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To kick things off today, FilmSchoolRejects has the 13 best action movies of 2013.

WhatCulture has the 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2013.

Slate has The People Who Inspired Inside Llewyn Davis.

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Epic Christmas Splits

Christmas greeting from Delov Digital

Elf On The Shelf Explained By People Who Don’t Have Kids

An estimated 6 million copies of Elf on the Shelf have sold since 2005. The toy is hugely popular among parents with small kids. But we wanted to know what people without kids think about it.

A Christmas Wish

A Very Fangirl Christmas

Nothing says christmas more than gathering around the tree, hanging stockings, and fangirling! This holiday season the fangirls are bringing you their own geeky rendition of “Jingle Bells”.

Spider-Man Shopping

2013 Was A Crazy Year

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