The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

Published 4 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:12 pm,

Empty Movie Theater Worst Movies of 2010 The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

Did you regret spending money on an awful movie this year? Are you aching to share your thoughts on the head-shaking, face-slapping, run-for-the-door flops of 2010? This is your chance – but not until we give you our choices of the 10 worst movies of 2010.

The box office had its fair share of behemoths this year, but not all were well-received by fans and critics. Poor movies come in all different styles – some are filled with explosions and fancy CGI meant to distract you from the weak plot, while others beg for laughs with humorless jokes. Those two types of theatrical failures, and more, are accounted for in our list.

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10. Grown Ups

grown ups logo The 10 Worst Movies Of 2010

A handful of the best comedians of the 90s finally made their passion project. Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade are apparently a close-knit group of comics whose main goal over the past few years has been to join up for an ensemble comedy. Unfortunately, the result of that effort was Grown Ups – a sloppy mess designed for the wrong audience.

Grown Ups would have a chance if the comedians took a look at what made them famously hilarious in the first place – raunchy humor. Just about all of the big careers in this film were made by pushing the limits – even co-star Salma Hayek. Instead of producing a family-friendly camping adventure comedy in the same vein as Dr. Doolittle 2, a touch of the old school would have been the smart move for Grown Ups.

Adam Sandler has been a part of some comedy misfires in his time, but there is always that faint hope of a resurgence to his old form. The same goes for most of the cast of Grown Ups. The movie was just another nail in the coffin of careers nobody wants to see dwindle.

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  1. I didn’t dig Prince of Persia too much.

  2. What, no Clash of the Titans? No Solomon Kane? I guess Gulliver and Fockers must have just nudged them out at the last minute.

  3. Happy to say I’ve only seen 3 of these 10 movies :) – Skyline, The Last Airbender and Repo Men. I didn’t actually think the latter was THAT bad to be honest. Skyline was bad but not “the worst movie ever” as I’ve heard from a lot of folks. And I totally agree about The Last Airbender – just atrocious.

  4. Marmaduke “this movie hates your family”
    Good list though :)

    • yeah man,half of thid movies are great esspecialy the grown ups and airbander

      • grown ups sucked alot but i do admit the last 30 mins or so it got “ok”.

        Airbender was an abomination that should be shoved under the rug along with Star Wars Christmas and “Batman and Robin”

        for all intensive purposes, they dont exist

        • The saying is “for all intents and purposes.”
          Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine!

  5. I may be the only human on the planet who does, but I liked Skyline. Sorry.

    • You’re not the only one. I thought it was enjoyable; not great, but enjoyable.

  6. I haven’t seen any of the movies on this list, but I still plan to watch them. I’ve seen a fair number of movies that were released and I’d definitely say, Edge of Darkness and Brooklyn’s Finest were the worst ones I’ve seen, so far.

  7. I actually enjoyed Furry Vengeance, but thats not saying too much, since I tend to be amused by horribly ridiculous and stupid movies because of how bad they are… A “laugh at them, not with them” situation

  8. vampires suck sucked worst movie ever

  9. And again… the Airbender tops the list of votes :-D you guys

  10. I’m one of those that can’t complain about these movies I never saw any of them either. I almost got sucked into seeing “Life as we Know It” as it looked like it had potential from the short TV ads but I got busy or something and never got around to it. Thank God…

  11. Like a few others here I am happy or should I say lucky to have skipped every one of the movies on this list. I have had Grown Ups in my hand a few times at the video store but I always talk myself out of renting it. Of the movies I did see this year I have to go with Cop Out and The Book Of Eli as the worst…

  12. Then again, disappointment suggests an expectation for greatness and few actually predict an enjoyable theatrical experience with films like Leap Year or When In Rome. Even The Last Song

    Mike, ‘The Last Song’ has no business being anywhere near this list, for starters, it’s NOT a rom-com, but a drama. Even if you dislike Miley Cyrus, (who wasn’t bad) fair enough. But Greg Kinnear was the soul of the film, and you should be called out for it.

    The category is easy to see:

    When In Rome = bad rom-com
    Back Up Plan – rotten rom-com
    Bounty Hunters= worse rom com
    Losers & Knight and Day…who the heck knows what they were. I don’t.

