought some tension to the show. The House/Wilson relationship has been up and down, but they remain friends even after he threw him out of the car and drove through Cuddy’s house (easily the best episode of the series)!

      • I totally agree too with DDD and Daniel F and the show isn’t the same anymore without Cuddy (except for the Cuddy haters) … the ratings and all the press articles about LE’S departure talk for themselves.

        • Okay now this is getting ridiculous.

          As for the ratings here, I am guessing that you’re claiming that the ratings have decreased, huh? Well look at this from

          -FOX had 6 of the fall’s Top 20 regular programs among Adults 18-49
          New Girl, The X Factor-Wed, Glee, The X Factor-Thurs., Family Guy and HOUSE

          -FOX had 9 of the fall’s Top 20 regular programs among Adults 18-34
          New Girl, The X Factor-Wed, Glee, The X Factor-Thurs., Family Guy, HOUSE, THE Simpsons, American Dad and Raising Hope

          -FOX had 13 of the fall’s Top 20 regular programs among Teens
          New Girl, The X Factor-Wed, Glee, The X Factor-Thurs., Family Guy, HOUSE, THE Simpsons, American Dad, Raising Hope, Terra Nova, The Cleveland Show, Allen Gregory and Bones

          House is in all three of those categories. Now how can you say that the ratings are an indicator that the new season isn’t “the same anymore without Cuddy” – which I assume you mean bad. It isn’t the same any more, but shows get over obstacles and I feel like they got over the departure of Cuddy very, very well.

  3. Were is FRINGE here??? Pfffff…

    • Haha… Fringe is #13. See what I did there? Loophole! ;-)

      • Fringe is #1 in an alternate universe…

  4. Sheen is definatly winning :)

    • Nope. He’s won! Lol

  5. I am so with you guys on every sentence of the “House” mention here. What was that crash? And NBC wants to renew it but cut MORE costs if they do-that’s gone really well for them this season. Also the last sentence made me LOL. Perfect write-up.

  6. The “infamous” Superman suit? First time I’ve ever heard it describe that way. “Iconic”, “classic”, “unmistakable”, “legendary”…but “infamous”? Someone needs a dictionary and a thesaurus.

    • If you stuck around for 10 years, there are many things you refer to the suit as. “Bane of existence” comes to mind.

    • Infamous, as in the suit from the infamous Superman Returns crapfest

  7. The new period of Home is actually my preferred period of House… I think it’s wonderful.

  8. What episode of which season was the musical episode of House. I’ve seen every episode and I don’t remember anyone singing.

    • There was no musical episode. There was a dream sequence epiosde that featured a musical bit that lasted maybe two minutes. It wasn’t “disastrous” like this guy claims, but it’s hard to remember it fondly considering what the rest of the season afterwards.

      • Oh!! Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. Right as Matt Damon’s “We Bought A Zoo” came out, TMZ caught him in Mexico at a bull fight cheering on the matador as he continually speared & taunted the terrified bleeding bull. Not a very good P.R. idea.

    “True Blood” ok, we have Vamps, Ware-(wolves,panthers), shifters, skin walkers, witches & warlocks (not the Charlie Sheen kind, by the way WTF?) fairies & their godmothers of course, mediums, psychics, necromancers, evil possessed babies,
    whats next chupacabras, leprechauns, Bigfoot maybe even Jesus Christ himself? But damm I love it. I do have an idea that it’s all the crazy hot men.

    On a sad note, it was a tragedy when Andy Whitfield a talented actor passed away last September from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His last roll was as the legendary “Spartacus” on the Starz series. Our thoughts are with his family & friends. He was truly loved and will be missed by many. The good die young & he did leave a gorgeous corpse.
    No worries we still have Nick Nolte, Val Kilmer and jean claude van damme isn’t that great ; ) But really no worrys we all should be gone by December 21st. Cheers!!!

    What’s with the no profanity rule ; ) WTF?

