1. The Oregon Trail – Adventure/Drama

Possible Story – J.J. Abrams is directing this as a shaky cam documentary meets Lost. He follows a group of immigrants made up of multiple families as they try and make their way across the Oregon Trail during the 1850s. Along the way, they run into Blackfoot Indians, lose cattle and family members to disease, exhaustion, snakebites and even get run over by wagons. Because Abrams is involved there will also be an unexplained monstrous entity and time travel.

Well those are all my suggestions, so now someone in Hollywood needs to step up and start making some good video game film adaptations. I’ve done most of the hard work for them and given them some jumping off points for some great games. At this point, I’m really hoping J.J. Abrams reads this and decides to do The Oregon Trail. I dare you to honestly tell me a film like that would be a box office smash.

I know some of you will point out that I left off some obvious choices like Pac-man, Mega Man, Tetris and even Minesweeper but all of those have been done in either a short film version or a short parody (click each name to watch the films). I wanted to focus more on games that haven’t been thought of yet for an adaptation.

Frogger, Duck Hunt, Yars Revenge, Contra – what games did I leave off that you would consider to be worthy of a feature length film?

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