    Jonah Hex- the supernatural angle of the character in the comics was the worst thing to ever happen to that character, even if most comics fans liked the updated comics Hex. That said, it is still one of the worst films of the past year.

    But For my view, A Nightmare On Elm Street should take the place of “Repo Man” (not that “Repo” isn’t terrible, there’s just a movie I hated more) and “Resident Evil Afterlife” should be in place of “Little Fockers”.

    • -Losers- wrong film. I’m thinking of the Ashton Kutcher flick in rom com action. Killers.

      But Losers was bad too.

  13. Very good list. And, honestly, why anyone — besides perhaps very young kids in some of the cases — would want to see these movies is far beyond me.
    Not one of these movies garnered much more than superficial attention from me. They looked and sounded awful — it’s bad enough they were greenlighted. They smell like straight-to-DVD movies.
    And reading the reviews from critics, and even the opinions of many who foolishly went to see such drivel, my feelings were validated.
    I pity the fool who thinks any of these movies are good.

    • Michael…

      You are perfectly justified in your opinion about the drivel these films may indeed represent. HOWEVER, do not insult the people WATCHING, as opposed to the movies themselves or the people who MADE the movies. Doing so simply lessens your validity as a responder…and makes you seem like an ass.

    • You know what I pity Michael? People like you. At least I know how to enjoy a movie instead of hating 90% of the movies I watch.

  14. The Furry Vengeance review here is funny as hell.

    • Funnier than the film, to be honest…

  15. It’s an absolute DISGRACE that you have failed to put Airbender as Number 1.

    That was undoubtedly the worst movie I HAVE EVER SEEN. (And I’ve seen every Uwe Boll movie!) This isn’t out of spite for Shyamalan, because I quite liked him before this – and I don’t think the final product was totally his fault.

    But it is still the worst movie I have ever seen – and I saw Furry Vengeance.

    • i never saw that movie cuz i knew there was no way 1 hour 30 minutes could live up to the awesomeness of the show lol

  16. That movie OFFENDED me.

  17. thanks to Redbox, I’ve seen Furry Vengence and CopOut and GrownUps and The Other Guys. The only one where I felt that I actually had a neutral feeling about spending that dollar was CopOut and even then it was a close thing. After seeing the previews for Yogi Bear in the theatre, I’m amazed its not on this list too.

    • Yogi Bear was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be…and I went in wanting to skewer it. It was a fine effort at a true family-friendly film.

      • Paul, that’s great to hear, the spouse and I were cringing sitting thru the preview while waiting for HP VII Part 1.

  18. please if possible let’s go ahead and put the fraud Green Hornet at number 1 for 2011.

    • The actual trailers look pretty good. I’m actually looking forward to seeing it; and this from someone who thinks the lead actor is crap.

  19. I would add Salt to this list. Just saw it last night. Soooo bad!

  20. I’m surprised AIRBENDER is doing so poorly in the polls. It was a step UP in entertainment value for Shaymalan, who has never really impressed me. The only maybe better was the one with everybody killing themselves. Hard to listen to, but fun to look at. None of the other movies on the list are even that.

    • (The HAPPENING is the one with everybody killing themselves.)

    • Many of us were fans of the stellar animated series. I had the feeling that the source material was so good that even a barely competent director could make a decent film out of it. And I don’t think we should grade on a curve based on his previous movies. If an F student makes a D-, I don’t congratulate him on a job well done.

      Most of the effects were not spectacular either. A couple of cool shots that were in the trailers and that’s it.
      I would say that it felt like a fan-made movie but fans would have at least bothered to pronounce the names correctly.

    • Zagnut – Are you secretly Shyamalan in disguise?

  21. Life As We Know It was a great movie. Just because you don’t understand all the pressures and rewards that come with having kids and being practically forced into a family, doesn’t mean this movie should be on this list. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t the greatest romantic comedy of the year (and I do think Killers sucked), but it really gave a lot of joy to all us moms out there who hadn’t planned on starting a family, but later realizing how great and perfect the timing really was.

  22. hey….i loved grown ups lol

  23. Can’t believe you put MTV Movie Award in the same as the Academy Awards. And before any knuckleheads reply at least the Oscars aim for respectability.