    • I’ve said the same thing about True Blood (Only I prefer the hot honey’s) The trouble with them continuing to bring in all these creatures is that it is beginning to get a bit silly. I guess that some of it is fodder for comic relief at times, but if they’re not careful people will just start thinking it’s too corney. Besides that it seems that every show dealing with the supernatural is basically going through a host of creatures to battle. I just watched an episode of Grimm with some sort of pig people….That’s not too corney….not at all…

  10. “Call it what you will (I still have no explanation for it), but something just wasn’t right with the majority of that season.”
    –Now you’re saying it, but not during the Huddy arc. You were pushing the show pretty hard with spoilers onto your unsuspecting readers, not being honest to those who watch and don’t flail over Huddy. You and the rabid Huddies made everybody’s life miserable over the piddling romance deserve it. Karma is a b****, isn’t it?

  11. “Why? Because it literally had nothing to do with any of the stories being presented.

    Though, to be fair, most of what was shown in True Blood season 4 had nothing to do with the stories that were being presented. ”

    It’s helpful to understand that Sookie is the semi-omniscient [telepathic] first person narrator, and Sookie is effed up beyond batsh*t crazy on V.

  12. I’d add the benching of Community.

    • I second that. Especially now that it’s been on almost every major Top 10 List it was eligible for.

    • That’s not a WTF moment…that’s just typical NBC business practices. People like it? It has a fan base? Cancel it and alienate those fans. Then air more episodes of Whitney or Fear Factor or just put Leno back on primetime.

  13. The reason why we didnt get to see Welling in the suit was due to legal issues. For whatever reason the producers werent aloud to show Tom Welling wearing the Superman uniform.

  14. I actually really enjoyed the House Musical and the entire season. This season is far more awful than the last. The characters are all pretty bland and there is no good story line going on. It’s just dull medical case of the week after another.

  15. What Fox did to the Voice actors on Simpsons was not a WTF in any way…..Had
    Fox actually done right by them that would have been a WTF….Fox screwing people over….That’s just another business day….

  16. Great list. The only thing I would add is WTF was James Franco smokin’ at the Academy Awards.

  17. I hadn’t seen very many episodes of GA before my sister showed me the musica one, but I actually kind of liked it? *shrugs* It could have been a lot worse, and I felt like most scenes were handled very well.

  18. The fairy battle in the beginning of True blood is Cause Sookie noticed that the fairies where trying to keep her there by eating this glowing yellow fruit. When she tried to leave a fight started. If you watched all the seasons you would know that the final in season 3 her fairy god mother took her to this fairy world. Soooooooo Season 4 started with her being in the fairy world.

    • You’re right, but actually they did kind of make it lame. They eccentually said, “Come over here because there’s a story to tell…..Next season….Then next season comes about and they basically have this short little ditty that never really amounted to much and really never cleared up a whole lot….Sort of like…”Well we need to finish that bit up quickly so we can move on to the real story of this season….It just wasn’t put together all that well

  19. I wonder how much money they spend on Breaking Bad compared to Mad Men. Cause if they can’t give The Walking Dead a decent budget, but let Mad Men do whatever they want that is a joke. I watched like the first two seasons of Mad Men & I would pretty much say its crap. I like the actors, but the show is a snoozer.

  20. As a father of 2, I can vouch for knowing if your partner is pregnant after just after 11 days you can tell with the human chorionic gonadotropin [hCG] pregnancy tests given by medical professionals.
    So the Bones 1 week Pregnancy W.T.F. is very wrong.

  21. Damn, I hate all these shows (apart from Torchwood). They are just s*** American shows, focused on pointless drama to keep audience numbers up. I live in Australia and the tiny amount of channels we get is insulting. And 2 of them only play American s*** (GWN and WIN-I live in the country not the city) with excessive amounts of ads. The exception is Top Gear which was purchased from SBS (a channel that is either weird shows and movies from around the world or shows from the Discovery Channel-the only decent pay/American channel). I prefer the ABC (Australian Brocading Corporation) who plays Australian shows (such as the fantastic Chaser’s War on Everything and the Gruen Transfer) and shows from the UK (such as Torchwood and Midsomer murders).

  22. I really wanna know how they will end the simpsons storywise

  23. What’s WTF about Charlie Sheen is that his family still loves him after the abuse, neglect, and humiliation he’s put them through. He’s a selfish dick and he deserves to be alone.

  24. Why so long of a wait!!