  24. You know what is funny? Critics like you never like anything. I saw Grown Ups and thought it was quite funny, as did others I talked too. Haven’t seen Little Fockers yet, but those I talk to say it was hilarious. My nephew loves Avatar Last Airbender and loved the movie as well, as did my dad who watches the show with him. Point is you and others are a minority. Same thing when you blast Spider-Man 3, X3, Wolverine and others. All those movies you guys blast, but people I talk to love them. BTW I liked Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but it is NO WAY better than Spider-Man 3, X3 or Wolverine.

    Also the funny thing is, movies like Little Fockers, Grown Ups and Airbender made a load of money so you know studio doesn;t care what you say. And what gives you the right to question people’s effort in making a movie? When have you made one?

    • Yes, of course you’re right, we don’t like anything. Oh wait, you’re NOT right:


    • Lmfao. This guy is funny Vic.

    • Actually, I’ve made multiple short films and been involved with many others, including a studio feature. And if you gave me the same budget that was provided for these films, I would actually try a lot harder than these filmmakers apparently did. But that’s besides the point…

      You say we gave bad reviews to those three movies. Wolverine and X3 were given 3 out of 5 stars by Screen Rant. Spider-Man 3 was given 3.5 out of 5. All three are far from “blast[ing]” – plus, click the links Vic added on our rave reviews of films.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, thus the existence of movie critics. You are entitled to your own as well, thus the existence of this comments section. Having said that, you should do some research before you judge movie critics so negatively. There are plenty of sites that only love movies, but we give what we feel are fair and balanced reviews. But since you claim people like me are in the minority, let’s take a look at the “MAJORITY” opinion of these films:

      Tomatometer, IMDb rating

      Grown Ups – 10% – 5.8
      Repo Men – 22% – 6.3
      Jonah Hex – 14% – 4.6
      Vampires Suck – 4% – 3.3
      Gulliver’s Travels – 23% – 4.6
      The Last Airbender – 6% – 4.5
      Skyline – 14% – 4.6
      Little Fockers – 11% – 5.4
      Furry Vengeance – 8% – 2.9

    • Wow, not better than SM3, X3, or Wolverine? I really don’t know how to respond to that statement. I mean, the only movies I think are worse than those three is BATMAN AND ROBIN and CATWOMAN. But to each their own.

      • LMAO!

        Scott Pilgrim was AMAZING!

        thats all I gotta say :D

    • So every movie you have seen in your life was good? There are no movies that missed the mark? I actually thought Last Airbender and Little Fockers were not that bad but I understand why others thought they were. I have actually talked to people who thought Lord of the Rings was a bad trilogy. Opinions vary.

    • i’d disagree with your statement about scott pilgrim not being better than those movies…….those movies were good but not great…..scott pilgrim was awesome though, it made me start reading the graphic novel xD but thats just my opinion :)

    • Hmm I have a few points to make, but I’m going to stick with the basics

      Spiderman 3 – Did you see what they did to Venom?!?!

      X-Men 3 – Actually no real reason here, I just hell-hated this movie

      Wolverine – Did you see what they did to Deadpool?!?!

      Thank you, that is all.

      BTW, I semi-liked the first Xmen and Spiderman, so no I don’t just hate every film in these series.

  25. Vampires Suck sucked and grown up was very good.

  26. I’m so glad I didn’t see any of those.

  27. I know everyone is going to hate me but i thought air bender was ok I just watched book 1 of the cartoon and i thought it stuck to the story as much as possible…there were some things I thought they could have added but it was alright. Know Percy Jackson on the other hand was HORRIBLE!!! I walked out of the theater it was so bad! They seemed to just borrow a couple things from the book and made there own movie. It totally made my worst movie list

  28. mm for some reason I can’t use my actual gravatar. Oh well.

    Anyway, I’d replace “Life as we know it”, “Grown Ups” & “Repo Men” with the awfulness of “Legion”,”Clash of the Titans” and “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

    Keep the great reviews coming :) x

  29. i personally think that vampires suck is a terrible movie however it is interchangable with every other spoof movie this year…so in my eyes take that film off the list and replace it with the true WORST movie of the year dinner for shmucks! how was that left off this list!!! I did not see all of these movie but usually trust screenrant so this is my personal list (i did not see grown ups ,furry, lil fockers, gullivers travels, repo man or johan hex so this is out of the movies i have seen)…only top five though…5)legion 4)alice in wonderland 3)the last airbender 2)skyline 1) dinner for shmucks!!!! how was this left off the list